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A 2D-Bendy Illustrated Fanfiction

An AU of 2D Bendy, inspired by @shinyzango and @squigglydigglydoo. Written and hand-drawn by myself. Used’s poltergiest background audio for ambiance. Enjoy!




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God, aksjgasg, Ao3 is a bitch ok xD

HERE IT IS!!!!! God, it feels so good to be posting this! @aniscribbles and I have been so hyped about this you have no idea, like apsfjgafh…. Anyways, it’s here, in its glory, our love child: The Rift. 

This is a Dragon Age Inquisition AU, and it’s tagged as both fandoms, but the characters, for the most part, will be Voltron. Some of the original DA:I characters may make cameos, but we will get there when we get there. ;D

Summary: After the Conclave blew up in everyone’s face, the whole world went to shit. Lance didn’t know what to make of it, but there was no way he would join the Inquisition to become their tool. Sure, he could close the rifts now, by some miracle - accident in his humble opinion - and he was doing his best to close them on his own. Trouble was, they were getting worse as time went on. After being tossed by a shade, he was seriously reconsidering doing this by himself. Needless to say, he got lucky that a cute Seeker came to his rescue after getting caught in a dragon’s nest; the only problem was that cute Seeker was trying his damnedest to recruit him into the Inquisition.

Word Count: 2456


Chapters: [1]

Art: [1]

Lance clapped the dirt off his hands as he straightened up. He was almost done collecting all of the elfroot he would need to replenish his potion stores. After taking on the last rift, he had depleted most of it. Those demons were the nastiest things he has ever had to deal with in a long time, ever since getting the Mark. That had been a painful experience.

He crept along the cliff face, keeping an eye out for more elfroot. If he was lucky he would stumble upon sprouts of royal elfroot. That specific plant was a more potent species, and the potions he could create from it made his life a lot easier when he was dealing with a nasty rift. Like the one the other day. Lance was still pretty sore from being tossed around by a shade. At least he knew what healing magic he could glean from his mother’s grimoire before the sky opened and he was left alone. That had been about five years ago. There had been a call for all mages of any representation, whether it be a circle mage or an apostate like himself and his mother to attend a meeting with the chantry.

And boy, that went really well.

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ninabee27  asked:

You draw really good! How do you draw bendy?

Awh! Thank you so much! :’D

Here’s the process I usually take for drawing Bendy; it usually varies and can change depending on what kind of pose I’ll be drawing him in, or what have you. So I highly encourage you to find the way that works for you when drawing the darling devil!

1. I start with a circle within another circle, just like this. The first circle lets me shape out where his face will be, and the second for his horns.

2. I add the horns and the face details. His horns are a flat-ish circle at the center of his head (and appear in about the same place, even if his head is turned). His Face is a very rounded heart, and the top of the “heart” will change depending on his expressions–like eyebrows!

3. Add his face and clean up the extra lines! His smile is always very rounded (no sharp or pointed edges), and I usually only draw five lines for his teeth. It’s easier and looks neater to me. (plus it’s symmetrical haha) The pie-cuts on his eyes are always on his right. (our left)

4. Bean

5. You can’t make a body on beans alone–so I shape out his arms, legs, tail and bowtie. Tubes for his arms and legs, with triangles or teardrop-shapes to start out his shoes and hands. His tail is optional honestly; I just like drawing it because I think it’s cute! He has a spaded tail, though I’ve seen people draw it in different ways. Thinner, maybe with just a triangle at the end… Up to you! The Bowtie is a circle with two droopy triangles at its sides, about where the arms start. I usually use the bowtie to cover up the top of his body.

6. I add the rest of the details and define him a bit more! Most things I make on Bendy are very round, his hands especially. Remember, being a cartoon he only has four fingers! I usually draw him with three lines on the back of his gloves, though the official art has been depicting them with only two little circles. It’s up to you!

7. And last but not least, I clean up my sketch and add any final details I need. Mostly that’s just the crease on his bowtie and the shine on his shoes. If I need anything else, I’ll add it now! I also shade in his body to make him look a bit nicer. 

And that’s about it! A while back I made a post about making expressions, focused mostly on Bendy. You can see that here! I also talk a bit about making comics there, though that’s not entirely relevant. At any rate, I hope that helps!

Stick with Me

Based on @marmoraskeith‘s text post about Lance, Keith, strange flowers, and a rather ‘sticky’ situation. ;)

Note to self: when on a strange planet, do not touch any of the plants, no matter how cool they look.

Lance made the mental note as he and the rest of the team made their way back onto the ship. He was surprised he could even formulate a proper thought, considering the amount of commotion going on. Hunk was rambling worriedly to Coran, who was doing his best to comfort the yellow paladin. Allura was lecturing him on god knows what, hands flying angrily as she marched on ahead of them. Shiro was silent, which was terrifying, and Pidge hadn’t stopped laughing since the incident.

The incident that had left his and Keith’s hands glued together.

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anonymous asked:

The chocobros s/o, after the return of the dawn (Noctis is alive) became an ambassador for Lucis. Now, nine months pregnant they stubbornly want to lead the negotiation for an alliance with Tenebrae directly there. Which it happen. The boys, remained in Insomnia, recive an embarassed phone call by Talcott: " uhm, the negotiation has gone well. And, ehm, congrats, they got on labour and give birth in the main hall" reactions?

I had trouble typing this one despite loving the request entirely- this is simply because I am exhausted and I kind of want to just go to bed! But I also wanted to post something for you all before I hit the hay. If I can manage another short headcanon/short scenario request, I’ll probably do it after this :) Ignis’ is long because… it just didn’t want to stop writing itself LOL

Tagging: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @xalexanderxkozachenkox, @asendioncosplay, @lady-asuka, @stunninglyignis, @the-lucian-archives, @joioliviapolaroid and @rubyphilomela :D <3


Noctis: “Noct, it’s Talcott on the line. He wants to speak with you.” Ignis’ voice startled Noctis out of his reverie. Shaking his head, Noctis gazed up at his advisor and nodded, before realising that Ignis probably couldn’t see his actions. So Noctis grunted in acknowledgment.

“Thanks Specs,” Noctis picked up the receiver and held it to his ear with a sigh, “how’s it going Talcott? Good news?” Noctis asked, sounding tired. Talcott laughed nervously over the phone, and that was when Noctis knew something had happened. The young King sat up straighter in his seat, his eyes wide with worry. “Talcott…?”

