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Miles Kane at The Last Shadow Puppets shows
2008 vs 2016
The Age Of The Understatement vs Everyting You’ve Come To Expect


The #SummerOfSpies Is almost over. The last part of Spies Are Forever comes out Tuesday, August 23! Now is the perfect time to binge watch this new spy musical from the beginning.

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From LA based comedy group the Tin Can Brothers and Brooklyn based pop duo TalkFine comes a brand-new spy musical. Join world famous secret agent Curt Mega as his mission takes him undercover during the Cold War! Along the way, he must tango with a Russian femme fatale, waltz around a Nazi villain, and samba through a horde of outrageous characters. With a license to kill and the voice of an angel, Mega must stay alive, complete the mission, and prove that the deadliest weapon of all is a little song and dance!

Book by Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, & Corey Lubowich
Music & Lyrics by Clark Baxtresser & Pierce Siebers
Directed by Corey Lubowich
Curt Mega is Agent Curt Mega
Mary Kate Wiles is Tatiana Slozhno
Lauren Lopez is Cynthia Houston
Joe Walker is The Deadliest Man Alive
Tessa Netting is Barb Larvenor
Al Fallick is The Informant
Joey Richter is Agent Owen Carvour
Brian Rosenthal is Dr. Baron Von Nazi
Under the Ruins of  a Walled City | Chapter 19
Under house arrest while Rey and Leia try to decide what to do with him, Ren makes secret preparations for the final destruction of Snoke and writes letters to Hux that receive no response. In prison awaiting sentencing for his war crimes, Hux tries to summon some enthusiasm for his defense against the cries of billions who want him executed.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Next chapter is up!! The last of the ‘teen’ chapters, and now this part of the story is over 300k, welp. Moving into the final conflicts of the overall series here, I’m excited as always to hear what people think.

(ALSO I intend to finish catching up on comments tomorrow– my goal was to do so today, but I had only coffee for lunch and got a literal fuel tank-draining sensation around 6pm, gonna go eat something now :B)

Made something for my parents and stuck this at their fridge door~ It’s Dazai at Bar Lupin~ 🍻

Hidden Beauty- Part 2

Second and last part! (at least for now lol) Hope you enjoy it! This is really short i’m sorry babes

Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1K

Warnings: SMUT

Your hand is grabbing his hair while your mouth works on his neck. You make sure to leave a big purple mark on his skin before going down to his collar bone. Bucky’s hands travel below your shirt and to your ass. You grind on him, moans coming out of his mouth. You stop kissing him to remove your shirt and throw it across the room. Before Bucky’s mouth can attack your boobs, you push his shoulders, making him lay down completely on his bed. You kiss your way from his collarbone to his stomach, licking his v-line while your hand grabs his throbbing member. He groans loudly when you put his dick in your mouth, taking as much as you can. His hand grabs your hair while your hands run up and down his stomach, making him close his eyes tightly. You look up at him, batting your eyelashes and sucking harder. Bucky bits his bottom lip while looking at your innocent expression and then he closes his eyes again, feeling his orgasm building up. You feel his dick twitch and you know he’s really close. You swallow his orgasm and lick your lips. You try to get up, but he grabs your hand making you turn back to him.

“Where do you think you are going, doll? It’s my turn now.” You chuckle at his words and he pulls you to him, kissing your lips.

