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I didn’t go out like this because the temperatures would never let me, but I got tired of casual summer clothes, so I dressed up for fun. Notice the difference between my “model” face from the previous pictures and my face when I see my precious Madame Bissonnette.
Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Anonhat
Shoes: Hotter Shoes
Gloves: Boutique 1861
Parasol on the first two pictures: Alice and the Pirates
Parasol on last picture: Axes Femme
Belt and necklace: Offbrand

Smooth Criminal

Officer!Bucky Barnes x Drunk!Reader

Summary: Bucky’s a cop and got called to a crime scene to arrest a criminal but he realizes the criminal is the person he’s dating

Word Count:1,892

Warnings: Police!Au, Language, Drunk Shenanigans, Major Floof

A/N: Written for Manu’s writing challenge, couldn’t help but write cop!Bucky again. @jurassicbarnes thank you for the fun opportunity.

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It had been a quiet night for Officer James Buchanan Barnes and his partner. So far, they had to deal with a fight between two drunk men, an exhibitionist and a few reckless drivers.

Bucky had started his shift at 10 p.m. the previous night and it was now just after 4 a.m. He kept repeating ‘only two more hours’ like a mantra and tried to imagine you all wrapped up and sound asleep in your bed. He really wanted to be with you.

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sparkles like gemstone                                                                                        (sigh those eyes)

I keep looking but between citrine and chrysolite I would describe his eyes color.

some of my favorite pics of lee donghyuck

author’s note: this pic set includes:

cute hyuck, candid hyuck, rude hyuck, boyfriend hyuck and pre-debut hyuck! (plus, captions expressed by yours truly)

// putting this under a “keep reading” bcuz its hella long srz no I’m not lmao //

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📱 → ❝I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.❞

🍆 → ❝Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.❞

credit: x.

COUNT → 2.059

GENRE → smut

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → graphic sex | light spanking | explicit language 

Your phone vibrated for the tenth time in the last sixty seconds. Frustrated, you brought your face out of your textbook and angrily pressed your thumb down on your home button, unlocking your phone to open your messaging app.

JUNGKOOK [11:02:53]: I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.

You had already opened it and looked at his dick at least two times now, but you had a big test tomorrow and really couldn’t waste precious time studying thinking about how you wanted Jungkook to come over and use that dick.

Again, you left him on read.

Jungkook knew where you lived and he had been at your dorm more times than you cared to admit, but some part of you was hopeful he would leave you alone. Then again, his ego was so fragile, especially when it came to his dick.

Your phone vibrated again and you looked at your notifications to see Jungkook was just sending you the eggplant emoji over and over again until you replied.

YOU [11:04:10]: Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.

You let out a groan and turned your phone to silent so that the notifications wouldn’t distract you anymore. Looking to your computer screen at the syllabus, you flipped to the page in your book indicated by the study guide.

“A morpheme is…” you began to read aloud to yourself, but you were still distracted. Your eyes darted to your phone not even making a sound. It was almost more distracting when you knew someone was trying to talk to you. Shaking your head, you tried to focus. “A morpheme is used when…”

You slammed your textbook closed, irritated because he’d broken your focus. With a defeated sigh, you looked at your phone and your eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at the last text you got from Jungkook.

JUNGKOOK [11:07:35]: You’re in so much trouble. Take off your pants.

Swallowing, you stood up from your desk, looking over at the door anxiously. He sent that text two minutes ago and you knew it only took him five to get to your dorm’s parking lot by car. You only had five minutes to prepare yourself.

And you knew he didn’t appreciate you ignoring his texts.

