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Secrets (trans!peter)

For @chase-is-not-crash



“Crap crap crap crap crap.”

Peter, in full Spider Man costume, dropped onto a roof and ducked behind an AC unit, holding his right arm tight to his chest.

It hurt, oh man it hurt and he could hardly draw a breath between the pain and his binder was too tight today and honestly he thought he might pass out if he couldn’t get laying down somewhere safe. But on this side of the city he was minimum twenty minutes of swinging, and close to an hour taxi ride from the safety of Aunt Mays apartment.

Too far.

He dropped his head back against the AC unit and tried to suck in a deep breath, tried not to scream when everything seized up. His arm, his chest…this was a horrible day.

And he was late for his injection, which made everything worse. He was supposed to take it last night, and had passed out exhausted before he remembered and then had ran out the door late to school and now here he was several hours later.

“What’s up, Spidey?” A deep voice startled him, but not as much as the red and black masked face that poked around the corner. “I’m sensing a damsel in distress.”

“Go away, Deadpool.” Peter flinched behind his mask at the ‘damsel’ comment. “I’m fine.”

Liar!” Deadpool crowed and moved to kneel in front of him. “Who knew our friendly neighborhood Spider Man lied like a fat kid stealing cake?”

“Please.” Peter bit out. “Please. Leave.”

“Hey.” Deadpool’s voice dropped, softened. “You’re not alright, alright? Plus you’re like twelve, and I just can’t leave a twelve year old superhero alone and hurting on the roof somewhere. Where’s your dad?”


“The Iron Giant.” Deadpool said impatiently. “I heard he looks out for you.”

“Don’t want him to know.” Peter was starting to feel a little lightheaded, lack of oxygen and the pain radiating up his arm making him dizzy. “And I’m not twelve.”

“Well you certainly aren’t eighteen.” Deadpool looked around, then seemed to come to a decision. “Well, I live close by, want to come to my place? We can get you patched up and–”

No!” Peter blurted. “I mean, no. No thank you.”

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We Are Young: Prologue

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Rowan couldn’t help but feel a bit foolish as he stepped into the cafeteria, lunch tray in hand. He stood in the doorway for a moment, eyes moving from table to table. He observed the crowds around him, looking for a head of golden hair.

Relieved wasn’t actually the right word he’d use for when Fenrys invited him to sit at his table during lunch. But he did feel the slightest bit grateful. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to spending another lunch by himself. Plus he thought he was doing pretty well. Only three days into the school year at a new school and he was already, somewhat, making friends. Hopefully when he told his mother this, she’d get off his back.

Though he wouldn’t exactly call Fenrys a friend at this point. He simply seen the Pittsburgh Penguins patch on Rowan’s backpack in the bio class they shared and deemed Rowan interesting enough to talk to. Turns out Fenrys was a Penguins fan too. And that’s basically all it took for him to invite Rowan to sit with him at lunch.

Thankfully, he wasn’t standing too long when he spotted golden hair pulled back in a low pony tail. With long strides, Rowan made his way over to the table. He wasn’t typically a nervous person, but he still tried not to pay too much attention to the other bodies sitting around the table.

“Hey man,” Fenrys grinned up at him before pointing to the chair on his right. “Take a seat.”

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 10

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2960

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a lot of against

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta.

You and Bucky enter the church hand to hand. As soon as you step in you have a bad feeling. “Doll, relax, I am here for you and it’s only a wedding, it’s not like you are going to war, trust me this is easier.” Bucky says kissing your forehead, he is trying to be funny but his tone is serious.

“How do you always know what I am feeling?” You ask sitting on a bench close to where your family is. “I pay attention to you, doll. You always bit your lip and you run your fingers through your hair when you’re nervous.” He says putting a string of your hair behind your ear.

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One Last Celebration

“Where we goin’ Mama?” You asked your mother, Amber, while swinging your feet up and down in the backseat of the car as you watched the road pass by out the window.

“We’re going to see your daddy.” She told you in a tone your three your old brain couldn’t process. She seemed sad but was using a happy tone with you.

“Daddy!” You shouted in an excited voice, your father worked a lot and you didn’t get the chance to see him often. He worked constantly with your uncle and was always driving around fighting the bad guys. There were only a few times a year when you got to see him; your birthday, father’s day, Christmas, and two or three weekends out of the year; so whenever you got to see him it was a big deal.

“I’m so excited to see Daddy, Mama!” You told her as you continued to swing your feet even faster as you grew more eager. “When we gonna get there”

“We’ll be there in about an hour, we’re going to Mr. Bobby’s house. Daddy and Uncle Dean are there.” She said with a smile.

Fifty minutes later your mom pulled up to Singer’s Auto Salvage and you were bounding up and down your car seat. “Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad.” You repeated happily over and over as you waited for your mother to open the backseat door so you could get out.

As she opened the door you looked up to the house and saw your father walking out with a confused look on his face, “Daddy!” You shouted as you ran towards him with your arms open in a ‘pick me up’ motion.

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Queen in the North {Pt. 6}

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Requested: By the loveliest people to ever walk the Earth

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count:  2,149

Tag List: @secretschuylersister @rainwing-galaxy @mystic-platypus77 @ly–canthrope  @beautifulsomethings 

“What are you doing today?” Robb asked from his spot on your bed, his hand running lazily through Grey Wind’s fur.

“I planned on helping Sansa bake a few lemon cakes, and Arya had asked about-”

“I already cancelled your plans.” You lost track of the braid that you were currently working into your hair as you turned to give Robb a dirty look.

“What do you mean that you have cancelled all of my plans?”

“I mean that we are having a ‘Just Us’ day, and that I was not going to wait around for you to have a free day in order to make it happen.”

Just Us days were a tradition that had stuck with you from your first few weeks in Winterfell. They were exactly what they sounded like. A day that you and Robb could spend alone, taking the time to slow down in between your many lessons and duties through the years. They were getting harder and harder to coordinate as you grew older.

“Robb, we just had a few weeks worth of just us days.” You said, moving to sit opposite him on the bed. I think that my other responsibilities are a bit more pressing than sitting around with you and Grey Wind, as much as I adore the both of you.“

Robb’s hand found yours, gently looping your pinkies together in a way that caused your heart to flutter. "A few weeks of you waiting on me hand and foot. I hardly think that counts as a break for you.”

“I have so much to catch up on and-”

“Winterfell didn’t fall apart because you neglected your responsibilities for a few weeks. I think that everyone can last one more day while you take a break.”

You searched for a reason to say no, but what Robb was saying did make a lot of sense. Furthermore, Grey Wind was giving you the same eyes that he did while begging for table scraps. You all knew that they always worked.

You sighed and managed to meet Robb’s eyes long enough to nod once. Robb grinned, taking both of your hands in his and allowing himself a moment to think before standing up and making his way to the door, Grey Wind following close behind him. He paused in the doorway, eyes sweeping around the room. “I will meet you at your bench as soon as you are ready.” He made his way down the hall, and you hurried to finish the braid in your hair and pack a few necessities in a bag before rushing down the stairs to meet him.

“I have absolutely no idea what took you so long.” Robb laughed, linking your arms together and throwing your bag over his shoulder.

You caught Sansa’s eye as Robb lead you across the courtyard. Even you couldn’t miss the twinkle in her eye before she turned and made her way inside. Thankfully, the day was warm, and Robb’s light hearted laughter was enough to draw your attention away from wondering what Sansa might have been planning.

The walk to the woods felt shorter than you remembered it from when you were children. That might have had something to do with the fact that your legs were considerably longer, and you were distracted by Robb’s pinky, which was currently linked with your own. You found the pond in record time, Robb taking the opportunity to spread out a blanket while you played with Grey Wind in the clearing. You couldn’t help but laugh as the direwolf pranced around the clearing.

You had missed this. You loved your family, but there were times when your responsibilities piled up. Robb had always somehow known when it got to be too much, and you were forever grateful for his weird sixth sense about your stress levels. You chased Grey Wind around the clearing laughing when he turned and pounced on you, causing you both to tumble to the forest floor.

“I spent all this time laying out a blanket so that you wouldn’t get Sansa’s lovely new creation dirty, and here you are rolling in the dirt.” Robb’s voice was stern, but when you managed to tear your gaze away from Grey Wind, you saw him smiling. An honest to gods, Robb smile. The one where his eyes crinkled at the sides. It was one of your favorite smiles of all time, and you were happy to have it to yourself today.

