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I watched the live stream of the RPDR premiere on the VH1 site (dm me if you need the - legal - hack for it) and I have something to say:

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  • holy fuck do all American tv shows have so many commercial breaks 
  • I am not a Gaga stan but I sort of wish she was a permanent judge, her critiques were on point and she was obviously SO into it. We’ll I’d be into it too if I there was a drag ball inspired by myself
    (*Ru voice* category is: sweatpants realness)
  • which made me think of this scene in last week’s Feud:

spoilery observations:

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can you believe the eycte tour started a year ago today… year ago miles and alex got back on a stage as the last shadow puppets for the first time in eight years….one year ago we got a surprise periscope livestream and heard all the songs on eycte for the first time….one year ago a crazy, amazing tour began….we had no idea what we were in for…..

I realised today that I have avoided watching/reading anything Merlin related since it ended. I repressed that shit to the point where I forgot how much I loved it. Like I genuinely forgot. My best friend and I used to watch random episodes when it was still airing, hell we used to rewatch whole season’s when it was airing, and after it ended I remember for a couple of years she would ask if I wanted to watch an episode of Merlin whenever we had nothing better to do and I’d say no. We havent even spoken about Merlin in the last 2 years! But a couple of days ago when it was late and we were tired and wanted something to watch before bed. She said what about Merlin? I said omg I haven’t watched that in ages! Sure… but can we do one of the lighter episodes? She agreed. And fuck did I remember. We watched the episode titled Once and Future Queen where Arthur and Gwen first kissed and I don’t think I breathed the entire time. I was transfixed… I had forgotten everything and everyone. I had just repressed it all. I think the last 4 years I had lived in complete denial of everything that happened including me ever having even watched the show. My best friend said I refused to even discuss or talk about it. And I remember vaguely saying lets not talk about it right now whenever she started discussing anything to do with the show, but I didn’t realise I hadn’t spoken about it for 4 years! Any way the floodgates have opened and I’m rewatching everything and I literally just cry through every episode. I’m just coming to the end of season 2 and I’m a fucking mess. Like I cry in the shower thinking about them. And when its past 3 in the morning and I force myself to stop watching and go to sleep I end up on YouTube watching fan videos and crying some more. It’s been an intense couple of days. I think I’m broken.

Moral of the story: don’t shut down and wait four years to mourn anything. When it all finally hits you you’ll be worse for it.


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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In six days when you go to vote, consider this: 33,000 people were killed by guns last year. No matter what your feelings about the 2nd Amendment, that’s a heartbreaking number—and one we ought to be able to bring down. MTV’s Elect This (@electthis) is hosting an Issue Time on gun violence with activists, firearm instructors, and veterans—real experts. 

See what they have to say.


- Dan literally wearing a trash bag that said ‘Phil Trash #1’ nbd
- and let’s not forget the “dads of the year” award
- Dan dragging Phil for his ‘brrrmany’ tweet lmao (he had it coming to be fair)
- “Hallo, mein Name ist [ Dan ]”
- I C O N I C
- “You want me to choke you?…I’m not gonna say dad like I did in Dublin" D A N
- We made Dan name the lama “Merkel” and he just went “I feel like we’re just trying to see how fast Phil and I can get deported” lmao
- “That sounds like a few Dutch eagles mating over there” followed by “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING THAT WAS SO OFFENSIVE”
- also before the show started they played Youth and I feel like we screamed just as loud as during the show we’re all still Troye trash

The party in this story are a group of low-level wizards (and only low-level wizards) who were tasked with completing their “last chance exams” at Wizard Academy™ for a chance to graduate with the rest of their cohort. It was a one-shot dungeon crawler style of game where we rotated the DM for every room. Given our level and abilities, rooms featured such challenges as battalions of house-cats, CR-reduced mimics and baby bugbears that still frequently required us to take long rests as the DMs swapped. After much trial and error (and only a few near deaths) we made it to the final test: a battle against a junk golem-style monstrosity that had access to wild magic.