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Reasons to Love Zhang Yixing

He has the most beautiful voice

He gives the most inspirational and amazing speeches

He’s the most kindhearted person on this planet

But he can be quite the tease, too

He looks fantabulous in sunglasses 

He’s super friendly and lovable

He can play the piano

and the guitar

He actually reads the fan-letters that are given to him during his free time

But he doesn’t just read the fan-letters, no, he writes back to the fans as well

He can compose, write, arrange, and produce his own songs (and has done so with over 100 songs, 99 of which he lost cuz of a USB incident :( )

Which eventually led to the release of his very amazing solo album, “Lose Control”

He’s also a very wonderful

and loving son 

And he was the most adorable little kid

But now that he’s a little older, he’s even more adorable with kids

Seriously he’s great with kids

He also loves his members so much and never forgets to mention them

He’s also extremely charitable

And considerate towards his fans

And super thoughtful and respectful of everyone

He’s record-breakingly incredible even when the odds are against him

And his laugh is the most precious sound a person’s ears can be blessed with

He’s also very amusing and silly

And has the most interesting reactions

Apparently he also can’t control his face

Which makes him great variety show material

But it also brings out his strange butt-grabbing tendencies

And his questionable need to play the role of a t-rex

And his even more concerning infatuation with killers (and the need to play the role of one)

But overall he’s an amazing actor

He can also be slightly forgetful at times

But he never forgets to thank his fans

He always expresses how grateful he is

And all of that plus more is what makes Zhang Yixing the wonderful, amazing, incredible, loyal and precious person that he is

(picture/gif credits to their respective owners)

Sleeping Beauty

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You’re eyes were on your phone as you drank from your wine glass, waiting for your food to arrive. This was when Bloo decided to attack and as quickly as possible took a picture of you. “Daniel!” you angrily shouted at him. 

He laughed as he starred at his screen. “That was a good one.” 

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westratenick: Only 3 days til the close of #TurnAMC and it is @daniel_henshall’s birthday! We were wrecks on the last days of filming- but @henshallson has been a great friend to me over the last years. So let’s raise our glasses today to this brilliant, hilarious, kind and wonderful man.

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Everyone always see Nesta and Cassian fight and banter, but they never see those sweet moments. You know those moments of holding one another after a rough day, the laughter of a tickling match, the excitement of a shared book, really anything full of sweet fluff.

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His skin was soft for a warrior’s.

We lied in my bed, the sun had long ago set outside the windows of the townhouse. My fingers were tracing the tattoos along his arms, his chest, as his lightly brushed the small of my back.

My eyes found his half closed, but watching me, intently. “You’re thinking.”

I scoffed. “I’m always thinking.”

A breathy laugh escaped his lips. “You’re thinking of something specific.”

I sighed. “When did you get so good at reading me?”

A shrug. “Not long after I met you, sweetheart.”

I tried not to smile, but I failed. 

It was true, too, how he was the only person who completely understood me. He knew my every emotion by my body language, when I had spent so many years building up the walls around me.

He poked my side, making me squirm, as if to say, So?

I bit my lip. “I was just thinking what our lives would be like….if we weren’t….us.”

“What do you mean?”

Realizing he took offence to what I had said, I shook my head, quickly. “No, no- I meant….if you weren’t Commander and I weren’t….well, whatever I am, what would our life, together, look like? Who would we be?”

One of his eyebrows raised, and I hated that look, because my body reacted wildly to it. “If we were human, you mean.”

I shrugged. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Well,” he pulled his leg up so that it escaped the blankets and gave me a teasing view of his thigh, “I’m assuming you have an answer, so I’ll let you continue.”

I resumed tracing his ink, just so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “We would live on the countryside, just outside of town. Close enough that the others could visit, but far enough away where we could often be alone with the children.”

I felt his chest shake with silent laughter. “You imagine us with children?”

My cheeks burned, but I didn’t let him see. “Of course, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed, softly, confidently. “We could start now, if you wanted.”

I glanced at his thigh, and the burn increased. “Hush.”

I could sense his smile as he pulled me closer. “Keep going.”

“Our home would be big, but not so big that it feels empty….and white, with a white picket-fence. Elain would help us plant a garden, and we’d teach the kids how to care for it. We’d have horses, and cows, maybe some goats. I wouldn’t care for them, of course, but you could.”

“Could you picture me caring for livestock?”

I laughed. “Yes, but only shirtless.”

