the last pic is a troll

So Sam has been dating a girl for almost a year whom he so far will not publicly admit to dating; instead, he has allowed someone to drop her full name into Jess’ ask box, let a Starz producer snap a picture of them together in the background and post it, drop shaky, grainy footage of them together at a baseball game into the lap of the biggest troll in this fandom (who knows who the brunette was), and then he decided to trot her out at the BAFTAs where he looked like he was absolutely miserable.

Meanwhile, said girlfriend was dating someone else until the end of March last year and then apparently became so serious with Sam that she was in Scotland a few weeks later, posting pics on IG and letting people wonder. We’ve gotten a matching Patagonia hat, more Scotland pics, and of course, the dumpster fire picture in Amsterdam on the way to the NYE vacation she shared the previous year with the old boyfriend. And of course, who could forget that Scottish flag during a snowless trip up the ski lift on the mountain?

Meanwhile, Caitriona has apparently actually been with Tony for who knows how long, and he accompanies her around the world on all of these trips because he has the flexible career hours we’re all looking for, and he holds coats and sunglasses and gives her space when she’s working these events. She’s so private she literally cannot acknowledge him when she wins her first award but nearly falls apart talking about her costar.

In the midst of these relationships forming and growing, we have verbal denials from Sam and Cait that they aren’t together; but also those pesky moments where Sam has his arm around her at the GGs, Cait knowing what time Sam gets up for the gym in the morning, Cait’s charity liking shipper pics and tweets, the two of them seeming to intertwine charities, Sam being told to treat Cait like a queen on her birthday, Sam’s lookalike forehead being seen in Paris, his shrine to her at the Globes, the T2 premiere, and Cait cuddling on him while filming in Dunure.

And of course, those pesky shipper tweet likes and replies from Sam. Apparently shippers are trolls and The Worst, and Sam is being protected by his elderly and obese friends, and yet Sam just seems drawn to liking shipper things on twitter by three people with the most shippery handles possible.

I don’t like when all sides are being played. I don’t like jealousy over a date 20 years ago and posing with your crotches and hips attached and whistling at your costar’s ass on the red carpet so that she turns around and smiles at you, and then a couple weeks later kilts at weddings in Georgia. I’m just tired of this. Honesty is possible. Acting appropriately is possible. You don’t have to play all sides to do it. There is nothing about this situation that screams integrity. NOTHING.

Some of the biggest power couples and stars in Hollywood are in relationships that are still private. They admit who they’re with, they even bring them to events and look happy, they just don’t talk about it. They don’t turn around and post locations to be obvious and play with innuendo and then act like fans are dumb and confused. We just seem to have found the gold mine in fuckery here. It’s shameful.

Gordon Ramsay Hits Back At ‘Sick’ Online Trolls Targeting His Daughters

Gordon Ramsay has bared his protective side after hitting back at “sick” online trolls who commented on his Instagram pic to criticise the outfits his teenage daughters were wearing.

The famous chef shared a gorgeous family portrait from his twins, Holly and Jack’s, sweet sixteen birthday party.

The snap showed the twins alongside their sisters, 14-year-old Matilda, 17-year-old Megan, and a pal, Emma Montagu, with Gordon writing alongside the pic: “Very cool 16th birthday party @heddonstkitchen last night congratulations Jack & Holly #prouddad.”

However, the jovial mood soon turned sour when the photo was inundated with comments from users laying into the teenage girls for their outfit choices.

One wrote: “Wouldn’t let my daughter out like that. I’m 29 and I wouldn’t even go out like that. It’s called modesty.”

Originally posted by forthesnaketoeattherat

Others added: “Skirts are a bit short there, dad!

“Beautiful girls but let them be GIRLS. Those dresses are for grown a*s women

“Those girls are 16?? Jeez from the clothes I would have guessed 21.”

When asked about the negative comments, Gordon was eager to slam the haters, saying: “Like they have any right to suggest what our daughters wear….hilarious What next…. ”

Responding to another fan, he added: “Sick minded people Claire, my job is to teach my son how to respect girls.”

Which we think is a pretty brilliant response.

Fans have since flocked to the photo in question to flood it with positive comments, with many praising Gordon for being such a great dad and also slamming the haters for “sl*t-shaming” teenage girls.

