the last time somebody looked at me like that i got queued

HannibalCon RDC3 - day 2: personal recap

Day2: Hopefully with a few less spelling and typing errors (sorry!).

So my inner clock woke me again at 5:30, making me extremely grateful that I actually went to my room, bathtub and bed yesterday evening after the truly astonishing, hilarious and fantastic FannibalMusical and the equally awesome Cosplay contest. My voice was nearly gone from all the squealing and whistling and cheering on :). More of that later.

The hotel has english breakfast, which is yummy but I truly can’t quite stomach it on not enough sleep so I stuck to croissant with fruit which is also quite alright^^.
My first stop for the day was for my photoshoot with Aaron and Scott and I asked them to do bunny ears on me and I LOVE how their expressions turned out^^.
(link further down)

They are both very sweet and kind and it has been my honor to meet them here, hopefully will happen again (damn, I’m getting emotional and there is still one whole day ahead, geez).

Anyway, small break after that, got my additional autograph vouchers and then went back to queue for Hugh. Probably the longest and fastest building queue…. ^^. They went through the queue to get to the room for the group photo (which I didn’t take) and you know, it’s something you have to say for Starfury: they’re “near”. Meaning, they don’t just show up for two minutes of stage time and then get escorted back by heavy security as in other cons, but they’re actually there, walking around. Of course they retreat after the various shoots and panels but they don’t get hid away in a sense. You get to walk by Hugh Dancy in a corridor on chance. They walk right through the crowd to the shoot. They sit next at the table to you or at the contest at a table just over there. It’s…. intimate :P. And very very precious and appreciated. There is like a feedback loop of energy that will buffet you for the days there, and, from experience, for the months to come.

Anyway, I have to say Demore’s calming me down the evening prior had helped and of course having seen them up close before I wasn’t -quite- as nervous as at the last con anymore for the photos. Still ran little circles into the carpet and probably drove everybody around me nuts. I’m sorry guys (whoever stood around me).
Hugh did something close to what Eddie Izzard did, he greeted you (with a smile) and then offered you an open embrace. I know other people asked for various poses (and got them, he said at the panel he even picked someone up^^ (which he apparently shouldn’t have^^)), but honestly, that posing was just fine with me. I mean, I got to embrace Hugh?^^
(link farther down)

Just noticing that you can’t see my hand which was around his back and very lightly on his waist. Well you all know he is built from The Path. Just sayin’.
I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and ‘I love your shirt’. Which is so nice because these little comments aren’t prompted. And I love that the smile reaches his eyes. I think / hope he had a fantastic time this weekend, as we all did (imho).

I had to go right to the next queue for Bryan and Bryan + Demore next. And you know Bryan probably had the time of his life (bless him). I asked him for a hug and I got a really tight one - not for the camera. *sniff* He asked how much I’d slept and laughed when I said 'not much, 3h’. Got another hug for the camera. It must have been hell for his back because he bent down and went slightly low with his legs all the time but… look at it.^^

(link below)

He is taller than Hugh^^. Thank you, Bryan. I hate myself in here but I remember the feeling and that is the bestest ^^.

Just a few minutes later was the pic with Bryan and Demore and I asked them for bunny ears as well and look. At. Their. Faces. *g*

I love^^.

(Pics here: and

I went to the main hall after since Aarons and Scotts panel was up (Hughs and Bryans signing was moved through sheer fannibal queuing force^^ (another thing, Starfury does not cut the lines and I’m grateful for that… it just might take longer and things might get moved around a bit. I heard from the SDCC? that they cut the autograph lines for Hugh there and… imagine that. That sucks.)
You can see the pics from the panel (you may take photos as you wish, but no filming) on twitter. It was -hilarious-. I mean, even Martha commented on it^^. Somebody brought Hannibals collar from Digestivo and “Margot” had a riding crop and… well. There were high heels involved as well and Aaron lost it on stage.
Just…. read through the tag. They reaaaaallly love to play off each other. God I hope we get more of team Sassy Science.

I admit I skipped Ellens and Demores talk after that because I needed food. We went over to the unhealthy but cheaper option and collected our autograph items for later. Hughs and Bryans panel was next. Only…. Bryan was still busy and so Hugh did the panel alone for the most part. And I think he was a bit … not reserved exactly but careful as to how he phrased things? He did have a lot of fun though I think, some of it made him laugh in earnest and blush :P. He gives very honest and deep answers and that is fascinating to witness. Also, yes, his face is that mobile and it is astonishing^^. I had to go and queue for autographs close to the supposed end, I learned later that I just missed Bryan (though I did hear the cheering and surmised as much) and well. Go and read the tag. Bryan apparently almost opened the thing with telling everyone that Will&Hannibal would switch. And appently nobody even really asked the topping/bottoming question *g*. Anyway, I’m told it was a blast and that Hugh really was a bit relieved and Bryan called Hugh his crutch and that Will would stay part of Hannibal. They will give another panel today and I. Cannot. Wait.