“Up you come,” Robb said, offering you a hand and pulling you off of the ground. You underestimated the amount of strength he was going to put into pulling you up, and meant to stand up on your own. This resulted in you practically launching yourself onto him.

“Hi there.” You said softly, your nose a few centimeters away from Robb’s.

“Hi.” Robb was making no move to step away, until Grey Wind began to whine at his feet. “I think someone is hungry.”

You glanced down at the direwolf and you couldn’t help but smile. Grey Wind was loyal and fierce, but you and Robb did love to spoil him rotten.

Robb chuckled to himself and took your hand before leading you over to the picnic that he had set up for the two of you. He had managed to get all of your favorites, even though some of the fruit was out of season and sometimes proved troublesome to get to the North. There were lemon cakes, strawberries, and even a large piece of mutton for Grey Wind. You tossed him his well earned treat before tucking into one of the lemon cakes.

“I hope you saved some of these for Sansa. You know that if she finds out you didn’t she won’t speak to you for days.” You said, grinning in between bites.

“Always looking out for me.” Robb laughed, while you pretended that your face wasn’t warming up. “I did leave her a few, only because I knew that you would yell at me the entire trip back if I didn’t.”

“Let’s do something fun.” You say, sitting up and glancing around the clearing. Grey Wind had fallen asleep, and Robb looked like he wasn’t far behind his faithful companion. “Let’s climb a tree.”

After Robb chose to ignore your perfectly reasonable suggestion, you decided that you were going to do what you wanted. You marched over to the tree and only spared Robb one last look over your shoulder before hiking up your dress and making your way onto one of the sturdier looking branches.

As you sat down on the branch, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself. Maybe a little too proud of yourself for what you had actually accomplished. Although it was something that would seem insignificant to others, you were always a clumsy child, and had never actually made it up and into a tree before you fell out or someone yelled at you to stop before you hurt yourself.

Robb let out a surprised laugh at the sight of you perched on the branch. You couldn’t help yourself, and before long a giggle became a full on belly laugh. You grabbed your stomach that was starting to ache from the laughter.

That was a mistake.

Before you could stop yourself, you were sliding off of the branch. It all happened so quickly that you were not even able to let out a scream. Grey Wind was by your side in seconds, Robb not far behind.

“I should have known better than to let you into a tree.” Robb said softly, allowing you to lean against him while you acclimated to being in the ground.

“My arm hurts.” you said softly into the crook of Robb’s neck.

“I know. We will have it looked at as soon as we get back.” Robb scooped you up in his arms, being as gentle as possible. You walked for a few minutes, before you remembered the picnic that was still laid out for the two of you in the clearing.

“I’m sorry.” you said quietly, breaking the silence that was hanging between the two of you. Robb simply rose his eyebrows at you. “I know that you probably had better plans for us today. You know, ones that didn’t include me falling out of a tree.”

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for.” Robb’s voice was soft, but there was a quiet command in it as well.

“I knew I was clumsy before I climbed up that tree.” you said, moving your uninjured arm to loop around his shoulder.

“But you also knew that I was usually there to catch you. Maybe I should be apologizing.” Robb muttered, refusing to meet your eyes.

“Robb,” you said quietly, forcing him to look at you. “I feel safe with you. This is no one’s fault. Not really.” He was silent again, and you knew that it would be better to let him work through his feelings on his own. “It’s fine” you said quietly, running your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. “I’m fine, or at least I will be when we get back.”

The two of you were nearly back to the castle, and you could feel at least a bit of the tension beginning to melt from his shoulders.

“I could walk, you know.” Robb grunted, barely acknowledging what you were saying. He merely shifted you in his arms, somehow managing to pull you closer to him.

You sighed to yourself, and allowed him to carry you up into the infirmary. Robb began to explain what happened as Old Nan gently examine your arm. All of the words fell on deaf ears, until Old Nan confidently announced that your arm was not broken. “Although there will certainly be some bruising, as long as you stay away from trees, everything will be fine in maybe a week.”

“That’s good,” Robb said, once again linking his pinky with your own. “We wouldn’t want you in a sling for the wedding.”

You felt your entire body tense up, and your eyes widen. Old Nan quickly sat down the wrap that she was putting away and made her way out of the room.

“What did you just say?” you asked, timidly. You might have misunderstood him, maybe you were all attending a wedding in a few days. It wouldn’t have been the first time that you all were required to attend some distant cousin’s wedding. And most of all, you didn’t want to get your hopes up.

“I was thinking about our wedding. You would still look beautiful in a sling, but I think that it would be better for everyone if you were mobile”

“Robb?” Your heart was racing. Robb truly was talking about your wedding. The only problem was that he hadn’t proposed yet. “You haven’t asked.”

“Asked what?”

“You haven’t asked me to marry you yet.” Robb blinked a few times, as if you were speaking Valyrian all of a sudden. “I mean, unless you were just assuming that I was going to say yes. I mean,”

“That’s what I forgot to do today.” Robb was grinning to himself. He sat down across from you on the bed and took both of your hands in his. “I had a much better setting planned out for all of this, I’ll have you know.” Suddenly, you were grinning too. “I had great speech planned out too. Guess it’s kind of useless now.”

You could feel your eyes watering, and if Robb’s hands weren’t holding your own, you were sure that they would be shaking.

“It doesn’t matter. This is perfect,” you said, your voice hardly above a whisper.

“So, will you?” Robb looked as if he was on the verge of tears as well. “Marry me that is.”

“Of course I will, you absolute dolt.”

The both of you were grinning, and maybe even crying a little, and then he was kissing you. And even though would never admit it, you had imagined this a thousand times over. But this? This was even more perfect than you ever could have imagined it. You felt yourself smiling into the kiss, and then Robb was smiling too.

He pulled away slowly and then gently rested his forehead against yours. “I love you.” he said,  before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“And I you.” Before you could say anything else, Grey Wind shoved his head in between the two of you, having gone without attention for long enough. “And I love you too.” you laughed, leaning down to plant a kiss on his head.

“Have I mentioned how much I love the both of you?” Robb asked, smiling down at the two of you.

You leaned back onto Robb, resting your head on his shoulder. “You have, but you could always tell me again.” 

Birthday King

Lance Week Day Six: Birthday

Ok, I’m going to admit that this took a completely different turn than I was expecting it to, but I like the outcome and I hope you will too.

He should be fighting. Lance should be in Blue, besides everyone fighting the Galra and helping to liberate this planet. What if they needed Voltron and Lance couldn’t make it in time? Allura was out of commission and Coran needed to man the ship’s defenses, so they chose Lance to watch over the planet’s Royal Family and citizens while they handled everything else. They would’ve sent Keith seeing as though he’s the best at close range combat, but after what happened the last time they let Keith near a royal he held them hostage. So, that was not an option for them. They needed Shiro’s leadership, Yellow’s strength, and just felt Pidge was too young to be left alone. Lance was the next best option, especially since he had great skills when it came to diplomacy. No one said it out loud, but not only were they depending on him to keep everyone safe, they were also hoping that Lance would be able to talk them into an alliance with Voltron.

Lance wanted to try, he really did, but he couldn’t help but think of the date. Before they left and before all the fighting Lance saw the calendar Pidge managed to whip up and saw that it was July 28. His birthday. He knows since they’re in the middle of a war he shouldn’t expect anyone to notice or plan a surprise party for him, but it still hurt when no one wished him a happy birthday, not even Hunk. He was used to waking up to chocolate chip pancakes in bed that his mom made. It was the only time he could get away with eating on the bed without his mom catching a fit. If he took too long to eat, his nieces and nephews would barge in telling him to hurry up or ask if the reason he’s taking too long is that he’s getting old. Every year like clockwork, his family made sure that Lance knew he was loved, and that they were grateful that he could be in their lives for yet another year.

He wondered briefly what they were doing now. Was his mother making pancakes out of habit? Did they mourn for him, not knowing where he is or if he’s alive? Were they sad that they couldn’t have him for another year? Honestly, all Lance would ever ask is to be with them for one day so that they know he’s alive. So, that his family can finally have closure and know that he didn’t just abandon them or whatever stupid story the Garrison decided to go with. Lance knows this isn’t the time to be having these thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe if he hadn’t looked at the colander this morning he could’ve pretended that this was just any other day. Just another regular day fighting a 10,000-year-old war with big metal cats. It’s saddening to think that this has become the norm for him. Normal used to be fighting with brothers, playing with young ones, shopping with sister, or sneaking out of the Garrison. Things Lance dared to call boring or annoying, but now he craves.