“Your Majesty, the negotiations went fine- we’ve won the Tenebrae Alliance. And… well, congratulations. Lucis now has a baby princess to its Crown.” Talcott said, a little hesitantly. Noctis gaped, not even aware that his mouth was wide open.

“What? Y/n gave birth?! When?” Noctis exclaimed. His face fell at a sudden as a sudden thought intruded into his mind. “Talcott… where?”

Noctis could hear Talcott gulp over the phone. “Um, the main hall-”

“THE MAIN HALL?! Y/N GAVE BIRTH IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE OF TENEBRAE’S COURT?! SHE’S OUR QUEEN. SHE’S MY WIFE!” Noctis practically roared out of incredulity. Talcott laughed nervously through the line.

“Uh, yeah… it kinda just happened- congratulations?” the young man offered hesitantly. Noctis sighed and slumped down in his seat with a small smile on his face despite his horror.

“Thanks Talcott.”

Prompto: Prompto frowned at the flurry of incoming calls that were coming through while he was on a mechanical excavation job down in the Keycatrich Ruins. Cindy had tipped him off about some goodies that could be useful for the rebuilding of Insomnia, so Prompto and his hunter team headed out on the job around the same time you were due out to go meet with the leaders of Tenebrae about the Lucis-Tenebrae Alliance Noctis was pushing for.

Prompto didn’t want to let you go, but he also didn’t want to make you think that he thought you were weak in your state of very late pregnancy. You were an independent woman and you liked to do things on your own terms- baby or no baby. So Prompto merely kissed you goodbye, told you to be careful, and then let you go off on your merry way.

“Talcott?” Prompto said, calling the familiar number back. “What’s up? How did the alliance shindig go?” the blond mechanist asked, wiping his dirty hands on his already messed up pants.

“Um, yeah- it all went well sir!” Prompto frowned at the formal address.

“Just Prompto’s fine man… so what are you calling about? Is y/n okay?” Prompto suddenly asked, worry clear in his tone. Talcott laughed nervously at Prompto’s question and the blond man could feel his heart absolutely drop.

“She kind of gave birth in front of the Tenebrae officials. Congratulations though- you’re a happy father to a healthy baby boy!” Talcott exclaimed.

Prompto remained standing for a few more moments, in radio silence. Talcott tried to call his name out, but by then, Prompto was already long gone. He’d fainted.

Poor guy- he wasn’t even there when you were giving birth. Imagine if he was- you’d have to welcome chaos all around!

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One thing I highly enjoyed about the direction in 4x11 (Henry did a nice job, so kudos to him) is that we got so many interesting shots of hands. Like, I find fascinating how in-our-faces they were - you couldn’t ignore them - because, after thinking about it, they are kind of the focus point in that episode (not the focus point, but important nevertheless). I’m not going to go all Deep now, because I’m sure everyone gets the visual connotation behind them, but I like how each of those shots tells its own story about the emotional journey these characters undergo - adding new layers to the things they feel and experience.

A couple examples are: when Sinclair reaches out for Raven when he first appears while she fights another seizure on the floor, and how Raven later reaches out to him to say goodbye one last time before everything goes dark:

When Jasper kisses Monty’s gloved-hand, holding the love that still resides in him close (he never stopped being the boy with the big heart) and then goes in to share it with his best friend in the most tender way before he dies:

When Bellamy purposely hurts himself to do the right thing:

Or when Clarke and Niylah share another moment, hands above the heart:

There is just a lot these scenes transmit, in my opinion.

Stars in the Night: Chapter 2

If someone picks out the Fable 2 reference, we’re besties now, alright? 

Anyway, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY, DIDN’T IT. HAH. EVIL!BLINDBAE IS BACK AND HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN MWHAAHAH. Ok, but for real, I hope you like what I did here. Feedback is always appreciated. Lemme know your thoughtttts!!!!

Tagging @nifwrites​ and @cupnoodle-queen​, the soulmate AU buddies. Tagging @stunninglyignis​, @themissimmortal​, @stephicness​, and @lupanaoflaminar​ <3 Love you guys. 

Word Count: 2,148

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

“You were brought to me by the astrals. Created by Shiva herself, Stella! She named you for the stars in the night sky!” Her mother shouted out loudly from her wheelchair. Stella lowered her head from view, hiding from the onlooker patients that shot dirty looks to her mother.

“There she goes again. On and on about Shiva all day and night!” Another female patient grumbled, rolling her eyes. “Stella this and Stella that! I hope they kick her out soon.”

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Originally posted by oflanternhill

Summary - .A newborn and their first day at home

Pairing - Pete Dunne X Female Reader + Daughter

WordCount - 1,503

Requested by - @littledeadrottinghood

Written by - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name. Y/D/M/N - Your Daughter’s middle name  Y/N - Your name

Warnings - Strong Language, angry Pete

Taglist Beauties -  @lunaticfringe216  @crowleysqueenofhell  @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum@lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @xsimplynaex@macfizzle @sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420 @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic@amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder @itsclaaree @daddmoxley @wweimaginesandoneshots @crossfitfreakvideogamegeek

Y/D/N Y/D/M/N was born in three in the afternoon weighing a healthy seven point five pounds. As soon as Pete laid his eyes on his little girl he was dumbstruck. Pete was madly in love with his little girl, he couldn’t quite believe that she was real. Right here in front of him. How could he have taken part in creating someone so innocent and pure?  But now that she was here he was going to do everything in his power to maintain his Daughter’s innocence. If anyone dared to hurt her, he’d give them the beating of their life and that would not be a threat it would be a promise. He’d tear them down limb from limb. 

While you and Y/D/N were in the hospital, Pete was perfectly composed, he watched the nurses teach you both how to do something. Pete had learnt how to hold Y/D/N, Pete was comfortable. Well, he was at the hospital. When the nurse came into your hospital room and informed you and Pete that you and Y/D/N could go home. Pete’s confidence was gone. It had turned into sheer panic, there was no longer a professional teaching him how to do things or instructing him how to do things. 