“Of course,” he agreed. “I never do dirty work fully clothed.”

He nipped at my earlobe, forcing a giddy giggle to escape me. Not so long ago, I wasn’t aware I could make such a joyous noise. 

His lips found mine, slowly, tenderly. The look in his brown eyes made me want to run my hands down his body, my lips not far behind.

“If that is the life you want, my Nesta, I will give it to you.”

“But, what about what you want?” I shook my head, constantly overwhelmed by the things he said to me. “Surely, there must be something you’d like to add.”

He shook his head, his adoration being laid bare. “I want you to be happy. I want you to be free from your past life, where you were afraid to live, and laugh, and love. If I can give you that, I have everything I want.”

I kissed him, then, and we made love for the second time that night. I did want that life, that simplistic, rustic life with him by my side for the rest of eternity. I wanted his children, with brown, curly hair and dangerous, beautiful wings. I wanted to watch him teach them how to fight, how to love. I wanted him to teach me those things, too.

“I will give you that life,” he promised, the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. “If it is the last thing I do in this lifetime, I will give you that life.”

Is anyone else picturing Cassian pulling a Noah from the Notebook and building his woman’s dream house? Because, I am (shirtless, of course). I hope you enjoyed. I wanted to make it short, and sweet, and full of Nessian love. Thank you for your prompt submission! There’s nothing I love more than a precious prompt.

- Tara

BTS Reaction to Their GF Competing in Motorcross

Seokjin - Seokjin would be very worried for your safety, of course. He’s naturally a very nurturing person. So, to hear that you put yourself in danger for fun was very surprising to him, especially since he didn’t expect you to even like those kinds of things. “You do what?”

Yoongi - He’d find it super hot. “Really?” He’d ask, moving closer to you on the couch, putting his arm around you as you scrolled through your pictures, showing him your last competition. “Wow,” he’d move his mouth to your ear. “Such a badass, out there riding with the boys. Why don’t you show me how much of a big girl you are, Y/N?”

Hoseok - He’d think it’s so cool to see you doing those things, especially since you’re the only girl in the competition, but also because he knew there was absolutely no way he could ever do that. He would also love it because it was the complete opposite of the side he normally saw, which was fluffy and cute. “You’re so precious.”

Namjoon - “I didn’t even know you could ride one of those!” He’d listen to you talk about it for hours, absolutely amazed that his Jagi could actually compete. “You’re so cool.”

Jimin - “No way.” He wouldn’t believe you at first, but when you showed him pictures and even put the gear on, he definitely did. “So, Y/N… Do you think you would ever wear something like that… a little tighter?”

Taehyung - Of course, he would instantly want to see you in action. He was in awe by you, and he wanted to be just as supportive as you were of him, so when you saw him in the crowd by your friends, you couldn’t really say you were surprised. Although, your friends seemed to be very confused by his over enthusiastic cheers.

Jungkook -  “Mm, I like that Noona, wanna go ride together?” Jungkook would tease you all the time, finding it sexy that you could do everything just like a guy. It made it a lot more fun to hang out with you, and a lot easier to mess with you. “I mean, unless you want to just ride me like a champion?”


Happy Stoniversary

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  Every year, Harvey and Mike indulge in a little tradition. Each year they skirt closer and closer to that invisible line. What happens when they finally cross it?  (Explicit)

Find it on AO3 here.

                                                      5+1 Things

1.  2012

Three things happen when Harvey Specter gets stoned; he loses his inhibitions, becomes very touchy feely and lastly, he gets super horny.  As a rule, he doesn’t get stoned.  But Harvey trusts Mike, and the kids Grammy just died, so he lights the damn joint and smokes up, in a show of support.

Mike has a colourful history with weed, so when he gets stoned, he still gets high, still gets horny and giggles his ass off and maybe gets a little clumsy, but because of his eidetic memory, he can mostly still function as an average human.