The King, Dragdox he believes, must have noticed his dampened mood because he decided to bring it up.

“What bothers you young one? I know that we are currently in the midst of battle, but I sense there is something else that weighs down your heart.”

Something about the king’s concern made it impossible for Lance to lie. “It’s just that, it’s my birthday today, and I guess I just didn’t expect to celebrate it by fighting the Galra this year.”

“Birthday, huh? I’m curious to know how your species celebrate the day of birth. I’m sure my people would like to know as well. Won’t you share it with us and take our minds off the battle that rages on the outside?”

“It’s not really that easy. Everyone has a different way of celebrating it. Whether based on religion or tradition, no two households do it the same.”

“Fine, tell us how you are celebrated on your birthday.”

So, Lance did just that. He explained to King Dragdox and the citizens the usual routine in his home. It was essentially a day celebrating the fact that he was alive, that he was Lance. He told them of the endless gifts and money relatives showered him with. How basically everything he said was law, even if just for that day… and within reason of course. Lance tended to get a little carried away with that one. There was a time when he was younger he ordered his brothers to carry him, his feet never allowed to touch the ground. He also used it to cheat at Monopoly, but who cares. He was king from the moment he woke up, to the second he lies down. His family refused to let him think for even a moment that he was anything but royalty. Even the younger ones played along. They had fun announcing Lance’s presence for some reason.

The party at the end of the day was the greatest. They would set up the pool, bring out the grill to cook all of Lance’s favorites, and just have a blast. There was a display board they’d set up with pictures of Lance to show a timeline of growth. Each year adding more and more pictures. Once everyone had a plate of food, they’d go around sharing their favorite memories of Lance. Most were embarrassing since Lance had a tendency to be very spontaneous in his youth and had a very vivid imagination. But each memory was filled with love and care that Lance couldn’t possibly be mad at them for sharing such an uncool moment of him. Usually, around the time the stories are done, everyone’s ready for cake, so they sing happy birthday to him. At the end of the day when everyone went home and most of the mess was cleaned up, his parents would set up a tent for him outside, so that he could sleep beneath the stars. It was always the perfect end, to the perfect day. Once every year, Lance had the best day ever. Seems he’ll just have to skip it this year, and who knows how much more.

Once he was done recapping his usual birthday events, he realized he’d manage to capture the attention of everyone in the room. He was starting to feel a little bashful with all eyes on him, but at least they were no longer concerned about the fighting going on outside.

“I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of fellow royalty. You must excuse me if I said anything inappropriate earlier,” King Dragdox said at the end of the tale.

“Oh no, I think you got it wrong your kingliness-”

“I most certainly do not. Royalty is royalty, even if for a day. The battle may be over long after the day, but I assure you that once it’s won we shall have a celebration in your honor, worthy of a king. Though I know not of my people’s ability to share tales of you since we have only just met.”

“That’s alright, and thank you. I appreciate the thought King Dragdox.”

“Not a problem, King Lance.”

The King was right to assume that the battle would last longer than a day. So while Lance’s birthday was technically over, Dragdox still insisted on having the party. Allura had recovered after some rest and was pleased to hear that the king was more than happy to form an alliance with Voltron. They were concerned however when he wouldn’t release Lance until it was time for the celebration. Hunk’s concern went through the roof thinking that maybe they were planning on using Lance as a sacrifice. This caused everyone else to worry a bit since they weren’t aware of any of the people’s traditions. Shiro warned everyone to be ready just in case they needed to save Lance.

When the party began and everyone was mingling in the crowd still wondering where Lance was, two young kids grabbed everyone’s attention to make an announcement.

“Now presenting, his majesty the King. Lance the Blue Paladin of Voltron, Pilot of the mighty Blue Lion, and Teller of Tales.”

The doors opened slowly to reveal Lance dressed in royal blue robes and garments completed with a crown. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Lance walked with his head held high and exquisite posture as though he was born to wear those clothes and that crown. Everyone thought it was a prank at first, but when the room erupted with cheers and applauds as Lance took the throne next to King Dragdox, they realized that the boy had somehow convinced an entire planet that he was royalty. Allura was furious thinking that Lance took advantage of the situation and had lied to everyone. She was about to storm up there and demand Lance to tell the truth until the King started to speak.

“A toast to King Lance’s birth! May he live long and prosper for many years to come, and that he be returned to his family so that they won’t have to wait too long for their King’s return. To King Lance!!”

“To King Lance!!”

How could he have not told anyone that it was his birthday? How is it that an entire planet, not even the one he was born on, know that it was his birthday before them? Feeling a little guilty for not knowing or remembering, everyone made a promise to do something special for Lance the moment they got some down time.

The party carried on well into the night, everyone celebrating both Lance and the fact that they get to see another sunrise. Lance found that he had fun talking with all the people he had spent time with in the underground bunker. They taught him a dance they do for parties, gave him gifts, and literally tried to shower him with money. He should probably learn to start being specific because man did some of those coins hurt. Lance was about to retire for the night when he saw King Dragdox and stopped him.

“Your majesty, this was amazing, thank you. I promise I’ll return the clothes before I leave. You don’t understand how much this meant. Even if it’s not what I’m used to, I really appreciate the effort put into everything.”

“Not a problem King Lance! Keep the clothes. Wear them every year around the time of your birth to remind everyone, including yourself, that you are a mighty king, and you will return to your people. Feel free to keep the crown as well, I have plenty. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I’ve lost this thing.”

Lance laughed at the mental picture of a closet filled with completely identical crowns. He thanked the king one last time before going to bed. When he woke up, Lance would no longer be a king, but that didn’t matter. He could always wait until next year.

Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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I’ll Be Seeing You, a far too long Collins Imagine

Summary: A nurse survives a the sinking of one of the destroyers and is picked up by the crew of the Moonstone. Collins x reader.

A/N: It’s quite intense in places so if you're looking for pure fluff you better keep scrolling! George also features quite heavily in this fic, just to warn y’all.

“I think they’re dead Dad.” The voice seemed to drift towards you as if it were borne on the wind. You were aware of a soothing rocking motion, someone speaking and little else.

“Here, give me tha’ rope.” Another person, Scottish by their accent, spoke. You didn’t really care, you were so dazed.

There was a bump and a shake as wood struck wood and you finally opened your eyes. There was endless blue above you crowned by a golden sun, it was beautiful. Your vision was bleary so you couldn’t make out much else, but there was a dark green blob next to you and a much larger white and brown one on your other side.

“The lass is awake.” The Scot called. It slowly dawned on you that you were the lass he spoke of. “Here, be careful. Take my hand.” He continued more quietly. You looked in the direction of the voice, it had come from a blond man in blue who was leaning over a railing on the small white boat.

You sat up, becoming suddenly, uncomfortably aware that you were on the sea, floating on the top of a chunk of wooden table, and you were not alone. The green blob was, or rather had been, a man, a soldier, a boy. His lips were blue, his face pale and lifeless. One hand went to your mouth to stifle a cry and the other you used to push yourself up. This was a bad move. The wood beneath you shifted and instantly you were falling. The water was cold but you barely noticed: memories were flooding back, of the ship, the explosion, the screams of men into the blackness of night. Sights like that would take the fight out of even the bravest, and this had only been your first deployment. Would it be so bad to let go and sink down to the watery depths of the channel like all those others?

Choice was removed from you as a hand wrapped round your wrist and pulled you up. Your head broke through the water and you gasped for air.

“Come on.” The warm voice came again, and you did, clawing your way up the ladder on the side of the little vessel. It was hard work, your muscles were achy and tired and you were weighed down with a nurse’s uniform of a blouse, heavy wool skirt and a cotton apron.

You pulled yourself onto the deck of the boat, still breathing heavily and lay there.

“Is there any use getting the man?” The first voice asked. The other sighed in response.

“Hypothermia got him, Peter.” A third voice joined the conversation, he sounded Cornish or thereabouts, and something told you he was older than the other two.

“Best leave ‘im there lad.” said the Scottish man, he was the closest to you, and it was him who helped, or rather pulled you to your feet.

“Son, get her a blanket.” The older man from the cabin commanded.

“Let me take that.” The Scot said, taking the lapels of the soldier’s jacket you only now remembered you were wearing. It was sodden and salt-stained but it still felt wrong to remove it. You shook your head and wrapped it tighter around you.

You began to shake then, your body rocking with a wave of sobs as hot, angry tears filled your eyes.