Of particular importance: the current DM was an English/History teacher while Players One and Two both studied higher mathematics at university, and after an earlier incident the only serious rule we were following was “no retcons”.


 *rolls particularly well* With a great tear, a portal opens to the Elemental Plane of Cats! Ten housecats immediately appear in the arena, and more housecats begin pouring through the rip in reality at an exponential rate - 


Wait, exponential?


Yes, that’s what I said.


That’s… that’s a lot of cats, dude.


 Nah, it’s not that many.


No, she’s right, that’s a 


of cats. *does the math* Yeah, see, if we started out with ten housecats, and assume that the exponential growth is per round per cat, you’ve got a hundred housecats at the end of next round, and over a thousand after that - 

DM, starting to realise his mistake:

Look, all right, I misspoke, we’ll retcon that - 


Hell no, you wouldn’t let me retcon licking the mimic earlier; exponential house-cats!

Other players:

Exponential house-cats!


 I don’t have enough minis for this…

Long story short, the house-cats killed the golem and almost killed us until someone Prestidigitation’d catnip back through the tear in reality.

“Exponential” is now a byword in our group for “poorly phrased description that will backfire horribly” and that DM has never used it to describe anything since.

I threw away two out of the three hoodies you’ve given me.
I can’t find the third one.
Just kidding, it’s entangled with the blankets on my bed,
exhausted from its debut last night as my favorite pajama.
BUT we aren’t focusing on that.
WE are focusing on the the other two that I DID throw out.
It was surprisingly easy.
Probably as easy as it was for you to quit on me.

You love Rocky Balboa.
My dad’s name is Rocky.
Thanks Jesus, how long have you been waiting for THAT one to play itself out?
What once was a simply ironic and friendly reminder of the messenger of your favorite quote,
is now a smurf bite on my heart…ouch.

A friend of mine and I were talking about math
He says he likes math,
I say that you do too
He asks why and
I tell him because math has a definite answer.
You like definite answers
I tell him maybe that’s why it’s so hard for you to love.

I’m not angry.
I don’t blame you,
but I blame myself.

Dear self,
I am sorry that I did not love you enough
to recognize that his lack of love and affection towards you
was undeserved.
I am sorry that I put him before our worth.

Dear You,
I am sorry for nothing
other than the fact that you will not be getting your sweat pants back,
I know they were your favorite,
But hey, I gave you every favorite piece of me that I had to give,
so lets just call it square.

—  l0velym1stake 

anonymous asked:

I wanted to see all the times that Harry wore monogrammed clothing and felt like you would be the right person to ask?

i am genuinely honored that u felt i would be the right person to ask. you were correct; this is precisely what i live for. so, let’s begin.

ig for starters i’ll say that technically monograms are typically initials so we haven’t seen him wear much in that regard, but he has a seemingly endless supply of shirts, etc. embroidered with his name, either first or last. and he did, however, don this banana yellow monogrammed polo as a sapling in 2011, aka The Beginning™. 

and his tailor, jac hui, stitches his initials into the trousers he tailors for him (these are the ones he wore to the 2015 bbc music awards).  

and he has a number of styles shirts….

one of which he wore to jingle ball LA and again this past april 

and another on the Gay Yacht™

and another in this pic w/lux

which i’m not certain bc it’s hard to tell and i can’t rly see the collar, but i assume is this one from the another man archive…

also feat. in this pic that harry lambert posted…

and a harry jacket that i won’t rest until i see him wear again

and bonus he has personalized stationary w/his initial and full name.

I am very thankful CHB: Confidential is coming because last night @nerdyadventures and I were talking about this. Camp’s schedule that is part of the Ultimate Guide book.