He lifts you up and quickly turn you over, your back hitting the mattress. He copies your actions and leaves hickeys all around your neck and collarbone. He then goes to your breasts, sucking and nipping at your hard nipples. You pant while he makes his way down your stomach, licking your belly button making you giggle. He looks up to your eyes and you spread your legs wider for him. He kisses your inner thigh making you whimper in eager. He chuckles at you and positions himself in front of your center. At first, he kisses slightly your folds, making you gasp. Then, his tongue starts to suck at your bundle of nerves making you moan loudly. Your hips twitch involuntary at what he is doing to you and his arms hug your stomach, pinning you to the bed and avoiding your movement. Your hands travel to his hair and you massage his scalp, making him groan into you, the vibrations causing you to moan louder. His metal arm stays on your stomach while his flesh fingers enter you. You tug at his hair harder, the pleasure making you arch your toes. You feel the orgasm hitting you, but Bucky doesn’t stop sucking. You try to move out of his grip, but the metal arm doesn’t move, making your orgasm feel ten times more intense than usual. You are sure the whole tower is hearing your moans, but you can’t avoid it. He licks all your juices and let you go. You breath heavily, still not over the orgasm you just experienced. Bucky kisses your mouth softly, tugging at your bottom lip. He starts kissing your neck again, making you sigh in pleasure. He hovers over you and you can see that his eyes are darker and full of lust. You look down biting your bottom lip to see that his dick is fully erected. You chuckle and run your hands trough his long hair.

“Still not satisfied, Barnes?” He kisses your lips.

“This is your fault, doll.” He grabs the back of your knee and push your leg up.

You rest your calf on his shoulder and he runs his metal arm down your thigh. Without any warning, he slams himself in you, and you let out a moan. He waits until you are comfortable to start moving. His movements are fast, the room filled with the sounds of your hips slamming into each other. He hovers his body closer to you, hitting that magical spot that makes you go wild. You dig your nails on his back, leaving scratches. Bucky moans at how you feel around him and your nails dig deeper on his skin.

“Fuck- you feel… So well baby girl.” He bits his lip and opens his eyes. “C’mon, play with your little pussy for me.” You do as he tells you so, your hands slipping from his back and down to your clit.

You start to move your fingers in circular motions and you close your eyes, the feeling overwhelming you. He snaps your hand away, replacing it with his own. He starts to thrust faster, if that’s even possible and you keep screaming at the feeling. You feel your orgasm coming and you grab the sheets beneath you. “Fuck, James!” You are sure your words send him over the edge, because he orgasms almost at the same time as you do.

You pant, your throat sore for screaming so loud. He thrusts a few more times and then he rolls over to lay next to you. His metal arm is on his chest while he tries to catch his breath. You smile while you put the blankets over the both of you. You turn to your side and feel Bucky’s arms grab your waist firmly, pulling you to him. He snugs his head into your hair and you giggle at him.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, doll.” You bit your lip at his confession.

“I love you, Bucky.” You close your eyes and wait for his answer.

“I love you, (Y/N).” You smile like a little girl and he kisses the back of your neck before falling asleep.

Appetite for Destruction (Part 10)

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1340

Summary: AU. Love happens where you least expect it, like with your fiance’s brother after you’ve just moved across the country to live closer to his family.

Warnings: Infidelity, Angst,  Smut, Crying.  (Apologies if I missed any.)

A/N:  Loosely based on 2:20: What Is and What Should Never Be and of course named after one of the greatest rock albums of all time.  

Okay, wonderful people.  This is that last part.  All I have written for this story.  And so now you get the choice of this being it, or if you want about 2-5 more chapters.  But regardless, I want to thank everyone that’s read, liked, reblogged, commented, or messaged me about this story.  You’re all amazing and wonderful and I really appreciate it.  

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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Choosing to be a child would have been easier.  She could have packed a bag, and left that evening, emailing her boss, leaving a voice message on Sam’s phone.  

Choosing to do the right thing was harder.  

Choosing to care for herself was the hardest.  

Instead she took a shower and went to bed, pretending to sleep when Sam came home later, the bed dipping as he crawled in beside her.  The next day she submitted her two-week notice. The day after that she tried to tell Sam the truth.  She failed, and tried the next day, and the day after, and the day after.  

Two weeks passed and the date circled on her calendar had finally come: the date she would leave Kansas and her engagement.  Y/N sat to write the words she couldn’t find the voice to say.


We like to believe we’re the hero of our own story.  I think most of us go through our lives without being tested.  We live in a fantasy perpetuated by gentle seas.  But there are moments in life when you’re tested, when you truly meet yourself and discover that you’ve been the villain all along.  

