the last time was in september

Sorry in advance for the length, I need to vent but writing is not my best skill lol.

I’m a manager at a very small restaurant/café (normally like 3 employees max). I only started in June of last year, and got pregnant in September, however I never missed a single shift, despite the terrible morning sickness to the point of not being able to move at some times and laying on the bathroom floor, but I always stayed until I was told to go home lol.

Anyway, my boss (the owner) hired a new girl for the busy summer season, who is also newly pregnant. She, however, has already called out 3 of her 7 shifts in her 2 weeks there, and still doesn’t know how to make the most basic of sandwiches or drinks. When she started she was doing so well, and its gone downhill so fast that we had to start looking for other people to try and convince to apply.

Like, why apply if you’re going to be so lazy? I’m going to give birth soon and I am running more than you and they will need someone to help them in May when I’m on leave.

A Scale Victory At Last!

24 March 2017
I’ve had a scale victory this morning! I dropped below 65kg (64.7kg) for the first time since last September. I am the same weight I was when I got my FitBit for Christmas 2015 haha. Last March I was 2kg lighter but I am carrying more muscle this year. I won’t make my 3 Dams weight goal but at least I am no longer lugging an entire extra bike up hills!

after episode 6 im 99% convinced that yuuri and victor are already in a relationship.

no seriously hear me out. this is just a theory but im v passionate about it

like we’ve already mentioned before, time is going by in the series. like, its skips a lot. victor first arrived in april and we’re already by at least september (last weeks episode was certainly september, i cant remember when china’s competition took place in this episode). 

so what if yuuri and victor started dating somewhere between all those months (or fairly recently, after months of knowing each other) and we’re just supposed to know it?? (which, imho, would be better if they straight up mentioned it but. censorship i guess)) 

these are no longer hints of them liking each other (like in the first few episodes), these are hints that they’re already in a relationship.

first off, and we’re starting off p tame, the hugs. since last episode, weve noticed that theyre… pretty physical (specially victor). and its NOT made out to be a big deal (except for certain scenes in particular, where the hugs/contact was relevant to the situation e.g. when yuuri got nervous and victor hugged him from behind to help him calm down). victor will walk up behind yuuri and hug him and they stay like that and thats it. no biggie. but it says a lot about how close and comfortable they are at this point. when they were in the plane? victor was sleeping leaning on yuuri. when victor got drunk, yuuri was p chill til he started to strip.

second, when phichit publishes the picture of naked victor clinging to yuuri, what’s yuuri’s first concern?

yup that’s what worries him

usually when gimmicks like these are used on anime, the character reacts like “OH NO NOW EVERYONES GONNA THINK WE’RE GAY!! THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE” WHICH IS NOWHERE NEAR HOW YUURI REACTED


do i even need to get into thi s scene. do i really

(also please note victor wasnt flustered, but slightly surprised. not because yuuri was being affectionate, but because yuuri was being the one taking iniciative.)

and now the final blow

boom goes the dynamite

whats that????? hes not talking about his love for victor, but victor’s love for him???? OH???? SO HE KNOWS IT’S NOT ONE-SIDED??

SO YEAH i mean at the end of it all take this w a grain of salt but. what this could be is not the buildup to a romantic relationship but the flourishing of one


“That’s brilliant, and I’m not just saying that because of the massive blood loss! …But maybe we should try it on Rohan, first.”

(The text in the first panel reads “take care.”)

The last(?) in a series of comics about stands and friends etc.  Also the last thing left in my scraps folder dating back to–yikes!–September. Time for new ideas!!


Hi dudes!

Here are the September 16th qr codes for circle, square and triangle grass!  These should last for about a month, until the next grass change.  The colors work really well during a sunny day, at almost all times!  towards the evening and at night (and I’m assuming around dawn as well) the match looks off.  

The how-to guides for the Sept 8th and Sept 16th match will come out either later today or tomorrow (hopefully LOL)!

Overwatch - Meihem - Canteen and Trap




A little head canon about these two~
(Junkrat and Mei carry the same canteen, and Mei’s hunter skin has a little trap like Junkrat’s~(Kind of cute wwww))

Aaaahhhh~~~!!! Too long! It’s really too long!!!!(since the last time I posted a picture)
I’m pretty busy this September and October@@, that made me have no time on drawing QwQ

Finally I’m free!!!~~~>w<

TLC Ship Weeks Day 5: Ever After

“Let’s not be cruel. One should never save cake for later when it can be eaten now.”