Since most of the quest are happening during the summer, we don’t really know how camps go on during the rest of the summer, we got a few glimpses during The Lighting Thief and there are some mentions from time to time but here is the full schedule and I just want to say some things:

  • THEY ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY, I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THIS, but it totally makes sense, they are at camp for months and they have a fixed schedule to do laundry.  I’m sure every cabin has a different one but like WHERE DO THEY DO THE LAUNDRy? Do they have a special place to dry everything or you are going to walk and see your other campers clothes hanging while being dry? THIS WOULD SUCK AND MAKE YOU THE TARGET OF SO MANY PRANKS AND REVENGE
  • Letters to home is probably the campers having free time because some of them might not want to write letters to their place or don’t have anyone to send.
  • WRESTLING. they have wrestling and omg, little Percy being beaten over and over and over and then not so little Percy being able to win matches. 
  • You bet your ass Percy and Annabeth both have strawberry picking at the same time.
  • STORE CHECKS. I KEEP FORGETTING THEY HAVE A STORE. How do they even pay for it!? Like WHERE DO THEY GET THE MONEY? Do they have to do inventories, is the Hermes cabin even allowed to do inventories? 
  • If a cabin is in charge of an activity, how do they work around that plus having their own schedule? Do cabin counselors have a different one since they are probably in charge of the activities? 
  • Does cabin leaders go and negotiate their schedules to Chiron? “Look I don’t mind teaching swordfight 3 hours non-stop, but you gotta take me out of firework making”

Can May 2 come already and have the book released because I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS 

subject-themed asks!!

mathematics: a problem in your life you need to solve
physics: something someone has said or done that moved you
biology: the last thing that made you feel alive
zoology: the animal you’d be if you weren’t human
chemistry: have you ever been in love?
astronomy: the biggest dream/aspiration you have
computer science: who you want to be in ten years time
psychology: your biggest flaw and how it makes you better
sociology: what you would change about society if you could
geology: the person who keeps you most grounded
theology: what do you think happens when we die?
geography: a place that’s special to you and why
anthropology: the people you love least and most and why
history: the biggest mistake you’ve ever made
drama: the last lie you told and why
criminology: the number one person you’d die for
literature: a book that changed you forever
english: your favourite word and why
linguistics: an expression you say a lot
creative writing: tell us a short story about a dog and a peach
art: describe yourself using only colour and nature terms
photography: what would your life look like as a single photo?
dance: the most memorable day of your life
woodwork: the life you would want to build for your child
foreign languages: if you were a country, which would you be and why?
classics: the elderly person you’re closest to and what they’ve taught you
music: the most beautiful lyric you can think of
economics: the most valuable material object you own
health: how is your mental health right now? physical? emotional?
physical education: would you rather work in a team or independently?
food technology: something that makes you warm inside

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I’m playing as a witch in our newest campaign….magic is a lot harder than I thought.

Context: we’re in a cave and the party split up. 4 people just fought 9 spiders and all but one were knocked out. Now it’s me and 2 other people trying to fight spiders in a different part of the cave and one girl was already knocked out and inflict light wounds isn’t doing much for me.

Me, panicking: should I use my crossbow? Should I use a spell?

our DM, who is trying DMing for the first time: why don’t you use one of your hexes?

me: they wouldn’t fit in this situation…

the sorceror, who is really good at pathfinder and DMs a lot: I told you misfortune would be a good idea…

me: DON’T YELL AT ME!!! ALL I HAVE IS “KILL SHIT” (blight) AND “TALK TO SPIDERS” (tongues, in which I could have spoken to the spiders for a minute)


Me: is it too late??

our DM: well, you already cut 2 of its legs off so it probably won’t want to listen to you

40 Prompts List

I threw together a bunch of my favorite prompts ideas since I’ve been suffering from writer’s block and need the inspiration. Feel free to reblog!

