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Winter Anime Final Impressions

I was supposed to do this like two weeks ago but with Gundam ending so late and me getting swept up with many things, I didn’t have the time, but here’s a quick rundown of the best and worst of the Winter season. I’m gong from best to worst and also since I watched very few shows this season, I ‘m not gonna break them down in best/meh/worst

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

A masterpiece to the very end, as heartbreaking as it was full of joy and love. There was this weird insinuation at the end that didn’t sit well with me at all and I’m not sure why they felt the need to do it, but I can overlook it because the rest of the picture is so wonderful and special and heart-wrenching. When Konatsu asked Yakumo to make her his apprentice, I actually cried. What a beautiful show. Don’t let the obscure antique Japanese art keep you from experiencing one of the best anime of this decade.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto-hen

I was a bit worried about this one because lately, when an “old” show gets a sequel many years after it last aired, said sequel turns out underwhelming and poorly done. See D.Grayman HALLOW (which also adapted my favorite arc from that manga) and Berserk (production values aside, the decline of this is due to Miura’s gross storytelling, so I guess it was inevitable). But I was more than surprised and ecstatic to see this rendition of the Kyoto arc did justice on the source material, with excellent production values, a good pace and wonderful emotional and action scenes alike. AoEx is one of the finest examples of the battle shonen genre and that translated wonderfully to this new iteration of the anime. I can only hope we’ll see Izumo’s and Shura’s arc eventually too.

ACCA-13-ku Kansatsuka

I was a Little on the fence on this one at the start, but once they laid down all the cards and tied all the loose threads, it became absolutely amazing. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Natsume Ono, your ability to craft smart and fascinating adult stories shall never be questioned again. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try something different to your usual anime genres. Helps that the visuals are really interesting and that Mauve is such a bae. I still feel Jean was the weakest link with his absolute nonchalance, but even that somehow worked at the end. Definitely worth going through the somewhat slow initial episodes.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

NGL i’m not a fan of Kaburagi, he’s so much like Naruko I don’t feel he adds anything to the team. But this is now officially the Teshima show and that compensates for the snooze that is Kaburagi because Teshima has become so fabulous and cool I’m just excited every week to see what he’ll do next. Also the First-year race was a true highlight and I’m very disappointed Sugimoto didn’t make the cut, they did a fantastic job in making him likable, so it was sad to see him lose. Hopefully he’ll get to assist Imaizumi when they’re 3rd years.

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Little Witch Academia

This show’s a lot of fun, with really sweet animation and it also sports the Best Girl of the season, Sucy Manbavaaran, although I gotta say there were a bit too many fillerish episodes and it was frustrating to see them take so long to get the plot going. I’m not hating on the show, it is in fact extremely entertaining, but it’s a little lacking on the plot department. Hopefully we’ll get more of that on the second cour.


I’ve never been happier of not quitting a show as I am about Classicaloid. By episode 3 I was on the verge of giving up because it wasn’t what I had expected, but I kept going and I ended falling so hard in love with this show I’m ecstatic it’s getting a second season. Once I embraced the absurdity, it became the best comedy of the season, and I honestly would watch Schubert’s fishy misadventures for 52 weeks a year. It’s an acquired taste for sure and not easy to recommend, but if you’re willing to let go of all reason, you’re sure to have a good time.

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All Out!!

I have a lot of love for this show and its characters (and Sekizan’s ridiculous hair), but I’m afraid the pacing they chose basically doomed them because with the abysmal sales, it seems unlikely we’ll ever see a second season and therefore we’ll never get to see if Jinko does get to Hanazono. It’s a perfectly competent sports series, that does a really good job of developing its huge cast, definitely much better than the likes of Prince of Stride or DAYS, but its inconclusive ending is quite frustrating. I really do hope we get to see more of these boys, but Madhouse’s never been all that good with the whole getting-sequels-done so…

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Kuzu no Honkai

In spite of its low ranking, this is actually a really good show and a unique take on teenage female sexuality that you wouldn’t normally see in this mostly sexist medium. Hanabi made for a truly interesting protagonist and I liked seeing her explore herself and her relationships. I was however quite disappointed by how little focus we actually had for Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship. I felt there was more telling than showing in that regard, especially in the latter half of the show. The ending was pretty good and mature in spite of everything, and as always, I’m just really fond of all the vaginal imagery in the ED animation. Could’ve done without Moca though.