It’s Harvey that brings up pissing in somebody’s office, and Mike is delighted.  Stoned Harvey is life, and Mike can’t get enough of him, he thinks this might have been what Harvey was like back in college because he looks and acts so boyishly, a broad grin lighting up his face.  They come up with a plan of attack on Hardman, and Mike volunteers to down the Gatorade.

On their way to the firm, Harvey pulls and pushes Mike around like he’s a toddler, he even reaches across in the cab and fastens his seatbelt.  Mike thinks it’s weird and it must show on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Harvey asks, eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

“Nothing really, you’re just super tactile and very DIY when you’re stoned,” he answered, watching Harvey closely.

Harvey started laughing, and those four perfect creases at the corner of each eye that Mike loves, appear.

“You’re right, that’s pretty much my M.O. when I’m high,” he replied, as he reached over and ruffled Mike’s hair.

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Last time, I’ve talked about my grandfather’s shirt that I gave to Richard.
If you didn’t see, I’ll tell you the story.

On our photo, on friday, I gave him my grandfather’s shirt. My most precious gift in the world. And wrote
It’s this one. On the picture with him. With me. With us.
You see? He read the letter.
I said there: “Take it with you everywhere you go. Make him see the world, meet people, because that’s what my grandpa loved to do.”

And sunday, before the autograph session, he asked the staff to call me and see him, because he wanted to talk.

That’s what happened. Detailed.
“This is a very special thing for you as I can see. I think you should keep it with you.”
“But I want you to have it.”
“I know. And that’s amazing, I’m honored to have this. Are you sure?”
“Yes. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”
“Cool. Right. So we’ll take a picture with it so you still can have it with you somehow.”

We took the picture above.

“Let’s make an exchange. I’ll give you an autograph as well”
“Really? Well…Can I ask you one more thing?”

And I asked the autograph for my best friend, because he couldn’t be there.

So that’s what happened. He had this sensible feeling of bringing it back, to ask me If I was sure. And he said he’s honored and thanked me.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

I cried when I left. And when I turned around, he was wiping a tear from his face. It was emotional and an amazing experience for both of us.

If I loved him before, you can be sure I love him more now.

And side by side, I’ll give you my last photo with my grandfather in his birthday, August/2013. I’m sure he’s very happy now, with such an amazing man having his favorite shirt.

I feel kinda bad that I skipped out on everything last week and truth be told, since I have SO much planned for Halloween, I was just going to submit a new chapter of ‘Set Me Free’ but I couldn’t. I had to do something for y’all and this fit the bill. Simple, cute, and gives me an excuse to just draw them being super adorable as they pose for a picture.

I bet Ash would feel a bit strange taking selfies, pictures and whatnot with her new boyfriend, Johnny, because it would no doubt remind her of the many her and Lance took over the course of their relationship. Yet, over time, she finds she can’t help it. Loving to show off her handsome gorilla bf; pulling him down to her height to take random selfies as they practice their instruments or backstage before they perform and whatnot. What surprises her more is when Johnny grabs her phone from her to get a better angle and Ash just smirks, flushing as his cheek brushes her and he takes the picture. <3

P.S. Like I stated earlier, I finally updated my Johnny x Ash fict, “Set Me Free” if you’re interested. ;-3

P.P.S. Here’s also some random Jash smut…no further comment other than to heed the warning.

I don’t want to cause or raise any panic but I’ve seen that Norm (reffering to Daryl) has appeard in many people’s ( protagonists of the show) pictures and Greg said ‘HAD’, shouldn’t he have said ‘HAVE’? And the last line where he writes “His spirit and love for the show is astrounding”. Is this like a goodbye post for Daryl and Norman? Don’t get me wrong I DON’T WANT MY PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL DARYL TO BE GONE. EVER. I WOULD NEVER WISH FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO HAPPEN. But Andy and Scott Gimple did say that there will be big deaths and deaths that will catch the audience by surprise. Again, just because it’s a big death doesn’t mean it is one of the main characters. But Idk, that’s what popped into my head when I saw the post. All I know is that Daryl still has a long journey to travel and show and his story is not over. Greg, Scott and Robert wouldn’t be that dumb and heartless to take Daryl, one of the main reasons the show has gain so much popularity over the years, out of the picture. Let’s just hope that he will be fine and harmless in this season and the upcoming seasons of the show. He is someone who has lived in so many peoples hearts for 7 years and has created such an impact that losing him it would be more that unbeareble to support. I love him way too much and I know that he is strong and will always demostrate what he has💙


