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That's just it. They don't know them or how they interact. How are they happy for people who haven't shown themselves together? They know nothing about the girl. What exactly do they ship? That it's ABC?

Anything but SamCait it seems Anon….I know crazy huh?? 

Going forward remember this is wrong…..there is NOTHING to see here 

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And when they’re being adorable and cute and flirty….yep still not allowed

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When they look at each other like this…YOU MUST AVERT YOUR EYES!!

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The ultimate NO NO when Sam legit cannot contain his happiness & wants to devour her in front of EVERYONE….Yep there’s ppl watching Sam….but again look away…THIS IS WRONG!!

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When Sam points out he wants to keep Cait FOREVER…..yep that’s actually a top secret code for……..what I actually want is a blonde so and so actress who lives on the other side of the world & you know acts…..but like not really…..BUT is a pro at innuendo & allowing trolls to run a mockery of her Instagram and who’s like the complete opposite of Cait in every fricken way….okay Sam gotcha 

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So apparently there are new rules now and its actually OKAY to ship RL ppl… totes forgot the memo…but wait isn’t this invasion of the same privacy all you “true fans” were fighting so hard over the last 3years to protect…..hmmmmm

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Damn all these adorable pics just reminded me of how much I love the SamCait ship… yeah i’ll leave the hypocrites to their ass licking & cringe worthy tweets and vomit inducing hash tags and all I have to say to them is BUH BYE SHIPPERS

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#answered #yesimsnarkytoday #youareallshippersyouidiots #samcait

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The latest click bait from Star Magazine, a shot in the dark or an actual "whisper" from a source? Part of me says they were fed the info as SC don't normally make the gossip mag radar. The other part says Star was just jumping on last week's bandwagon and saw the number of hits they could generate.

Star is considered unreliable as a source for gossip blog fodder. If it’s a slow news day or something totally whack-ass they’re peddling, sites like Celebitchy, Dlisted, JJ or The Superficial might pick it up. There’s definitely a chain of headlines gaining traction because all of the sites shop each other for post fodder. However, it’s not the norm to consider Star legit and they are not reputable enough for anyone but bottom-of-the-barrel has-beens and their publicists to use as an info dump or for media coverage unless something has massively changed since I was in the game.

To answer another anon, I think they just pay attention to social media and what’s paying off for other sites with comments, retweets, shared posts, etc. Most sites and blogs regularly troll social media for pics and Star’s added text on their video was nothing new or revealing. Just a pretty copy and paste job in a new medium from last week’s flurry surrounding the pic.

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in the high school pic why do they have white ass names? they japanese?

yo anon, im not sure if you’re trolling or genuinely confused, so i’ll answer this.

in hesokuri wars, the osomatsu-san mobile game, they made a “high school musical au” (see pic below)

and yes, in this au, they canonically have these “english names” 
here’s the list: 

オーソン ・ パインフィールド
カーラ・ パインフィールド
チョロリー ・ パインフィールド
イッチー ・ パインフィールド
ジュシー ・ パインフィールド
トッド ・ パインフィールド

their last names are pinefield. yes. 
though their names dont have official spellings, so its up to fan interpretation.

Gordon Ramsay Hits Back At ‘Sick’ Online Trolls Targeting His Daughters

Gordon Ramsay has bared his protective side after hitting back at “sick” online trolls who commented on his Instagram pic to criticise the outfits his teenage daughters were wearing.

The famous chef shared a gorgeous family portrait from his twins, Holly and Jack’s, sweet sixteen birthday party.

The snap showed the twins alongside their sisters, 14-year-old Matilda, 17-year-old Megan, and a pal, Emma Montagu, with Gordon writing alongside the pic: “Very cool 16th birthday party @heddonstkitchen last night congratulations Jack & Holly #prouddad.”

However, the jovial mood soon turned sour when the photo was inundated with comments from users laying into the teenage girls for their outfit choices.

One wrote: “Wouldn’t let my daughter out like that. I’m 29 and I wouldn’t even go out like that. It’s called modesty.”

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Others added: “Skirts are a bit short there, dad!

“Beautiful girls but let them be GIRLS. Those dresses are for grown a*s women

“Those girls are 16?? Jeez from the clothes I would have guessed 21.”

