the last pic is a troll

So Sam has been dating a girl for almost a year whom he so far will not publicly admit to dating; instead, he has allowed someone to drop her full name into Jess’ ask box, let a Starz producer snap a picture of them together in the background and post it, drop shaky, grainy footage of them together at a baseball game into the lap of the biggest troll in this fandom (who knows who the brunette was), and then he decided to trot her out at the BAFTAs where he looked like he was absolutely miserable.

Meanwhile, said girlfriend was dating someone else until the end of March last year and then apparently became so serious with Sam that she was in Scotland a few weeks later, posting pics on IG and letting people wonder. We’ve gotten a matching Patagonia hat, more Scotland pics, and of course, the dumpster fire picture in Amsterdam on the way to the NYE vacation she shared the previous year with the old boyfriend. And of course, who could forget that Scottish flag during a snowless trip up the ski lift on the mountain?

Meanwhile, Caitriona has apparently actually been with Tony for who knows how long, and he accompanies her around the world on all of these trips because he has the flexible career hours we’re all looking for, and he holds coats and sunglasses and gives her space when she’s working these events. She’s so private she literally cannot acknowledge him when she wins her first award but nearly falls apart talking about her costar.

In the midst of these relationships forming and growing, we have verbal denials from Sam and Cait that they aren’t together; but also those pesky moments where Sam has his arm around her at the GGs, Cait knowing what time Sam gets up for the gym in the morning, Cait’s charity liking shipper pics and tweets, the two of them seeming to intertwine charities, Sam being told to treat Cait like a queen on her birthday, Sam’s lookalike forehead being seen in Paris, his shrine to her at the Globes, the T2 premiere, and Cait cuddling on him while filming in Dunure.

And of course, those pesky shipper tweet likes and replies from Sam. Apparently shippers are trolls and The Worst, and Sam is being protected by his elderly and obese friends, and yet Sam just seems drawn to liking shipper things on twitter by three people with the most shippery handles possible.

I don’t like when all sides are being played. I don’t like jealousy over a date 20 years ago and posing with your crotches and hips attached and whistling at your costar’s ass on the red carpet so that she turns around and smiles at you, and then a couple weeks later kilts at weddings in Georgia. I’m just tired of this. Honesty is possible. Acting appropriately is possible. You don’t have to play all sides to do it. There is nothing about this situation that screams integrity. NOTHING.

Some of the biggest power couples and stars in Hollywood are in relationships that are still private. They admit who they’re with, they even bring them to events and look happy, they just don’t talk about it. They don’t turn around and post locations to be obvious and play with innuendo and then act like fans are dumb and confused. We just seem to have found the gold mine in fuckery here. It’s shameful.


That last ask inspired me to go ahead and show off some of the characters I mentioned that inhabited Earthsong’s world, soooooooooooooooooooo here they are!

The first one is the one and only Earthsong but her name is Rey. She’s older than what she originally was but I really like it, so she stays! Rey here’s a shapeshifting dragon though she can’t hide some of her features: horns, fangs, claws, fluffy feet, tail. She’s mostly blind in her left eye thanks to an incident several years ago, back when she was still a police officer. She’s retired now and runs her own gym where she teaches boxing and kickboxing to kiddies. She’s the dragon equivalent to 60.

The second pic is of Kai and her girlfriend Ellena. Kai’s a werewolf and Ellena’s a vampire, and they’re very in luuuuurve; Kai’s thinking about proposing to her gal. c: Kai’s also got like 5 doggos who’re as big as horses while Ellena’s a pretty popular/famous youtube vlogger; it kinda helps that she’s the president’s daughter, but she had a good following even before that. PS Kai’s basically a giant puppy, she will willingly play fetch no joke.

The last two are Joan and her young hyperactive daughter Riley. They’re trolls, so as such they have a fine coat of fur covering their bodies. Both mother and daughter have vitiligo (I always thought it looked so pretty). They live in a nice little apartment in the city with their pet griffon Mr. Floor. Joan is super tall, taller than what a troll typically is (she’s like 7ft tall), so the neighbors like to call her “Big Mama Joan”; she doesn’t mind. c:

I’ll probably make another post later with some more characters from this idea of mine but yeah, I hope you guys like them! :> Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

Ok, but think about it:

Season 5 = little glimpse of caryl in the trailer, caryl together in teaser promos, caryl poster.