Signing was very nice and relaxed, I had he ad signed and I had to grin a lot when I saw that they had put Scott and Aaron on opposite sides of the line….. LOL.
Anyway, went and collected photos inbetween and then went to the lobby to distribute more badges to their owner. At least I managed 3 (yay!) Also got to meet the lovely @vourer (Twitter) and I got my art book from @hanniwill (so beautiful!).
Went to my room for an aspirin and a breather and then queued early in front of the door to the main hall because I wanted a seat at a table in front (and got it, yay!).

The Hannibal musical was a riot, as mentioned before. And the booklet is extremely beautiful, made up with art and pics of the performers and I was so happy when 'they’ joined and watched as well, and I think they had the time of their lives as well. Or I hope so, because we did^^. Hugh blushed with the final scene^^. (They were in my direct left side line of vision when I watched the stage, I ended up holding up my arm the whole time because I got distracted watching them^^^).

Kudos to all those that made that happen, what a highlight.

Cosplay contest was another one, topped off by Bryan coming in with -his- Hannibal suit (you know the red black one) and Hugh in pyjamas, slippers and Masons blue robe. Thank you gods^^. The cosplays were diverse and hilarious at times (Funko pop hawaiian murder husbands!!) but Kay blew them away with her Mason makeup. And yes, it was…. whoa. ^^

We sang happy birthday for Demore and I think he was really moved. Precious.

I went to bathtub and bed after that because my inner clock sucks and I wanted to be able to be fit “enough” for the next day… because there’s still one photoshoot coming up… Bryan and Hugh. *giddy* And their autographs^^. And panels.

And lots of tears tonight.

The Hammer of Thor Preview

Chapter One: Could You Please Stop Killing My Goat?

LESSON LEARNED: If you take a Valkyrie out for coffee, you’ll get stuck with the check and a dead body.

I hadn’t seen Samirah al-Abbas in almost six weeks, so when she called out of the blue and said we needed to talk about a matter of life and death, I agreed right away.

(Technically I’m already dead, which means the whole life-and-deaththing didn’t apply, but still … Sam sounded anxious.)

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Deadpool quotes || Sentence meme
  • "A-Poc-Key-Lips. I think I found my new favorite word!"
  • "My common sense is tingling."
  • "These things are like my dream arch nemesisisis or is it arch-Nemesisisi I can pummel, gouge, eviscerate and mutilate and they'll keep coming."
  • "I never miss with the sheep gun!"
  • "Look at doctor doom he is respected because he got big scary cape."
  • "Lets wear elbow pads and shin guards with spikes coming out of them."
  • "I play a pretty mean bagpipe."
  • "For the love of bill gates this thing is adorable."
  • "Oh, yeah, he's totally trustworthy! Except where money's involved. He would sell his granny's walking cane for a buck. In fact, I bought his granny's walking cane for a buck."
  • "So three mutants walk into a bar, right?"
  • "Do I get a badge for this?"
  • "Explosions attract the coveted 18 to 24 year old male demographic."
  • "Oh, oh, so they're letting Robin Hood in, but somehow the Avengers keep losing my phone number. What's up with that?"
  • "Oh man, I forgot to bring the marshmallows. "
  • "You look like something I horcked up last time I had swine flu."
  • "All right, look at that. Crap, I got a little venom on you. "
  • "Phew! Smells like somebody just teleported a bean burrito."
  • "Wanna use me for a dartboard?"
  • "You're just me without the funny, and the lithium."
  • "What, no top hat? What kind of magician are you?"

Bucky x Reader

this is contains major Civil War spoilers so do not read anything below this if you dont want to see them :))))

Requested by anon: Hey can I have a Bucky imagine where you were dating him before he went into cyro (at the end of civil war) and he didn’t tell you he was going in because he didn’t know how to and when he comes out he immediately goes to find you and explain

Word Count: 1,562

A/N: the italicized parts are flashbacks :D also, I’m shutting down requests because I’m at like 9 and I really wanna start this series I’ve been thinking about or the past month :/ plz dont hate me

Originally posted by rikkisixx

“Buck?” You asked softly, looking at him from the counter.

“Hm?” He responded, turning his head around so he could face you from the couch.

“Promise me that when this is all over, you’ll come home, okay?” You begged, setting the knife you used to cut his plum with down.

A small smile appeared on his lips. He stood up from the couch and walked over to you, enveloping you in his warm embrace.

“I’ll always come home to you.” He responded, placing a small kiss on your forehead.

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So… I’m finally gonna write down what happened in my Jared auto at JIB. For the longest time I literally couldn’t think about what had happened without starting to cry like a baby, and until now I have only once written it all down – like half an hour after I got out of the auto room, completely in tears.

In my J2 op in the morning happened the thing that reduced me to a sobbing mess for the rest of the day: I hugged Jared for the photo, and after they took the photo I squeezed him shortly, like you do before you end a hug – but then he just kept holding me tight and hugging me. He legit didn’t let me go even when somebody from the staff tried to pull me away, he just took a step to the side with me and kept swaying back and forth and holding me tight, for almost a minute. After that happened I was not able to think straight anymore, it was the most perfect and sweetest thing ever, and I still can’t believe this happened to me. Anyway, after this it was so so hard to hold the tears back.

