the last shadow puppets my mistakes were made for you

My Mistakes Were Made For You
The Last Shadow Puppets
My Mistakes Were Made For You

My Mistakes Were Made For You - The Last Shadow Puppets - Alex Turner and Miles

“And we’re just following the flock,
Around and in-between,
Before we’re smashed to smithereens
Like they were, and we scrambled from the blame.
And it’s the fame that put words in her mouth,
She couldn’t help but spit them out
Around your crooked conscious she will wind”

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to make a playlist for my boyfriend, but I'm stuck for songs. Any recommendations?

Here are my favorite sappy romance songs, good luck on your playlist 

ivy - frank ocean 

Rex Orange County - Sunflower 

Jack Johnson - banana pancakes

Dave Grohl - Everlong (Acoustic) 

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You

Mac Demarco - My Kind of Woman

Alex Turner (submarine soundtrack) - Stuck On The Puzzle, Hiding Tonight, It’s Hard to get Around the Wind, Glass in the Park

Weezer - Do You Wanna Get High? 

Pillow Talk - Tina Woods and Christian Akridge Cover

Willow Smith - Wait a Minute! 

California Daze - Peace, The Modern Age - The Strokes, West Coast - The Neighbourhood, Eventually - Tame Impala, Lana (Del Rey) - Buffalo Rodeo, My Mistakes Were Made for You - The Last Shadow Puppets, And I Love Her - Kurt Cobain, Francis Forever - Mitski, Candy Says [live] - The Velvet Underground, Marilyn and Me [live & acoustic] - Mac Demarco 

beach vibes, listen here

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1) Heyahe- One (another one who’s escaped the YG dungeons god bless)
2) My Mistakes Were Made For You - the Last Shadow Puppets
3) Body- Mino
4) Right My Wrongs- Bryson Tiller
5) Flame of Love- Taemin
6) Shadow- Daehyun
7) Bling Bling- iKon
8) July- Kris Wu (yall best believe this song has been on repeat this whole month)
9) Goosebumps- Travis Scott
10) the Less I Know the Better- Tame Impala

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