When asked about the negative comments, Gordon was eager to slam the haters, saying: “Like they have any right to suggest what our daughters wear….hilarious What next…. ”

Responding to another fan, he added: “Sick minded people Claire, my job is to teach my son how to respect girls.”

Which we think is a pretty brilliant response.

Fans have since flocked to the photo in question to flood it with positive comments, with many praising Gordon for being such a great dad and also slamming the haters for “sl*t-shaming” teenage girls.

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I've been trolling through adhd blogs since I was diagnosed (and medicated) last month... When I came across your number nine pic - the ones with the boy drawing on the wall. I seriously need more info on the too high a dosage thing... I'm supposed to be changing my dose as I need before checking in with the psych at some point, but my head has become an entire new monster.

I can only speak from personal experience. I’ve had a great psychiatrist who’s been very understanding and willing to work with me to find the right dosage.

I started off on a very low dosage, and was told I could try taking 2 pills instead of one to see if I more permanent higher dosage would work better. That didn’t work well for me. I felt like a machine that HAD to accomplish my tasks and if anyone tried to interrupt me, I felt very angry, which is an unusual emotion for me. I stepped up to the dosage in between rather than doubling it since the the low dosage I was on didn’t feel like enough, but double that was terrible, even for one day.

Fast forward to about a year and a half later, I don’t think my meds are working as well anymore. My psychiatrist says that it’s possible to build up an immunity plus I’m still on a pretty low dosage in the grand scheme of things. He suggests trying a higher dosage again. So we change my prescription. At first, this is great. I feel much more motivated and focused. But things go poorly again. Now it’s important to note, that I’m struggling with a lot more than just my ADHD at this time, I’m seeing a therapist trying to work through depression, self-esteem issues, and a mixed bag of anxiety problems. But being on the higher dosage meds is causing me to have a Bad Time TM. What I realized in hindsight is that the dosage was too high but I was trying to use it to compensate for all the other mental health problems. Instead, it just gave me a very specific kind of anxiety – like an external force pressing down on my sternum, a constant impending sense of doom. I’m introspective enough to know this isn’t my normal anxiety, this is something different and I realize it’s the meds.* Next time I see my psychiatrist, we lower my dosage back down and I’m feeling better.

Fast forward another two and a half years, I’m in a much better headspace; I’m better at coping with ADHD and managing my disability; and I’m at doing well at the new college I’ve transferred to. But I’m starting to feel that my meds aren’t right. I want to go up to a higher dosage, but I know the side effects and I don’t want that. I talk with my psychiatrist. He switches me to a different kind of medication (new: dexmethylphenidate vs old: methylphenidate). The new stuff is equivalent to a higher dosage of the new stuff but hopefully won’t have the same side affect as the old stuff. I lucked out! The new stuff is working great! 

I’m really happy with where my meds are right now. But it wasn’t always that way, and my needs changed over time. And not really over the course of a few days, this has been the span of years. 

The important takeaway is that you really need to know yourself and know what’s right for you. Be aware of changes in yourself and your behavior. What you need might change and hopefully you have a great doctor who you can talk about these things with, someone who’s willing to find the right solution for you. 

*Maybe one day I’ll get around to telling the story of when I stopped taking my meds and the small nightmare dealing with that was.

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If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. When it comes to Mackenzie many people in this fandom should act that way. She doesn't troll the fandom or asks for attention. She is living her life and shares moments of it. It now happens that she shares moments from places Sam is. But he's never in the pics, not tagged or anything. So it's easy to ignore. It's not her fault that people refused to listen to Sam and Cait last year. She shouldn't be punished with misogynistic comments.

Again, I completely agree. Some snark is ok, we can’t all like each other. But there is a limit. Even if she did post a picture of Sam, that would still be perfectly ok.

Here’s the long shot of the first dance with Sam and Mac to the left. It’s a really nice photo.

Here is the close up showing Mackenzie holding her phone ready to take a pic. There are no body language issues here, bs_ (or Boil Sucker as I will call her in the future if she is fortunate enough to make one of my posts). 

And here is the dancing shot from the video.  Easy to see Sam and Mac are having a good time. 