In the afternoon was the last auto session for Jared, and I had wanted this to be my last time meeting him this weekend. I was honestly crying like an idiot while queuing, and there came maybe like five people to queue after me and I let them go before me, still hoping I might get it together enough to not just sob into his face. Now comes the first amazing thing: Jared knew the fan that was queuing before me, and he took so much time for her, so I literally got to stare at him for five full minutes, listen to his laugh and his giggle and just !! look at his face, it was awesome. And you know, when you’ve been crying really hard but you kinda get it together finally? So you have still tears running down your face but you’re not sobbing anymore? This was the state I was in at that time. And then the fan left and it was my turn. I was the very last one.

Jared looked up to me, suddenly his whole focus was on me. He took my hands (which I had put on the table) and said: „How are you, sweetheart?“ with his sweet genuine voice (since I had obviously been crying) and that was it, that broke the dam and I started sobbing again, like really hard. I laughed because it was slightly embarassing and said „not so good“ (like !! look at me I’m a mess). Jared: „Why, what happened?“ He sounded so concerned, it was the sweetest thing. „Good tears, happy tears?“

And I honestly could barely talk. I replied „Good, because of you“, talking was hard and I hoped to put everything I felt into these words. Jared smiled, squeezed my hands and said „You’re awesome! Because of you!!“ I was just sobbing harder, and one of the staff members gave me a tissue, and I absolutely hate crying in public (I’m an ugly crier, believe me) and I said that I was sorry (for making an ass out of myself and crying into his face).

And Jared just looked at me and said in a serious voice: „You don’t owe me an apology. Ever, ever.“ Then he took my phone which was lying on the table in front of us and his pen. „Can I?“

„Yes, sign it here?“ I pointed to the space above Jensen’s signature. He signed it and smiled at me: „It means you can’t ever lose this phone!“ So true! I laughed and replied: „Yeah! And you should check out the lockscreen, you took a great selfie of us.“ Now this was super cute. My phone doesn’t have a button on the front or at the sides (it’s on the back) and he was searching for a way to light up the screen and he looked honestly so adorable. After a few seconds I was like „no, that won’t work“ and I finally double tapped the screen to light it up.

He looked at it (our photo from Thursday when I ran into him) and smiled. „I love it! You’re a darling.“ My heart nearly stopped when he called me darling again, like seriously. And I just… „So are you!“ (jesus christ yes I said that in my crying fit, I basically flirted with Jared)

„Thank you“ Then Jared got up and suddenly pulled me in and hugged me across the table. And this was such a surprise to me, I honestly didn’t expect this. While we hugged I told him again that I love him, and I heard him saying something back but I couldn’t understand because I was pressed so hard against his shoulder and face, still sobbing. When we let go again and he said back down he thanked me for supporting the message (which confused me for a while, I was like… sure, but how do you KNOW? And like an hour later I remembered that I had changed into my first AKF shirt for the auto, so.. that’s how) and I noticed how wet his right shoulder was looking because of me. „I’m sorry. I just smeared… tears and snot all over your coat.“

Jared laughed and went: „That’s alright, I like snot! I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, snot and tears are my hobby.“ (Honestly, the way he said this was the sweetest thing!!)

So, now I got the drawing with the message on it out. „Alright, and then I have this. Last year I wanted you to sign this and that didn’t work out, so I wrote a message on it. And this year I thought I’d do the same.“ Jared took it, looked at the picture and then turned it around and looked at what I had written. „So, this is for me?“ (I nodded.) „Very cool. This is your drawing?“ I told him yes. „You’re a great artist. Thank you, darling.“ And then he put it to the side and smiled again at me. And god, honestly, his eyes are so so beautiful. It was literally like staring into the sun. I thanked him one last time and told him goodbye. Jared said „bye“ and then blew me a kiss (!!!!!) and smiled and then I left and died

I am so so happy about these two minutes I had with him, it was the perfect last meeting, it was the perfect goodbye, I literally couldn’t be happier about this. Jared is so incredibly lovely, he is so kind and he just gives you all his attention. I will never get over the concern in his voice when he saw me crying and his smile when I told him that I was just so overwhelmed and happy because of him. I love him with all my heart.

… and kudos to you if you’ve made it to the end. I tried to keep it shorter, but I honestly couldn’t.

Chapter One: Could You Please Stop Killing My Goat?

LESSON LEARNED: If you take a Valkyrie out for coffee, you’ll get stuck with the check and a dead body.

I hadn’t seen Samirah al-Abbas in almost six weeks, so when she called out of the blue and said we needed to talk about a matter of life and death, I agreed right away.

(Technically I’m already dead, which means the whole life-and-deaththing didn’t apply, but still … Sam sounded anxious.)

She hadn’t yet arrived when I got to the Thinking Cup on Newbury Street. The place was packed as usual, so I queued up for coffee. A few seconds later, Sam flew in, literally, right over the heads of the café patrons.

Nobody batted an eye. Regular mortals aren’t good at processing magical stuff, which is fortunate, because otherwise Bostonians would spend most of their time running around in a panic from giants, trolls, ogres, and einherjar with battle axes and lattes.

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