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Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans

At the end of the Fall season, I expressed my concern about pointless, meaningless deaths. Clearly the Gundam writers thought I wasn’t concerned enough because the amount of characters that died pointless deaths went on to, I think, the double digits. I wouldn’t have minded the carnage if there had been some sort of payoff to the sacrifices. For example, if Shino hadn’t stupidly and conveniently missed his one shot because the show couldn’t afford to kill Rustal yet. I always felt Orga, Mika and Akihiro had a ton of death flags looming over their heads, but I certainly didn’t expect all three of them to get to the chopping block. Orga’s death was particularly random and pointless, but then again, what they did with Orga in general was very confusing. That he agreed to McGillis’s sketchy propositions to become “king of Mars” never made a whole lot of sense to me and that’s the result we got. I’ll also never get over how creepy and weird the whole Atra giving Mika a baby thing was. In short, I have very mixed feelings about it.

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Hand Shakers

I could write thousands of words for everything that was wrong with this series but I think it wouldn’t make justice to the absolute experience that is watching this amazing trainwreck. Go watch it to see a masterclass of how not to anime. Honestly I had such a good time hating this show, it was so horrible in every possible way. Good job GoHands, even animate, who sponsored this show, won’t give it any publicity.

Super Lovers

I’m not sure of how this production team managed to put out 20 episodes of nothing actually happen. Like you just have to give kudos to the writers for managing to simply not do anything over the course of 6~ hours of content. No drama, no decent comedy, no character development, not even relationship development in a BL romance. It’s kind of amazing how pointless the whole thing is. The dog’s still cute and the relationship is still creepy and gross and that’s about all there is to say about this.

Although most of the shows I watched turned out great, it did feel like a weaker season because there wasn’t that much that was interesting (my Wednesdays were literally empty). Or maybe everything looks lackluster in this post-Yuri on Ice world D: But there was Rakugo and rakugo is good and I’m glad we live in an age in which such a niche, quiet and adult artistic show could be made and tell a complete story.


Ganondorf Hyrule Warriors Build

This is my biggest build to date, and I took a decent amount of photos while in progress as most of us do with cosplay, though I hadn’t planned on any tutorial. But since my recent Scout Harding bow post has gone over well, I figured WHY NOT SHARE. 

For reference, my Scout Harding post is HERE

Personally for armor, I prefer either foam only, or foam with worbla. I’ve tried both regular and black worbla so far, and I think overall I prefer the original Finest Arts, which is what I’ve used here.


But anyway! I don’t have photos of this point in the process, but I start from card-stock/construction paper and masking tape to make the shapes of my armor. Because paper is even CHEAPER than foam, and I don’t actually like wasting my foam even though that’s cheap too. It’s all in the name of saving money and materials!!

After the paper versions have been fussed with, I turn to foam. I use hot glue or rubber cement as adhesive at this point.


The chest piece is actually three pieces– a chest piece, tucked underneath everything, a middle piece, and then the top which has the collar. I was already messing with some of the detailing and edging here.

I also knew ahead of time that I would need to be able to PACK this armor, so being able to break it down and nest the pieces within each other was really important. 

I like to do my edging in foam, rather than afterward in worbla, though I’ve seen it done both ways!

It’s hard to tell here, but these are the hip-skirt… bits? I actually kept these as foam, as I was afraid they’d be too stiff in motion if they were also covered in worbla.

These are probably my favorite parts of the costume– the gauntlets! This picture is already pretty far along in the process, but it’s still foam, and the top layer isn’t quite attached yet. I’d already made all the hand-guard layers and the top shapes, but I hadn’t yet hammered out those yellow details.

A note, I was not making all of these simultaneously, I usually work on one piece and then the next, though I get a little scatterbrained so sometimes I work on a few simultaneously. These swords were actually the last things I worked on, which is also why they ended being foam only, and not covered in worbla as I had sort of hoped. (I think I also had run out at that point.)

Here though, you can see the paper pattern, some pieces of the foam, and the foam-board innards for ONE of the swords. Eventually PVC pipe would be fed through the middle to create the hilt as you see next!


It’s finally time for worbla!

Being on a budget ALWAYS, though I’d love to use the sandwich method popularized by Kamui Cosplay, it just uses SO MUCH material, so 90% of the time, I fold it over.

Just use your handy heat gun and start melting and forming, and burning your fingers, and sculpting your details! Not shown here, but I like to use scissor edges or clay sculpting tools to push the worbla as close as possible to the foam edging!