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Domestic Life: Part 4 [She's Mine Now: Part 2]

[The last half was deleted while I was working on it :( So I hope it still works. Not a fluff piece.] Warnings: Profanity, injury, torture, abusive ex, It is Gotham after all.

Your laying on a cold metal bench in what looks like a locked examination room.

Pain shoots through your entire body jolting you into consciousness. You’ve been shot straight through your side. But you remember that. What you don’t remember is…


You screeched, quickly turning into whimpers of pain coming from all over. You were in bad shape. Yeah, you remember getting shot, but doing a once over on yourself now you realize you’ve most likely had the shit beaten out of you. From what you could tell you’ve now got 3 cracked ribs, a fractured wrist, and that God Damn knee again! You look down only to see your fucked up left knee is horribly misplaced. The bruises around your neck and eye doesn’t even register.

“What in the fuck have you gotten yourself into this time (y/n)…”

You trail off trying your hardest to not succumb to the pain again when strange yet familiar humming wafting under the locked door as the sound of heavy footfalls approach.

“Twas Brillig, And the slithy toves, Did gyre and gimble…..”

The humming fades in and out. The strange melody finally pierces the veil the pain has pulled over you. It was a simple melody from your abusive ex’s favorite move… Alice in Wonderland. ‘Uuughmygod how is he not dead?!?!’ This mother fucker must have really gone off the deep end to pull a stunt like this while you’re with Mister J.

You hear the jingling of keys as the melody continues.

“ All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.”

As the last of the melody was sung the door flings itself open and the figure of a tall slender man in what looked like a cheap knock off of Mister J’s fine purple suits steps in.

“Well hello there my dear.”

The man shrilled at you. Dear lord how you hated him.

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah hello Arther. So you managed to climb out of that hell hole we left you in at Arkham did ya?” You nearly spit at him.

“Hmmm… oh that’s right my dear (y/n), you left so quickly with that Joker you never even considered how I may have faired did you?” His yellowed eyes now throwing daggers at you.

[ Some back story.]

Many years ago you were a bright and talented Vet assistant dating a tall and brilliant therapist named Arther Cunningham. You two went relatively well together despite the mental games Arther liked to plague you with. But you were always a push over back then, never thinking you could find, or even deserved better. That is until you visited Arther at work one day when he was volunteering at the infamous Arkham Asylum.

You never much cared for the place. Seemed more like a zoo then a mental hospital to you, but then again as Arther would have said, ‘What did you know? You were just a pretty face with a fancy title after all.’ While visiting him you two got in a fight over God only knows. Things got heated and out of hand as he slammed you through his office door onto the glass of an inmates cell. You vividly remember the first time you heard J’s gravelly low and most of all deadly voice pierce through you as he addressed your assailant.

“Now now Now Doc.” He hissed from the dark corner of the cell.

“ That’s no way to treat a sweet young lady like…” He paused as he approached the glass gazing deep into your (e/c) eyes that were crying for help.

“What is your name Kitten?” He had purred at you.


You gasped as Arther tightened his grip around your neck cutting off what little air you could get. The Joker’s eyes moved from yours to Arther’s.

“You there, doc. You better put my new Kitten down before you regret it.”

The Joker had spit the words, chuckling knowingly at Arther revealing his silver toothed grin which made him look even deadlier then he already seemed.

“And what the fuck are you gonna do about it Clown?” Arther laughed at the Joker has he cut off your air completely, lifting you up the glass of the cell wall.

When all of the sudden a loud *BOOM* knocked Arther to the floor releasing his grip on your throat as the outer wall of his office explodes and what resembled a strike team blew in. They immediately started working on the door of J’s cell. Busting it open in under a minute. The Joker strode out of his cell straight to you lowering his hand as an offer of help. You had heard the stories, hell you lived in Gotham right? He should have scared the shit out of you, but he didn’t. He came to your defense. And now he was helping you get away from that abusive ass hole. You had looked up at him, his hand out stretched, white garments hanging open revealing his many intricate and quite frankly gorgeous tattoos which decorated his lean and muscular chest. His green hair had been a mess not the neat slicked back style you came to know. He looked positively deadly, bare feet and all.