Most of us analyze situations in their entirety and include history and context. Tinhats and the IG troll Boil Sucker, have selective amnesia.  Nothing has changed since Sam’s birthday last year when his possible new relationship surfaced.  It’s still there and growing.  The slow reveal that Shippers dream about and speculate about has already happened.  Sam and Mackenzie came out as an official couple during Oscar’s week.  They have made every effort to see each other regularly (every single month) for a year now. Sam attended her brother’s wedding in Georgia.  They were at four different Oscar week events together.  They allowed Just Jared to name them as a couple and posed for a picture.  They allowed a hair and makeup artist to take their photograph at Mac’s home (I assume) and post it publicly on IG.  Sam/Cait never was and never will be.  

There is one Truth that runs through the Shipper community and that is that Shippers/Tinhats/ES/Trolls have NEVER BEEN RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING EVER! Think about that. NEVER! Are you going to listen to the people who have taken you down the wrong path for 3 years and have been wrong every step of the way or are you going to think for yourselves?  Once I did that, it all became clear.

PS I redid my original post from my laptop so the pictures would look better.

Jonghyun as your bf (SHINee)

[[Finally a Shinee scenario haha, I hope this is okay!! He’s so cute awh x]


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  • really talkative and loud
  • kind of protective but still pretty relaxed
  • he has to be the bigger spoon
  • would say romantic things really nonchalantly
  • casually drops the love bomb for the first time very randomly and out of context like you say a bad pun and he just “You’re lucky I love you,” and you just “??!??!?!?!?!?!!”
  • would send you vlog updates if he’s ever away so you don’t have to miss him
  • is really playful and teases you a lot
  • very proudly introduces you to everyone but they basically already know you cause he never shuts up about you
  • type to steal your things like where’s your hat? he has it
  • rlly cute and will force you into anything with aegyo if he has to
  • complains about you always wanting to cuddle but secretly he’s hoping for it
  • when he misses you a lot he sends rlly cheesy and lame things but when you bring it up “That never happened,”very comfortable with skinship but is conservative about it in front of other people (so limited PDA)
  • teaching you how to play piano/guitar
  • singing to you when you beg but rlly he’s just doing it to see you smile
  • type to give you the last slice of pizza but still be kinda salty about it
  • can be totally extra clingy for no reason randomly
  • spoils you all the time and will fight you if you protest
  • will also fight anyone who tries to say anything wrong to you
  • pretty happy and chill most of the time though
  • enjoys giving you casual heart attacks throughout the day with very nice pictures that you did not ask for
  • but if you do ask they’re gonna be derpy or troll pics like “You miss me and want to see me? Here is a picture of my sock.”
  • tight hugs that will probably end in him lifting you off the ground because how will you get closer
  • super sweet and loving and caring and always listens
  • never a moment of silence unless one of you is asleep why does he talk so much
  • really lets go in front of you so most of your time will be spent with him sprawled across you practically dead asleep
  • but its okay because when he’s sleepy he says “I love you” a lot cause no chill
  • just a rlly cute and fluffy boyfriend pls luv him

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Went to a con last month and forgot to tell you that I got glared at by a orihime cosplayer who was wearing that boob window dress cause I wanted to take a pic with a ichigo cosplayer and was wearing a rukia T-shirt and she said "oh how cute" when we took a pic I'm pretty sure she's one of the trolls on here

she was probably cranky since she got stuck in a shitty dress she could barely move in without exposing something


Five pages in my sketchbook.

This move has taken over my life. Send help.

But really this movie is so beautiful and perfect for me and it’s really inspired my creativity. I played with markers and coloring pencils and prefer the pencils. So thats why only like a page is in markers. Also I slowly developed my “style” for them until that last pic and I’m finally happy with them.

She’s singing “C'mon Marianne” by the Four Seasons, inspired by my new Strange Magic soundtrack.

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I have also seen the ML troll comment on the “radio insider’s” twitter feed. It is the same nasty bunch as usual with the same knee-jerk reaction on their twitter feed now: a few heroic tweets about how awesome Blake or Gwen was, a stunning pic of Gwen last night and their vicious volcano of bitterness erupts. They must be the most repulsive people to be around or live with.

They’re the kind of people that you see go viral being filmed at a Walmart yelling at somebody about how this is America and they should go back to their own country


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Shippy meme Jah'rakal and Rizzrack

Holy shit, I forgot I had some of those left to do.

Send in two (or more) names and I’ll fill all this out about the ship!