Someday I will probably invest in something to protect my fingers….

A little more work done, and a cameo by my (then) very tiny kitten. The hip bits are done here, and I believe it was then I decided NOT to cover them in worbla.

A little unfortunate, but I don’t have many photos while making the greaves– though their design is SIGNIFICANTLY simpler than the gauntlets.

I already knew I would wear these boots, and so I built the pattern around that.

I chose to split it into 3 pieces– the main body, a kneecap, and a separate piece that would hook onto the bottom of my boots with elastic. D-rings with red cord (shown) would keep them on my leg.

Alllllmost done with all the worbla! You can see two things here- some extra foam inside the gauntlets (which remained foam for a little more ease in movement), and my soldering iron!

I don’t even OWN any solder and so far I only have the iron for battle damaging my armor– which I started on the main body here.


So obviously there was more work from the last photo until now, but I’ve shown most of the pieces in progress!

I know I know! I have no in-between photos!! 

But my general process is to use a buttload of layers of mod podge as primer, and then either spray paint or acrylic only depending on the effect I want.

For Ganon, it’s spray paint for the gold as the base, and acrylic for the blue because I wasn’t happy with the spray paint available in that color.

In the chest/greaves I started with the blue base on everything, then the gold edging, then the black low lights, and finally white/light blue highlights or designs (like the main chestpiece).

That chestpiece design I free-handed- I used a reallllly light pencil to make sure I was at least somewhat symmetrical and round (which I tend to be pretty good at) and then painted over with that light blue.

A little further along on the gauntlets here, considerably darker than the original gold.

This was the big stretch where I had the armor sitting in my living room basically 24/7.

Of note here, I’ve added detailing to the chest and greaves with Apoxie Sculpt, a 2-part epoxy that smooths and adheres VERY well to worbla. It’s already been painted gold, and I believe it did not require any priming.

The headdress was sculpted (by the plant), and both swords are mostly assembled at this point too.

Of course I have to try it on. Almost everything is complete at this point.


A few things I haven’t mentioned are the clothing and hip-skirt/ hip-cape / butt-cape? Who knows.

The pants I’m wearing are about the only comfortable thing about the costume– they’re essentially parachute pants dyed a darker brown because I wanted to add more bulk to my bottom half as I am not terribly large (5′5″).

The butt-cape is from a red suiting fabric that I liked the drape of, and the gold pattern is some gold fabric ribbon I liked and sewed on.

The top is just a brown sweater I already owned, though it makes it very warm on top. 

Swords are done! They’re probably the least interesting, as they are not many pieces, and mostly just foam with black and gold details. The red “jewel” is more apoxy sculpt that I mentioned earlier painted with a red glass paint to give it more shine.


There are a few fur accents on my arms and legs, which are doubled up pieces of faux fur, with a bit of elastic to slide them onto my arms and

The hip-cape and the hip foam bits are all attached together and made into a belt that I can strap to my waist.

The wig (a Suzi in Cherry Red from Arda that I snipped up some of the widow’s peak off):

The wig has sadly not kept this beautiful shape, but it was my first time ever styling a wig so I don’t think I used enough product.

There are a few (very unnecessary) belts that are most just foam.

I sewed a pair of brown gloves really quickly out of a stretch jersey.

The makeup is all Mehron Paradise in olive, black, and white, and then assorted (nothing special) eye-shadow I own.

And finally, there is a dickie (faux collar) I made to sit underneath the armor, so my neck doesn’t show. It’s made of some scrap black fabric I had, with gold trim, and a bit of foam is inside to keep that shape in the collar.

Here’s this wonderful selfie I took back during ACen while I’m getting ready. XD 

And that about covers it? Someday I might make the beard, but it’s low on my priorities right now.

Also yes, this cosplay is really really hot and uncomfortable since I’m literally covered head to toe. I’m usually incredibly sore the day afterward. I’ve only worn it to PAX Prime 2015, NYCC 2015, and ACen 2016.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS feel free to message me!

I post a bit more on instagram if you want to see more of my cosplay there (katamarija)

Thanks for reading! ~

I found out my father has a replication of an old Hagaddah

Not just any Hagaddah, the Sarajevo Haggadah (that’s the explanation booklet)

Let’s open it up

The first page shows the story of Adam and Eve and the beginning of the story of Noah

But where is the story of Passover? It’s a Hagaddah

Here it is. In the bottom picture on the left Yocheved is putting baby Moshe in the Nile

After that the Plagues are drawn and then the parting of the Red Sea

I think this is the last picture. Moshe preaching, then crowning Yehushua as the leader and then the Beit HaMikdash

Oops, this the last picture. Jews leaving the synogogue.

