the last ship tnt


Tribute to the Fallen


No one on the ship would be here if not for you.


the man who killed five billion people including your wife and most of your crew’s family is dead and now his lungs are gonna be used to save the rest of the people on this planet. yes i did it and i’d do it again in a heartbeat. I looked into the eyes of the monster who stole everything that i held dear to me and i thought i’m going to take the lungs of the man who nearly destroyed the human race and i’m going to use those lungs to save it. i didn’t have to kill him to make the breakthrough. i could have got exactly what i needed and spared his life. but as i witnessed that virus do to him what it did to so many…as i watched his last noxious breaths leave his body all i could think of was that he died too quickly.


“Let me just say what you’re doing is very brave. I’m proud to know you.”

“You make it sound like goodbye.”