  1. “I don’t want to stop loving you.”
  2. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.”
  3. “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me, but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”
  4. “Promise me you’ll stay.”
  5. “I didn’t want it to end, I just thought you’d be better off without me..”
  6. “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”
  7. “If this is the last time I see you, know that I love you more than anything.”
  8. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.”
  9. “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”
  10. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”
  11. “Please.. don’t leave.”
  12. “We were never just friends.”
  13. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
  14. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  15. “I miss you every second of every day.”
  16. “I’m trying to forget you the best I can, but damn it, we belong together.”
  17. “You say I got us into this, but you didn’t stop it from happening, either.”
  18. “I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”
  19. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”
  20. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  21. “You’re too good for this world.”
  22. “How long do we have?”
  23. “Do you think we’re bad people?” 
  24. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  25. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  26. “We always have a choice.”
  27. “Is that a threat?”
  28. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  29. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  30. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  31. “We have to stick together.”
  32. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  33. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  34. “How did you find me?”
  35. “Who did this to you?”
  36. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  37. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  38. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  39. “You make me feel invincible.”
  40. “I’ll keep you safe.”
“I got a chance to have a small conversation with her.”. She said. “She’s indeed nice. And she’s an interesting person.”. She continued, as she smiled a little. She knew what she has to say. She needed to let him go, and she knew only one person who could take care of him more than anyone else. Of course it will hurt her so much but some things never lasts the way we wanted it to. “I know you weren’t mine anymore. Or maybe you were never even mine from the very start. The moment I saw the two of you together, I knew then that I lost you already even if you haven’t told me about it yet. You know it hurts, but you have no idea how much it would affect me and my damn heart. Because it’s me, who will have to fight these feelings of mine, just to make you happy. Just to see you smile, I need to hide every little tear that’s going to come out. But don’t worry about it, I can do that—for you. Anything for you. I always do that, right? ”. She smiled as if she can’t feel any pain inside her. She wasn’t mad at him. She wasn’t mad at anyone else. She was just so sad she thinks she can’t say any word anymore. But in the end, she told him one thing she hoped he would do. She gently grabbed his hands and said, “Please do me one last favor. Please be happy. This time, please be really happy—do it for me. Will you? ”. Without waiting for an answer, she let go of his hands and walked away—without looking back. But with the acceptance that things between them will never be the same anymore.
—  ma.c.a // Love and Understanding
BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jimin

Fatherhood BTS Series 

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  • his babies inheriting his chubby cheeks and adorable smile
  • it would be such a cute family in general like wow
  • smol and soft dad
  • they would also probably inherit his smol hands too
  • his babies doing the thing were they latch onto his tiny fingers with their even tinier ones

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This is why I'm the charismatic one

(So me and a few other friends were doing a Fallout-4 scenario, and the rest had died leaving me, a raider with max charisma, my friend (we’ll call him Morgan), a vault dweller with max intelligence and the DM. We were searching for the Institute but we were attacked and robbed. We did all this with a six sided die)

DM: You arrive at the Institute, with no weapons or protection. What do you do?

Morgan: I commit suicide.

Me: Wait what?

DM: Ok but you have to roll a six, or you’re stuck in the game

*Morgan proceeds to roll a six*

DM: OH MY GOD- fine whatever, you’re dead now,
*he turns to me*
DM: what do you want to do