Pete was terrified, he was on his own. While he knew he had you for support, he couldn’t help but let the fear swarm his head. Normally Pete had no fearless, he didn’t care what he had to face, he just went about it. But bringing Y/D/N home terrified him. If Pete wasn’t trying to maintain calm and ready for your sake, he would have fallen apart. He knew that parenting would be difficult but he didn’t realise that bringing Y/D/N home would be so terrifying.

Throughout the entire ride home, Y/D/N had slept, Pete drove home while you were in the back with Y/D/N, this was the first time Pete had ever been happy with you away from him because he knew one look you would be able to know what was going through his head. It worried him sometimes how much you were able to read him, he was an open book to you. But as long as it remained to be only you then it was okay.

Pete took hold of Y/D/N’s baby carrier as he had made his way towards your house. The area you lived in wasn’t perfect, your neighbours were loud and at times rude but neither you and Pete had the time to look for a house with Y/D/N on the way and Pete working more frequently. Life had gotten in the way and while you and Pete had often put up with his living arrangements. Pete refused to let his little girl live in this house more than all three of you had too. There was no way Y/D/N was going to spend her childhood in this hellhole, Pete’s words not your own,

Pete walked into your small house, several boxes dotted around the hallway containing the last remaining things that you had brought for Y/D/N, on the counter was a stack of post. Hopefully, there would be something from the estate agent in the stack. He settled Y/D/N’s baby carrier on the coffee table watching her as she slept soundly in her baby grow with her gloves. Pete jolted when someone touched his shoulder.

“You can relax now, she’s here and everything is going to be okay?” You reassured as you kissed his neck gently.

“Except we live in this hellhole.” Pete turned around, cascading his arms around your waist holding you gently. The Doctor warned him you would be sore for a while and he didn’t want to hurt you.

“Why don’t you check the mail and I’ll make us some coffee and we will see if there’s anything okay?”

“Love, you heard the Doctor take it easy.” Rolling your eyes at Pete, he couldn’t help but smile. You were one of the few people who weren’t afraid to challenge him.

“Pete I gave birth, I can lift a couple of mugs of coffee.” With that, you walked slowly towards the kitchen with coffee in mind.

After the coffee’s had been made and Pete had gone through the mail it was met with relief that the Estate Agent had indeed sent you a package of possible homes, some were what you and Pete specifically asked for, others were not but there was a lot to go through. It wasn’t as if you and Pete were looking for a temporary situation, you and Pete were looking for a home where you could raise Y/D/N and any other children you and Pete may have in the future. 

“I’m glad your Mother gave us the name of that Estate Agent. I didn’t want to continuously get three or four possibilities it would have been too time-consuming.” Pete was sitting on the couch while you were sitting beside him with your legs rested over his lap. 

“According to her, these are the best Estate Agents in the world. You know my Mother doesn’t like to stay in the same place for very long. Beside’s she wants us to get out of this hell hole too.” Pete drew patterns on your leg lazily. He was going to get all three of you out of this place. 

“There’s a few we could look at like this one” Pete held up a picture of a house for you to look at and you smiled. It did look pretty for the outside and the interior was to match however you and Pete wanted to do this properly so you were not going to make any decisions from a peace of paper you were going to view it in person. 

“You can add that to the viewing pile or do you want to write something on the paper so you don’t forget.” Playfully teasing Pete he licked his lips not so quick to reply when a blast of extremely loud music startled you and Pete, Y/D/N instantly being awoken by the intrusive sound, her wailing alerted both of you as you moved to remove her from her baby carrier holding her close to your chest to reassure her. Her sensitive ears bombarded by the noise. 

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Pete’s relaxed nature had suddenly changed into one you had seen a few times. Pete stormed over towards the wall knocking it several times 

“Will you turn your crappy fucking music down? We have a newborn here!” Pete waited a few moments but nothing. As per usual, your neighbours were going to be an annoyance. This was not your original intention to have as Y/D/N’s first day home, you wanted to chill out and relax get accustomed to having Y/D/N with you. This was turning into a nightmare. You knew Pete’s patience would only last for so long. 

“Love stay here. I’m going to knock some sense into them” Pete stormed out, Pete was known for his hot-tempered attitude in the past you would have run out to calm him down but since Y/D/N is here, you can’t run after him with her arms or leave her in the house alone. You needed help and there were only two other people who could calm him down. Unable to call, you sent a text hoping someone would turn up and soon. 

You stood outside watching Pete hammering the crap out of the neighbours’ door. They were either secretly intelligent or because the music was so loud they couldn’t hear a thing. It was certainly the second option. Y/D/N would not settle, no matter what you tried nothing was working. It wasn’t like you could take her to a nice quiet place to relax. You were getting restless at just how useless you were being as a Mother. 

It was the parking of a car that stopped you from focusing on Y/D/N, you had never been so relieved. 

“Now I know why you never let us come over. I could hear their horrendous music all the way down the road.” Trent’s distinctive accent broke through the loud noise just. This was ridiculous. 

“Well until we move this is what we have to live with or Pete gets arrested. He’s been hammering on their door for the past half an hour.” You looked down at Y/D/N who was still crying away. Frowning you looked up at Trent who was looking at Y/D/N only a few days ago you and Pete had asked Trent to be Y/D/N guardian if anything ever happened to you and Pete it was his duty to look after Y/D/N.  

“Tyler, do me a favour get Pete here before he does something he regrets. There is no way you’re staying here with a newborn. You can live with me and Tyler until you find a new home. Come on let’s go pack some of your stuff.“ You led Trent into the house. This was not how you imagined Y/D/N homecoming to go…


Giant Solas update!

He’s wrapped in plastic because I’m working on the vambraces and I have to make sure they fit around the sleeves. The ‘cape’ part of his cloak is wrapped in plastic, so that’s why you can’t see it atm.

I’m also working on the faces on his knees, they’re so annoying lol

I’ll probably end up trimming the fur on his shoulder sling thing (what do you even call that part of his armour!?), because it’s much longer than it is in game.

Right now I have to do the final things to the legs before painting them and adding the final parts so they can close around his legs. And obviously the last parts of his armour for his arms. The hood also needs some final adjustments.

It doesn’t sound like *that* much, but every time I finish something it seems ten other things spring up haha!

The gloves and shoes are removable, but I wanted to see how it all worked together.