What comes next?

The actual Hagaddah, and wow, look, this is amazing, IT’S A DRAGON!!!!

ביד חזקה ובזרוע נטויה ובמורא

Look, here is the beginning of Halelu

And here’s DAYENU!!! (My favorite part of the Seder is screaming out Dayenu at the top of my lungs)

It says here ‘chorus’. Imagine people 400 years ago reading this same word that we use today but in such a different context

And last of all, the last page. ‘Written in 1609′ it says. Actually, it says  “Revisto per mi Gio[vanni] Dom[enico] Vistorini 1609” which means “ surveyed by me, Giovanni Domenico Vistorini, 1609 ″. That note is to show that it doesn’t go against any of the teachings of the Church. The Haggadah was actually written sometime in the mid-14th century.  😳

Thank you so, so, so much to @jewishhenna for correcting me (also, parts of my correction are his words). Thank you

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When YouTube Meets Superstar (Harry Styles)

Summary: A sort of prequel to YouTube Trivia, in other words the boyfriend tag video.

An Instagram post, that’s how we’d decided to tell people we were dating. I never liked the idea of making a supper long video or tweet to explain nor justify why I was dating someone, it just wasn’t my preferable choice of confirmation unless it was the only way. But not in this case so we opt to posting one of our favorite photos together. Mine was a four part picture from a photo booth we’d been and I ended up loving the silly/cute faces and posses we did, Harry’s in the other hand was different his was somewhat cheesy, it was from last years holiday to Costa Rica the picture had been taking from one of our friends and had actually turned out really good seeing as we didn’t know it had been taken. We were on the porch of the beach house we’d rented for the time being, me leaning on Harry’s chest as he had his arms around me as we laughed from something our friend Mark had probably said.

Ever since my tweeter had been flooding with people asking us to do some sort of video. It was definitely a struggle but after much pleading and kisses I’d convinced Harry of doing a video. And that was exactly what we were about to do. I had my phone ready as I looked at myself in the view finder one last time.

“You look great love, can we please just start the video and be done with it?” Harry asked already over with it

“Don’t be so moody Styles, you may not want to do this right now but by the end of the video I know you’ll want to make more with me” I said winking at him as I pressed record

“Sure I will..” He said sarcastically

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel” I started my normal into ignoring Harry’s little remark “As you can see today I’m joined by a very special someone, would you like to introduce yourself?” I asked turning to look at Harry

“Hi, I’m Harry” He said nervously

“Now about a month ago we posted some photos on Instagram confirming a curtain suspicion you’ve all had for quite a while now but apart from the photos we didn’t say anything regarding to the situation.” I explained

“Can I just say that I don’t think we needed to explain anything, I mean the photos kind of say it all” Harry bumped in

“Yeah they pretty much did. But ever since that happened you guys have been constantly asking us to do any type of relationship based video, more specifically the boyfriend tag. So without further due lets start this thing, shall we?” I said with my phone in hand to which he nodded “Okay first question; Where did we meet?” Asked looking at him

“Is this kind of like I have to guess it right or who says it first?” He asked

“No..” I frowned chuckling “It’s just like a conversation about these things”

“Oh so like us informing them about it” He said to which I nodded “Okay, okay. Well if we’re talking first meet it was at a party that.. was it Ed the one who throwing the party?”

“Yeah it was Ed. As you guys know we’re both good friends with Ed and I’d previously told him about my crush on Harry to which he thought would be a good idea to throw a party, invite us and in the process try to ‘hook us up’” I said making air quotations

“Ugh.. I don’t like that term..” Harry said squinting his face

“Me neither but it was what he was trying to do” I said shrugging in the process

“Yeah I remember Ed and I were talking about something and he kept looking around every so often and asked him who he was looking for, after a while you showed up because he was all like 'Hey there’s someone I want you to meet’ and we walked over to a small group of people you were talking to and yeah that’s pretty much it.” Harry explained

“Umm where was out first date?” I read out “This is actually quite funny because a lot of people always presume we went to like a super fancy restaurant or did something luxurious but we didn’t, it was an amazing date nonetheless” I said smiling