I’ve been working on this for a pretty long time and again went to fix it up last night. It’s the drawing I mentioned here, here, and here


She does a tremendous amount of her own stunts. She did something last night, which I won’t say, but it was shocking. All I’ll say is I went on set and I was watching the monitor and the camera was moving but she was doing something that I could’ve sworn, for sure, she had to be in a harness and, I kid you not, she was not in a harness. I was just blown away. She started training back in September 2014! Her double is always on set, most of the time she stands there and watches. She keeps thinking she’s going to have to go in, but then Robbie just keeps pulling the stunts off herself.
–– Suicide Squad’s producer on Margot Robbie’s stunt work

The (not so) Glamorous Life of a Writer

Like most writers, I don’t make a living off my fiction, so I have a side job.  Or I did until last September.  While it was a surprise to lose my job, it was ultimately a good thing.  The environment had become toxic and I’m still feeling kind of apathetic and emotionally disconnected, but it’s getting better.

I initially thought I’d have all this time to write, and I’d get so much done.  Oh the hubris.  While I have gotten a lot done (you should see my office, it’s lovely), and I’ve spent significant time doing retraining and workshops, I’m a little disappointed with myself.  It’s probably not fair, because I’m having to reinvent myself unexpectedly after nineteen years, and that’s never a quick process.

When I was younger, and more ignorant, I would have been pretty judgmental toward a writer in this situation who wasn’t turning out a high word count.  “Look at all this time.  What are you doing with it?  You should be writing!”  I’m so glad I never opened my mouth and let all that inanity out.

I think it’s important that we remind ourselves that life is messy and sometimes gets in the way.  It’s not a sign that an artist is disorganized or bad at managing things.  It doesn’t mean they’re giving up.  Since most literary and visual artists are trying to balance multiple careers along with whatever else they have in their life, there are times when the art is going to suffer for a little bit.  And that’s okay.


The Beatles: Abbey Road (1969)

Abbey Road came out in September of 1969, but if The Beatles’ final recordings (if not their final release, which was Let it Be) don’t feel like a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what does.

What other classic rock band on the verge of splitting up managed to put their differences aside long enough to conjure up their magic one last time, and come away with an album for the ages?

The answer is NONE – not like this! 

Innovating ‘til the end, The Beatles throw the gauntlet down with Lennon’s “Come Together,” trot out one of their greatest love songs in Harrison’s “Something,” then undermine it somewhat by what Lennon dismissed as “more of Paul’s granny music” on “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”

But of course it’s not that bad, and McCartney immediately redeems himself on the lusty Doo Wop of “Oh! Darling,” before making way for “Octopus’s Garden” (“Ringo’s kiddie music”?), and the arguable birth of doom (I’m fucking serious) via Lennon’s “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).”

Into side two we go, where George’s “Here Comes the Sun” is quite simply one of the loveliest lullabies ever written, and Lennon’s “Because” is like a Bach piece sung in nine-part harmony.

And then, led by Paul’s “You Never Give Me Your Money” (a sideways swipe at the business issues destroying the band), we come to the famous suite, which is simply exquisite in its totality, but kicks into another gear of splendor with the heart-rending “Golden Slumbers” through to the heart-warming “The End,” with its infinitely wise final blessing:

“And in the end … the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

I can’t think of a better sentiment with which to approach this time of year, can you?

Also, not for nothing, the last couple of times Billboard has done these kinds of articles/had several 1D articles drop all at once, we got major announcements in the following days.

July 2016 –> 22 July 2016 (Liam announcement)

25 September 2016 –> 29 September 2016 (Niall announcement)

So…..@God let this mean something good this time.

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 4 - Blades (4/?)

Last week @bonnie-wee-swordsman​ suggested I do a WIP video, and so, because she’s awesome, you get a Bonnie-inspired painting this week! Still editing the video, but planning to post it tomorrow! In the meantime, here’s the finished piece :)

Happy Monday everyone! We’re one week closer to September!

Baby Dun- Josh Dun

December 2016

You and Josh were married for 3 months at the time and he’s always wanted kids.  When you found out all you could think of was how great of a father Josh was gonna be. This was the perfect timing since they would be off tour before the baby came.

You had to think of the prefect way of telling Josh, so you went to your best friend Jenna for some help.

Jenna thought of the idea of giving him drumsticks that said the due date on it. You love that idea, it was perfect. You stole the last pair he had in the house and wrote

‘coming soon….September 2017’.

You were still early on so you didn’t know the exact date but knew the month.

You hid the sticks so when Josh was looking for some he would come to you and you would give them to him hinting to look closely.

“Hey babe, do you know if my shipment of new sticks came in. I must have broken my last pair and I can’t seem to find any others.” Josh said from his practice room.

“Umm yeah, I actually think there might be a pair out here.” you said quickly grabbing the hidden pair and  bringing them to Josh.

“Found them.” you said handing them over starting to get really excited.

“Thanks babe.”

“They look kind of different, are they a new style?” you said trying to get him to look at the news you put on them.

He studied them over for a second before finding the writing.

