the last picture is actually my favorite


Look who I got yesterday! He is great and fluffy and I found him in the Valentine’s day candy at Walmart. His foot says trolli on it and he comes with a cute heart tied around his neck that holds sour gummy worms (my favorite). I took off the heart and tied the ribbon in a bow in the last picture. He is the stimmiest thing and I’m gonna weight him I think.

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Top 5 favorite Calum pics

This one was actually a hard one and I’m not fully satisfied but since I had to pick only five it would have to be these but there are tons of beautiful pictures of this boy I’m always in bless

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!


favorite character meme → [1/3] traits
↳ strategic

Sanji is one of the strawhats top three tacticians because his planning doesn’t only include in-combat scenarios, but also extends to other, big-picture scenarios that have long-lasting impacts on the overall situationzamochy

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Someone I know saw the planned parenthood photo on my phone and said he's looking old and he doesn't suit the scruff. Not sure how to say this now with seeming like I'm purely objectifying him, but the scruff doesn't erase any of his fundamentally attractive features, like my favorite - his eyes. Actually that photo is one of my faves, I'm still not over it (or the fact he did that) and in the gif from your last reply I think he looks really good.

Well that person is blind because he looks so incredible in that picture. I agree with everything you just said. Look at him in it! 

He looks older maybe because he is older, you know? And plus, looking older isn’t negative…? In fact, I think it’s good for him since he has a relatively young face. I know for me I’d much rather look older, since I look like I am 19, maybe even younger.


Okay! So someone asked me to do a swatch compilation of all my lipsticks last night and since these are legitimately my favorite drugstore priced lipsticks and honestly my favorite lip liners of all time, I figured I would do them first.

The first picture is of the Lippie Stix and the second is of the liners. Each lipstick has a matching liner, although it’s not necessary to buy both. The Lippie Stix are 4 inch long plastic tubes that are mechanical so they twist up and are more like a lip crayons than actual lipsticks. The liners are a tiny bit shorter and they have to be sharpened instead of being twist ups like the Lippie Stix. At first smell, they do have an off scent. It’s kind of like vanilla but with a weird savory undertone? When I bought my first few, I hated it, I’m not gonna lie, but now I honestly love it 😂 Every lipstick and liner I’ve tried so far is absolutely amazing. So pigmented, glides right on, and they last forever on your lips. Oh, and did I mention they’re only $5 a piece? FIVE DOLLARS.

I’ve ordered from their website I think four times so far and I’ve never had an issue. They were a very small, vegan company that blew up overnight so once you order, it’ll take about a week for them to process and ship your package but shipping is usually very speedy. If you spend over $30, you get free shipping and if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get a $5 off coupon to use on your first order! And they also carry eyeshadows (all $5), blushes ($8), and have just expanded to carry highlighters (also $8) and I’ve tried all of their products and absolutely frickin love them. I honestly can’t recommend this company enough.

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Relationship: Nah.

Favorite colors: I like everything in shades of purple.

Pets: Oh, you know I love having an excuse to post a picture of Anubis. Here he is pretending to be a ghost.

Last song I listened to: “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe. I actually have it in a loop right now.

First fandom: My Chemical Romance. Yes, I was an emo kid.

Hobbies: *While sitting on an armchair made of books* Can think of any…

Favorite book(s): *hugs her entire library* How dare you ask me to choose, I love all my children equally.

Worst thing i’ve ever eaten: Pineapple pizza. (Fight me, I hate bittersweet things).

Favorite place: Crowded coffee shops, especially if I can snatch a seat in the corner where nobody bothers me while I read/write/people-watch.

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Dipping into my archives…

So my hunt parties conversation devolved into this last night…

Person 1: Need to do some of my dailies.
Person 2: You know, I’m still Rank 1 with all ARR BST Tribes…
Me: Ugh… good luck. Sylph are the worst.
Person 1: Yeah, I hate the Sylphs too.
Me: Kobolds are my favorites.
Person 3: Yeah I like the Kobolds a lot too.
Person 1: I actually like the Vath a lot, they’re kinda cute.
Person 3: Eww, gross.
Person 2: Bugs.
Person 3: They eat poo.
Me: OMG! I took a picture with my chocobo!
Person 1: What?
Person 3: Yeah the “Black Loam.”
Me: Oh I used the Red Sand in my picture…
Person 5: What is “Black Loam?”
Person 3: “Black Loam” is poo…

I still haven’t googled “Black Loam” though… kind of afraid…

I watched last night’s episode, I cried, I choked on my tears (feels overload) but I managed to take this picture. I can’t believe one of my favorite creek artists, Earily, actually got to be on the show!! They were the first creek artist I found out about and loved, so I’m so freaking happy for her! I cried more when I saw this on screen and I hope we all can keep seeing you expand on the ship. ^^

I found out my father has a replication of an old Hagaddah

Not just any Hagaddah, the Sarajevo Haggadah (that’s the explanation booklet)

Let’s open it up

The first page shows the story of Adam and Eve and the beginning of the story of Noah

But where is the story of Passover? It’s a Hagaddah

Here it is. In the bottom picture on the left Yocheved is putting baby Moshe in the Nile

After that the Plagues are drawn and then the parting of the Red Sea

I think this is the last picture. Moshe preaching, then crowning Yehushua as the leader and then the Beit HaMikdash

Oops, this the last picture. Jews leaving the synogogue.

What comes next?

The actual Hagaddah, and wow, look, this is amazing, IT’S A DRAGON!!!!