“He’s dead. He’s dead. He shouldn’t,” you involuntarily inhaled, “he-he shouldn’t be dead.” You squeezed out between sobs. A blanket was placed on your shoulders and the blond man in front of you pulled it closer about you. “It’s my fault.” You wailed.

“Shhh, now.” The man in blue replied as his arms surrounded you, pulling you into his chest. You let him hold you but continued:

“The-the man, he g-gave me his jacket.” You spluttered. “If he’d kept it he’d be alive.”

“Don’ think like tha’. You can’t possibly know what might have happened.” he was speaking softly and gently rubbing circles on your back.

“I should have stayed in England. I should have stayed at home.” a fresh wave of tears fell from your eyes at the thought of the home you left.

“You’ll be home soon,” the Scot cooed “You’ll be home soon.” That made you feel a bit better. “When you get home, what’s the first thing you’ll do?” It was obvious what he was doing, he was trying to distract you from the terrible situation you were in, and it worked. You sniffled but were able to speak with surprising normalcy.

“I’ll go to back to my father’s bakery, Y/L/N and Sons in St Albans. I’ll bake the cakes like I always used to, with the radio on loud, up to my elbows in flour.” a small smile threatened to break out across your face at the thought of that.

There was silence for some time, punctuated with the occasional call of a seagull or bluster of wind. All the while the man held you; and it was only when your breaths had slowed to normal, that he pulled away to hold you at arm’s length to survey your face. You returned the favour and took in a pointed nose, a friendly smile and intense blue eyes that, under different circumstances, would have left you weak at the knees.

“I’m Jack, Jack Collins.” He said, softly.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” The two of you shook hands. “Would you like some tea?”

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Hands wrapped around a steaming cup of Earl Grey and safely cloistered in the cabin below deck, you felt a great deal better. You were still damp and every so often you would hiccup but for the most part you were yourself again and were back to asking questions:

“So where’s your plane?” you asked, from behind a curtain of steam rising from your tea. Your companion chuckled lightly.

“In the drink, I’m afraid.” Jack answered. “So, where’s your surgery?” the pilot countered, his eyes darting to your apron, where the red cross that singled you out as a nurse was printed. No doubt he had intended it to be light hearted, but you were not quite ready to think about last night. You took a sip of tea and braced yourself.

HMS Wakeful was torpedoed off the coast of Dunkirk.” you deadpanned with glazed eyes. Jack appeared apologetic, and you forgave him instantly, but you couldn’t help but tear up slightly.

“Excuse me, Miss.” Came a voice at the door, it was a boy, with neat blond hair and high cheekbones.

“Yes, um, Peter is it?” You replied. The boy nodded.

“My friend George, he-” a flash of anger passed over his face. “He fell down the stairs and hit his head, could you have a look at him, please?”

“Give ‘er a minute for christ’s sake!” Jack interjected, with a surprising amount of concern in his tone.

“No, Mr Collins, it’s quite alright.” You gathered yourself and followed Peter to where the patient had been placed.

You knelt by the dark haired boy and inspected him.

“Can you hear me, George?” You asked, marking the blood on the makeshift pillow beneath his head.

There was a second of silence then “Yes.” he answered.

“Can you see me?”

“No…No.” Worry crept into his voice. You took one of the boy’s hands in yours and gave a gentle squeeze. You bent your head close to that of the boy’s and peered into his left eye, then took a measure of his heart rate with a finger pressed on the inside of his wrist.

“You’ll be alright, George. I’m a nurse, I know what I’m doing.” you stood, took off the blanket and the dead boy’s jacket, and tied up your still damp hair.

“George, I need to get you to a bed, can you walk do you think?” You asked, motioning for Jack to help him up. The pilot had been looking at you but quickly bent to his task.

The boy was badly injured. He clearly had a terrible concussion which had triggered his brain to swell, it was pressing up on the inside of his skull, preventing proper function of his ocular nerve. His brain would only continue to increase in size unless something could be done. He needed to be put on a ventilator and be dehydrated if he was to survive, but you were at sea. How could he be put on a ventilator if you were miles from a hospital? And even a fully stocked medical kit was unlikely to hold a strong enough diuretic to help him, so what could be done?

“Peter,” you took the young man’s arm and led him out of earshot of the dark haired boy. “Your friend has a concussion, a bad one. His brain is swelling. I can’t lie to you, he is in a bad way, but there is still hope. I need you to find a diuretic.” The poor boy looked absolutely terrified and clearly had no idea where a diuretic would be found. “Caffeine pills perhaps?” You prompted.

“I’ll ask my Dad.” He nodded, turned and dashed up the stairs.

Following George and Jack to the cabin, where the boy was lying, you explained: “I need you to induce hyperventilation, it’s a big word, I know.” you tried to inject some levity to the situation, you heard Collins utter a quiet “ha”, but paid no mind to it. “You have to breathe quickly and shallowly, George.” The blind boy nodded and sucked in a breath.

“Aye, like tha’, George.” Collins encouraged, his gaze fixed on you.

Your next task was to pile blankets on top of the patient, with the hope of causing him to sweat. Collins helped you find as many as possible and when you were done, only George’s head protruded from a heap of blankets.

Tired, you sank to the floor and crossed your legs beneath you. You glanced up at Jack then and were surprised to find him already looking back at you.

“What are you looking at?” you questioned, your eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“Just you.” your lips parted and your eyes widened. The pilot was smirking down at you.


“Miss Y/L/N.” you jumped and your head spun so fast you cricked your neck.

“Um, yes Peter?” you asked while rubbing your neck. You heard Collin’s chuckle and rolled your eyes.

“Here: caffeine pills.” the young man explained, holding out a battered pack of tablets. You rose, took the pills and went to George’s bedside.

“George, you’re going to have to take these dry, we can’t give you any water.”

“I-I don’t think I can.”

“I know,” you studied the boy’s face, noting the lines of stress in his forehead. “But you have to try.”

The packet said the maximum dose was two tablets; you disregarded this, popping out three and placing them in George’s hand one at a time. It was clearly not easy for the lad, but after many attempts and a few fits of coughing he got the first pill down, then the second, then the third.

“Well done George. I’ll be back in half an hour with two more.” You were worried about the boy, but impressed, he’d remained calm throughout a very stressful series of events; but, you remembered, his treatment was far from over.

You did as you had said, administering the remaining caffeine tablets, whilst trying not to blush whenever you caught sight of the blond pilot. His strong Scottish accent and dimpled boyish grin certainly didn’t help in this regard.

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The rest of the afternoon passed in a haze, you were exhausted, but kept to your task of looking after George. Later there was the small matter of a Heinkel bomber and leaking oil from a sinking ship, but you knew that it was not your place to be scared anymore, god knows, you’d come back from the brink once today already. You stayed with George whilst Peter and Jack pulled petrol-covered men from the water. It was just as the first of the rescued men were thumping down the stairs that George spoke up after a long period of silence:

“Y/N, I think-I think I can see something.” he breathed.

“What can you see?” you asked hurriedly.

“Just light.” you held your hand above his open eyes, displaying two fingers. “Wait, I think there’s something there…Is it a hand?” you let out an unashamed whoop of joy and rushed from the cabin, through the press of sodden soldiers.

“Hey! Jack, Peter, Mr Dawson!” you called from behind a gaggle of men. Peter was the first to reach you, his eyes wide with worry. He quickly calmed when he saw your smile.

“What is it?”

“It’s George, he’s started to see again. It’s a really good sign. The pressure seems to have gone down somewhat, allowing him to see again.” you rushed. “He’s out of the woods, Peter!” the young man let out a relieved bark of a laugh, hugged you and dashed down to the cabin.

“So the lad’ll live then?” came Jack’s familiar voice. You nodded keenly. “He’s alive because of you. You saved him, Y/N.” his voice was deeper, huskier with seriousness. Your grin faded then, as you looked at the pilot. Again you nodded, understanding what he was really doing: Jack Collins was absolving you of the death of the soldier, and it meant so much to you.

Up on deck it was very cold as the west wind was blowing with great force. The gusts cut through your thin blouse and the apron, making you shiver. You refused to let the cold affect you and instead pushed your way to the prow of the little vessel. It had been turned about and now pressed for home.

“Here.” Jack had followed you over to the railing and was placing his blue RAF jacket around your shoulders.

“Are you sure?” you asked, though in truth it was just a courtesy, he knew you were cold and you knew he wanted you protected.

“Aye.” Jack smiled.

