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you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it
I’m still watching the new ep and...

I realised… In the night club door, Lysander passed the security guard almost immediatly. Does that mean he’s over aged or he just looks like it? xD Or both 🤔

I have to believe he’s over 18 (my current age too) no matter what, but still, this “confirmation” made my heart happy :3

I’ve seen a lot of people going around feeling guilty for liking the sterek bridal scene and I just wanted to emphasize that just because there have been contradictory discussions going around and advocating against it, does not mean that people have to subscribe to them or feel shitty for not agreeing and actually enjoying the scene. If you like it, there’s no judgement or pointing fingers and vice versa. The intention was never to change opinions or criticise different takes on it. It’s a matter of opinion, which should be respected either way. We’re all here for sterek and because of our love for sterek. Please don’t go around putting fellow shippers down for having a different opinion. 

Zoo Thoughts - “The Barrier”

AKA: “Your Fault” from Into the Woods, except 40 minutes long.

Seriously, I’ve had enough of the blame game. I hate how it’s become Jackson vs. Jamie at this point and everyone else has to pick sides. There’s also a Civil War reference here somewhere…

At first I thought Mitch’s decision to redirect all the power to the St. Louis beacon was stupid and irrational, but then Jackson started yelling at him and since I’ve had enough of Jackson yelling at people, I rushed to Mitch’s defense. Because it really was the smartest decision. The beacons (which look just like Pokemon Go gyms, btw) were placed in heavily-populated areas for maximum destruction and, as far as we know, no other country had a stronghold like the barrier that could’ve withstood that kind of attack. So really, this was probably their best option.

Now, whether or not it was smart to send Clementine away considering what happened to her/the baby/Logan…. well, that’s another story.

While we’re on the topic—Jackson, you said (and I quote): “I tried more than anyone to put Abigail down!” The lie detector determined that this was a LIE. Literally, you tried to save Abigail’s life on multiple occasions and locked Jamie up in her own damn plane for trying to kill her (for which you never apologized or even appeared to regret), so don’t you come into my house and say that you really tried to stop her because you didn’t.

Also, if you had told me a year ago that I would actually be genuinely sad to see Logan die??? I would’ve been offended. But here we are. Here we all are. R.I.P., Logan. In the end, you weren’t as much of a jerk as you could’ve been. (Look, I’m not saying Clem should name the baby after him since he died protecting them, I’m just saying she should at least consider it.)

Flashing back several episodes here for a slightly outdated point: I honestly don’t blame Jamie for accepting Logan’s help in raising Clementine, if only just for a few years. Yes, at the time I didn’t like him and didn’t want him anywhere near those girls, but from what it sounds like, Jamie didn’t have anyone else. And considering she was still suffering from PTSD, trying to raise the child of the man she loved (who just died), why wouldn’t she take all the help she can get??

And I like Uncle!Logan bonding with Clementine, okay? Sue me.

Anyway, back to the actual episode, sorry.

Speaking of Jamie, what did she even like… do? In this episode, I mean? Did she serve any purpose whatsoever? Like, I appreciate the support she was giving Mitch and all, but literally I don’t think she contributed to the plot at all aside from being a hand for him to hold, which is super annoying, tbh.

But I did like the support! I loved that long pause after she left before she just turned right around and was like “Actually?? I need to stay here and make sure you don’t do something stupid again!!” and Mitch is just like “Yeah, good call.”

Loved the Celebratory Hug, but…. I felt like the kiss might’ve been a little out-of-place. Don’t get me wrong, I always love seeing the OTP kiss! But, after all that happened in the last few episodes, it felt like they were just sweeping it all under the rug and pretending like everything’s fine when it’s really not. I appreciate that they’re putting aside their relationship problems to focus on saving the world and all, but I think they need to have some serious talks before jumping back into a relationship rn.

At least they’re both alive! And together! That’s rare for a season finale!

And even though I’m still royally pissed off at Jackson, I guess I’m also glad he ain’t dead.