  • Rate the Ship -  
    Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
  • How long will they last? - Until one of them ends up killing the other, alternatively, when troll ends up trying to pawn Rizzracks’s timbersaw as scrap.
  • How quickly did/will they fall in love? - Was there love in the first place?
  • How was their first kiss? - Troll felt like bullying Rizzrack, and he did so by stepping in his personal space and forcing him to take a kiss on the lips.


  • Who proposed? - Rizzrack, he meant to marry the timbersaw, but Troll got so offended by that, that he decided to interrupt the wedding when the “priest” told to “speak now or forever hold your peace”, forcing Rizzrack to marry him instead. 
  • Who is the best man/men? - A mango, A blood stone and Nortrom.
  • Who is the braid’s maid(s)? -A lotus orb, A sheepstick and an euls.
  • Who did the most planning? - Rizzrack.
  • Who stressed the most? - Rizzrack.
  • How fancy was the ceremony? -
    Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
  • Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? -Troll Warlord, The grey ones and Pudge.


  • Who is on top? - Troll.
  • Who is the one to instigate things? - Troll.
  • How healthy is their sex life? -
    Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
  • How kinky are they? -
    Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
  • How long do they normally last? - Until troll is satisfied.
  • Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - No
  • How rough are they in bed? -
    Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
  • How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? -
    No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.


  • How many children will they have naturally? - 0
  • How many children will they adopt? - 1, the timbersaw.
  • Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Rizzrack, he does the maintenance, troll does the sabotage.
  • Who is the stricter parent? - Rizzrack.
  • Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Rizzrack.
  • Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Rizzrack, coal.
  • Who is the more loved parent? - Rizzrack.
  • Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? Troll.
  • Who cried the most at graduation? - Rizzrack.
  • Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Troll.


  • Who does the most cooking? - Troll.
  • Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Rizzrack.
  • Who does the grocery shopping? - Troll.
  • How often do they bake desserts? - Twice a week, troll doesn’t allow Rizzrack to try anything.
  • Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Troll is a meat lover, Rizzrack only gets to lick the bones that troll doesn’t chew on.
  • Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Neither.
  • Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Troll.
  • Who is more likely to burn the house down accidently while cooking? - Rizzrack.


  • Who cleans the room? - Rizzrack, troll forces him to.
  • Who is really against chores? - Rizzrack.
  • Who cleans up after the pets? - Rizzrack, maintenance.
  • Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Rizzrack.
  • Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Rizzrack.
  • Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Rizzrack, troll beated him for stealing his money.


  • Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Troll, Rizzrack rarely bathes as he needs his 20 layers of mud, sweat and dust to protect himself from pollen.
  • Who takes the dog out for a walk? - Rizzrack.
  • How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Rarely.
  • What are their goals for the relationship? - Troll’s goal is to see how much he can push Rizzrack before he either kills him or asks for a divorce, Rizzrack’s goals is to not die by the hands of the trees or by troll’s hands.
  • Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Troll.
  • Who plays the most pranks? - Troll.
Horns tutorial (Homestuck)

This is what we’ll be making, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Porexpan

2. Cutter

3. Thread

4. Headband

5. Papier-mâché (aka paper mache)

6. Hot glue gun + silicone rods

7. Acrylic paint (white, yellow and red)

8. Screws

9. Sandpaper

10. Drill

11. White glue

First things first, this tutorial has pictures of different horns because we hadn’t planned it beforehand (and we made a bunch of them at the same time).

1. You should draw a pattern on paper to decide the shape and size of your horns, also so you can try them on before actually making them to see if you like how they look. Afterwards draw this pattern onto the porexpan because this will help you understand the volume while carving.

2. We used porexpan as the base of the horns because it is really light and, believe us, you don’t want heavy stuff on your head. That is a key point if your character not only has horns, but wears glasses , fins, or some other accessory as it all adds up weight on top of your ears, which is really uncomfortable. That said, the next step is to carve the porexpan with the cutter carefuly following the pattern you’ve drawn on it.

Note: They usually have porexpan (which is some kind of…plastic cork?) at variety stores, but you may also find it in packages (it’s used to protect its contents), that’s to say: make sure you look into packages people have thrown away as you wouldn’t need to buy it then!

3. Once you have your desired shape, you can proceed to cover the horns with paper mache (you can use home-made paper mache, but the store one is way smoother). Once again, be aware of the weight, too much paper mache will make the horn heavier.

4. This step is optional if you like your horns rougher, but if you want them even you can use sandpaper to sand them. Might as well warn you that this process gets EXTREMELY long, but the results are nice.