It’s funny because when I first got this body I thought it was too big for solas, muscle wise, but having the entire armour on I think he pulls it off nicely ;)

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 13

Originally posted by sugaglos

“It’s infected.” He said, causing you to groan in anger.

“Where the hell are we going to find something to treat this?” You whined, pointing at the swollen half-scar on your belly.

As you leaned against the car, you cursed at the world and the intense sun shining down, burning your skin.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We’ll just find go to a bigger gas station, one closer to the city. They usually have a bigger selection of medication. You’ll be fine.” He said kissing your neck.

“Get off. I’m dirty and injured.” You said pushing him away, embarrassed.

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liketolaugh-misc  asked:

Linkllen, 30?

Cute cute cute! Thank you for the request!!

the way you said I love you prompt list [any pairings]

Too quick, mumbled into your scarf

Allen was talking while Link worked. They sat at the window of a cafe - Allen always preferred window seats, he liked to people watch - and he was accompanying Link while Link sorted through miscellaneous files. At some point he began to mention the people who walked by and then segued into his own stories.

It didn’t bother Link any. He liked to listen to Allen, and his work was repetitive and dull. Besides, Allen always had the most interesting stories.

“The lady looked at me, and you could tell all she saw was the tattoos and the scars and the hair, but she looked past that and she said, ‘Would you?’ Of course I would!” Allen said fiercely. “She - Mrs. Warren, that’s her name - Mrs. Warren was trying to put her groceries in her trunk, but she was having some difficulties. I was glad she accepted my offer, I would’ve felt awful walking away. So I helped her and then she wanted to tip me, which I couldn’t accept.

"Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Allen Walker, not accepting money? Be quiet. Even I wouldn’t take money from little old ladies. And she was so little. Barely reached my shoulders, and I think it was mostly her hair in a bun that accomplished even that. So I put her groceries away and shut her trunk and noticed her license plate was from another state. I said to her, 'Wow, this is a long way from home! Are you visiting, or did you move here?’

"I moved here, she told me. To be closer to her grand-kids. Imagine that! A little old lady like her coming cross-country! I thought that was so nice. I told her so, and that’s the thing about older people. They always know. She gave me this pitying kind of look. Then she invited me for tea and snacks! And you know there’s no way I would’ve said no to that! So I went.”

It was a little alarming to listen to him, though. Link shot him a disbelieving look and Allen laughed.

“I know, I know. But she was this tiny thing! You have to see her to believe me, Link. So small. A fly would hurt me before she could. So I go and she has this most beautiful amazing garden in front of her home. Birdhouses and baths everywhere, flowers so pretty. Inside she had an entire tea set to prepare, and I think you would’ve liked it. I wish i could’ve brought you.

"Eventually she asked about the tattoos and hair. Older people are always so curious. They’re the same like that, the elderly and the kids. I told her the stories and she thought they were the best. She told me about her grand-kids, one’s in college and one’s just got married. She was so happy.

"It makes me think of how nice that is. I’d like to be like that, when I’m older.”

Then he got this strange look. Link thought he understood why. When I’m older.

Finally, Allen turned away from the window to look at Link. “Next time I go, I’ll bring you. I think she’d like you. I told her about you.”

Link coughed, surprised. “What?”

“Of course I did!” Allen said. “She thinks you’re funny, which is funny to me. She also asked if you had any tattoos, and when I told her you had one on your hand she laughed. Said it was cute. I showed her pictures and she declared you were very handsome and how earth did I ever get you?”

Every word coming from Allen Walker’s mouth was designed to mortify Link. “I can’t believe you,” he hissed. Allen just laughed.

“At the end, she said seeing young people in love made her happy.”

Oh. Link looked down at his work, one hand holding the paper firm and the other lax around a pen. The tattoo, like most things in his life now, was because of Allen.

It was actually just a bit too cold to be without gloves, but writing with them on was impossible, and sometimes Allen liked to hold his hand on the table, thumb tracing the designs on the back of his hand over and over. Allen did that now, probably amused by Link’s sudden silence.

“You don’t have to go,” Allen said at last, noticeably gentler. “I just like to share everything with you.”


He ducked his chin into his scarf. Allen’s open displays of affection didn’t always make Link feel shy, but they did when they came suddenly like this.

“Of course I’ll go,” Link murmured, abashed, “I love you.”

Allen brought Link’s hand up and kissed his knuckles, and then gave him a brilliant smile.

Spider-mans' savior

A/N this was supposed to be a relationship thing but I honestly failed and gave up its shitty I’m sorry I’m working on another fic going along with spider boy in civil war.

Famous Spider-Man is found injured by reader who has healing powers, but every power comes consequences unknowingly starting a long lasting relationship.

2707 words


“I can stay a little longer It won’t be a problem.” You said digging your heels into the tile of the bakery you worked at.

“No no sweetie it’s getting late I’ll be fine.” Your boss was a sweet old lady, sometimes too sweet for her own good. You put your hands up in surrender after her constant shooing. You took off your apron and put it on the hook clocking out. It was 8:42, it was a bit late but you usually stay up later so you weren’t that tired. Dragging your feet you stopped in front of her.

“I could just p-”

“Out or you’re fired.” She cut you off pointing towards the door. She of course would never fire you but you understood there was no getting past this. With your phone in hand and you walked out the store. People may think that walking alone at night in queens was dangerous, not you though. You knew how to handle yourself.

After walking a while listening to the live city you heard a groan coming from the alleyway next to you. You looked inside seeing pitch black. You grabbed your phone and turned on the flashlight seeing a body on the ground in a red suit. You recognized it as that spider-boy you’ve seen on the news lately.

“Oh god.” You whispered to yourself. You carefully took a few steps towards the body. Looking around to see if anyone was lurking behind a wall, you stood above the boy. You lightly tapped your foot against him and he hissed in pain. Wincing you bent down to see what’s wrong. you shun your flashlight across his upper half looking for wounds when you saw his red suit covered in a darker red liquid. Hopefully that’s not all his you thought to yourself. Looking closer you saw a stab wound in his stomach and a long slash across his arm.

“Hey are you alright?” He took a deep breath upon hearing the soothing sound of your voice lifting his head when all of a sudden his head dropped down passing out. You slightly lifted his mask to check his heart rate, it was going too slow he’s loosing too much blood. You silently praised yourself for watching all those doctor shows.