Season 5 = huge internet-breaking caryl reunion; cute, lovely caryl moments; caryl bottle episode, etc.

Season 6 = no caryl in the trailer and really no caryl promotion save the one EW photoshoot featuring Andy, Norman, and Melissa (which wasn’t really a caryl photoshoot at all). 

Season 6 = no caryl moments in 6a and very few (angsty) caryl moments in 6b.

Season 7a = no caryl promotion except for Carol being in Daryl’s flashbacks in the trailer.

Season 7a = no caryl interaction.

7b = caryl standing next to each other on the poster

7b = caryl moments in 7.10.

Season 8 = first picture to be released is exclusively caryl; caryl standing close on every poster; multiple caryl glimpses in the trailer; another promotional picture exclusively of caryl; two more caryl-exclusive promo pics (also no promotional pictures of any other Carol/Daryl ship/friendship besides one or two of r!ckyl, and in this photoshoot, there are two promo pics of r!chonne, and two of caryl, while only one of r!ckyl - a canon sibling bond, just saying); caryl being paired together in a pretty damn suggestive photoshoot, where r!chonne is also paired together and Maggie is the “odd man out”; Carol feeding Daryl chocolate pudding ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) while Daryl holds her “look at the flowers” flowers, on EW’s official photo/poster. 

My point is that, although TPTB are trolls and have released misleading promos and just love to toy with their audience, they haven’t really ever promoted caryl when there was no caryl to promote. In season 6 there was pretty much no promotion at all and that was true to what we saw on screen. In season five, there was plenty of promotion and we did get plenty of moments.

Now, this is the most caryl promotion we’ve ever got. They’ve trolled us before, yes, but never to this extent. Which is why I don’t think this is trolling at all. In the past, caryl promotion has always meant good things; plenty of promotion = plenty of caryl. And this has always been the case. There’s a difference between trolling and real promotion. What we’ve been getting in this hiatus - similar and even better than the hiatus leading up to S5 - is real caryl promotion, at its finest. 

So I see no reason why now, when the ratings are at a pathetic low, when TPTB knows they aren’t on good terms with most of the audience, when last season they “tricked” people into watching the premiere and it did not work out at all…why now would this change? Why now would TPTB promote caryl if there was no significant caryl moments? Why now, when what’s left of the fanbase is still pissed about last year’s trolling and baiting, would TPTB perform even more trolling and baiting? 

There is absolutely no logic whatsoever to this. It’s ridiculous, even for TPTB, who are dumb, but learned that their audience hates big cliffhangers and now they no longer do that. So they have learned from their mistakes. 

They spent time and money promoting caryl constantly and more than ever before, pairing them up in photoshoots like they’re already a canon couple, releasing promo pic after promo pic of them together. They know they need to work for their ratings now, and if we were to get no/little caryl, or moreover, if a different, far less popular ship were to happen instead of caryl, what would be the point? Caryl is the most popular ship on the show and they are a hit with the majority of the audience and have been for a long time. There would be no possible good outcome of tricking caryl fans into watching if the outcome didn’t deliver and instead they tried to serve up some new ship with a tiny fanbase (and we all know what a hit the Tobin arc was!!!). 

Anyway. What could TPTB possibly gain from promoting something completely successful and popular, if it isn’t going to be in the show? 

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Kinda a prompt. That meme of an accidentally sent dick pic.


“For the last goddamned time, Tony,” Clint complains, “it’s not even my dick.” 

“Why would you have other people’s dicks on your phone, Clint?” Tony says, patiently. 

“Yeah, Clint,” Bucky says, not looking up from his texting, “why would you have other people’s dicks on your phone?” 

“Oh my god you suck,” Clint mutters, half under his breath, and Bucky snorts. “Because my best friend is a troll who likes to make me choke in important meetings?” 

I’d like to -” Bucky starts, but Tony’s not listening. 

