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Let’s Speak English #131 - Wasuremasen!

GUHH! So I don’t actually bring it up much in the comic, but I started out teaching at 4 schools each week (going to the biggest one twice). Though one was so small that it shut down, so by the end it was only 3.

This school was the smallest and most awkward, and I always got the impression they didn’t really like me. But I think it was just hard to communicate with the language barrier Q__Q Everyone was so nice on the last day and gave me lots of amazing pictures and gifts that I can’t share because Privacy.

But jesus they really surprised me at the end there. They hit my weak point for massive damage. I was destroyed entirely.

Gladiolus Amicitia - Final Fantasy XV
‘My strength will be your SHIELD.’

Another amazing picture from my last photoshooting as Gladiolus! I’m so proud and happy for the final results!!! Let’s share and see how far this picture can go!!! :)

Ph - @matteo_domizioli_ph

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Happy Mistress Fogg Monday! It’s been ridiculously busy around the FC HQ! Sorry for the very exhausted picture of me! Futurefest was last Saturday night and the models looked amazing! A big thank you to Heather Minx for getting me involved! I can’t wait for pictures!!! So proud of my Candy! Her Midnight Gala line looked amazing! I have been working on the Salon and I will be starting on the fashion show for Vermont. The art shows for the salon are looking amazing! Faire was incredibly busy and hot but when you get to play with a baby Geoffroy’s cat in the evening, it really makes all of it worth it! #ihaveawesomefriends #geoffroyscat #furrbaby #foggcouture #seamstresslife #thisiswhyiworksohard #futurefest

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Flasback to interviewing @poggytheman of in Harajuku by the Togo Shrine for my upcoming book #WeAreDandy with @nattyadams. Thanks to @masato.1958 and Naomi Maruyama (pictured) for such amazing help on our trip last April 🙏 Looking forward to seeing them again next month!

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