“You comin’ baby doll”

He called still waiting for you to catch your breath. Without anymore hesitation and not a single word you grabbed his hand and headed out the newly formed exit to Arkham.

Arther called out after you calling you a bitch and a whore. Putting your hand into that of a man’s you later came to know as Frost. The Joker nearly skipped back through the debris to where Arther had been trapped by a piece of wall. With a swift kick to his temple the Joker spat in Arther’s now bleeding face and growled

“She’s MINE now.”

He turned back wrapping your arm in his as he gave the order to ‘tourch it’. While you and the Joker boarded the waiting copter, one of his men finished spreading accelerate on the debris and set it alight. With a sigh of relief you truly had believed that was the last time you would see Arther. ]

“Nope. Not at all.” You chirped.

“I was busy getting to know my new fella.”

You would have found this hilarious if you hadn’t been in so much pain.

“So why in the HELL am I here Arther.” Your eyes narrowed as the thin man starts to make his was around the room.

“Well you see my dear. You left me in a tight spot all those years ago now didn’t you.” He stops a few feet away from you looking you up and down.

“Ha I’m frankly amazed your still so spray with all those injuries. You would have swooned long before this back then.”

He cackles stalking around the room. He seriously looked like an extremely cheap rip off of Mister J. Too funny.

“Yeah I’ve grown a lot since that little push over you knew.” You spat as pain shot through your ribs.

“Now, now, let’s keep our heads about us no?“

His grin exposed his teeth now a cracked mirror of what they use to be. This whole thing was just to damn funny. Strange laughter erupts and if you hadn’t felt it bubbling up from your bruised and bloodied lungs you would have sworn it was J laughing.

Arther stares, you laughing looking half mad.

“Oh my dear you’re just as crazed as that Clown now aren’t you?” He chuckled.

‘Maybe I’ve been spending to much time with J. I’m starting to sound like him.’ The thought was just a crack up to you. You bust out with a second wave of manic laughter sending blood spurting from your mouth.

“hahaha…. he’s going to kill you…. I hope you know that…. hahaha” You choked out, with new waves of pain flowing with every breath. Arther’s eyes narrow.

“Your Clown isn’t gonna want the used up mess I’m gonna send him back when I’m done with you. (y/n)”

The venom dripped from every word. Your laughing fit had left you light headed and in pain. You watch as Arther reaches the far side of the room and hear the sound of metal surgical tools hitting the table in the corner were he now stood.

“Your that… that… CLOWNS precious ‘Kitten’ now aren’t you?”

His eyes blazed as he picks up a sharp scalpel and stalks towards you, the sharp implement glinting in your already hazy eyes. He begins to push on your already broken body, pressing you completely down on the bench you have been laying on.

“Well then, let’s make sure you NEVER! forget what you are my dear.”

Your arm cracks as he puts his full weight onto your broken bones to steady you as he starts to carve into the delicate skin on your collarbone. You scream in agony as your vision fades. Your mind races. ‘Fuck, I think I’m screwed. I’m sorry J.’ And with that last thought you fall unconscious. Completely unaware of the horrors that are being done to your limp, lifeless body….

- To Be continued -

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now I realize why saying “feminine” never felt right. like it never felt like the whole picture, like it was incomplete.

I’m not feminine, I’m agender, and a boy. and I can dress with clothes from the women’s section and I’m not any less of either. I’m going to be so pretty and no one can stop me.

{ X } - @amorctto

Her eyes strayed off of Gabe and wondered the bar, mind caught between the conversation and all the recent happenings.

She seemed caught off guard, when the inquiry was thrown back at her, her cheeks even becoming a bit flushed when he brought up Xavierre. It was as if he were implying something.

“I’ve been fine. Nothing spectacular, but overall everything has been…” she rolled her eyes slowly, mocking deep thought as she smiled. “As good as it could be being a Merlow right now.”

She said the last part rather lightheartedly, despite how stressful things have gotten.

“I actually came to ask something about Alessio. I hope you don’t mind answering?”