“Yeah I’ve seen comments like that being made but we had been good friends before even thinking of being something else and she’d been to my place a fare amount of times before so I invited her over, made dinner and we ended up talking and watching movies all night.” He mentioned

“It was good. Okay, what was our first impressions of each other?” I said thinking back to when we first met “I think my first impression of you when actually meeting you not from like videos of you doing interviews or anything like that, I just remember thinking 'Oh lord he is as attractive as I thought he would be and I’m going to kill Ed for doing this.” I finished up laughing to which he joined

“This is going to sound bad but my first impression of you was that you had a really nice body..” He said making me gasp

“What!?” I said trying to sound shocked and slightly ofended “So you just liked my body that much you decided to talk to me?” I asked with a raised eyebrow

“Well not to that point..” He started making me let out a loud gasp in a 'ofended’ tone “But I did like your body, you were wearing a fitted dress and it looked really good on you” He said shrugging

“So basically you’re with me because of my body that’s what you’re trying to say” I said looking away from him pretending to be disappointed

“What? Babe no.. That’s not what I meant you know that..” He said hugging me from the side and kissing my cheek in the process

“Sure Styles.. Let’s keep going shall we?” I said making a pop noise with my mouth before looking back at my phone

We kept on answering the various questions, me opting to skip a few since they were a bit silly. It was pretty fun and interesting to see what Harry would answer to some of the questions like what do we argue about the most, what is one food I dislike or who wears the pants in the relationship which had us a little rant about it. But over all it was a proper laugh.

“Uhh this one is good. What is something you do that I wish you didn’t?” I asked knowing exactly what it was and by the look on his face he knew as well

Groaning he said “I already now what you’re going to say..”

“Really? What do you think I’m going to say?” I said chuckling

“You’re going to say that I leave clothes in some places through the house..” He said with a little groan

“In some places?” I asked to which he closed his eyes “This boy leaves clothes everywhere and I mean everywhere throughout the house. I could be in the kitchen and see a shirt or jacket laying around.” I said laughing

We continued on a few more questions until it was time to finish.

“Okay last question; If I could live anywhere, where would it be?” I asked putting down my phone

“Oh this ones easy.” He said not having to think too much about it “(Y/N) liked to talk about Iceland a lot when we first met. And our first sort of holiday together was to Iceland, we liked going there so much that we actually bought a house there..” He said making my eyes go wide since I hadn’t said anything about this in my channel

“Harry!” I said shaking my head “I hadn’t told them yet..”

“Oh sorry..” He said with a half smile

“Just so you guys know we’re not going to move there or anything like that. We bought the house because the place we go to is sometimes really hard to find a place to rent so one day while we walked around I say a house that looked beautiful and it said it was on sale..” I explained “Long story short we bought the house but we aren’t going to move there”

“Not yet..” Harry murmured but not quiet enough and I knew the mic had caught

“Harry..” I said in a warning voice “Anyway that is all I have for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if your it already. I’ll see you again next week. Bye!” I said waving goodbye as Harry joined

Getting up I went and turned off the camera and started disconnecting everything to start and put things away. Looking back at Harry I smiled and said.

“So how was that for your first video?” I asked with a smirk

“It was actually fun..” He said getting up and coming next to me “I might do it again sometime” Leaning down he kissed me then started to walk out the room

“I’ll take that to word Styles!” I said loudly as I finished up turning off the lights besides the camera.

one of my all time favorite things about WW!Ganondorf’s design is that, in a game called Wind Waker, where wind is a central element and theme, his eyebrows are shaped like the symbol for wind within the game

Aw snap it’s time for another round of Cosplay Basics, or, Stuff You Probably Already Know!

I am not particularly good at wigs.  There’s something about them that seems to have a personal vendetta against me.  Although I styled almost all of my own wigs in the past few years, I’ve gone back to commissioning simply for ease.  There’s no point in getting stressed out over something I don’t like doing, and don’t feel like I have a talent for!

But even if you’re not getting into any major wig styling, there are a few basic things that you should have on hand!

1) The first thing you’ll need is a wig brush, or comb.  Everyone has their preferences, my favorite is a wire wig brush like the one pictured.  You can actually get this kind in the dog care section.  Mine’s lasted years and I have no complaints about it. 

Combs are something a lot of people prefer, and I use for small touch ups like fixing bangs. 

