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                                                              me and you
                                                         can we be…friends?
                                        Koe no Katachi ( 聲の形 ) 2016 ☆inps


Generally released animation looks its worst this year, and the Beauty and the Beast remake certainly doesn’t help, so it’s a good thing (for us, at least) that Anime Limited and Manga are working together on a once-a-month strategy to bring current anime releases as well as a 20th anniversary re-release of Perfect Blue to select, big-name cinemas across the UK as alternatives to crass Hollywood junk. In This Corner of the World, Napping Princess and Lu Over the Wall, for example, are slated to compete with Despicable Me 3, The Nut Job 2 and The Star. This trend kicked off with last year’s release of Makoto Shinkai’s masterpiece Your Name, which will open in the States next week to save us all from Smurf terror. So mark your calendars, obviously.


Thought you folks might enjoy seeing what I write to/what I associate with this story. So here’s a playlist about our two silent screen lovers.

♡ So Am I - George Gershwin
♡ Liability - Lorde
♡ Manhattan - Sara Bareilles
♡ Go Your Own Way - Lissie
♡ At Last - Martin Landh
♡ In My Dreams - Ruth B.
♡ Nervous (Acoustic) - Gavin James
♡ Sorry - Halsey
♡ I’ll Keep Your Safe - Sleeping At Last
♡ Crowded Places - Banks
♡ Silhouette - Aquilo
♡ Ultralife - Oh Wonder
♡ Grand Hotel - Regina Spektor
♡ Love Like This (Acoustic) - Kodaline

River’s Last Interview by Jean-Paul Chaillet for Premiere, October 1993.

A few days before his death, on October 31, in L.A., the American actor had received “Première” on the filming of his last movie, “Dark Blood”, in Utah. He was 23 years old… 

He was called River. Like a river. Child of a couple of flower children, pure product of the 70es, he loved nature, animals and rock'n'roll. A teenager become a star, in 1986, with Rob Reiner’s “Stand by Me”, he showed his blond hair, hollow cheeks and pale face in half a dozen of striking movies. Nominated at 17 for an Academy Award for “Running on Empty”, by Sidney Lumet, he would be Harrison Ford’s eldest son in Peter Weir’s “Mosquito Coast, then young Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, by Steven Spielberg. Ecologist with a mystique, he also liked difficult parts and unsettling movies. Drugged-out, prostitute and homosexual in Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho”, he’d then be a hacker in “Sneakers” with Robert Redford. His last movies, Sam Shepard’s “Silent Tongue” and Peter Bogdanovich’s “The thing called love”, are still unreleased. He was set to join Tom Cruise in “Interview with the vampire”. And was achieving, when we met him, south from Salt Lake City, in Utah, an obsessional love story between three characters, with Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis: “Dark Blood”, directed by George Sluizer. River Phoenix has gone at 23. Foolishly. The 90es lose a good-hearted rebel.

Première: Your movies often contain an important social or political message. Is it a deliberate choice from yours?
River Phoenix: What inspires me first is the quality of the written word and script, and not some strategy. At the time of “Mosquito Coast”, I didn’t choose my parts yet. I went to a casting and I had the chance to join in such a movie. 

Première: Most young actors seem to make more commercial choices than you, is it right?
River Phoenix: Maybe some of my movies would have been successful if I hadn’t played in… These commercial stuff, I consider them as a pollution of mind. I don’t want to contaminate my work or my convictions with things that won’t contribute to my growth or to the development of my art.

Première: Generally, how do you deal with a part?
River Phoenix: Usually, I write the detailed biography of the character. For me it’s the only possible way. To play a sad scene, many will only for example think of their mother’s death. I consider it’s a mistake for an actor to cross the boundary that separates him from his character. Because then you impose him your own references. That’s why I need to have landmarks that only belong to my character. For example, for “My Own Private Idaho” I wrote a lot. And once the movie was done, I burned it all.

Première: Why?
River Phoenix: Everything was on the screen.

Première: Was this also not to use it again?
River Phoenix: That’s right, even if, as an actor, I’m growing richer and learning with each character. And a new character will then be able to raise from this compilation of parts.

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Remembering Lillian Gish on her birthday (14 October 1893 - 27 February 1993)

She made her first film in 1912 and her last in 1987

“I never approved of talkies. Silent movies were well on their way to developing an entirely new art form. It was not just pantomime, but something wonderfully expressive… It was our privilege for a little while to serve that beautiful thing, the film, and we never doubted for a moment that it was the most powerful thing, the mind and heartbeat of our technical century.” 

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I watched Wings last night, which is a silent movie from 1927 about fighter pilots.  I thought I was in it for pure curiosity, and that it would be one of those hard to watch silent movies with boring camera work, but it turned out to be really immersive and the air battles absolutely stand up after 90 years.  I gasped at a mid-air collision and got invested enough to be devastated at all the right places.