“I dunno,” he says, and he squints at his phone, then down at Clint’s - 

“Hey!” Clint yelps, and covers his crotch with his hands. 

“Look, they’re blond, it’s conceivable that it’s -”

“It is not my dick,” Clint yells, and Steve, walking in with a coffee, just blinks. He’s lived in the tower long enough to be mostly unfazed. 

“I think it’s your dick,” Tony says, and Steve blinks again. 

“Um,” he says. “Why are you looking at Clint’s dick?” 


I’d like to -” 

Tony cuts Bucky off. “Yeah, I’m gonna have to see some proof, Hawkguy,” he says, and Clint slaps both hands over his face. There’s the sounds of a struggle, and when he drags his hands away Bucky’s squinting thoughtfully at Tony’s phone. 

“That’s Steve’s,” he says dismissively. “Clint’s is bigger.” 



Yesterday I saw the Norwegian production of the book of mormon and I just have to say I love it. Here is some thoughts on the production and some of the actors:


  • First of all I just want to say I was really excited for the show because its reviews have been all positive. Oslo’s biggest newspaper ranked it as the best show of the season and a must see. The show is sold out until May and it has been commercials all over Oslo  for it. It was the directing debut of Vider Magnusson who plays the main character in one of my favorite sitcoms.  One thing I will complain about when it comes to the marketing is that it has been zero marketing stuff with ANY of the African villagers my mom didn’t even know it was going to be set in Africa because she hadn’t seen any pics of the non-white actors. 

General stuff:

  • I just to say right of the bat that my favorite actor in this was Preben Hodneland who plays Elder McKinley he was honestly the best thing about the entire production they had this thing were they made him walk slightly to the right on the stage (right in front of were I was sitting) and react to stuff it was hilarious. He splits the roll with another guy because he also plays in Romeo and Juliet in the same theater this season. I am seeing him and Romeo and Juliet this spring as well so he got me really geared up for that.
  • I sat on the second row and it felt like I could reach out and touch the stage I was insanely close. 

Hallo! (Hello!)

  • My mom’s favorite number 
  • All of the elders were really good and they all looked like clones. 
  • Frank Kjolsås who plays Kevin is SO TINY like he is smaller then all of the elders and all of the villagers (including the woman) it was just so  cute and was illustrated a lot during Hello!

To og to (Two by two)

  • Price pretended to not like how all the guys were calling him the best and then when he stopped he did this clicking thing that made them continue 
  • Instead of Norway being the land of trolls and gnomes it was the land of trolls and trolls. (My mom didn’t believe me when I told her they do actually mention Norway in the original English version)
  • Japan was the country go soy sauce and Pokemon Go ´, the audience lost it.
  • Arnold (played by the amazing Kristoffer Olsen who was actually in the last rounds of audition for Cunnigham on West ham as well) covered Kevin’s face all the time with his hand and it was extra cute because of the size difference. Here is a good pic I know he is crouching but he even when he was standing straight he was so much smaller then everyone else.

Du og eg (You and me)

  • I loved this part, the set did a really cool thing when everything turned and revealed the airport. 
  • Kevin’s sited couldn’t care less about her brother leaving btw she looked down the entire time. 
  • During “something incredible” Arnold was dragged off stage on a bench and he looked really surprised. 
  • At the end of the song the climbed up a ramp and stood there while Arnold tried to do a Titanic thing but every time he tried to hug Kevin he was pushed a little away. Also it reminded me of the lion king.
  • The whole stealing the bags thing was just amazing and funny 

Hasa Diga Eebowai 

  • Also a woman (played by Kim Fairchild) had a chicken the entire show which she never let go off and it dropped an egg and she picked it up and shoved it into her mouth. Then she showed it off to Nabalungi really proudly inside her mouth. 
  • Nabalungi is and will always be my favorite character. She was played by Anette Amalia Hoff Larsen.
  • When she showed of her typewriter she asked “where is the emojis” and started doing impressions of the different emojis to show her father what she meant
  • Kevin’s highpitch “Hva er det vi sier?” (what are we saying) was amazing, also when Arnold was dancing in the background singing Hasa DIga Eebowai he just had the best time in his life shaking around.

