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Are you pessimistic or optimistic about SC in the last 4 eps? I'm feeling royally screwed over by JP. I hate to believe she created the best buildup ship to only pull one over on us and sh*t all over our fandom, but that's what it's feeling like right now. Sorry to bring the rain in your inbox, my heart is just hurting because the angst is off the richter scale.

OMG I JUST SAW THIS MESSAGE!! Sorry for such a late reply, anon! There wasn’t a notification for this message!! 😧

Okay, so most of this question is obsolete since we are down to one episode (thanks for not notifying me, tumblr 😒 ), but I’ll try to address this with one episode left to go. 

Yes, there’s been quite a bit of angst lately, but that’s because we’re reaching the climax of series. The amount of angst Steroline has been through is normal. In fact, the story would be anticlimactic without the tension (refer to my long-ass SE meta explaining narrative structure for more explanation). 

Also keep in mind that the angst ultimately led up to the Steroline June Wedding.  Whatever angst Stefan and Caroline have been through these last couple of episodes, the payoff was Stefan & Caroline marrying each other. I’m okay with that.

Expect the tension to rise again tonight since there is one episode left to go. I won’t venture to guess who dies  (I’ve read conflicting ‘spoilers’ on it), but I’ll leave you with this:

Canonically, Stefan & Caroline are each other’s final romance.

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