(I know it’s a bit late to complain about this, but I really wish they had actually tried to make anyone look ten years older this season. Jamie looks a bit older with the haircut, and I understand Mitch possibly not aging much due to the tank, but Jackson still looks like 30 and definitely not old enough to be Sam/Conner’s father. They could’ve at least used a little makeup to age him.)

Things I Expected to See in this Episode but Didn’t:

   -Literally anything to do with the biodrive that’s still in Mitch’s brain. Is that whole death vs amnesia ultimatum ever gonna make a reappearance??

   -An explanation as to how Abigail was dead for an entire episode but then suddenly wasn’t anymore.

   -A freaking name for the baby, good lord, this is getting ridiculous.

   -Mitch or Jamie actually verbally admitting that they love each other (but again, they’ve still got to talk some things through so maybe it’s too soon for that).

   -ISAAC. I’m really sad that we haven’t gotten to see him in like four episodes. I know he’s okay, but I want to see his sunshine-y face!

Anyway, good finale overall!! Great (if slightly overdramatic) cliffhanger!



A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

I don’t remember September 11, 2001

It was my sixth day of First Grade at Beaumont Elementary in Devon, Pennsylvania 
I was a 5-year-old new kid 
Mrs. Kowalski was still learning our names 
The School Board decided not to tell the students what happened
Didn’t want 7000 children in a panic
Thought we were safer in school
Than with distraught and distracted parents on highways
It was just another Tuesday

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the weeks that followed 
The red eyes of adults around me 
The fantastical and horrific stories
The tears and denial of friends who lost loved ones
All burned into my psyche

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember my parents going to New York a month after the attacks for their anniversary 
They brought back gifts from the Toys R Us in Times Square 
And stories of dust covered cars that would never be reclaimed

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember hearing that we were going to war 
I remember my fear for children like me who would get hurt
I remember resigned acceptance 
“We’re just getting the bad guys,” people said 
“You’re too young to understand”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember my confusion when my father couldn’t walk my mother and I to the gate at Philadelphia International 
“But the last time we visited Aunt Theresa you waved goodbye” 
What I would’ve given to go back to 1999

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the dead 
Young Americans fighting out of grief and misguided patriotism
Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistanis slaughtered out of revenge 
I remember pushing a bully down a slide on a playground when he asked my friend if her parents bombed buildings
A week later he tripped me going down the stairs, spraining my ankle 
“Al Qaeda supporter,” he whispered

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember a war 
I remember being desensitized to images of gore and destruction 
I remember a norm of hatred and aggression in the name of patriotism and security
I remember learning of the ever-mounting debt being saddled on my generation 
Debts that my grandchildren will still be paying off
Debts of money and of blood

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember traveling to other countries 
Being reminded to exercise caution when telling people we’re Americans 
I remember the surprise on their faces 
“But you’re so nice” 
“You don’t look like war-mongers”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the nausea I felt when we learned in school that we armed and trained Al Qaeda and the Taliban
That we caused the Iranian Revolution 
That we fund corruption and war when it fits our needs 
That we’ve murdered millions in the name of freedom
That we are a nation of terrorists ourselves

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember years of teachers glossing over the early 2000s
“You know this already” 
I remember finally speaking up
Asking Mr. Palmatier to go over the events of that infamous day
I remember his stunned silence as he looked at his 2nd period AP US History class
“Sir…we were 6…we don’t remember”

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the fear I feel every time I fly 
Every time I ride public transport
Every time I’m in a crowded area 
Every time I’m at a national site

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember visiting memorials on a frigid day in December 
Sleet masked the tears on my face 
So much death and destruction
An endless war 
A generation that grew up on fear
A generation that could learn
Learn to empathize
Learn to love
Learn from the mistakes of those who came before us

I don’t remember 9/11
But I can’t forget everything since
I won’t forget

- Shadowed Memories [9.11.2017]


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all