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It was dark when the boat finally docked. There were hundreds and hundreds of other little ships all along the quayside and out of each of them the boys were pouring. After the Moonstone’s cargo of soldiers had disembarked, you sent Peter to find an ambulance and prepared George to be moved to a hospital. You did this by writing a quick note of what had caused his injury, the medication you had given him and the timings of all of this, then changing over to a fresh bandage for his head. George was transferred to a stretcher and put in the back of an ambulance, Mr Dawson sent Peter with him. Jack was with you as you waved goodbye to the pair.

“I suppose it’s goodbye then.” The man said as the vehicle rounded a corner and the sirens became quieter and quieter.

“Yes, it is.” As much as you wanted to stay, you knew you had to return to your home base in Portsmouth. You said a short goodbye to Mr Dawson and followed the floods of men to what you presumed was a train station.

The streets were crowded and you were jostled by the men all around you, you understood why, they were all desperate to get inside a warm train, so you didn’t begrudge it, but Jack did. Mr Collins quickly took you by the arm and used his taller frame to cut through the throng much more effectively. The third train you walked past had the sign “WEST-Portsmouth, Dorset” illuminated. You patted him on the shoulder and pointed to the train you knew you had to get on.  Jack stopped and turned to face you.

“I never got round to asking you,” you piped up, “what will you do now you’re back?”

“Probably go tae the pub, me an’ Farriers always did after a mission.” you were surprised to note some sadness in his face, he certainly wasn’t smiling. “It’d be a shame to break the tradition.”

“Yes, yes it would.” you nodded. “What about when the war’s over, what will you do then?” you asked with a lighter tone.

“Oh,” he smiled sheepishly, “Ah dinnae ken.” (I don’t know.) The Scottish phrase made you smile; it was close to the English so you understood.

The pair of you lapsed back into a tense silence then, as you tried not to glance too long at his eyes or worse, his lips.

“Un tuh-r oo ghawnh pawk?” Jack asked, popping the quiet bubble you’d been trapped in. You could make out that the Gaelic was a question from the tone but besides that you had no idea. He inched almost imperceptibly closer.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means.” he was looking intently down at you, lips parted. You noticed his gaze flick down to your mouth, then back to your eyes. You hadn’t realised just how blue his eyes were until that moment. Your breath hitched.

“Oh, I think you do.” he whispered, only just audibly, his face so close you could feel his warm breath on your cheek. You were petrified and exhilarated all at once. Thoughts flew through your mind faster than a Spitfire, then you stopped thinking at all.

He was kissing you. You were kissing him. One of his hands was on the small of your back, you could feel the heat of it seeping into you, the other rested on one of your cheeks. His lips were very soft you noticed. There were soldiers all around you, some were laughing, you didn’t care in the slightest: they weren’t real, only he was.

The kiss stayed simple and gentle. It ended far earlier than you wanted it to though, but then, you could have quite happily kissed Jack Collins for eternity.

Jack reached up to slide a lock of hair behind your ear.

“You have very pretty eyes, you know, Y/N.” he intoned.

“Come find me, after the war.” you asked, unable to keep a pleading tone out of your voice.

“I will.” Jack said. Neither of you knew when the war would end, nor even if it would, but you could sense that his promise was solemn, so you allowed yourself to be put on the train. He stayed on the platform and waved you off, neither of you smiled. Before long the train had gathered speed and you were flying through the English countryside. You were home.

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The war had ended two weeks ago and it seemed as though the whole world was rejoicing. The sun was casting god rays through the glass windows of your father’s shop front, the people all but skipped by in the street and the wireless was belting out Billie Holiday. Everything felt right, almost everything, that is. You sighed and set back to your work, picking up a piping bag full of pink icing and going back to work on the cake on the worktop in front of you.

You hummed along to the song, “I’ll be seeing you”, as you worked and only looked up when the bell rang, signalling that a customer had entered the shop.

“Just a moment.” you called, wiping the icing off your hands with your baker’s apron.

You turned and gasped. It was Jack. The clothes had changed, now he was dressed in a smart black suit, a well-fitting shirt and a blue tie, but the smile was the same, dimpled and warm. You dashed over and threw your arms about him.

“You found me.” you breathed into his chest, finally content.

vesperfly  asked:

HI RI and others! <3 i hope it's okay to send a request! i don't /think/ you guys have done this before but ? ?? i sincerely apologize if i missed it. BUT it's actually my birthday today, so maybe some super fluffy HCs/scenarios/what have you for MC's birthday? ;w; just w/e RFA would do for it, be it a party or quiet day in. you don't have to do everyone if you can't/don't wanna, honestly as long as seven is involved i'm happy! thank you guys so much for your amazing work<333

omg vesp you know i’m weak for you bab ;^; I received your request at like, midnight, but I tried my best!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I adore your art and you’re always so sweet (and oops I just realized I still haven’t replied from weeks ago I’m bad at that aAAH) AND I’M SO SAD I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOUR BDAY SOONER ;v; I’m also so damn honoured you’d request here ;v;

Oooooh Happy Birthday! Dropping in to collab because I wanted to give you birthday wishes as well. I would offer fried chicken and beer, but that’s out of the question atm. Tehe~
I hope you got to spend a really happy birthday! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Request Killing: 16/30

A Birthday Date - 707 x MC [Fluff]



MC : Guys? Are you there…?
Yoosung : Oh, hi MC! I just logged out of LOLOL to check the chat room for a bit. What’s up?
Jumin Han : Good evening, MC. Did you need anything?
MC : Ah, well, I was just wondering if any of you are free tomorrow?
Jaehee Kang : Hello, MC. Mr. Han has a full schedule, while I might be working till late into the night.
Jumin Han : But if it’s urgent, I can always have Assistant Kang clear my appointments in the afternoon.
Jaehee Kang : (╬ Ò﹏Ó) Mr. Han!
MC : Oh no, Jumin, it’s fine, you don’t need to do something that extreme ;;;;
ZEN : Hey~ Mmmm I have a rehearsal in the morning, but I don’t know if my manager has anything planned for the afternoon. Is there an occasion tomorrow?
Yoosung : I’d love to accompany you, but classes go on until 7pm tomorrow. Oh! Could it be your birthday?
MC : ….. yes. (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
ZEN : Happy Birthday, MC! (◕‿◕)♡
Jumin Han : It’s in my calendar, but I seemed to have missed it. I’m sorry, MC. And Happy Birthday. (♡˙︶˙♡)
ZEN : LIES. You totally don’t have it written down, Trustfund kid! (#`Д´)
Jumin Han : I do, you can even ask Jaehee.
Jaehee Kang : ;;;;;;;
V : Hello. Happy Birthday, MC. I’m quite busy as well, but if you want to celebrate, I could make time for you. (´• ω •`)
MC : You don’t have to, if you guys are really busy though! Your greetings are enough for me. I mean, we can always celebrate for another day, right?
Jumin Han : But wouldn’t it be less special if it’s not on the day itself?
V : That’s true.
MC : But I don’t really want to bother, so… also, it’s so sudden, so it’s okay! ;;;;
Jaehee Kang : Oh, MC. I would like to spend the day with you as well if I could… but as it is, I could only also wish you a happy birthday.
Yoosung : Seven’s not around, but have you tried asking him yet?
MC : He might be busy. He’s not answering calls atm. Oh, but it’s getting late, I don’t to keep everyone up! Good night!
Yoosung : Good night, MC!!
ZEN : Sleep well, jagi~
Jumin Han : Good night.
V : Night.
Jaehee Kang : Good night, MC. Don’t stay up too late. :)

You hadn’t expected to be woken up on your birthday so early in the morning on a summer day, let alone by your doorbell… Who could it possibly be, anyway?

Still a bit grouchy and dazed from sleep, you lazily headed to the front door and was surprised to find Seven outside your door with a bouquet of roses and a sleek box in hand. He was dressed casually, unlike the last time you had seen him at the RFA party where he wore a suit. His red hair was slicked to the side neatly, a silver earring sparkling on his exposed ear, and a boyish grin was stretched across his lips.

“Happy birthday,” he greeted you, his gaze gentle for a moment before taking in your appearance. A chuckle escaped his lips. “You look like you just rolled out of bed.”

“I just woke up!” you admitted with a light blush on your cheeks. You reached out to take the bouquet from his hands, smiling slightly. You hadn’t received many bouquets in your life… You took a whiff of the roses’ scent… only to realize it was made of candy!

“I figured you could still eat it, in case you weren’t a fan of flowers,” he explained when he noticed you stare at the roses. Seven handed you the box as well. He winked as he said, “Hurry up and get ready for our date!”