“Might as well do something good for a change.” You placed your hands on his chest contemplating if it’s worth it. For one you’ll be saving a life, a life that saves many others. But on the other hand you’ll be putting yourself at risk physically and maybe even socially. “Fuck it.” You felt energy rush out your body, once it started it was hard to stop. He woke up gasping and pulled away.

“Who are you.” The boy said crawling back away from you. Now that you’ve healed him slightly his injures were now your own. Since he pulled away quickly he didn’t give all of it to you. You felt a searing pain in your stomach, arm, and thigh. Huh funny you didn’t see anything on his thigh. You leaned back into the brick wall sucking in air between your teeth.

“W-what did you do?” He said his voice muffled under his mask. Blood starting dripping from your leg now.

“Wow thank you random girl for saving my life! ‘oh no problem just doing my job.’” You sarcastically said having a conversation with yourself looking up at the sky.

“I-I should get you to a-a hospital!” You shot up your pointer finger at him.

“No hospitals I’ll be fine just a tiny scratch.” You started to get up leaning on the wall for support. The boy in front of you tried to stop you but instantly sat back down probably also getting hit with a wave of pain. Clicking your tongue against your teeth you limped to his side and stuck your uninjured arm out.

He looked at your extended arm being cautious. “If I wanted to hurt you this would be a whole other situation. Now grab.” You wiggled your fingers above him. His gloved hand eloped around yours and you pulled him up.

“I uh should walk you home.” The boy said will you placed his arm around your shoulders to support him"

“If I knew any better I’d say I need to take you home but I guess we can’t risk that secret identity thing going on.“  You said whispering the last part. You walked with him to your apartment, yeah he’ll know where you live but what’s he gonna do? Barge in at the middle of the night to steal your crap?

"I’m guessing you heal people.” He said in a soft voice as if he’s never talked to someone before.

“Your the first in a while, and you better keep that between us, only a handful of people know what I can do.” He took his arm off your support shoulder and cocked his head sideways. You can only guess he was giving you a lazy grin under that mask of his.

He stuck his pinky finger out. “I promise.”

You met his pinky with his own feeling slightly better and chuckled placing your head on his shoulder the rest of the way home.
The next day you woke up with an aching body, and went to school. Sadly you had gym fist period but you and a your self acclaimed gym buddy named Peter Parker stayed together straying from the rest of the class. You felt normal after a few hours grateful for your fast healing.

The next week was pretty boring, you went to school, work, to home. You slightly missed the mysterious boy.  That is until you heard a knock at your window what the hell? You grabbed the bat in your closet and put it behind your shoulder. You looked out to see a boy in the same red suit. Your heart sped in excitement. You threw the metal bat onto the bed and unlocked the windows opening it for the vigilante. He tumbled into your bedroom.

You traced his movements with your eyes. “Nice to see you too.” You mumbled. He laid on your floor. “Hey you okay.” You scrunched your eyebrows. Looking at his body. “You know when I showed you were I liv-”

You were cut off by a chuckle 

“You did not just interrupt my rant to chuckle at me.” You placed your hands on your waist. “Why are you here anyway?”

“I may have been in the neighborhood… and got shot.” You widened your eyes feeling slightly guilty for not seeing it before. You bent down and turned his arm to see the bullet wound, there’s an entry point but no exit wound. Now that didn’t look good.

“I need to take out the bullet before I can heal you otherwise it will be stuck inside” You went into your bathroom, recalling the last time you healed someone with shrapnel still inside, and pulled out your tweezers cleaning it with alcohol. “Just to warn you beforehand I’ve never actually done this myself before so if I kill you I’m sorry it’s not my fault you came to me out of everyone in queens. Why did you come to me you could have went to a doct-”

“H-hey not to be rude but I’m bleeding out here.” He said making you yet again feel bad for your attitude. This is all just so overwhelming, pulling a bullet wound out of a guy you’ve been crushing over - even though you don’t even know what he looks like.

After awhile of careful risky digging you found the bullet and dug it out of his arm. You put your hands on his chest and pushed your energy out. You swiped your hands back after feeling them get too overheated. Also because the feeling your arm lit in flames. “Mother of god this hurts like hell.”

“O-oh I’m so sorry I-I didn’t know you ge-” He widened his eyes in realization.

“Mr Spider It’s fine its a mental thing not a physical thing.” He lifted you by your legs and placed you on your bed.

“Y/N are you sure you’re okay?” Wait what? How did he know my name you thought. You don’t recall telling him nor him asking.

“I’ve never told you my name.” You tried to ignore the pain in your stomach to hear what he had to say.

He put his hand on his neck. “I’m so sorry for uh, coming I really shouldn’t have and thank you for healing me I owe you the world I’m going to feel really guilty for doing this but I think I should go.” You narrowed your eyes at him. You felt angry, how dare he come here at the brink of death, saved by you yet again, and for him to just leave like this?

“You better not climb out that window.” You began to lean up but stopped when a rush of nausea hit you so you laid back down.

“I-i’m so sorry I’ll make it up to you I promise.” And just like that he left you in ruins.
You skipped school the next day playing it off as if you were sick. You were still angry at the red suited wise ass. Peter and your friends texted you, Peter saying how he missed his running buddy and asking if everything’s okay but you just sent a quick text back to Peter saying yeah you just didn’t feel well.

Throughout the day you cleaned your blood soaked floor not being able to get your mind off thinking about the boy under the mask. You respected the fact that he wanted to keep it secret but that didn’t stop you from wondering.

That night you heard the familiar tap on your window. You ignored it and continued to scroll through your phone. As the tapping got relentless you stormed to the window and opened it, “What!” You exclaimed.

“I’m sorry.” He came into my room and I stepped back.

“Sorry’s not gonna cut it.” You crossed your arms and looked at your toes.

“I-I know, thats why I have a plan.” He said bouncing on his heels.

This caught your interest, you may not ever forgive him but you’re intrigued for what he was to say for himself. “Follow me.” He climbed out the window stepping on the ledge.

“I’m not climbing out there.”

“Do you trust me?” He put his hand out for me to grab.

“No not really.” You walked forwards and placed your hand into his same gloves one. He lightly tugged you out the window holding onto your waist. You looked down the 13 stories and felt your heart race. He shot a web out of his wrist worn device out onto your neighboring building. You let out a screech as he swung to one building to another. You grabbed on to his arm practically begging for your life.

