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Lights Out | Worst Case

Lance never went to sleep. The night before he was too busy trying to look for a new planet to rest on, per instructions by Allura. He couldn’t stop until he got it right, until Allura was proud of him and he could feel like he did something right for once.

“Lance… did you even sleep?” Pidge came out to the bridge with her hands tucked behind her back.

“What? Oh, no Allura told me to do this and I have to finish it. Did you need something?” He replied without peeling his eyes from the starmap.

“Yeah, we need you in the dining room.”

“Can it wait a little longer?”

“Lance…” Pidge sighed and walked closer to him. “You can finish later, right now we really need you.” She reached out and softly placed a hand on his right shoulder.

Lance flinched at her touch and relaxed when she squeezed his shoulder. “You’re right.” He turned and smiled faintly at her. Pidge returned the gesture and took Lance’s hand and led him towards the dining hall.

They stopped infront of the doors for a brief moment, Lance feeling a little out of breath. He had a feeling something big was about to happen which warranted his heart to beat faster.

Pidge pushed on the pad next to the doors and a burst of air sounded when the doors slid apart. On the other side, at the table, sat: Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Allura, and Coran.

“Happy birthday, Lance!” They cheered. They all wore stupid paper cone hats and had streamers to throw in the air that popped into tiny fireworks and glittered before falling back down. In the center of the table sat a pink cake with 18 candles placed on it.

“What…? It’s my birthday?” Lance stood astonished and almost in tears.

“You forgot your birthday? You really are stupid.” Keith smirked but grimaced with Shiro elbowed him in the ribs.

“Pidge had coordinated your Earth calendar to the Altean calendar here on the ship! It’s sort of last minute, I hope you don’t mind.” Allura mused.

“You did all of this for me?” Lance walked around the table and stared at the lit candles on his cake.

“Yes, Lance. We know how much you contribute to the team. Even if we aren’t on earth it doesn’t mean we still can’t-” Shiro paused when Lance began to shudder and small noises came from him. “Lance are you okay?”

“Thank you guys so much!” Lance wailed with tears streaming down his cheeks. He coughed and sniffed smiling wider than he had ever done before.

“You’re welcome, Lance.” Coran pat his back a few times. “You’re supposed to blow out these candles and make a wilt.” He gestured to the cake.

“Make a WISH, Coran.” Pidge corrected him.


“Go ahead man!” Hunk shut off the lights in the room so only the soft glow of the candles on Lance’s cake illuminated the table of friends.

Lance wiped his eyes with his sleeve and went to blow out his candles when he found his shortness of breath had grown smaller. He struggled to breathe in air. He managed to blow out all but two candles when he clutched his chest and groaned in pain.

“Lance?” Shiro leaned across the table.

Lance couldn’t move or breathe or speak. He doubled over, hitting his head on the edge of the table and falling to the floor.

“Oh my god, Lance!” Pidge rushed to his side and shook him. “Lance! Lance wake up!”

“Shiro what do we do?!” Keith stood away in shock. The entire team had erupted into a panic while Lance’s body lay lifeless on the floor. A candle went out.

“Get him to a pod!” Allura yelled and helped Coran lift him from the floor. The paining grew more extensively when Shiro noticed Lance’s lips had grown blue and Coran had expressed that Lance had turned cold.

As they were dragging him away towards the medic bay, the last of Lance’s candles went out leaving the dining hall in total darkness.

Klance Kuuga AU Part 4 Page 3

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this page gave me a lot of trouble but it turned out pretty good in the end


I’ve always loved to journal. I probably have a collection of about 20-30 journals I’ve kept over the years, filled with personal thoughts, stories, photographs, collages, and other art. When the concept of the bullet journal came around, I was so fascinated! I loved the way a bullet could be organized and educational, yet still creative and personal to it’s owner. You’ll notice that my bullet journal isn’t super traditional, because in-between pages of planning and organization are just my normal journaling spreads. This is my creative, motivational, and therapeutic outlet. Upon request, here’s a page-by-page demonstration on how I bullet journal!