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Oh the irony!!! All my Facebook page liked relative to OL, especially french one, are like this "Oh this Sam and his honey, obviously we dont talk about Sam's private life but they are such a delight and so in love. This is Sam's response about shipping him and Cait and we will not allow any disgust comment about her"... well if you want to respect his privacy shut up... it's litteraly on every page in Fb and IG.. LG must be proud this one is everywhere (after their fail with the prom pic)..

The irony reeks as much as the pictures last night. It’s simple ABC. Anyone. But. Cait. And the irony that people are beating their drums
about “be nice to her” and “how dare trolls leave nasty comments.” I’ve seen comments worse than that on Cait’s photos and on Sam’s photos about Cait. But it all comes back to ABC. Anyone. But. Cait.

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I didn't see the dinner pics but given that sessed trolls and anons are raising the roof over them proves your point (and others) that they care more about being right about T rather than supporting Rob and all the praise he's getting for his performance in LCOZ. If any Rob fan took pics with T last night that's their choice, but most of us see her actions on the red carpet and at the dinner/afterparty are not reflective of a supportive gf (or even a supportive friend/acquaintance).

This all about RK having a private life at the same time as they are having very public careers.

As long as they get to have their cake and eat it to this will continue to be the lengths they will go to and they will have to deal with certain ppls bad behavior.

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I know most of shady anons are trolls but with this Elounor reboot and the chiam baby on their way I can't help thinking about the one who said bg would end with the return of El and something from Cheryl (I don't remember what they said exactly).I know they said this last year but if you think about it nothing has really changed since then when we were talking about L's family liking her pics and there were rumors about a payne baby.I mean L was smiling in that pic so I hope it'll be fast 💙💚

i think they would’ve used danielle but it actually fell through sooner than they thought because her and her team realised it was doing nothing for her and didn’t wanna sign her up again but eleanor is a nobody—more of a nobody than danielle—so there wasn’t any question of her being over the moon to hop back onboard the stunt express


Hey, I finally finished my analysis of @extranuts‘s character Gil!

He was a lot of fun to analyze - not only because of how silly he acts in a lot of @extranuts‘s pics, but because of how much of a jackass he is. Arguably, he and Ano (the other ENTP I have analyzed thus far) should have a fight to the death over who is a bigger troll.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus between this and my last analysis of @take-a-melody‘s Ariana - I was writing an article a week for a school club, and I should have realized that would take up a lot more time. But now I will post analyses more frequently because 1) I am finished writing those articles, and 2) I will use a simpler format.

Here’s to noodley jackassery!

-Greg (Harmonic-Psyche)


After my last post to forever defend Kotono Mitsuishi, who is a hero and role model to me that even tumblr trolls can’t dampen the joy of, I thought I would share some pics of this amazing and talented woman, the voice cast of “Crystal,” and some pics of but a few characters from her amazingly detailed resume.


25話おそチョロ by きの

Sourced from Pixiv. Limited Use Given. Please do not delete this caption. Also do not copy and repost in any way. Allowing reblogs.

Since we had reached the season finale and now we all are waiting for the next one. What a way to end this cour, the staff trolled us royally with such a silly plot for the last episode, at least it got all the previous episode’s changes undone.

I’m not only content about the brothers reuniting, but also for the OsoChoro confirmed, last episode brought many hints starting with Oso and Choro’s positions (Pitcher and Catcher, anyone?) then they went sent to the benches, got drunk and starting annoying everyone with their antics (Typical scene from the -kun anime)

So in this pic, their drunkenness has brought some things out (Even certain hidden feelings) That kiss and their reactions, to end up repeating it while an annoyed Todo watches the scene.

Mars year 2015 in review: April

Once again gif/video/pic credits to owners! :)

The seemingly never-ending L+L tour continued with a few more shows in Russia and Belarus. By this time Shannon seemed to have completely lost track of where he was as during one M&G in Russia he greeted the crowd with “Hello Belarus!”. Bless his little geographically challenged heart 😂

Jared and Tomo, sans Shannon, performed an acoustic show in Moscow.

And who was also invited as a Guest?

Yep  😒

However, she was hardly the only one who blessed us with reminders of their close connections with the Leto Bros.

That lesser known Valerie did her part beautifully.

As did her friend O.

Who incidentally later turned herself into a one woman tour de force for Black Fuel.

Quite surprisingly her hard work failed to pay off as NONE of her billion promo pics were ever used for official BF promos.  😩

Sometimes these ladies even went for a double troll!

Smh x 2 or more.

And we probably should also mention Z who we came to know last month. 

Remember that selfie JL posted from a hotel in Moscow?