He then landed on Oscorp, one of the tallest buildings in the city. you placed you hands on your knees gasping for air, “What an apology.”

He walked past me chuckling and sat on the ledge of the building. You hesitated before walking to sit next to him. You slowly sat down using his arm for support. Once you sat down you still held onto his arm.

You looked below and saw the most beautiful sight. There were lights of buildings, many cars driving to their destination, and people walking with a purpose. It all looked so lovely. You looked up to see the dark sky but at the west you saw the dark blue transform into a lighter blue with a tint of yellow.

You can hear the beeping of horns, people chattering and yelling, sirens in the distance, and baby’s crying. You smell the sweetness of the hotdogs and pretzels from the venders, but most of all you smelt the freshness of the air.

“I uh, I’m sorry for yesterday.” He moved his free hand did the cute scratch the back of his head thing.

“So you know who I am, Im guessing I know who you are.” Once you looked at him you saw his mask slightly go inwards as he took a deep breath.

“Yeah.” He said his voice slightly going up. You sighed and rested your head on his shoulder.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me who you are, but if anything please don’t tell me on this ledge I’ll probably fall off.” You looked straight down Oscorp, that’s a long drop.

“Duly noted.” He responded now taking a deep breath out probably of relief. “How’d you get your powers? If you don’t mind me asking it’s alright if you don’t want to tell me it’s a personal question.”

You closed your eyes smirking. “Got them in the womb. My mother was told she couldn’t have a baby. It was a miracle she even became fertile. But her immune system was weak, too weak. If she even caught the flu she was going to die along with me. She heard about this experiment a private company did that would make the baby stronger, therefore making hers and my immune system stronger too. She went in, did the procedure, came out without any complications. Except for me and the whole Healy wheely thing.” You sat in silence. You can’t blame the guy what is he supposed to say?

He stared intently at you. “I actually was bit by a radioactive spider” You lifted your head off his shoulder.

“You’re kidding.” You looked into his mask trying to see if he’s lying.

“I’m actually not.” He looked at you. You spluttered out laughed trying not to snort.

“Oh, My, God,” you paused between each word gasping for air. Spidey started to laugh along with you.

“I was bit by a spider and now I have spider powers.” He choked out causing you to laugh even more and making him too.

After a while you started to get cold and pulled your sleeves down to your hands rubbing them together to creat heat and leaned into the boy even more.

“Come on I’ll bring you home.” He tapped me on my shoulder now him holding his hands out. I grabbed them and he lifted me up. Once I had a tight grip he released his web and swung us back to my apartment. He opened the window and crawled inside. He stood there awkwardly and cleared his throat.

“Thanks Peter, I forgive you.” You whispered.

“W-what I-I’m not-” you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Your secretes safe with me I promise.” You stuck out your pinky, and he wrapped his finger around yours.

School was awkward to say the least. You two would stare at each other for minutes on end. You sat next to him in algebra tired of this cat and mouse game.

You cleared your throat. “Peter stop.”

“I can’t, everything’s so weird.” He squirmed in his seat.

“You’re not dying Peter.” You harshly whispered at him narrowing your eyes at him.

“Y/N I don’t think you realize what this means, someone could want to hurt me and to do that they hurt you.” You blew a deep breath.

“Peter I can take care of myself, I’ll be fine. Anyways look at the bright side, no more coming to school with bruised eyes and busted lips now that you got me.” You tried to steer the conversation to a better direction. It worked as he slightly smirked. The teacher then called your names making you pay attention.

You two quickly became two peas in a pod, you were there when he needed you and he was there when you needed him. You two always kept your pinky promises.

Bully (Negan x reader )

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Bully (Negan x reader) (part 1 of 3 )

Summary: you are a wife who is bullying another wife, but Negan founds out and punishes you in the best way possible.

Warning: cursing.mild violence, smut will be in the part 3 ;)

You are one of Negan’s favorite wives, he seems to always do extra for you because let’s face it, you give him great head when he wanted it and you have great pussy to match,so for that you would always be treated like a queen, He would give almost  everything you desired and rarely would say no to you

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The fruit of our labors

(A/N): Steve finally gets a family yaaasss!

Request:Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please write one where Steve and a heavily pregnant reader are both avengers and one day Steve gets seriously hurt on a mission and the stress causes the reader to go into labor so the team is there for her? Lot of fluff/angst and maybe a happy ending? Thanks soooo much! 😊

Warnings: some swearing, Steve gets hurt

Tags: @mcuimxgine

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   You sat on your couch as you mindlessly flicking through the channels, one hand unconsciously clutched to your very pregnant stomach. You were supposed to have had this baby in a month and some change and god you were ready for it. Your entire body ached with pain 24/7, you looked like a whale, you’d been eating like shit, and not to mention your hormones were everywhere. One minute you could be raging angry at Steve for leaving some paper towels out and the next you’d be crying because of how mean you were being, thankfully for you Steve was a patient and loving man and he could put up with your mood swings like a champ. Unfortunately for you he’d been on a mission for a few weeks and in his place Clint had come to help. Not that Clint wasn’t a nice guy and great man it’s just that he wasn’t- he wasn’t Steve. 

   You craved Steve and the intimacy the two of you shared, you missed kissing him and running your fingers through his hair, you missed having him kiss your stomach, you missed seeing his smile and listening to his sleepy voice, you missed his sweet personality, you missed-

   “Oh my god,” Clint sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he did when he was stressed. “Oh fuck,” You perk up a bit, confusion evident upon your face. 

   “What? What happened?” You stagger to your feet, clutching the back of the couch for support. “What happened Clint?” Clint turns to look at you, an almost scared yet defeated look upon his face. 

   “You can’t freak out, okay?” You gulp, nodding your head as you once again rest a hand on your stomach, more or not for safety reasons. “Bucky just called and uh-” Clint looks to the floor, sighing shakily. “Guess Steve took quite a few hits and he’s in critical condition,” You stare at him, your heart having stopped beating at his words. 

    “What?” Is all you can manage, the word small and meek at best. 