“Oh my god, Y/N really? Are you pregnant?” his eyes were starting to fill with tears and his mouth was fallen open.

“Yeah. you knocked me up and you’re gonna be a dad.” you chuckled and he stood and pulled you into a hug. A few tears left your eyes at how emotional and excited Josh was for this baby and how your family was growing with the man you loved and trusted.

March 2017

You were now four months pregnant and on tour with the boys. You had found out you were having a baby girl and you couldn’t wait to tell Josh.

This time you had Tyler in on the secret and he had the idea of changing the colors in the canons that shoot out confetti during trees to pink. So that’s what you planned, you wanted the fans to be involved because they were so supportive of Josh, Tyler, your relationship, and everything in general. The clique was like one big family.

Josh didn’t know you knew the gender of the baby and he didn’t think you were going to find out until it was born. He wanted to find out before the birth, but stood by whatever your decision was.

When Tyler made his way over to start the speech before Trees he said the stuff he always said but then said “hey Josh you might want to pay attention to the confetti tonight.” he left it at a that and started singing. Everyone was confused except for you, Jenna, and Tyler.  

You went out on stage and stood there once Josh and Tyler got on the platforms in the crowd. A fan must of pointed you out to Josh because he looked towards you with a quizzical look which you just smiled at.  

When they began drumming and the confetti flew out you could see Josh’s face light up at the baby pink covered to pit opposed to the usual pink. The fans were aweing and clapping catching on to the plan.

The song ended and they made their way back to stage to bow. Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips again to explain to the confused and Josh pulled you into a hug kissing the top of your head.

“For those who don’t understand what’s happening, this lovely man knocked up this wonderful woman and now they’re going to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world in September. Anyways congrats guys hopefully you’ll still name it Tyler.” he joked then turned his attention back the the fans. “Thank you, good night, stay alive guys.” with that you all left the stage.  

“Were you surprised?” you asked Josh as you walked to his dressing room.

“Surprised is an understatement. We’re going to have a little girl soon Y/N. I’m so excited. She’s going to be beautiful just like my beautiful wife.” Josh said pulling you into a kiss.

“Hey Y/N look at this video of Josh’s face when he saw the pink confetti.” Jenna barged in the dressing room handing you the phone. It was video on Instagram uploaded by a fan that was basically right under Josh in the pit.

“Are those tears I see Josh?” you teased as you both watch the video, handing Jenna her phone before she left.

“Maybe. Hey, look on twitter we there is a trending tag. #babygirldun.” he pointed out.

“She’s already so loved by everyone and she’s not even out of the womb yet.” he smiled at you statement.

“I love both my girls so much.”

September 2017

Today was the day that your heart grew even bigger. You didn’t think you could love anything more than you loved Josh, but your daughter found a way to make you love her just as much the second she was born. After many hours of pain and tears you and Josh were officially parents.

He tweeted out a picture of you two a few hours after she was born with a caption that read,

Y/T/N and I became parents today at 4:24am. The hardest thing was to see Y/N in such pain, but only to see her face when our daughter was born. Nothing can start to describe the amount of joy I have right now. Welcome #babygirldun.

Tyler had posted a picture of him and Jenna visiting you daughter on Instagram saying, Congrats to these amazing family and their new baby girl. I’m so excited to be her favorite uncle.

You had decided that you wanted to hold off on sharing the name of your daughter for a day just because you had shared everything so far with the public right away.

The next day Josh told you that you should share the name so you did in a tweet. Welcome to the world my sweet baby girl. You are the best little gift ever. Yesterday at 4:25am you came into the world and changed our world. We love you Ayla Grace Dun.



Part 1 out of god knows how many. (Reads LEFT TO RIGHT! I made sure this time lol.) PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE

This is another story idea I wanted to turn into an animated movie but LMAO that’s not going to happen any time soon and since I can’t write fanfic worth shit, please enjoy this in comic form! :D (Don’t worry, this one will be a bit more lighthearted than my last one.)

So flowers, his FBI suit, and a random teen couple–why do these thing catch Dean’s attention exactly?? :0 Well, I’m pretty sure everybody knows but since Cas is a doof, it’ll take him slightly longer to figure it out.
'Outlander' Is Not Returning Until September (Gasp!)
Brace yourself, Sassenachs: this good news may also feel like, well, sad news. Starz finally announced Wednesday that the third season of Outlander, which just wrapped production in Scotland to mov…

Starz finally announced Wednesday that the third season of Outlander, which just wrapped production in Scotland to move to South Africa, won’t return until September. For season 1 and the second half of season 2, the show bowed in April, but the scale of production warranted the (oh-so-depressing) delay.