Looks kinda familiar.

Now, who knows. She may very well have been at that hotel on her own at a different time and all this is purely coincidental. However, as later events will show… Perhaps not.

But back to actual band events:

The band, this time with SL also in attendance, threw a little acoustic show for a young lady called Dina Nemtsova, whose father - a Russian politician - had been assassinated just a few weeks earlier. Her mother arranged for her favorite band to celebrate her 15th b-day with her. Class acts!

A video posted by Polina Kitsenko (@polinakitsenko) on Apr 1, 2015 at 12:56pm PDT

A video posted by Екатерина Одинцова (@odintsovaprtrend) on Apr 2, 2015 at 10:14am PDT

Finally the cursed tour of Russia came to it´s end, and Tomo expressed his gratitude to the fans for a truly (for better AND for worse) unforgettable tour with a airplane selfie.

Shannon also returned home in style.

Upon his arrival back to LA, Bear threw all fucks to the wind and sashayed his beautiful self through LAX in his silky pj´s.

Mmmm… Exquisite.

(Too bad Baby Bro did not follow in Big Bro´s footsteps later on in the year… ;))

But as exquisite as his pj´s were, they were no match to what we saw later in April on ItW:

This gif alone is worth being born  😍 😍 😍

Jared also headed over the Atlantic, and didn´t miss his chance to troll us with something we were all dreading.

Once there, and once the Joker transformation was completed, he did manage to keep his secret for a while…

… until this happened.

Did he really chat with some backstabbing model type who sold him out by capturing his image on Facetime or whatever app they were using, or was all this intentional? We will never know.

However the pic came to be, it certainly caused quite a stir among the echelon, and was noticed by a few news media sites too.

And the uproar of the leaked pic had barely died down when just a few days later…

… he made the mistake of showing Shayla some Joker footage in public.

*sigh*   😒 

That week in April was not his friend.

He did not appreciate being ambushed in the least.

(Side note: as we have seen over the past year, the answer is NO.)

Now that the green hair had been let out of the bag, so to speak, he no longer felt the need to guard it with his life, and we saw a few glimpses of what was going on under the tragic hats.

Meanwhile, Shannon and Black Fuel participated in Coachella by setting up a little coffee corner.

While there he also posed for Vanity Fair wearing… something.

Sadly for some of us Coachella 2015 will forever be remembered for…


The pics that started the avalanche: a selfie in his bathroom with his address tagged to it, and a selfie from his hotel room with his shirt and an unmade bed strategically in view.

Someone did her homework well. 

She also scored one, I repeat ONE, actual modeling opportunity for BF.

Goes very well with the one, I repeat ONE, photo of her with him that shows more than just his shoulder.

Buddy boy learned absolutely nothing.  😒

On to less pathetic news!

as April neared it´s end, came the day everyone was waiting for with baited breaths:

We got our first official look of Mistah J.

And it was even creepier than expected!

Needless to say, the whole echelon pretty much lost their minds.

And this certainly did not help:

Please note the 🐍 - someone was feeling some conda envy again… 😂

Shannon on the other hand looked as gorgeous as is humanly possible:


And he also shared a few pics on the VK site:

He also educated us on IG:

I don´t know how we even managed to live before learning this!

Jared escaped Toronto every chance he got and continually flew back to New York, where he relaxed by fiddling with his phone, petting a pussy (cat) and making new Russian 20 Yo Model friends!

This was our first, and to date our only, encounter with Vika.

He also found a new hobby which took over his life completely and gave him a truly endearing nickname.  

🙈 🙉 🙊

And speaking of that hobby, we also became acquainted with a young woman who would be - depending on who you ask - delighting and/or infuriating us for months.

Next up May: more tour dates, new Terry pics and a little stroll that blew up an entire fandom.

April´s “Excuse Me But You Are KILLING ME!” award goes to:

April´s “Sock Porn” award goes to:

April´s “Please Don´t Eat That” award goes to:

Custom Funko Pop WoW trolls Zelu’jin and Dah’ti.

The Dorkduo is complete! I finished Dah’ti a while ago but wanted to wait uploading the pics until I had a bunch of other pops done (there’s quite some in the making, trolls, Wildstar OCs and GW2 OCs alike!). I screwed up sealing the last one after a tedious paint job, so have this one for now.

Zelu belongs to @zelujin.

(There’s so many things I would have done different in hindsight but I’m still learning, aaaaa- )