   “They’re flying him to a nearby hospital, thankfully for us it’s only half an hour away- Oh my god, no, please don’t cry (Y/N),” You hadn’t even realized the salty tears were gliding down your cheeks until Clint had pointed it out and now that you had they seemed to come in at an even more powerful pace. You sob, your entire body nearly heaving with the intensity of it. “(Y/N) calm down baby bird,” Clint rushes to your side, already pulling you into a hug. “You’re gonna hurt yourself,” But his words have no affect as the tears keep coming, slipping down your cheeks effortlessly. “(Y/N) you’re gonna hurt the baby,” His words register in your mind and you too realize that they’re true but you just can’t bring yourself to stop. Your whole body shakes with the effort of crying and you’re sure you’re staining Clint’s shirt with your tears that or tearing the fabric with how tightly your fists were balled into it and that’s when it hits you, that first sharp pain in your stomach that has you hiccuping in surprise. 

    “Oh,” You gasp softly, your tears stilling only for a moment. “Oh god,” You whisper as a certain feeling overcomes your body and you can only connect that to your water breaking. 

    “What?” Clint asks, his face etched with concern. “What’s happened?”

   “Oh my god Clint,” You cling to him, your other hand resting on your stomach. “I think I’ve gone into labor,” 

    “You’re okay (Y/N), you’re okay,” Nat attempts to soothe as she runs alongside the bed you’ve been placed in, her hand clutching yours tightly. “You’re going to be just fine,” You groan in pain, throwing your head back against your already sweat soaked pillows. Something was very, very wrong right now, other than the fact you were going into labor a month early. 

    “I’m dying Nat!” You nearly scream at her, more pain hitting your body like a damn explosion. “Oh my god I’m dying!” You sob, your sudden tears only increasing your pain. 

    “Steve’s being life-flighted to a hospital,” Tony runs along the other side of the bed, his phone against his ear as he talks to Sam on the other line. “They’re saying he’s going to have to have a few surgeries but-” 

    “Tony!” Wanda scolds as she jogs beside him. “We don’t need anymore stress here,” 

    “No!” You yell, nodding your head. “Just keep talking to me!” The three share a look before Tony continues on talking to you, telling you about Steve’s condition and how badly he had been injured. 

    “I’m sorry you three,” A doctor suddenly stops the small group of Avengers in their tracks while you get whisked away from their line of sight, your bed being pushed into a different set of hallways. 

    “You’re going to be just fine Mrs. Rogers,” A doctor clad in gloves and a mask stares down at you, giving you what you thought to be a smile. “You’re in good hands now,” You can only hope that’s true given how much pain you were in. A scream rips itself from your lips as another very painful contraction hits your body fast and quick, leaving you to slump against the bed in sheer and utter pain.  

    “Ow,” You whimper, your hand falling limp at your sides as exhaustion seeps into your bones. 

    “Let’s get her into a room and get prepped,” And that was the last thing you remember hearing when you black out, you’re entire world fading to black. 

    “Mrs. Rogers, we need you to start pushing now,” 

    “God, please no,” You cry, shaking your head against the pillow. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,’ 

    “(Y/N), you need to push otherwise your baby is going to die, do you understand?” You look to your doctor meekly, your lip trembling with the effort of not sobbing. 

    “I understand,” You nod your head, biting your lip when another contraction hit. The doctor nods, rolling his shoulders back as he once again falls back into his position between your legs. 

    “You can start pushing now,” 

    Despite your valiant efforts you could not physically give birth to your child, something was terribly wrong and everything hurt. You were weak, dehydrated, sweating, and on the verge of tears and you physically could not do it. 

    “Push dammit push!” The doctor yells at you, giving you the motivation to try to push again. You scream in pain and effort and yet nothing happened. You slump against the bed, tears spilling from your eyes once again. “We’ll give you a break, we’ll be back in ten to try again, sound good?” You nod your head, breathing in shakily. The doctor nods his head before exiting the room, slipping off his gloves and mask in the process. 

    “How are you?” Comes a sudden voice, one that you were most definitely not expecting to hear at such a time. The all too familiar face of Sam pokes into the room, followed closely by Nat, Wanda, Clint, Tony, and Bucky. 

    “You guys can come in,” You whisper, closing your eyes as sleep almost takes over, but another contraction hits, leaving you gasping and grunting in pain. 

    “I’m taking that as bad?” Nat smiles gently as she takes a seat by your bed, reaching out for your sweaty, tired hand. You nod your head, sighing shakily. 

    “Sam?” You ask quietly, your voice hoarse from the amount of screaming you just did. “What are you doing here-” 

    “Steve’s in a few halls down, me and Bucky figured that we needed to come see how you were doing,” 

    “So…how’s he- how’s he doing?” 

    “Just fine,” Bucky chimes in, “He’s going to be hospitalized for a few weeks at most but he’s doing just fine,” You nod your head, a smile rising to your lips at the thought of Steve being perfectly okay. “He really wanted to be here,” He adds softly, “We told him about the early labor and he damn near jumped out of bed to come see you,” You chuckle weakly, your smile growing a bit in size. 

    “Well, If I could get this damn baby out of me perhaps I could go see him,” 

   “I doubt it,” Tony scoffs gently. “Sorry sweetcheeks but you’re damned to a hospital bed for a few weeks too,” You sigh softly, your free hand rising to rest against your stomach, albeit with some effort. 

    “You ready to try again Mrs. Rogers?” A nurse pokes her head in, smiling at the ragtag team. You stare down at your stomach, mentally preparing yourself for the pain about to come. 

    “Yeah, Yeah I am,” 

    “Well Mrs. Rogers,” The doctor smiles as he takes off his gloves and mask “You have a healthy baby girl,” You stare up at him with wide eyes, a small smile rising to your lips. 


  “Really, we will be monitoring her since she was born so early but as far as we can tell she’s perfectly fine,” 

   “Why did? Why did it hurt so bad?” Your mouth feels dry and your tongue feels like a slab of sandpaper as you speak. 

   “We theorize that due to Steve’s super soldier serum his cells mixed with your regular ones, creating a rather unpleasant birthing process for you.” You nod your head, allowing your eyes to close peacefully. 

   “I’m going to kill Steve when I get out of here,” You mutter, causing your doctor to laugh. 

    “Well, I think that’s all for now, we will be bringing your daughter around sometime this evening to feed, is that okay?” You nod your head, smiling breathlessly. 