Me: I try to befriend the Institute

*rolls a 6*

Morgan: I want to convince Ryan to join me from beyond the grave

*rolls a 3*

DM: You consider his offer, before deciding against

Me: I roll to shoot the DM

*rolls a 5*

DM: you do realise i’m just like, a voice in your head right

Me: oh shit

DM: You proceed to shoot yourself in the head, dying instantly

Morgan: are you serious Ryan


Before the Ride Home

Well let me start by saying I’m working in Teddy store now 1-2 nights a week.  So its been great esp after we close and before he drives me home.  Last night something happened that I was so nervous but so hot.  When I work Teddy makes me wear just a short tight dress and heels, he says the customers like it and he has easy access to me.  After we closed i gave him a blowjob in the back room and then went to the car so he could drive me home.  After we were in the car, one if his friends came  up to the car to talk to Teddy.  I pushed down my window and he was talking to teddy.  As they were talking he kept looking at my cleavage and my legs, the dress was hiked  up a little from sitting in the car.  After a few minutes Teddy said to his friend they are great looking tits right?  His friend just looked at me and said yea they are very nice.  Teddy then told him they feel even better then they look, then he told his friend to go ahead feel and see what i mean.  His friend reach in the car and grabbed my breast. Teddy told him no you have to really feel them and he pulled my dress down exposing my bare breasts right in the back of the parking lot.  He then told him now feel them.  His friend then reached in with both hand and started feeling and squeezing my breasts. As he was feeling my breasts  he kept telling how great they felt, then teddy looked at me and told his friend to give them a  kiss, his friend leaned in the car and kissed and sucked on my breast.  As his friends kissed my breast teddy reached over and put his fingers under my dress and right into my pussy.  After his friend stopped sucking on my breast Teddy said to him, see she likes it too her pussy is wet, then he told his friend to find out for himself.  Teddy lifted me up and pulled up my dress to my waist and his friend hand went right into my pussy.  As he was fingering my pussy Teddy asked me to see if he was hard.  OF course he was.  Teddy said you cant leave him like that told me to take his cock out. I tried to reach out of the car but i couldn’t suck him so Teddy said told him friend to get in the backseat.  After he got in the car Teddy reclined my seat al the way back so i could lay across the back of the seat and suck his friends cock.  As I laid across the back of the seat and started sucking his friends cock i felt Teddy reach under and started fingering my pussy.  The more he fingered me the hard and faster i sucked his friends cock until he shot his load in my mouth.  After his friend came he got out of the back of the car and thanked Teddy and left. After he left and Teddy started to drive me home he told me how hot and slutty i can be.  He then told me to masterbate in the car has he drove me home.  I came twice on the way home that got him so horny when he got off the exit of the parkway he pulled over and told me to get over and suck his cock.  His cock get so hard for me and it really didn’t take too long before he was cumming in my mouth.  After he came I sat up and he drove me home.  As i got out of the car he told me to make sure i give hubby a nice long kiss when I get in the house.  which of course i did  …hehe

What Happens In Vegas: Part 7

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here’s part 7, guys! Sorry for the delay. Without going into it and spoiling it too much, hang onto your pants. This one is a doozy! Thank you to the lovely @bovaria for looking over this for me. Let me know that you think ♥

Word Count: 1,357

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Steve…” you breathed out slowly, the entire scene moving in slow motion before you. “I… we-“

You were at a complete loss for words. Literally nothing you could say right now would make any of this right. This was absolutely the last way you wanted Steve to find out, but here you were, standing in front of him with your mouth open like a fish out of water, your finger pointing stupidly back and forth between you and Bucky. Steve’s eyes were still narrowed, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. You could tell that they were balled into fists, tucked away so as not to punch something in his near vicinity. The way he was looking at Bucky, you suspected Steve’s target was Bucky’s face.

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aww, that was a really sweet episode (perfect for the season too!). Its so nice to not only have a new SU ep, but for it to bring all the Gems together (and Greg + a newbie)

Lots of cool stuff from this ep, finally meeting a member of Steven’s human family (which the crew hinted at at SDCC this year), learning that Universe isn’t Greg’s original last name, confirmation that Greg and Rose were never traditionally married (which is so funny because just yesterday I was looking at some old posts where we were discussing it and I was thinking “I wonder if the show will ever actually state it” and then pow, they did)

I think “Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground” is one of my favorite lines, but Pearl’s “Since you love marriage so much, we thought ‘why don’t we all just marry each other!’” was pretty great. Also I love that birth, marriage, and death were the decorations they got because those are human things

Anyways, yes, really great episode! Very cute and sweet and just really what I needed right now. Thank you, SU <3