You stared at him questioningly, a bit confused. Rather, how did he know it was your birthday anyway? He hadn’t spoken up last night on the chatroom… Then, it dawned on you that he worked in the hacking profession, after all. Your smile widened as you thought of how sweet it was, for Seven to drop by in the morning just to take you out. You were already happy enough that one person remembered… and even more pleased that it was Seven, of all people.

He waited patiently in the living room as you tried to rush through your morning routine, not wanting to take too long. When you opened the box, you found a cute, black satin dress inside, and you realized it was meant for you to wear today.

You quickly slipped into it, slightly worried if it wouldn’t match you, but when you checked yourself out in the mirror, you felt more than satisfied with what your reflection showed. Damn. Who knew Seven had an eye for picking dresses? (Oh my god, but of course, he does cosplay, after all…)

You practically twirled out of the bathroom, eyes shining as you showed off the dress. You were beaming as you thanked him, “It fits me perfectly! Thank you so much for my birthday present!”

Seven stuck out his tongue playfully. “That’s not your present, silly. I’ll give it to you at the end of our date today, okay?”

He held out his hand, gesturing for you to take it, and then led you out the door. A blush rose to your cheeks. He’d said it again. He was calling it a ‘date.’

Actually, the two of you weren’t going out. At the same time, Seven often made jokes about these things, too… You didn’t know if you should get your hopes up or not. As far as you were aware, you had a one-sided, small crush on Seven. Ahem, emphasis on SMALL… After all. But you didn’t know if he felt the same, even though there were so many instances that it seemed like he liked you back…

“Are you okay with me taking you out today?” Seven asked you as he guided you to his car.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well… you might have wanted to spend the day with other friends. And everyone else in the RFA is busy today… S-sorry that it’s only me.”

“I’m happy that I can spend my birthday with you,” you admitted quietly, then put on your seatbelt as he started driving. He didn’t comment on your response.

Gazing out the window, you took in the scenery. It was the usual city scape, but it wasn’t too sunny, with clouds lazily rolling across the azure sky.

“So, where are we going?“

“I was thinking of taking you to an amusement park first, but do you want to go anywhere? I’m up for ideas,“ he glances slightly, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he beamed at you.

“Seven, you do know that I’m wearing a dress, right?“

“Oh, don’t worry about that. There’s a cap and a denim jacket that’s big enough that you won’t get too hot,“ he tries to reach for said items with one hand on the wheel, but you stop him when he swerves just before you almost collided with an oncoming vehicle.

“I-I’ll get it, just please, focus on driving!!!“

“Ahaha, alright, alright.“

Your first destination was a trendy cafe that was well known for its artsy cakes and tasty breakfast sets. The shop interior had a cute but homey vibe to it, cream-colored walls painted with sunflowers, while the glass panels were decorated with yet more flower doodles. It also featured a teak wood flooring, and a vase of summer flowers adorned each table.

“Wait here,“ he says as he leads you to a seat by the window, in which you decide to watch the people outside as Seven orders your food.

He returns after a while, slipping a strawberry frappucino and a cake in front of you. The cake was the size of a cupcake; it had a blue to purplish mirror sheen to it, a sprinkling of edible silver glitter, while three yellow candy stars and chocolate bark graced the top of the confection.

“Seven, this… this…!“

“… is not your present. It’s brunch cake, so eat up!“

“Brunch cake? You’re feeding me cake for brunch?“

“Why not? It IS your birthday.“

“For real?“

“Nah. I ordered something else, but they’re bringing it after a bit,“ placing his hands under his chin, he avidly watches your reaction as you go from awestruck to confused, to wanting to just stare at it.

“Can I at least take a picture first?“

“Go ahead~“

The food arrives after a few minutes, and the two of you bond over a conversation about common interests, with him making exaggerated gestures, making you laugh at his antics. Brunch had gone longer as expected, but it never seemed as if it did.

Not soon after, you arrive at the amusement park, with you making a beeline for the roller coasters and other attractions, skipping the horror house despite him trying to convince you to enter it.

There were times when either of you would unconsciously touch each other; an arm around your shoulders, you clinging onto one of his arms, handholding… it just felt natural.

You stayed on until the theme park’s stage performance and parade, singing along to songs that you knew the lyrics to, and then making up weird lyrics on the ones you weren’t familiar with.

There was a fireworks display at the end, and you just couldn’t help but look in wonder as they bloomed brightly under the night sky. You’ve seen countless displays like these your whole life, but it was the first time that you watched it alone with someone you liked.

Seven watched you as your eyes shone in amusement, memorizing each and every expression that crossed your face. He had come close to confessing to you many times throughout the day, but he held back, knowing that today was all about you having fun on your birthday.

The confession could wait for another time.

“Hey. You want to see something cool?” Seven asked, one corner of his lips quirked upward as he side-glanced at you while driving.

He didn’t actually wait for you to respond before he pressed a button, and a screen in the car roof slid aside, revealing the stars glimmering in the night sky. That was surprising– it was summer, and it was rare for stars to be so bright at this time of the year.

“On our next outing… we could go stargazing, if you want to,” he murmured softly, the tips of his ears red. He was blushing, and he sounded almost insecure as he’d asked you that– did he think you didn’t like him? Was he really that oblivious?

You stopped looking up at the stars, instead leaning closer towards Seven. “I’d love to,” you replied, making sure he caught your gaze. You resisted the urge to also say, because I love you.

The car slowed to a stop, and you turned your attention outside to take in your surroundings. The… beach? At this time of day?

Nobody was around… Not to mention the fact it was a private beach.

“Um, Seven… I don’t know if I want to be breaking laws on my birthday by trespassing a private beach,” you brought up to him, nervous.

He looked at you like you were crazy, and threw his head back in laughter. “Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t make you do that, not tonight, at least,” he winked, “Do you trust me?”

You nodded without hesitation. No matter how casual and joking he acted, you knew he was a serious man with good morals in the end.

He pulled out a blindfold from the backseat, then held it towards you, indicating for you to wrap it around your eyes. Once he made sure that you couldn’t peek out from the blindfold, he turned off the car engine, got off the car and walked over to your side to help you out.

Although you trusted Seven, you were still a bit scared because you couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. “S-Seven…?”

You heard him chuckle, “Shh, just trust me.”

You felt yourself walking onto the beach sand as your shoes sunk in with each step, and the distant sound of waves rolling ashore made its way to your ears. Seven suddenly stopped in his tracks and moved behind you, untying your blindfold which slipped away as– BOOM!

An involuntary gasp escaped your lips as the noise startled you, and your eyes raised to the shining fireworks overhead which spelled: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Five figures splashed in the water, jumping out from hiding, revealing Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, Zen and V. They were soaked, but had huge grins plastered on their faces as they waved to you, screaming “happy birthday!!” and “you’re getting old, MC!”

They walked over to you, and Seven threw towels at them, with Yoosung complaining to him that he was freezing because you guys took too long to arrive.

“I-I thought you said you were busy?” you stammered, feeling touched that they had organized all this. (You were sure that those fireworks must have been expensive AND difficult to set up… )

“We’re never too busy for you, jagi~” Zen chirped, grabbing a gift bag from the sand. “I hope you like your present!”

You accepted it with a smile, and peeked inside the bag. “What is it?”

“I got you a blanket! Ahaha, I know it’s not much, but you’re always complaining about having stiff shoulders since you’re so busy…”

Yoosung pushed Zen aside with a huge rabbit plush toy in his hands. “Well, I got you something cute,” he bragged. “Although, it’s not as cute as you, of course!”

Zen clicked his tongue at the younger boy, annoyed with his interruption.

“Behave! It’s MC’s birthday,” Jaehee scolded them, huffing. She turned to you with a pleasant smile, softly saying, “Happy birthday, MC.”

She handed you a carefully wrapped present.

“It’s a planner that doubles as as sketchpad,” she explained, “so you can jot down your ideas whenever and wherever you are.”

You thanked her, and then Jumin walked closer, grabbing your attention with the bag in his hands. You recognized the brand immediately, and your eyes widened, knowing it would be pricy.

“I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at my private beachhouse. The others worked hard to keep it a surprise. Anyway, I got you a pair of red stilettos. It’s not much, but I do believe in the saying that great shoes will take you to great places. And of course, I only want the best for you.” He smiled warmly, handing you the bag.

You turned to V expectantly, who had a self-satisfied grin on his face.

“Look!! Isn’t it so cute~?” he said, excitedly holding out a cactus with multiple buds in a cute pot.