October 31, 2017 | 4:47 PM PT

Happy Hallween!!! 🎃

Asian Hermione with glasses and I’m blessing ya’ll with my bunny Tina ^_^
I tried holding my precious bunny in my arms for a picture, but she doesn’t like being touched down there, even when being bribed with her favorite treat, apple peels.  I guess I don’t spend enough time with her :(

I did an English presentation on John Donne’s “The Flea” dressed as Hermione Granger today.  I was planning on giving my presentation with a British accent but then decided not to, because I was so stressed working literally until the last minute and running on 4 hours of sleep nearly every day of this month (never knew art could keep me so so busy).

Nap time…

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can i get that gendrya picture au thing where jon and robb almost whack gendry and throw in some jonerys for good mesure

-Seven hells I am never drinking again! - Shouted Robb as he put his head on the cool black marble counter in his brother’s apartment. He, Jon, Gendry, Arya and some other of their friends went out to celebrate Gendry’s birthday and it turned into a wild night. Jon, who was sitting next to him on a bar stool, patted his back. Jon didn’t drink half the stuff Robb chugged down last night. Jon’s girlfriend and life-long partner as well as army buddy, Daenerys, was making him a smoothie across the counter. Dany and Jon met in the army, she was a pilot and he overlooked newbies.

-You said that the last time, Robb. - Said Jon, inhaling deeply.

-And the time before that. – Added Daenerys, adding bananas and honey to the mixture.

-Why didn’t you come with us last night, Dany?-

-I have been feeling a little queasy and tired lately, I think I might have the flu.-

-She just threw up this morning, it’s better for her to rest than to go out and party. - Agreed Jon.

-And you went out while your girlfriend was sick?-

-I actually made him go out, he’s smothering me like my mother.-

Robb picked up his phone to check on instagram, he opened the app and scrolled down. A selfie from Sansa, a picture of Theon’s new boat tagged with my new precious baby, a funny picture of Bran and his friends Jojen and Meera… And then he saw it. A picture of the user @gendry_baratheon, the user @stark__arry tagged in it. It was a picture of shirtless Gendry with Arya in his lap, hands on his muscular chest. Arya was wearing the same dark gray high wasted shorts she wore last night and a black crop top, high heels still on her feet. She was nuzzling Gendry’s cheek and the picture was taken in a mirror. In Gendry’s bedroom. Robb saw red.



Daenerys rolled her eyes.


-We need to go and show him he cannot disrespect our baby sister like this!-

Robb slammed his fist on the table.

-Damn straight!-

Daenerys took her phone and posted a picture of angry Jon and Robb on her snapchat with the caption: “Dumb and dumber on a mission” and followed them to Gendry’s place down the street.  

Jon kicked the door down and went straight to the bedroom, opening the door, startling a sleepy Gendry.


-What is it? Jon, Robb? Daenerys, mind explaining me what is going on?-

-How dare you humiliate our sister like this! – Said Robb, picking up the phone.

-What are you even talking about? Where did you get that picture?-

-You…- Said Jon, narrowing his eyes.

-I told him to take the picture. And I posted it while he was asleep. - Said a female voice behind them. Arya was wearing a large white shirt that must belong to Gendry. She looked worn and sleepy and had some make up residue from last night on her face.

-You need to tone it down, you two. You are grown ass men and here you are pretending your 22-year old sister has a mean boyfriend.-

Daenerys nodded.

-What was your plan anyway?-

-I don’t know, to kill him? - Said Jon awkwardly.

Arya hugged Gendry.

-My Gendry? He’s a big softie and he loves me, you know it! - Gendry nodded.