“While Droughtlander will last just a little longer, we feel it is important to allow the production the time and number of episodes needed to tell the story of the Voyager book in its entirety,” Starz President of Programming Carmi Zlotnik said in a statement. “The scale of this book is immense, and we owe the fans the very best show. Returning in September will make that possible.”

Go ahead and take a moment to cry. We’ll wait.

Also, just know you aren’t alone in your suffering: Fans of Game of Thrones, who usually get their fix in the spring, will have wait until July for the season 7 return of the HBO drama. Does that help?

Okay, back to business: Here’s a quote from another programming executive who no doubt feels your pain, Outlander nation. “With the scope of the production and all of the intricate details that go into the Emmy-nominated sets and costumes, we had to make sure everything is kept to the high standard of the previous seasons and [author] Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful story,” stated Exec VP Steve Kent of Sony Pictures TV, which produces the drama for Starz. “We’re so proud of the incredible work that Ron [Moore] and the Outlander team have done.”

In case you’ve forgotten, all 13 episodes of season 3 are based on Voyager, the third of eight books in Gabaldon’s best-selling Outlander series. In March, production will resume in Cape Town, South Africa, on the former sets of the Starz series Black Sails to depict Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) adventure-packed voyage.

Filming is expected to wrap in June — just in time for the cast to attend San Diego Comic-Con. So there’s that, Sassenachs!

The new season picks up right after Claire travels through the stones to return to her life in 1948, where she gives birth to Jamie’s daughter Brianna and resumes her marriage to her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies). Back in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his doomed last stand at the historic battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire.


The Lost Boy

Due to the nature of Jeffrey Dahmer’s full confession, there is little room for conspiracy theories - but because of the graphic nature of his crimes, the theories in circulation are not without any support. One prominent theory that still holds weight among some, is that Dahmer kidnapped, raped, then decapitated and discarded the head of Adam Walsh, a six year old boy from Florida. Some of the notoriety in this particular case stems from the fact that Adam Walsh was the son of America’s Most Wanted host, John Walsh.

At the time the murder occurred, Dahmer had recently been discharged from the Army and, in an effort to avoid his father’s disappointment by returning home to Ohio, he decided to take a one-way ticket to Miami, Florida. While there, he worked at a subway shop and stayed in a hotel, drinking his days away until he ran out if money and began sleeping on the beach. This escape would only last 6 months, from March to September of ‘81.

In July of 1981, Adam Walsh was last seen at Hollywood Mall with his mother, who had only been absent momentarily, asking about a lamp and leaving Adam to play video games at a kiosk with some other boys. An argument separated the boys and Adam was never seen alive again. Two weeks later, the presumed (DNA and forensic testing was in its infancy - something important to note when considering any details regarding this case) head of young Adam was found in a canal by a fisherman, his death was determined to be by asphyxiation. His body was never found.

Two years later, in ‘83, Ottis Toole, an inmate and previous drifter, serving time for seemingly random homicides of no specific MO, confessed to the kidnapping and killing of Adam Walsh, with grisly details. According to Toole, he offered Adam toys and sweets to lure him to his vehicle, where he planned to attempt to brainwash him into thinking he was his own son. However, he quickly became annoyed with the child and hit him in the face to stop his sobbing and did not stop until Adam was unconscious. At this point, realizing Adam he was still alive, he strangled him with his seatbelt, decapitated him with a machete, raped his corpse, and burned his body, keeping the head for a couple days before ‘remembering’ he had it, and tossing it into the nearby canal. Although he later recanted these claims, a renowned friend/partner - serial killer Henry Lee Lucas - substantiated them in similar detail. It is said that Toole confessed to the murder once again on his deathbed in 1996.

Due to the forensic limitations in the 80’s, in addition to police incompetence - having lost the entire vehicle Toole drove, as well as the DNA evidence included therein, and the machete used in the incident - neither Dahmer nor Toole were attributed to the murder for another 25+ years.

Dahmer, up until his death in 1994, maintained that he was never interested in children (his youngest victim was twice Adam’s age, plus a couple more years) nor did he commit any homicides during his short stay in Florida. Although witnesses claimed to have seen a man in fatigues, Dahmer insisted he did not wear these after his leave from the military - his clothes were shipped home to Ohio, without him. He also stated that he has never been to Hollywood Mall, which was 30 minutes away from his job at the sub shop. Infamous for his lengthy and detailed confession regarding his 17 murders, Dahmer only ever claimed he would accept credit for Walsh’s death if it would get him the death penalty, but still that he did not actually commit it.

In 2008, over ten years after Toole had died in prison from liver failure, investigators finally closed the case - Toole was officially the murderer of Adam Walsh. Walsh’s father has expressed gratitude for the closure and does not personally believe Dahmer was ever a valid suspect. Police now claim that Toole was always the primary suspect, but that they could not prove it without the forensic backup lost. The case was settled by previously unknown connections.