You didn’t actually know what to do with the cactus, but you thanked him anyway… It was a very V-like gift.

“I’ll start preparing the food!” Yoosung suddenly exclaimed, running off to the car.

Jaehee and Jumin offered to help, while Zen and V began setting up tables and seats.

Seven tapped you lightly on the shoulder, the moonlight shining down on his rouge locks. The dark of night made the atmosphere intimate between the two of you, and you felt your cheeks heating up as you kept staring at his face, admiring his long eyelashes and piercing eyes.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, have you?” he teased, raising an eyebrow.

You shook your head, not trusting your voice to answer him.

He reached behind his back and held out a small box, and for a moment you wondered if he would propose, but you reminded yourself you weren’t even in a relationship and mentally punched yourself for even considering it.

You slowly opened the box, which revealed a sterling silver necklace with a winged moon pendant. You glanced up at Seven, who was staring intently at you for your reaction, and you quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed by his gaze.

He noticed the way you averted your eyes, and he laughed quietly in amusement. His fingers made their way under your chin, tilting your head upwards so you were forced to look him in the eyes.

“For my final birthday present to you… would you mind if I gave you a kiss?” he whispered.

You felt your eyes flutter shut in anticipation, and his face drew near your own… It shocked you a bit when his lips brushed softly past yours, and you expected more so you leaned in further, only to be met with the feeling of air.

Opening your eyes in confusion, you noticed how Seven was smiling mischievously again.

“Now now, MC, not when the kids are here~”

You remembered that you were in front of everyone in the RFA, and immediately backed away from the redhead, your cheeks redder than his hair. As you tried to escape him by moving closer to the others, his hand caught your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.

He moved past you, murmuring softly in your ear, “Let’s continue on our next date, okay?”

He cast a meaningful gaze as he jogged over to the others, leaving you to stand there on your own, a big smile spreading across your face. ‘Next date,’ he had said. Seven had basically confirmed that he liked you, and that filled you with a relief like no other.

You had received a lot of gifts today, but this simple fact was a much better birthday present than all of them combined.

Confused Papa // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by vminv

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Hi there! I was wondering if I could request some domestic Yoongi? I read a lot of great smut fics (yours included) but I’m really feeling gross and fluffy haha! I love your writing keep up the great work!

Your husband Yoongi takes a trip to the store with your 1 year old son and get’s a little confused when it comes to buying diapers!

Language Note: Yeobo = a term of endearment used usually between married couples. Translates as something like “honey” ^_^

Pushing the trolley-cart with your 1 year old son Shiwoo safely strapped in, Yoongi made his way down the supermarket aisles while doing the weekly grocery shop. Usually, it would have been you in place of him, but today you were currently attending a busy meeting at your company, so your lovely husband volunteered himself to do it for you seeing as it was his day off. “How hard could it be?” he thought while on his way to the store – just a 10 minute walk on foot from your house with Shiwoo cooing and laughing in his buggy, strolling along and having the time of his life with his Daddy.

“Okay…we got all of the food…now we just need to get your diapers and baby mush, little man” Yoongi reached into the baby seat in the trolley, ruffling Shiwoo’s thick, black hair and beaming down into his brown eyes that he often compared to as ‘huge saucers’ from his Mummy. Shiwoo gurgled back in delight, making incoherent sounds and words up into Yoongi’s face while grabbing his own toes and playing with them, making Yoongi’s heart swell in his chest as he turned the corner down into the baby aisle.

“This should only take us a few minutes, then we can go home and start making dinner for when Mummy gets back. You’ll help me, right Shiwoo?” Yoongi cooed, making kissy faces down into his son’s face and proceeding to engage in baby talk that no other person could understand unless they themselves were a parent also. Yoongi was under the impression that buying the necessary baby items would have been a piece of cake, but upon taking a closer look at all of the brands of diapers, he began to lose hope.

“What’s the difference between the pink ones and the blue ones? Is it stupidly gender related? But wait…why are there yellow ones too?” he said out loud, causing several passing mothers with their babies to look at him and giggle silently before going about their business. He took no notice however, being so engrossed in trying to figure out and remember which ones you usually bought. He stood up, pulling the shopping list out of his pocket and looked down to see just ‘diapers’ written underneath ‘pureed baby food – red jars’. He put his hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it while furrowing his eyebrows together. He had never even thought about having to decide between different brands – did Shiwoo need extra dryness protection? Or did he need longer lasting soft comfort? Did it matter what colour they were? Yoongi let out a disgruntled sigh, letting his jaw go slack while slightly pouting his lips together – the face he often made when he was frustrated or irritated; the face you so happened to fall in love with. He decided that enough was enough, pulling his phone out of his pocket and leaning over the handle of the trolley, letting Shiwoo play with his free hand as he dialled your number – praying that you would at least be out of the meeting by now.

“Thank you very much Mr. Tomille – I’ll be sure to send that email as soon as I get home! Have a safe journey” you waved your associate off as he got into his car with his assistant. It had been a long three hour meeting filled with headaches and lots of disagreements, but you really pulled through for your team and secured a great deal for your division – making you feel on top of the world as everyone congratulated you. You made your way back into your office, picking up your handbag and coat to walk out of the door, when you seen that you had 4 missed calls from Yoongi.

“Oh shit” you breathed out, feeling panic set in as you fumbled to call him back. Your mind immediately went to the worst possible thing that could have happened and believed it to be true as you heard the call pick up on the other end.

“Yeobo, are you okay? Is Shiwoo okay? What’s wrong?” you stammered, feeling your heart thump in your chest as you began quickly walking out the front door of your office building on to the street.

“Everything’s fine (Y/N), don’t worry. We’re still at the supermarket” you heard him say calmly along with the faint familiar sound of the bustling store in the background. You breathed a heavy sigh of relief, feeling the state of panic slowly departing from your body as you unlocked your car doors and got in to the drivers seat, taking your heels off and replacing them with flat shoes for driving.

“You’re still at the store? Why? Sorry for not answering you but I was still in the meeting.” You said as you hooked your Bluetooth piece to your ear and set the phone in the handset, hearing Shiwoo gurgling from the other side of the phone and smiling to yourself.

“Okay, this is gonna sound so stupid but what diapers am I supposed to get for our Shiwoo? There’s like, a billion different kinds here. Why are there so many?” he chuckled, making you laugh out loud at how cute your husband was. You imagined the look on his face upon being overwhelmed by so many diaper brands while he asked Shiwoo for his advice on which ones to get.

“Oh baby, I should have been more specific in my note. Get the ‘Huggies’ brand – the ‘extra dry more play’ box. They’re white with blue stripes on the edges. Can you see them?”

Yoongi looked around for a few seconds, before spying the correct box that was sitting in front of him the entire time as he looked back at Shiwoo who was as usual, giving him a beaming, gummy smile.

“I got them yeobo, thanks! Alright, we’re gonna finish up here and we should be home soon. Where are you?” he stood up, flinging the diapers into the trolley before reaching over to the other side of the aisle and grabbing the baby food.

“I’m on my way back now. See you at home?” you smiled, hearing Yoongi’s deep chuckle as you stopped at a red light, watching 5 or 6 school kids walking across the road on their way home from school. Your heart surged in your chest at the thought of having more babies with Yoongi and being able to watch them walking to and from school by themselves in the future that you almost began crying right then and there.

“Yeah, but don’t even think about starting dinner when you get in. Me and Shiwoo are making you jjigae tonight – so just put your feet up and be ready for our kisses when we get home” he said softly into the phone as he curled his finger underneath Shiwoo’s chin, tickling him and making him giggle. You took off again once the light turned green, smiling with gross, unbelievable endearment for your sweetheart of a husband as you nodded and shifted gears.

“Alright then, I’ll let you two boys do all the work then. I could get used to this you know” you replied playfully, hearing Yoongi giggle as he approached the checkout to pay for all the groceries.

“See you at home baby, I love you”.

FIC: all good things need sunshine

A slow day had crept up on the flower shop. Kirishima skimmed over his textbook, brows trying to bridge the gap for his philosophy paper. The bell signalling a customer jingled. Kirishima flipped a page, dog-earing the corner.

A hand came slamming on the counter top, and all of Kirishima’s skin tried to leap off his body.

“How do I say fuck you with flowers?” the customer said.

“Oh, my god,” Kirishima said.


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In love with The Wolverine

First time posting a “x reader” on Tumblr…Sorry for any mistakes, I’m French…And hope you’ll enjoy blahblahblah.

