the last thyme lord

stainedsheep  asked:

☾: post photo of yourself, æ : tell 5 things about your best friend, & ☮ : share 5 favourite movies :3 sorry if i'm asking too much )x

This is a picture of my best friend and I (p.s. I am the male, which people find surprising)

1) She (the beautiful girl in the picture (aka the-last-thyme-lord)) is my closest friend now even though we started as mutual enemies due to sexual tensions; but we now have a friendship which I hold equal to many of the relationships I have with family members

2) I think our relationship is special (and I swear I’ll get off this topic after this I just think this is like really cool in my opinion) because like we’re totally fine with the other spending time with whoever they want. Like we won’t get silently pissed if the other declines our invitation or anything, we know that no matter what we’re still close as fuck and just because the other person is not feeling like hanging with us today doesn’t change this fact.

3) She is an amazing dancer who can choreograph like a goddess and I know she’ll be something someday. She’s just one of those uber talented people.

4) She introduced me to role playing via tumblr and since then we have written practically whole stories; really I am indebted to her for giving me the chance to test out, and work out, my writing style.

5) She just is okay. Like she just: is. And there’s nothing more I can really say.

1) 500 Days of Summer

2) Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog

3) Warrior

4) Fight Club

5) Any of the LOTR movies( including The Hobbit)

Runner-Up) Castaway on the Moon (Kimssi pyoryugi)