(Captions in order of photo appearance…)

  • At the beginning of every month, I start with a monthly spread. It’s just a simple calendar that I draw every month, and I must say that drawing it out is pretty therapeutic! Calendars are super useful for planning and organizing your events. Make sure to number, label, or even color code to help you view your month, and keep writing in important events as they pop up.
  • Here are two different examples of how I lay out my bullet journal pages.I always get questions about how I decide how I lay out each week, but I really just do whatever I feel like works best or looks best for the upcoming week. Creating a weekly spread helps me keep track of dates and specific events/due-dates/exam days for each day. Notice that my bullet journal spreads always have a box for ‘goals’ and a box for ‘events/deadlines’. I tend to re-arrange them for each week (and that’s why all of my weekly spreads look different from one another) but they basically serve the same purpose every spread. I always try to experiment and try new things with my spreads. Since I originally created my bullet journal for the use of keeping track of assignments, the ‘events/deadlines’ box is used to jot down exam days, project due-dates,  events with family/friends, minimum days, etc. while assignments for each day of the week are written as a check-list. To make my weekly spreads look nice, I try to choose a matching color scheme with quotes, fonts, doodles, and magazine clippings. See my supplies post here.
  • This next page is one I’ve never shown you guys, because I only tried it one time and I didn’t think it was that cool haha. Anyway, this page was made at the beginning of my summer vacation in mid-June to set my summer goals, songs, and expenses (which are clearly not updated but you get the point).
  • One of my earliest spreads. When feeling a little down, I turn to art to express my feelings or vent out of stress. This is a page I filled with quotes and positive messages in different colors; the main and biggest quote on the page is “Spread your light” and the other side is just a crappy polaroid of the sunset and a sticker because I didn’t feel like filling it up was really necessary. 
  • Oh, one of my infamous teenage-angst induced spreads. After a good cry, making art and listening to angry music just helps me vent sometimes. This spread is a result of that!
  • Last but not least, I love to make travel journal pages! It’s my tradition to take one polaroid in each new place I visit, and these have included Utah, New York City, Paris, London, Amsterdam, the Philippines, amongst others. My hope in doing this is to find my journal years from now and read about my adventures as a teenager.

As you can see, my bullet journals have turned into more than just help with organizing my life; they’ve become a way for me to “journal” daily in my own way. If you’re making a bullet journal, my only advice to you would be to write your own rules. Experiment, make it your own! Remember that this is supposed to be productive, not stressful. Sending you all love and best wishes!

Taste the feeling

Ever since I heard this song, (which is my favorite song right now, fyi), i haven’t been able to get this scenario out of my head. I’ve been in doubt, because it didn’t turn out quite like the one in my head, but here it is! 

++ Shoutout to my beta @cicinicole-14!

Her day was crappy, really freaking crap crappy. It all started when she spilled orange juice over all her clothes and the kitchen, then her car wouldn’t start, and a patient threw up on her after a seizure. She was in a bad mood, too. Nothing had seemed to go right this morning.

Owen had left before she woke up and she’d barely seen him last night. Their schedules were busy; it wasn’t to just sweep it under a rug. She missed him, he always knew how to make her feel better, just for a while, at least.

 “Dr. Shepherd, there’s someone downstairs for you,” one of the nurses said and suddenly dragged her out of the day dreaming. Amelia sighed and walked down the hall, with hands in the pocket of her lab coat. This was going to be a long day, she thought. And she couldn’t have been more right.

 Because when she walked downstairs, she found her mom standing in the lobby. Carolyn’s face was wearing a smile, but something about her eyes was different. They looked at each other for a while, before Amelia forced herself to hug the woman in front of her.

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*faints!* I FINALLY finished it! I finally finished my Fili!

This took such a long time to do, omg, and I have no idea why. I generally finish my artworks relatively quickly (once, of course, I actually start working on them.) but I was working on this one over the course of a few days. I honestly can’t decide if I liked the sketch better or not…

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