Skru det av!

  • The Elders first appearance in Africa. 
  • Everything was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriosuly when Arnold said “THAT IS ALMOST NO ONE” he looked ready to jump onto Elder McKinley who took a step back. 
  • The song was amazing the dancing and everything 
  • McKinely said “LOL NO!” when Kevin said it was okay to have gay thoughts.
  • Also Preben is really tall and lanky so him standing next to Frank was really funny he had to lean down. 
  • During the dancing bit at the end McKinley twerked. ( he did that every time he was supposed to dance it  was hilarious)
  • So when McKinley leads the boys to the room he tries to kiss Kevin and then he goes to the right side of the stage and mounts to the audience “OH MY GOSH HE IS SO HANDSOME” while crouching down really excited. Before pretending to hide a boner.
  • As said Preben killed it. 

Eg er her for deg (I am here for you)

  • I don’t know if it was intentional but sometimes Kevin actually smiled quite a lot during this number. Also Arnold kissed his cheek.

Den amerikanske profeten

  • Real fun and good
  • All of the elders really rocked this one
  • AND THE RÆV FUCKINGS NAKEN SHOWS Up (played by Markus Bailey )
  • and he was played by Onkel Markus from BarneTV  like what?? (barnetv is a tv show for kids between 2-8 that goes on the state channel before the news) 
  • Frank was covered in blood more then anyone else I have ever seen in any bootleg

Sal Tlay Ka Citi

  • Anette is amazing and deserves all the love for playing Nabulungi so well
  • It was this really cool blue lighting that made her seem really sad
  • The translation of this song was really good
  • She sort of clutched her typewriter for a while during this song. 
  • She went up on the roof on her house and sat down on her knees and it sort of looked like she was praying. 

Back to the elders

  • THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KEVIN AND MCKINELeY. Like Mckinley was trying to stop Kevin from leaving and Kevin looked like a ball of rage and McKinley tried to kiss him again. 
  • Arnonld almost started screaming screaming when Kevin left it was funny. 

Man up

  • “Kva gjorde Jesus da han ble dømt til å døy / Ble han redd og fikk panikk, sa han ‘dette e'kkje gøy’”
  • Arnold gets a lightsaber he uses to ‘slay’ Boba Fett and Darth Vader
  • All of the elders except McKinley was dressed up as toy soldiers
  • McKinley turns up behind Kevin in and started dancing. He was tweaking and having the time of his life and sometimes he would stop like he just realized what he was doing and stand there for a while before starting again
  • He was dancing naked on stage 
  • it was insane I died
  • Also a light fell down, this was not on purpose and shocked some of the actors. Nobody got hurt thankfully

Act 2

It starts with Joseph Smith coming onstage and dancing to a short instrumental of Man Up with disco lights

No finn du på ting igjen (Making things up again)

  • The people that showed up were two Hobbits, Moroni, Darth Vader, Cunningham Sr, Joseph Smith, Uhura from Start trek and Yoda (Yoda was played Elder McKinley)

Skikk’leg skikk’leg skummelt (Spooky mormon hell dream)

  • This was the number I liked the least
  • Monstly because of the translation
  • Once again Elder McKinley stole the show
  • He was wearing a pink glitter suit without a shirt and slid over the stage before blowing Hitler and having sex with Kevin’s dad
  • And the terrible vision that I had that night” was translated into “og eg drøymde forferdeleg natt etter natt” (“and I dreamt terribly night after night”) which implies that Kevin had the hell dream for like a weak at the minimum
  • Kevin didn’t wake up before McKinley slapped his ass 

Eg trur (I belive) 

  • 20/10 
  • The general’s license plate was RØV 1 or ASS 1 

Døpe meg (baptize me)

  • Nabulungi had put her hair up in this really cool bun that she ripped out when she started dancing
  • Arnold tried to lie really sexy on the roof on one of the houses and then he almost fell down and Nabulungi looked terrified 

Vi er Afrika (We are Afrika) 

  • Great number

Joseph Smith Amerikas Moses (Joseph Smith American Moses)

  • This pictures sums up everything:

I Morgon Er Ein Siste Dag (Tomorrow is a Latter day)

  • McKinley’s suitcase is blue with fake diamonds around the edges

If anyone gets a hold of an audio I will trade anything for it

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That's just it. They don't know them or how they interact. How are they happy for people who haven't shown themselves together? They know nothing about the girl. What exactly do they ship? That it's ABC?