The only thing you want to avoid are soft plastic or bristled brushes.  They create a lot of static, and that’s a major cause of tangles.

2) Not pictured is a foam wig head.  These are crucial for detangling as well as styling any parts that you can’t do while wearing the wig.  However, they are smaller than the average head, so it’s recommended to not do any tight styling on this.

To hold your wig in place while you work, quilter’s pins are great.  They don’t have any edges for the wig to tangle on, they’re long, and they’re colorful so you don’t accidentally leave any in your wig when you take it off the foam head.  Not that I have ever… done that… I hear it’s really painful….

3) The third thing is probably the best invention ever.  It’s a razor comb!  Razor combs are phenomenal for getting a nice edge on your wig, rather than the blunt cut scissors can give unless you know how to use them properly.  It’s also almost impossible to hurt yourself while combing.  All you have to do is comb, and the razor slices the hair off!  They’re great for bangs in particular.

While you can get disposable combs at places like Sally’s Beauty Supply, they’re a tad expensive and go dull fast. However, a razor comb with replaceable blades, like this, only ran me $3 for the comb itself, and $10.00 for 100 blades (4) , on ebay.

5) Use big clips to hold the hair out of the way while you style.

6) And finally, we have a wig stand for foam heads.  This fits on the edge of a table or shelf (you screw it in to tighten it.)   However, I much prefer to use a free stand–I found that my dressform’s stand works wonderfully.  That way, you don’t have to worry about bumping against the table or shelf while you’re working!

So maybe you learned something, maybe you didn’t.  Feel free to add any of your own advice in reblogs!

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What is the best book for Anatomy? Thanks...

My favorite book is Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, it’s a well-illustrated pictorial guide.

My second favorite is Rohen’s Color Atlas of Anatomy because it uses actual pictures of cadavers and incorporates MRIs, CTs, and Xrays for some sections. However, after a long day of studying in the cadaver lab the last thing I wanted to look at was more pictures of cadavers, which is why it’s not at the top of the list.

Clinical Anatomy made Ridiculously Simple gives a great overview, but it is very basic and I would not recommend it as your only resource.

There are also a lot of good anatomy coloring books, which are fantastic for kinesthetic learners, but do take a lot of time to complete.

Some portraits I’ve been doin of my favorite characters over the last few days…enjoy


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I am gonna draw moooooore so prepare urselves

Apartment AUs to consider
  • The pet bird that you have overlooking your balcony shit talks me whenever I go out on my own balcony.
  • Please do something about your cat it keeps breaking into my apartment via the windows and I don’t know how. Plus it knows how to open fridges.
  • Look I know that life is difficult and we all have ways to cope but do you really have to do so with loud Dupstep music  at 3 in the morning? (Bonus points if the dubstep listener is the cute/tiny one)
  • Every time you cook you set off the smoke alarm so you know what I’m just going to teach you how to cook.
  • I found you passed out in front of my door so I just dragged you into my home and put you on the couch please don’t scream.
  • I don’t know if you know this but I can hear you singing anime theme songs in the shower every morning and I like almost all the shows you watch.
  • Wow my pet snake looks so cute this morning and I’d be even happier if I actually had a pet snake.
  • My apartment key apparently also works on your apartment door? (Also I accidentally let your cat out.)
  • We both have 3DSs’s and Street pass each other every day and have conversation using the personal message feature (and sometimes we play games together)
  • You sleepwalk a lot and sometimes you knock on my door so I have to lead you back to your apartment.
  • You took the last of my favorite snack from the vending machine next to our apartment. Battle me in Pokemon for it?
  • Someone keeps printing out cute cat pictures/messages on my wireless printer and I’m determined to find out whom.

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The last song I listened to was ‘Fukai Mori’ by Do as Infinity. I have a few others songs by them actually and ‘Kimi Ga Inai Mirai’ is my ringtone, which ALSO is the opening theme to the Final Act!

My lockscreen is my fiances’ and mine prom picture the my sister took our senior year.

and my selfie. xD oh the selfie, the infamous dog filter. Well, what can I say, I felt like doing it! sorry not sorry yo! c:

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Kyle: Yes, I have. I’ve worn his parka too much that it lead him to buying me one last christmas. I love it a lot. The color’s really nice and-

Kenny: No need to explain, Kyle. I got a photo of you in it. In fact, this is actually one of my favorite photos of you. You’re pretty photogenic, honestly.

Kyle: What? You have a photo of me in it?

