the last royal


as awful as this is, it’s still better than dotu’s version. fala addresses kurogane directly in an attempt to reassure him, and says, “we’ll all be…” which acknowledges that they’re a team and implies that she just wants everything to stay that way. the latter is a bit childish, but it’s a sentiment that’s easy to sympathize with. 

however, it’s still pretty self-centered of her, seeing as it took her until this point to speak up. before this, hys had told kurogane that he had “dirty hands”, and had called the entire team “drifters”, which is fucking awful considering they’re essentially refugees who decided to protect a planet that isn’t even theirs. yet, fala said nothing.

it’s also important to recognize the extent to which fala’s autonomy has been taken from her up until this point. even as the last royal of altea, fala is spanked, tied to a chair, and locked in her room at the age of 16. her authority has been undermined so many times before. she hesitates to even speak on her own behalf, and it’s easy to see why. since when has what she said mattered? (this is very much a contrast to vld’s portrayal, in which coran always defers authority to allura.) 

i think the crucial distinction here is that, even if she felt that her words would have no impact on raible and hys’ behavior because they often ignore her wishes, she should have still said something for the sake of her teammates’ feelings. 

actually, at the risk of reading into this too much–

fala is upset at the prospect of losing her friends, but she doesn’t rush to defend their honor. 

there was an entire bizarre sequence (the mice were sexily dancing??) that emphasized how lonely fala was growing up. she had no friends up until this point. now that she does have friends, it seems that, at this point in the story, she cares far more about what the friendship offers her than what her friends feel. it’s a very immature approach to relationships. 

this doesn’t make fala look good at all, but she develops significantly over the next 32 episodes. even at this point, she’s a very brave, selfless young woman who is trying to assert herself as an independent person. 


The nation’s leader Jonghyun & Hyunbin during the preparation for the ‘Sorry Sorry’ stage ★ [trans cr.]

+bonus: Jonghyun encouraging Hyunbin


The time is the too fast. I do not feel at all like 40. But Princess Lilian always said it’s how you feel that counts

Happy 40th Birthday Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden! (July 14, 1977)

When OnS fandom got riled up coz Mika is holding Yuu’s hand for comfort...


Me:  (≖ ͜ʖ≖)  (≖ ͜ʖ≖)  (≖ ͜ʖ≖) (≖ ͜ʖ≖) (≖ ͜ʖ≖)



When Silvia takes care of Estelle, a friend with whom Silvia often talks on the phone, describes it as sounding like this: ’But, Estelle. No, stay here with grandma!’ Followed by, ’I must go, Estelle ran away’.


Members of the British Royal Family attended a Service of Dedication on Horse Guards Parade before formally unveiling the new Iraq Afghanistan Memorial on Victoria Embankment Gardens, London. They also attended a reception for those who served in Afghanistan. | March 9th, 2017 


Apparently this is the week of me posting videos.

Here’s a wonderful one about one very special item at the Royal Ontario Museum: a 1780s dress from Rose Bertin’s atelier, worn by Marie Antoinette.

And here photos of the full gown, for you all to take a better look at it:

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“Don’t you see,” the other princess murmured against her ear. “It’s a gift.” She smoothed her hands along the princess’ sides. “You always complained that you were stuck, imprisoned by your duty, by your family’s expectations. Well…now you’re not. No family. No expectations. No throne. You’re free.” The other princess caught her chin, turning her head, one arm still looped casually around her waist. “Now, run.”