-I do, she’s my little lady…-

-Shut up, you idiot. Anyway, no murder today!-

-Thank you, Arya, from keeping Jon from killing Gendry, because it would not be good for a father to be to wind up in jail.-

Jon nodded. And then stopped in his track and turned to Daenerys, looking her up and down, mouth agape. Gendry and Arya looked at each other in shock and Robb sat down. Jon grabbed his girlfriend and hugged her, spinning her around.

-I should have known, you were throwing up in the morning and you told me you craved peaches and cookies and you cried at that footage of puppy Ghost… Oh my god… We’re going to have kids…-

-A kid, Jon. In 8 months. Imagine.-

-I guess congratulations are in order. To the aunt, uncle and parents to be.-

-And to another uncle.- Smiled Arya.


@sessomesmaru Happy (belated) Birthday!

Ahhh, not sure if you’ll see this but I made these for you. I was so unoriginal in what to do that I decided to redo two of your drawings as SFM pictures. Then I went one step further and tried making the SniperScout one a gif which was a first for me. Last picture I got a bit of inspiration to do something original (and silly). Don’t get an old man to walk across logs on water; he’ll do the splits then fall in.

I hope you had a great day! Sorry it was late. But I just had to do something because you draw so wonderfully, and the art is so precious. I hope you keep drawing in the future with no tablet troubles to boot.

  • Day Four: Alternative Universe // Prompt_ AU

“Royal AU”

“Serena, will you please find a suitable dress for the ball. There will be some well matched suitors for you there to meet, and i will not have you turning up dressed in the usual drab outfits you wear. It is about time you grew up and found yourself a husband to settle down with and have children with. You’re the heir to the throne for heaven’s sake!”

Serena listened to her mother’s rant while they were having breakfast in relative silence. She had learnt by now that disagreeing with her only made things worse. “Yes mother” she replied, “i’ll go out today and find something… suitable” she lingered over the last word. She had heard her mother go on about finding a husband too many times to count, however how does the future heir to the throne find a suitable husband when she doesn’t seem to like any of the males she meets.

Serena finished breakfast rather quickly, hardly eating anything. She just wanted to escape her mother’s constant criticisms. She asked her maid to fetch her coat and she went out to find herself a dress that her mother may find appropriate.

Serenas driver pulls up to the royal tailors, she gets out, looks around at all the other stores in the street, with all the ordinary people just going about their days. What she wouldnt give to be one of them. To not have to worry about what the world thought of how she dressed, or how she walked, or who she dated. She sighed and entered the store. Serena had been to the store many times before, and as such she knew all the staff that worked there. Today, however, there was someone new. A beautiful, tall blonde woman. She had never seen her there before, and wondered when she started working there. Serena couldn’t stop staring at her. She had butterflies in her stomach. Serenas eyes traveled up and down the blonde womans body. She had a nice figure. Curves in all the right places, she thought. The blonde turned to look at Serena, and was shocked to see it was the princess. She curtsied low and knocked over the glasses stand as she did so.

“Sorry ma’am” she said, rather flustered, “i’m so terribly sorry” she repeated as she scrambled to pick the stand and items off the ground. Serena bent down to help her pick the fallen objects from the ground.

“It is quite okay. Here, let me help you, er…” she paused not knowing her name. She looked at the woman questioningly.

“Berenice. It is my first day today ma’am.” She responded.

“Nice to meet you Berenice. I am Serena.”

“I know who you are ma’am. You do not need to help me your highness. I am truly sorry”

“I want to help” she replied, as she reached for a tiara at the same time as the other woman. Their hands lingered touching each other over the shimmering item, and they locked eyes. Serena felt a tug in her heart as the stared into each other’s eyes. She really was the “most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen” She gasped in horror. She had said the last part out loud, and by the look on Berenice’s face she definitely heard her.

(when you get so stressed because your mind can’t work and your fiancée comes to save the day! Fic wrote by @berena-sapphic-angst-fest picture by me - updated picture - )