   “That sounds great,” 

    You gently brushed your fingers along your baby’s nose as she fed, soft suckling sounds filling the air as she did. Your heart swelled with love and adoration when she cooed softly, her little voice raspy as she called out. 

   “I love you,” You whisper, trying not to cry once more as you tenderly touch her face. “I love you so much,” 

   “Think you’ve got room for one more in here?” Your head immediately snapped up to the doorway only to be met with the sight of your husband in his own hospital bed, bruised and beaten but still smiling. You gasp softly, nodding your head as tears pool within your eyes. The nurse moving the bed gives you a small smile as she wheels Steve into the room, placing his bed as close to yours as she could. You mouth the words thank you to her as she leaves, leaving the three of you all alone. 

    “Did you know,” You begin, your gaze lingering on Steve’s swollen and battered face. “That you have a healthy baby girl?” Steve hums softly, cracking his one good eye open to look at you. 

    “Do I- Do we really?” You nod your head, your gaze falling to your sweet angel in your arms. 

    “She was a bitch to deliver no thanks to you,” You chuckle but the sound is watery due to your copious amounts of tears. “And she came early no thanks to you but she’s here now,” 

    “Can I-” Steve’s voice cracks and he’s no doubt on the verge of tears. “Can I hold her?” You nod your head as you pull your baby away from your body, not that she minded in the slightest, she already seemed to have Steve’s sweet and patient temperament. You gingerly place your baby in Steve’s arm, being mindful of his many wounds. Steve holds her tenderly, smiling down at her despite the fact he was so tired and beaten down. “Hey there sweet angel,” He whispers, making you smile. “Sorry daddy couldn’t be there for the delivery,” He turns his head to look at you for a split second, a sad smile on his face. “But I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, okay?” On cue your baby coos, her tiny hands rubbing her face sleepily. You sigh shakily, gingerly resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, being careful not aggravate his wounds further. 

   “Be glad you missed the delivery,” You smile a bit. “It was horrible,” 

   “Do they know why you went into labor so early?” Steve asks, his voice soft and warm, washing over you like a wave of comfort. 

   “Cuz your reckless ass thought it was a good idea to almost die, it put too much stress on me and now we have a baby girl, a month earlier than planned,” 

   “I’m sorry,” Steve manages, turning his head just enough to press a kiss to your matted hair. “I promise I’ll be more careful from now on-” 

   “I was thinking about that,” You begin, biting your lip hesitantly. “Steve, I don’t want you going on anymore missions, I can’t handle the stress of you being captain america while I’m at home wondering if you’re okay,” 

   “You want me to give up being Captain America?” 

   “I know it’s a lot to ask for but-” Steve cuts you off as he presses a kiss to your forehead, shushing you gently. 

   “I’d do anything for my best girls,” Steve smiles, nuzzling into your hair with his nose. You too smile, your heart fluttering at his words. His best girls

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hi!! love your writing (i'm so so into drarry atm)!! the future fic is my absolute fave like MAN!! are you ever gonna revisit that universe? and do you know what makes everything worse, your aesthetics on here is just absolute goals. i'll follow for a mix of hot girls and harry potter stuff any day!

:)))))))) thank u I hope u like xxxxx (this is from this)

Ginny was the only one of them who owned a car, the only one of them who had ever even bothered to learn how to drive. Ron was still unnerved by his dalliance with the flying one in second year, and would flinch violently every time she changed gear, his hand braced against the fabric roof of her truck. Harry always looked faintly sick at the suggestion he get a motorcycle license, Neville and Luna were deeply, deeply attached to the floo system, and Malfoy pretended he hated the tube but was also utterly transparent about the fact that he adored it and was fascinated by it and felt as though it was a feat of engineering. Ginny liked that about him, it was one of the only things she liked about him. He had a nice face, she supposed, if you enjoyed that kind of thing or looked at it from the right angle or in the right light. She glanced across at him now, folded into the passenger seat as though he was trying to touch as few surfaces as he could possibly manage. He’d crossed his arms, propped one foot up on the dashboard like he was trying to annoy her with it. She didn’t have the heart to tell him her car had seen worse sights than this.

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Hiiiiii, so tonight I thought it would be a great idea to write a little au oneshot to prep myself for the new au I’m writing. In the process I remembered this post and the light bulb turned on. so fromherlips and alwaysinstylesfics , here is your semi smutty, personal trainer Harry au one shot. You’re welcome and enjoy! 

Work Hard, Play Harder  (a personal trainer au)

She rolled up her mat and tucked it underneath her arm. “No legs today?”

Harry shook his head. “I want to focus on abs and arms.” They walked over to an empty area where two boxing gloves sat as well as two hand pads. “We’re gonna work on your strength and speed with a bit of sparring.”

Ella’s eyes widened and her brows furrowed. “You want me to punch you?”

“Well not literally. Like I’ll be wearing these and you punch them.” he laughed

“So I can’t punch your face?”

“No you can not.” Ella tsk’d and set her mat and water down, replacing them with the black boxing gloves.

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Coming Home

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: swearing, kidnapping joke.

“You’re the only one allowed to challenge every order?”

“Don’t turn this around on me.”

“Right cause you can’t ever be in the wrong I forgot.”

“You’re acting like this isn’t a big deal.”

“Oh you saving Bucky wasn’t against orders but what I did was?” Picking up your jacket off the bed, heading for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t stand here and have this fight with you again.”

“You’re leaving?” Standing in front of the door, closing your eyes taking a deep breath before pulling open the door and walking out.


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by @Queenie 

She can always tell when a plane is going to fall. It has only happened once. She was young. Younger. And it managed to catch itself before it fell too far, just enough to give everyone a scare. But she had known. In the same way a bird knows to go south or how her sister knew when a lightning storm was coming; in the way the bones ached.

I’ve been on nine planes this summer, she admits to the old man next to her. He hadn’t offered conversation but she hadn’t he hadn’t seemed against it either. And he was probably just humoring her, a child by comparison (and how old was he? Seventy? Eighty?). Though she was no longer that young. A recent change.

And I have a good feeling about this one.
I’m glad.
Me, too.

The plane began to move and she thinks about time. On the intercom, a man reminds them the airport cares for the. She thinks about how young she is, especially now. Dressed all in white like a child playing at being a bride.

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