Kenny: Yup! Lemme show you.

Kyle: Did you take this?

Kenny: No. Craig did. You know how he is with taking photographs. Stolen pictures are his profession.

Kyle: Pfft-

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you don't mind me asking, what/who is your mobile header a picture of? (You're an amazing artist, by the way!!)

Hello! and THANK YOU! <3

I’m assuming you mean this little banner thing, right?

Lemme tell you a story of my twelve-year-old self who loved writing and had a ton of notebooks filled with short stories all of which have no conclusion whatsoever. I don’t actually remember writing any of it but I picked up a story about twin superheroes and I drew them - reinventing them too! It’s an entire concept of having one hero per generation - like an incarnation of sorts and pictured here are the heroes - or legacies as I’d call them of the Medieval Era and the 25th Century. It’s also an excuse for me to merge my two favorite tropes of sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this idea tho? I tried to launch it back last year but it kinda went silent.

I actually have this thing thought out - like I do many things but I dunno; it’s a really weird story about time travel, genetic templates, clones [?] and alternate realities ??? It’s like a massive sci-fi cliche cauldron. I’ve also based the main Legacy on Cameron Monaghan because I can.

also military-esque uniforms and organizations and bad guy is not the bad guy and everyone’s being played for the real bad guy’s benefit and there’s this twist that I don’t want to say because this still might go somewhere and ???

It’s also lowkey an excuse to get some costume design off the ‘for use later’ pile in my folders. and I can’t find the third one - it’s a red costume because I’m a sucker for color-coded groups and RGB seemed a good idea ??? It can be barely seen here (*rolls eyes at dark aesthetic me*)

I found this sequential piece tho’ It’s a little small but the piece above is here without all the dark filters and all

I also made an icon should I make this a thing (Zed Gunn is the lead’s name - and yes, it is one of those, ‘that can’t be his real name’ things. Maybe it’s not? maybe it is? Who knows?)

I digress. The answer to your question is actually just, ‘they’re my OCs’ I have a habit of talking too much ??? Especially about these kinds of things ??? It may not be what you meant ??? but here it is for the world to see ig ???


Happy Wednesday, Bellarke Fam!

Tonight’s episode is supposedly going to be “epic”. I’ll have to believe that when I see it! Just give me that good blarke shit and I’ll be good.

Here are some pictures from my activities last week.

On Thursday, @jackieemma got us tickets to an early screening of King Arthur Legend of the Sword. It was sooooo fucking good. Charlie Hunnam was fucking amazing, but that’s not news.

On Friday, I went to see my favorite band, The Maine, at their sold out show in Boston. Got to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and I got to have a few drinks and let loose! The third picture was actually a mistake. I meant to put it on my Snapchat, but I wasn’t really paying attention I guess and it got sent to the BFC group chat instead. Only a little embarrassed by the drunk messages I sent that night. Haha. Thanks for still loving me, BFC. 😘

Once again, PLEASE tag me in your posts! I want to know all about your weeks!

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Look who I got yesterday! He is great and fluffy and I found him in the Valentine’s day candy at Walmart. His foot says trolli on it and he comes with a cute heart tied around his neck that holds sour gummy worms (my favorite). I took off the heart and tied the ribbon in a bow in the last picture. He is the stimmiest thing and I’m gonna weight him I think.

So a close friend who is currently in Singapore called and we just had a “deep” conversation for an hour a few minutes ago. Lol. We have not seen each other for two years now and I swear, the way he confabulates is way better compared to the last time we actually talked.

Tapos he is so lucky because he ALWAYS gets the chance to see Jessica (Girls Generation’s former member) in person. Huhu.

And my most favorite part of the whole exchange:

Me: Bakit ayaw mo magpapicture kay Sica? Pabo.
Blowfish: Busy. Tsaka kaya nga picture mo na lang ang tinitingnan ko. Mas bias ko si HyunA kaysa kay Sica. Hahaha

I luv my frand so much. Napakasinungaling at hambog. And bulag. Hahahahaha.


favorite character meme → [1/3] traits
↳ strategic

Sanji is one of the strawhats top three tacticians because his planning doesn’t only include in-combat scenarios, but also extends to other, big-picture scenarios that have long-lasting impacts on the overall situationzamochy


it’s been a while since i last posted something again so 
have some doodles and a WIP
i sure had some fun experimenting with coloring and shading for that last one

you can look through the captions if you want although there isn’t much to see