Anything but SamCait it seems Anon….I know crazy huh?? 

Going forward remember this is wrong…..there is NOTHING to see here 

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And when they’re being adorable and cute and flirty….yep still not allowed

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When they look at each other like this…YOU MUST AVERT YOUR EYES!!

Originally posted by sjallepalle

The ultimate NO NO when Sam legit cannot contain his happiness & wants to devour her in front of EVERYONE….Yep there’s ppl watching Sam….but again look away…THIS IS WRONG!!

Originally posted by sassenach-j

When Sam points out he wants to keep Cait FOREVER…..yep that’s actually a top secret code for……..what I actually want is a blonde so and so actress who lives on the other side of the world & you know acts…..but like not really…..BUT is a pro at innuendo & allowing trolls to run a mockery of her Instagram and who’s like the complete opposite of Cait in every fricken way….okay Sam gotcha 

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So apparently there are new rules now and its actually OKAY to ship RL ppl… totes forgot the memo…but wait isn’t this invasion of the same privacy all you “true fans” were fighting so hard over the last 3years to protect…..hmmmmm

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Damn all these adorable pics just reminded me of how much I love the SamCait ship… yeah i’ll leave the hypocrites to their ass licking & cringe worthy tweets and vomit inducing hash tags and all I have to say to them is BUH BYE SHIPPERS

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#answered #yesimsnarkytoday #youareallshippersyouidiots #samcait

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The latest click bait from Star Magazine, a shot in the dark or an actual "whisper" from a source? Part of me says they were fed the info as SC don't normally make the gossip mag radar. The other part says Star was just jumping on last week's bandwagon and saw the number of hits they could generate.

Star is considered unreliable as a source for gossip blog fodder. If it’s a slow news day or something totally whack-ass they’re peddling, sites like Celebitchy, Dlisted, JJ or The Superficial might pick it up. There’s definitely a chain of headlines gaining traction because all of the sites shop each other for post fodder. However, it’s not the norm to consider Star legit and they are not reputable enough for anyone but bottom-of-the-barrel has-beens and their publicists to use as an info dump or for media coverage unless something has massively changed since I was in the game.

To answer another anon, I think they just pay attention to social media and what’s paying off for other sites with comments, retweets, shared posts, etc. Most sites and blogs regularly troll social media for pics and Star’s added text on their video was nothing new or revealing. Just a pretty copy and paste job in a new medium from last week’s flurry surrounding the pic.




It has been forever since I last went to a con as a seller :D I had so much fun and everyone was really nice to me omg apart from my friend who always feeds me things, I also got lot of sweets from others ; w ;;;; They ignore ‘Don’t feed a troll’ rule *noms them*


before I can’t stop myself from rambling, the last two pics are a thank you pics for the con lol Don’t you love flashy mr.Graves? XDD 

*forces myself to shut up and waves goodbye* Love ya all <3

Gordon Ramsay Hits Back At ‘Sick’ Online Trolls Targeting His Daughters

Gordon Ramsay has bared his protective side after hitting back at “sick” online trolls who commented on his Instagram pic to criticise the outfits his teenage daughters were wearing.

The famous chef shared a gorgeous family portrait from his twins, Holly and Jack’s, sweet sixteen birthday party.

The snap showed the twins alongside their sisters, 14-year-old Matilda, 17-year-old Megan, and a pal, Emma Montagu, with Gordon writing alongside the pic: “Very cool 16th birthday party @heddonstkitchen last night congratulations Jack & Holly #prouddad.”

However, the jovial mood soon turned sour when the photo was inundated with comments from users laying into the teenage girls for their outfit choices.

One wrote: “Wouldn’t let my daughter out like that. I’m 29 and I wouldn’t even go out like that. It’s called modesty.”

Originally posted by forthesnaketoeattherat

Others added: “Skirts are a bit short there, dad!