Which is a long way of explaining why I’m drawing fanart of our own damn characters, @commonplacecaz


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12. When did I create my blog: back in 2013 i believe…my dark past consists of being the biggest One Direction trash, followed by being an emo trash til last year where i discovered kpop

13. What do I post: a sh*tload of trash tbh… everything revolving around kpop, a few memes, sometimes my aesthetic

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27. Dream trip: i want to go back to Costa Rica, Korea of course, JAPAN

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29. Nationality: Canadian 

30. Favourite song right now: Jelly by HOTSHOT

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I am honored to fulfill a request from the brilliant and beautiful @svu-stories. Enjoy, and read her stories every chance that you get!!!

The words crashed into your soul and threatened to swallow you like waves at the height of a hurricane, the figurative saltwater choking you in the plush leather chair as Rafael’s hand tightened around yours.

“Come again?”

A doctor with short red hair and a kind, wrinkled face started to explain how all the circuits were meant to click within your frail, human body. Something, somehow, had misfired. Better to be an artificial life form and at least stand the chance of carrying your child to term towards the light of day.

But as the redhead continued, it was far more than a matter of keeping the apple of your shared eyes safe for nine months. You couldn’t even reach that point. Damage defined your insides. And Rafael could take you on your bed or against walls as you checked calendars. It would never make any difference.

“This is a hard pill to swallow,” the doctor said. “Of course you could try for a surrogate.”

“Meaning my husband would have a baby with someone else.”

“Not necessarily.”

You hated the thought and just wanted to leave the room when the doctor cleared his throat and Rafael wiped a tear from your cheek even as his green eyes glistened..

“Maybe we should hear him out.”

“You do that then. Not like I’m going to be part of the equation anyway.”

The feeling of failure enveloped you as you rushed to the stairs and took them two at a time. Rafael was right there, on your heels, and he twisted you around to face him.

“Please don’t be sad,” he begged. “We’re going to figure this out.”

His smile almost soothed your soul, and you tasted the tinge of the spearmint gun he had long since swallowed as you glanced to the nearest door.

“I’m not so sure.”

You flew to the street and tried to ignore the sound of his voice at your back. He would say anything at this point to make you feel better… feel whole again. But this wasn’t the courtroom. He could argue until his silky voice turned hoarse and you would still be so much less than what he signed up for.

And when it is God’s will for the procreation of children…

Essential parts of the vows that you spoke while wearing a white lace dress as you peered at him through a gauzy veil. You wanted to the honor the promise ten times over when he took your hand and revealed your face. A house teeming with babies was part of the plan. And now you had reneged without wanting to.

Mi amor?”

He found you huddled on a bench. Too many feet kept passing by, and you wished that you could sink into the pavement and vanish from the face of the earth. But the wish stayed unfulfilled as Rafael spoke.

“It’s a bad blow,” he said.

“That’s putting it mildly.”

“But it doesn’t have to change—”

“Of course it does!” you insisted. “It ruins everything. And do not try to tell me otherwise.”

There was no way that you would give him a boy that he could teach to be a real man or a daughter to cherish because she would possess his sass and the sweetest aspects of his smile.

“I’m sorry,” you muttered. “I’m not enough.”

Rafael placed one arm around your shoulders, and you couldn’t help but fall into his embrace as his lips found your cheeks, trying to erase your tears as he inched closer to your side.

“You know I don’t like lies,” he said. “Not enough?”

The echo of your words hurt your heart, but you could not help but cling to him as you waited for whatever he might say next.

“You’re everything that a little boy from the Bronx could ever want. It’s much more than I deserve.”

“But I can’t give you—”

“You give me this moment,” he started as kisses your wrist. “You get me through each day in court.”

“I’ve seen you with a jury,” you said with a frail laugh. “Like you need my help.”

“I need it most when the tide starts to turn against me. All I have to is picture your face and I know why I need to win. This world must stay safe because you’re in it. ”

His soft voice had nothing on his fingers trailing through your hair. Your eyes locked, and Rafael claimed your lips as he folded you into his arms.

“So no more of this talk,” he whispered. “Holding your heart… we’re miles ahead of any man or woman who ever thought they were in love. Because no one has ever loved like this.”

You struggled to catch your breath as he cupped your chin in his large hands.

“You’re going to make me blush,” you said.

“Good. You look even prettier with roses in your cheeks.”

“And make me fall in love with you all over again.”

“That’s the plan. For the rest of our lives.”

His kiss became a scene from the silent movie that you watched last weekend. Every sound of the city came to a complete stop, and there was no longer the din of traffic or the idea of storm clouds ready to burst. Just that tranquil place where you were the only two people in the world.

And if that was the way it was destined to remain, you let yourself believe that it was more than enough.

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