the last one was dumb whoops

Well, lemme think…Cause accordin’ to tons’f people around me, I dunno, dude, it seems I do a buncha dumb things!  Ruinin’ Dipper’s p-terodactyl pictures, knockin’ over that one girl with th’ purse at the mall, eatin’ a piece’f pizza I found in the DVD player…oh, wait.  That was the coolest thing I’ve ever done, not th’ stupidest.  Heheh, whoops!

But when it comes t’my definition of doin’ somethin’ stupid, it kinda falls in a different category.  See, I try t’be a nice, fun-lovin’ Soos, right?  Th’ last thing I wanna see is anybody gettin’ their feelings hurt, dude.  But th’ stupidest thing anyone can do is be th’ one hurtin’ their feelings.  Cause that–that’s just messed up, dude.  And so that’s how I messed up!

But lemme explain.

See, a few years back I used to be like, mega obsessed with this MMORPG called RoonScoop.  It was basically this online world where you could deck out in medieval fantasy outfits and complete all these quests n’ stuff?  Bottom line, it was super neat, and I was really into it at the time.

Anyway, seein’ as the MM in MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer” (not like, the candy M&M’s, sorry dude!), I was always playin’ online with tons of new people.  There was lots’f teamwork n’ cooperation involved, but for th’ most part, everyone knew how to play pretty well!  With the help’f tons of those dudes, I was able to level up pretty high and get myself involved in th’ real meat’f the game.

But dude…that’s when I met him.

It wasn’t too bad at first, dude—it just started out with this one guy followin’ me around, tryin’ to help me out with quests n’ stuff.  Which is awesome!  I did that kind’f stuff with other players all th’ time, but there was just one problem.

This guy…he was like a super low level, dude.

And on top’f that, it was like he didn’t even know how to play.  At all.  One minute we’d be fightin’ bad guys and his technique would make us all nearly die.  The next we’d be exchangin’ items before a battle and he’d trade away literally every single good thing he had.  He—he was weighin’ us down, dude!

And while I tried t’be polite about it, he wouldn’t leave me and my pals alone, and th’ other guys were really pressurin’ me to do somethin’ about it…

So that’s, uh…that’s when I did a real jerkish thing.

I told him off, dude. In front’f everyone.  It was awful, cause when you’re playin’ online, you tend t’forget that there’s another guy on the other side’f the screen!  So I said a lotta things I regretted, about how we didn’t want him hangin’ with us anymore, not until he learned not t’screw up.  As soon as I said it—uh, typed it—I felt super bad, but before I could apologize, the guy vanished.

I didn’t feel like playin’ much after that, so I logged off, too.

And this is where it gets real bad…That night durin’ dinner I was talkin’ to my Abuelita, and it turns out Mrs. Roland down th’ street had a little kid, Brandon, who was gettin’ cyberbullied.  On that site.  By a guy with my username.

Th—that was me, dude.

It was bad enough I exploded at a random guy on the internet, but at a kid? And even worse, it was a kid that I knew. Like, of course he was gonna make mistakes, he didn’t know any better! All th’ stuff I said t’him was stupid and terrible, so I realized right at that moment that I had to make things right!  Soos style!

So the very next day, I woke up bright n’ early, went to my neighbor’s doorstep, and apologized.  I told Brandon that I understood if he was still mad at me, but turns out, dude, he was super chill about it!  We became epic bros on RoonScoop from then on, dude.  Turns out a little compassion can go a long way, huh?

So yeah, dude…That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.  And since then, I never wanna do anything like that again, y’know?  I always try t’be real good with kids, and honestly, I’ve ended up havin’ more fun than I ever did with my pretentious, older RoonScoop teammates!

See, th’ thing about kids is you can be yourself, and they’re not gonna judge you or anything!  And best’f all, they forgive you even when you do th’ stupidest things, cause they know as well as anybody else that tons’f people make mistakes.  And havin’ friends like that?  Those are th’ best kind of all!

So yeah. In th’ past, I used to flinch whenever I saw Brandon’s username come online.  But as it turns out, things change, dude:  Now, the title Paladin_Radmaster has stuck with me!

Years later, he even let me use it for my FCLORP name! 

If that’s not true friendship, dude, I don’t know what is!