“Beautiful girls but let them be GIRLS. Those dresses are for grown a*s women

“Those girls are 16?? Jeez from the clothes I would have guessed 21.”

When asked about the negative comments, Gordon was eager to slam the haters, saying: “Like they have any right to suggest what our daughters wear….hilarious What next…. ”

Responding to another fan, he added: “Sick minded people Claire, my job is to teach my son how to respect girls.”

Which we think is a pretty brilliant response.

Fans have since flocked to the photo in question to flood it with positive comments, with many praising Gordon for being such a great dad and also slamming the haters for “sl*t-shaming” teenage girls.

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in the high school pic why do they have white ass names? they japanese?

yo anon, im not sure if you’re trolling or genuinely confused, so i’ll answer this.

in hesokuri wars, the osomatsu-san mobile game, they made a “high school musical au” (see pic below)

and yes, in this au, they canonically have these “english names” 
here’s the list: 

オーソン ・ パインフィールド
カーラ・ パインフィールド
チョロリー ・ パインフィールド
イッチー ・ パインフィールド
ジュシー ・ パインフィールド
トッド ・ パインフィールド

their last names are pinefield. yes. 
though their names dont have official spellings, so its up to fan interpretation.


Have some character design I still need to work on! They all live in the same universe (and story)

Serra’s parent’s abandoned her when she was 4 and she was then adopted by a few librarians. She reads a lot and know so much, but because she’s scared of people and new things she never leave the library/trust anyone.

Troll in the nice dress isn’t named yet and I already worked on her redesign. She will still be wearing nice clothes but more practical for her job. She’s a hunter with a cheerful personality!

Last two are different trolls kinds who live in the same forest. Their tribes(?) don’t like each other but they accidentally became friends. They’re the same age but small one is almost an adult (regarding their species) while tall one still has a long way to go! They’ll become very tall hairy and scary in the future.

More random info if you click on the pics!


Jaejoong’s friend xris_mas posted these pics lol at first everyone thought he’d gotten engaged to a man but they were trolling us 😂 however the red balloons and the YJ congratulations (last pic) made me think he knew exactly what fans would think 🤔

Jonghyun as your bf (SHINee)

[[Finally a Shinee scenario haha, I hope this is okay!! He’s so cute awh x]


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  • really talkative and loud
  • kind of protective but still pretty relaxed
  • he has to be the bigger spoon
  • would say romantic things really nonchalantly
  • casually drops the love bomb for the first time very randomly and out of context like you say a bad pun and he just “You’re lucky I love you,” and you just “??!??!?!?!?!?!!”
  • would send you vlog updates if he’s ever away so you don’t have to miss him
  • is really playful and teases you a lot
  • very proudly introduces you to everyone but they basically already know you cause he never shuts up about you
  • type to steal your things like where’s your hat? he has it
  • rlly cute and will force you into anything with aegyo if he has to
  • complains about you always wanting to cuddle but secretly he’s hoping for it
  • when he misses you a lot he sends rlly cheesy and lame things but when you bring it up “That never happened,”very comfortable with skinship but is conservative about it in front of other people (so limited PDA)
  • teaching you how to play piano/guitar
  • singing to you when you beg but rlly he’s just doing it to see you smile
  • type to give you the last slice of pizza but still be kinda salty about it
  • can be totally extra clingy for no reason randomly
  • spoils you all the time and will fight you if you protest
  • will also fight anyone who tries to say anything wrong to you
  • pretty happy and chill most of the time though
  • enjoys giving you casual heart attacks throughout the day with very nice pictures that you did not ask for
  • but if you do ask they’re gonna be derpy or troll pics like “You miss me and want to see me? Here is a picture of my sock.”
  • tight hugs that will probably end in him lifting you off the ground because how will you get closer
  • super sweet and loving and caring and always listens
  • never a moment of silence unless one of you is asleep why does he talk so much
  • really lets go in front of you so most of your time will be spent with him sprawled across you practically dead asleep
  • but its okay because when he’s sleepy he says “I love you” a lot cause no chill
  • just a rlly cute and fluffy boyfriend pls luv him