5. Another optional step is to use thread to make the horns textured as you can see in the pictures. Be careful in your choice of thread as some threads are too shaggy, which makes it difficult to paint them later on. You can also get the textured feeling by doing a spiral motion with the silicone, but we wouldn’t recommend it because painting gets hard on a silicone surface. Back to the thread (quite literally), you can attach it to the horn with white glue or glue.

6. Now the step you’ve been waiting for: painting! We don’t have much to say on this one, but maybe the paint will be too transparent and you’ll need to put on many layers, so you may need to add white (because it’s more opaque). And that’s pretty much it. Oh, we almost forgot, you can attach the horns to the headband before painting them, but we prefer to finish them before that so we don’t stain it.

7. If your horns are small and light (such as Karkat’s or Terezi’s, or even Nepeta’s) you can use hair clips. If your horns are tall or heavier we recommend using black (duh, because the trolls hair is black) headbands. You can find the right place to put the horns on by trying on the headband with a mark on its center and playing around with the horns until you find their place. Afterwards you pierce both the headband and the horns with the drill to screw them, but we felt this wasn’t secure enough, so we put on some silicone.

Note 1: If you’re thinking of using hair clips, have in mind if your hair withstands them or not, since some people have really reaaally soft hair and hair-thingies fall down.

Note 2: On the picture of our Vantas’ horns the texturing method was silicone, also, we used  toilet paper + white glue instead of paper mache. Here comes a pic of the difference between textured and smooth.

8. Last one. Now we like to varnish them with latex so the paint won’t peel off.

And that’s it, hope it’s useful to you! C: Happy horning~

English isn’t our mother tongue , so if you didn’t understand something, feel free to drop an ask and we’ll do our best to explain it better c: Oh, and last thing, we said some obvious stuff, but it might come in handy anyway.

Spanish version

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That last anon and running away with things?😛 JD you have to admit you conjure up the worst case scenarios and are easily trolled by anons. Folks post about unseen pictures on picture desk and off you go. Who knows what they are. If they were juicy somebody would pay for them right and would have already and niraj and Emily would be tweeting like the supposed balcony pics. His PDAs with her have been gross and staged mostly by her. Yuck. Now maybe it's a way to drive traffic to your blog, 😜

You don’t know me, you haven’t read the blog, I conjure up the scenarios? really, we are going by a set pattern of her pap strolls and attention seeking!

The last sentence got something for you

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After my last post to forever defend Kotono Mitsuishi, who is a hero and role model to me that even tumblr trolls can’t dampen the joy of, I thought I would share some pics of this amazing and talented woman, the voice cast of “Crystal,” and some pics of but a few characters from her amazingly detailed resume.

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I literally have not been on tumblr for a week and shits hit the fan? What happened!? Sorry that I'm asking you but you always give the most accurate response if that makes sense.

Here’s a super short reenactment :D

- Russian simmer TractusOpitcus was posting her White sim with dreadlocs.

- Conflict with Black simmers ensued.

- Since I had made my stance on that argument time and time again I stayed out of that entire thing publicly.

- BUT the former simblr member but now just regular-gamer-part-time simmer @taultvec made This Post

- I liked her suggestion about making a hashtag to celebrate Black sims and their hair without adding to the conflict of telling other simmers to get off of tumblr for posting their white loced sims. So I made this post and invited ALL SIMBLRS to post their Black simmies with the tag if they wanted to be a part of it.

#ItsMoreThanJustHairSimblr was born!

- It didn’t last for 24 hours before most of the Russian/Ukrainian simblrs decided that they were somehow personally offended by this and began to troll the hashtag (Courtesy of TractusOpticus sharing the hairs that started the arguments with her fellow Russian/Ukrainian simblrs so they can derail the movement):


Make sure you read those hashtags. Here’s an HD pic of it.

So basically they are oppressing this movement because I said it was a hashtag for the empowerment of Black Sims and the culture surrounding our hair. I never said they couldn’t post their White sims with dreads on their blogs or post a black sim in the hashtag if they had any but because White Sims are excluded from this movement, they’re doing this. And they had the nerve to justify this by the anger they received when they started doing it.

That’s why this has turned into such a long drawn out thing. They just can’t wrap their heads around how they’re in the wrong for trolling this hashtag and how everything isn’t about them -_-