ביד חזקה ובזרוע נטויה ובמורא

Look, here is the beginning of Halelu

And here’s DAYENU!!! (My favorite part of the Seder is screaming out Dayenu at the top of my lungs)

It says here ‘chorus’. Imagine people 400 years ago reading this same word that we use today but in such a different context

And last of all, the last page. ‘Written in 1609′ it says. Actually, it says  “Revisto per mi Gio[vanni] Dom[enico] Vistorini 1609” which means “ surveyed by me, Giovanni Domenico Vistorini, 1609 ″. That note is to show that it doesn’t go against any of the teachings of the Church. The Haggadah was actually written sometime in the mid-14th century.  😳

Thank you so, so, so much to @jewishhenna for correcting me (also, parts of my correction are his words). Thank you

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☄  - a picture of me! i decided to post my favorite picture of myself on the left (it’s a little bit older from last year but it’s my favorite honestly), the tattoo i mentioned in the ask, and one i took a few days ago on snapchat to show what my hair actually looks like now since it’s a bit shorter and i have bangs now 😳

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10 through 20 😏

10. What were you doing at midnight last night?

  • I think I had just woken up from a nap and was on here.

11. Favorite age you’ve been so far? 

  • 23 has been great so far.

12. Who told you they loved you last? 

  • My mom. 

13. Your worst enemy? 

  • Myself.

14. What is your current desktop picture? 

15. Do you like someone?

  • Yes, actually.

16. The last song you listened to? 

  • Tentacles- Ghost Town

 “This necklace that you’ve got wrapped around my neck will choke me slowly to my death and I’m into that.”

17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?

  • My abuser. I still am in fear of running into him in public. When I do, I want to die. Ha..

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face? 

  • My abuser. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

19. If anyone could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do? 

  • LOL I’m not going to say who, because I’m currently talking to him but sex slave for a day for sure.😂

20. What is your best physical attribute? (showing said attribute is optional) 

  • To me, it’s my eyes. For the people I’ve dated, my ass.😂😂

Thank you for asking! :D

I’ve met up with about 6 guys on tinder and most have been your standard one night stand. Except this last one. I had never been taken on actual date before, every “date” always just ended up being fucking. But this guy was different. First of all, I don’t ever message anyone first but when I came across his pictures, I literally said “I like his face” out loud, so I told him so. I wasn’t really looking to talk to anyone that night, so all my responses were really blunt and sarcastic. But he went with it. I had never experienced someone sassing me back so much. He ended up asking me out.
We went to one of my favorite restaurants, he met my best friend and her boyfriend and the two boys found common interests and bonded instantly, and we went to a movie. He was a perfect gentleman the entire time, and kissed me at the end of the night. It was easily the best night of my life. I’ve never felt so respected.


Can’t look at the Big Papi being sad pics anymore, so here are my favorite 10 Big Papi on the Red Sox pics. These will kinda brighten the mood now, and always bring a smile to my face. And yes, I realize he’s actually not in the last picture, but who do you think of first when you see that?

Lucky us. To have a legend like that play for our favorite team, at that high a level, with that kind of clutch, spreading that kind of joy, for so long. Wow. There will be other great members of the Red Sox in my lifetime. But there will never be another Big Papi. That’s why I’m sad. Sad like Papi was last night, but in my own way. The best and happiest kind of sad possible.


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I tried on some wedding dresses today and oh my lord my experience this time at a size 14 as opposed to a size 28/30 was like a MILLION times better. I actually enjoyed trying on dresses and looking at myself in the mirror instead of dreading each dress, wondering if they could squeeze me in.

I didn’t get a dress today, but the last one was definitely my favorite and this seriously gave me a ton of inspiration and motivation to continue on my health journey, because I seriously love how I look now.

I’ll be posting some before/now pictures in a little bit. 💕💕

in honor of the one year anniversary of the passing of my favorite actor, i’m posting a picture of the tattoo i got last october. from the scene in dead poets society where mr. keating writes a line from whitman on the blackboard (“i sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world”), my tattoo artist actually traced robin’s handwriting from a still of that scene and tattooed it onto my arm.

I’ve started this post about a dozen times and nothing seems quite right. I’ve had plans over the years and many of them have gotten pushed aside, changed, lost, found, made, unmade, and a few have actually come to pass. One year ago things went mostly as planned and we officially embarked on the next phase of our wonderful existence together when we got married in our wacky little string of events that stretched out the wedding celebration across almost every season of last year. It was unconventional and quirky, like us.

This picture was from the night we got engaged and while it is a bit blurry it is one of my favorites. That night went a little wonky on us too. There was construction at Columbus Circle where you got on one knee and said a bunch of loving words, many of which neither of us can remember, but the spirit of which lives with us every day, wherever each of us may be.

So today isn’t going quite as planned. I had wonderful ideas about a beautiful photo album of our first year together. I wanted to give you a beautiful card filled with just the right words. I wanted to at least be in the same city and give you a real hug and kiss. I wanted to celebrate with you and eat our cake that mom so painstakingly stored in her freezer until we took it home about a week ago. But those plans will have to wait. 

For those who haven’t heard, I am in NOLA again after mom had some complications from her cataract surgery. So anniversary plans are postponed. Rick has lovingly adopted my mom as his own and has taken the fact that I am away, once again, in stride. He is amazing. He is rock. He is my quiet strength. He is all heart. He has my heart. He is love packaged as a bear hug.

We had to change our original wedding date so I guess it is fitting that we now have to shift our anniversary celebration. Every day is a celebration with you, Rick. As you said, it’s just a date on the calendar. Happy Anniversary today and everyday! I love you! <3