the last summoner

i know i said i was going cold turkey on summoning but. last night i dreamed that i summoned hector……. it felt so real…… and dreams are never wrong . so, i’m going for it

  • Demon: [appears]
  • Sorcerer: "At last I have summoned thee, o foul lord of things arcane!"
  • Demon: "'Summoned'? Nah man, you couldn't summon much more than a fart. I'm here for personal reasons."
  • Sorcerer: "I... wait, what?"
  • Demon: "Look, dude. What is this supposed to be?"
  • Sorcerer: "My conjuring circle?"
  • Demon: "Your conjuring *what*?"
  • Sorcerer: "My... conjuring circle... taken from the ancient grimoire of Ar--"
  • Demon: "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever, I don't care. This point is, this isn't a circle. This is a fucking pear-shape. Whoever heard of a conjuring pear? You, my friend, are one lousy wizard."
  • Sorcerer: "Hey...! It's not easy to draw a perfect circle, especially one so big!"
  • Demon: "Yes, it is! Listen. You wanted me to teach your arcane secrets. Well, how's this for arcane? Put a rock in the middle of a room and tie a string to it. Use that to draw your circle, like a giant compass. Viola! No more shitty-ass demon pears."
  • Sorcerer: "Gosh... thanks!"
  • Demon: "No prob. Hey, next time you try to summon me, skip the blood sacrifice. I like piña coladas - with those little paper umbrellas in them, ya know? They make me feel like I'm a giant guy eating a pool party."

Welcome to the SMT club, Nanashi!! In this club, we befriend demons and kill gods. Enjoy your stay.

(ANYWAY, this is a thing I did for dailymegaten contest  to welcome the coming of SMTIV:FINAL,  and also an excuse for me to procrastinate on homework even more hheheheh )))

Infinite Possibilities to Save Rick Sanchez

- Morty and Summer call on Unity, who finally got into the Galactic Federation like it wanted, to help save Rick by hive-minding the Galactic Federation and releasing him itself

- Morty calls on the Council of Ricks and, as the One True Morty, rallies the Rick-less Mortys to save the Rickest Rick

- Summer, having kicked his ass last season, summons the Devil and demands that he use his demonic powers to help break out her Grandpa Rick, or she’ll kick his ass again

- Jerry, being the worst, gets a high level job as an employee of the GF and is really good at it, even earning employee of the month, and Beth convinces him to spy on the GF and learn their weaknesses

- Beth, being a Sanchez, realizes her potential as a genius’s daughter and uses Rick’s still hidden subterranean lab, along with her skills as a horse surgeon, to genetically and cybernetically enhance horses into an army to fight the GF

- Morty joins forces with Scary Terry to incept the highest level Galactic Federation big wigs into releasing Rick from prison

- Jerry finds Squanchy’s juice and becomes Jerry the Incredible Squanch and squanches all over the GF’s squanches

- Beth remembers the Meeseeks box and they obviously solve everything

- Summer teams up with Rick’s space car to break into the Federation Prison and use any means necessary, melting ghost babies especially, to “Keep Grandpa Rick Safe”

- Summer and Morty find Abradolf Lincler and convince him to become dictator of the Galactic Federation and release Rick

- Morty finds a spare portal gun and transports to Gravity Falls, where he meets the Pines brothers, both of whom are deeply in love with Rick, have already plotted overthrowing the GF’s new takeover of Earth, and are willing to unite forces to save Rick

(Feel free to add your own. Infinite universes means infinite possibilities.)

Ignis x Reader Fic: Next To You Pt. 7 Preview

I told my S.O. what happened in the Discord chat last night (summoning @chocobrodreamteam with dildos and all) because I couldn’t stop laughing; all he said was, “Oh my God. What have you gotten yourself into?”

Anyway, have a preview!

“Close your eyes,” she abruptly requested.

“You’re not gonna throw the cake on my face now, are you?” he flatly asked half-jokingly.
“A little trust, please.”

He sighed softly though his nose and did as requested, felt (Y/N) get off the couch and shuffled around. He then sensed the cushion in front of him sink back down and felt something cool snake around his neck. Her body warmth radiated from her arms hovering around his neck and shoulders and felt it dissipate when she retracted back.

“Okay, you can open them now.”

He did so and reached up to his neck, touching a thin silver chain around it. As his fingers dragged down, he felt a pendant. Before he could pull the chain forward to see, she took out a compact mirror in front of him. The pendant was of a black skull.

“It took me a few tries to get it right,” she murmured and looked away from Ignis. He looked down at her wrapped fingertips first and slowly moved up to her bashful face.

“Y-You don’t have to wear it if you don’t like it…” she trailed off and fidgeted with one of the frayed ends of a bandage.
“I’ll wear it.”

(Y/N) whipped her head up to meet his softened expression. Her heart felt like it skipped a beat as she felt the warmth of happiness seep in. She realized she still had one more item in her hand and looked down again.

“Since I can’t see the prince myself…” She handed Ignis the last wrapped item.
“I’ll see to that it reaches him.”
He placed the present next to his phone charger so he wouldn’t forget it the next day and turned back to (Y/N).

“I…” she slowly began and took a breath. “There’s actually something else… for you.”

(Y/N) mentally grimaced at her poor wording of that sentence. There were at least seven ways you could’ve phrased that better, she scolded herself.
“Do I have to close my eyes again?”