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“Never Have I ever,” A Screen Play Part 1 - A Drinking Game

Rated M for Mature [strong language, sexual innuendos, consumption of alcohol]

Characters: Sara Ryder, Scott Ryder, Reyes Vidal, Liam, Drack, and Jaal.



Sara, Scott, Reyes, Jaal, Drack, and Liam all sit around the Tartarus bar. Each one huddles close to their mug of beer. The audience is enraptured by their Krogan squad mate, whose tall tales enlivened the seedy atmosphere of Kadara slums.


And I looked him in the eye and said, “Stay down, bub.” (He gestured with his arms the firing of his shotgun) Don’t think he came home to his clan in one piece.

Liam and Scott pound their fists laughing. Reyes merely nods in approval while toasting the rather histrionic conclusion. Sara, for her part, smiles in contented and drunken silence.


This… Stuff you call “beer.” (He eyes his mug suspiciously) It’s not very strong.

Scott side eyes their Angaran friend before sipping his own. Next to him, Sara proffers the bottle of whiskey Reyes had graciously bought moments earlier. She tries to place a shot glass upright on the bar. Her fingers are shaky. On the other side of her, Reyes takes over the handling of the bottle and pours it for Jaal.


Try it my friend. It’s a…


(Interrupting) “Treasure!” We know! We know!

Scott quickly grabs the bottle after Reyes finishes pouring. He gives a new round to everyone present.

Jaal raises his glass.


To friends!


To the best squad ever!



Everyone takes their shot. The music seems to dim as the hours dwindle by.




The crew has had several more shots.

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spencer how do you think the les miserables play went last year?

It went amazing and you know what? Chad did a pretty good job. I’m proud of him. I mean as Marius I was more important and did better because I’m such a seasoned actor but I’m really proud of everyone in that show.

Xoxo Spencer

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last night i played my best mercy game, kept everyone alive, rezed at all the right crucial moments, got a career best in healing and got like 2 votes on my card -_- so nice to be appreciated.

well you can be appreciated here instead! thats honestly really good and absolutely does not deserve only 2 votes. i hope that next time you do something that amazing or better you get properly appreciated!


Tagged by @elveatas, to post my lock screen, my background, last played song, and last selfie.

Pretty husbands are my lock screen and background <3 So pretty :3 (Don’t talk to me about unread emails though, you should see my work account…)

You can find some really good stuff amongst all the random that are google play playlists.

Alex took this one, but it is a selfie, and I am in it so it totally counts, right? (also Mordred cosplay ftw)

I tag: @momotastic27, @springinstep, @brolins-merthur

when i did speed last month i just played faerie bubbles on neopets for no joke 20 hours straight i got mad neopoints……miss that 

List of infinitely more interesting battles to cover in WWII than just "USA in France"

-Battle of Khalkin Gol: play as a Japanese Tanker, or Russian biplane pilot. Introduce people to Russian airburst air to air rockets.

-Battle of the Philippines: play as a Filipino Cavalry scout on horseback, or play as a Filipino irregular after the fall of the nation

-Siege of Sevastopol: man the naval guns and fight inside the fortresses in a last stand scenario, or play as a Black Sea marine deployed from submarine and arriving to hold the line for a few more minutes. Use a brick to kill some fascists

-Battle of Crete: play as Fallschirmjaeger and experience the stupidity of jumping out of an airplane into hostile territory armed only with a pistol

-Fall of Singapore: play as Indian infantry fighting in the jungle against Japanese bicycle infantry

-Soviet Manchurian offensive: play as sappers cutting their way through the forests, or play as a Guards tanker helping Mongolian cavalry capture the Great Wall of china or just play as the mongolian cavalry, or as a soviet paratroopers making airborne assaults on Japanese held Kuril islands

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4, 7, 31

4: what are you looking forward to
summer break, no question. let me be freeee

7: what was your life like last year?
lets see last april… definitely stressed about school, though not as bad as this year XD i had a good roommate, that was nice. we watched a lot of movies and anime together haha.  i was getting increasingly active and friendly on tumblr. i met @kasutamasabisu <3 omg and miitomo was a thing. i was totally addicted to pokemon picross, haven’t played it much since last year. i played a lot of mario kart 7 then too XDD waiting for the new pokemon games as pretty fun!

31: 3 random facts
there’s a crawfish figure with a mardi gras hat staring at me - i found it abandoned at a table last semester XDD relatedly, i’ve been to new orleans twice now, with the same professor (who was the one that gave me the mango haha) aaand sometimes i resent the ‘h’ in the name phillip because otherwise it would’ve been a palindrome how cool would that be

thank you for the ask!!

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would you ever or have you ever played dungeon and dragons?

Yes the last time I played we couldn’t get past characters because a really angry wasp was buzzing around us because we were playing in the middle of a river