WARNING : Mention of sex. Mention of violence.

Look at this amazing drawing @audreythetealovingcat made inspired by this story : right here if you wanna see it click right here

(My masterlist blog here :


Logan runs as fast as he can. As far as he can remember, he never ran that fast, that long. His heart beats loudly in his chest, and he’s sure it’s going to burst out of his body within minutes. 

His legs ache, he has been running for quite a while now..

But he doesn’t care. He’s got to save her. He HAS to save her, no matter what.

He curses at himself for slowing down, exhausted, but he doesn’t stop.
He wishes he could be faster, hoping that he won’t arrive too late.
He knew this would happen one day, he knew it. 

And yet he stayed with you, putting your life in danger, too much of a coward to leave the one he considered the love of his life.
And now, he was probably going to loose you…

He accelerated once more, running as fast as he could.


Today marked the 7th anniversary of you teaching at Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, and fun coincidence, also your twenty sixth birthday, and your friends prepared a rather big party for you. It was suppose to be a surprise, but Kitty let it out by mistake over breakfast a few days ago. 

She was casually talking with her boyfriend, Piotr, when she asked what he was going to wear for (Y/N)’s party…not realizing you were just next to her sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee. When she did realized however, she apologized profusely, and made you and Piotr swear you wouldn’t say anything to Logan.
You had smiled gently to her, and swore. 

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Imagine mornings with Chris.

A/N: Hey hey, I told you there was no break. I hope you’re excited to read Chapter 5, ‘cause I’m really excited for y'all to read it! 😁 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, 'Little Ways Away’, 'She Said Yes’, and 'Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist)

Birds chirped outside the bedroom window as the sun rose over the horizon, arousing Chris from his sleep. He lifted his head and looked at the clock hanging on the wall, groaning when he realized it was only 6:03AM. His head fell back on his pillow and he turned towards you. Just as he was about to succumb to sleep again, he caught your pretty face in his sight and he decided he’d much rather watch you sleep. He tucked his hand under his face and smiled at the memory of how last night was spent. There was pizza by the fireplace while the two of you discussed and planned wedding details, and after- well, dessert, sweet kisses, and then some. It came as no surprise that things between the two of you when it came to romance and bedroom activities had doubled since you started planning the wedding; the post-engagement glow that had been put on the back burner had resurfaced now that the wedding was actually happening. Man, oh man, were things between you and Chris better than ever.

Chris reached his hand forward and gently pushed your hair out of your face, whispering softly, “not long now, Y/N.” He leaned forward and gently kissed your forehead before settling back in his original position, admiring his future bride with a great deal of satisfaction.

You woke shortly after he did due to his soft whispering and tender actions, you peeked at him and bit back your smile when you saw him smiling at you. “I know you’re my fiancé and you love me, but it doesn’t make waking up to your staring any less creepy.” You teased and he chuckled, turning onto his back with his head still facing you. “What time is it?” You asked mid yawn, stretching out your limbs.

“Time to get started on our day, I suppose.” He rested one hand on his chest and he yawned when he saw you yawn again. “Didn’t you say we’ve got wedding cakes to taste today?” He quizzed and you sighed, noising confirmation. “What’s with the sigh?” He chuckled. “We’re going to four of the best bakeries in Los Angeles to eat cake, all kinds of cake. If you ask me, I think it’s going to be a very yummy day.”

“I know it is,” you sighed again as you sat up. You remembered how excited you were when you told Chris about the cake tasting plans, you stomach practically growled when you saw the email responses from each bakery. But for some unknown reason, you weren’t excited now. In fact, just thinking about tasting cake- any kind of cake- made you feel like hurling. “But- I don’t know, Chris,” you turned back to him and he sat up, looking concerned. “I feel weird, I’m just-” you licked your dry lips. “I don’t really feel like cake.”

“That’s okay,” his hand rubbed your back soothingly. “You don’t have to eat much, just a bite of each.” As soon as he suggested that, you felt yourself make a face. Your mouth became dry and your cheeks and jaw sore, like it was preparing you to puke. “That is- um,” he chuckled then pursed his lips together at your expression. “That is not a face you want to see before you taste cakes.” Every time he said the word 'cake’, you felt your stomach churn. “Do you want me to call the bakeries and postpone the cake tasting?”

“Please stop saying the word 'cake’,” you begged as you were starting to feel a little lightheaded just thinking about what your day was going to be like. “And no, because we can’t postpone. We have so much to do and so little time, we can’t afford to lose this meeting. It’s already the middle of July, Chris, and we haven’t even gotten quarter of the way through the list. You haven’t even sorted out your wedding party, you’ve just got Scott and Sebastian so far.”

“To be fair, neither have you.” He pointed out then winced at your deadpan expression. “What? I’m just saying you’ve only got Ava as your maid of honor, so technically- I’m ahead by one person.” You grabbed your pillow and whacked him with it, making him laugh and yourself smile. “Relax, we’ve got plenty of time. On the bright side, our band is sorted already.” Your smile widened as you shook your head. That was such a tactic, every time you looked like you were about to flip out he’d remind you that, “Ed Sheeran is coming to sing for us” knowing very well it’d calm you.

“In my defense, I don’t have a lot of girl friends. I’ve got Ava, and Corrie- who’s living in Japan. She said she’ll attend the wedding, but she can’t be apart of the bridal party 'cause work has got her pretty tied up. Then there’s my brother’s ex-girlfriend, Isabelle, who I should have known better than to grow close with. It’s not like I can invite her to the wedding, do we want a huge cat fight between his ex and his current?” You asked then answered yourself, “no, we do not.” You ran a hand through your hair, wishing you could just have Ava and not a whole party. “Do you think Carly and Shanna would be apart of my bridal party if I asked?”

“Of course, baby. They love you and they’d be more than happy to be your bridesmaids.” He smiled when you smiled. “I’ll even let you have Tara if you want, I don’t need to get her to be a grooms-woman. I think she’d have a much better time with you ladies.” You smiled, kissing his cheek. “So relax, okay?” He took your hand and squeezed it. “Bridal party or not, we’re still going to get married. And if things get too chaotic, we do what Jim and Pam did in The Office. Okay?”

“Okay,” you giggled.

“Okay,” he chuckled and pulled his hand away, climbing out of bed. “I’m going to go get cleaned up first so I can sort Dodger’s breakfast out while you do your thing, then we can head out for the day.  I think we can skip breakfast considering you look like you can barely handle a bite of cake.” You nodded in agreement as he headed for the ensuite. “Okay then,” he glanced back at you, smiling. “We’ve got our game plan, now let’s hustle.”

“I can’t do anything until you finish up in there,” you reminded him, laying back down.

“I know, but don’t fall asleep,” he teasingly warned before he closed the ensuite door behind him.

The second the shower started running, he started singing. You smiled, letting your eyelids close. But before you could let yourself drift off, Dodger came barreling in and pounced on you. “Dodger!” You laughed when he licked your face. “Oh my God, stop!” You squirmed under him, laughing hysterically as he continued to attack your face with kisses. “Oh bud,” you ran a hand over his head, smiling when he stopped to look at you with a tilted head. “Aren’t you a romantic? Giving me kisses so early in the morning.”

Dodger barked in your face, causing you to flinch then laugh. He settled in front of you and gently rested his head on your belly. You smiled and stroked his fur, from his head to his tail. He was a handsome one, that boy, and such a sweet and protective fella; much like Chris. You sat up and leaned forward, kissing the top of his head. Chris came out of the steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, smiling when he saw you and Dodger.

“Forgot my underwear,” he told you then was about to walk over to scratch Dodger’s head when Dodger lifted his head and growled at him. “Whoa, bud,” he stopped in his tracks and held up his hands in surrender. “What’s with him?” He asked you and you shrugged with furrowed brows, kissing Dodger’s head as he settled his head back on your belly. “I see how it is, a pretty girl comes into our lives and you turn on me?” You laughed, playing with Dodger’s ears. “Fine, be that way. Don’t come to me when you want to go on a run, she won’t take you running.”

“I can take him walking,” you defended your distaste of running. “Can’t I, bud?” You cooed in Dodger’s face and he licked your cheek. “Don’t be jealous, babe.” You teased Chris when he squinted at the both of you evilly. “You know we’ve got love in our hearts for you, slightly deeper down.” You laughed when he rolled his eyes, walking back into the ensuite and closing the door behind him. “He’s such a baby,” you whispered into Dodger’s ear, giggling. “I am so glad I’ve got you, I wouldn’t know how to handle him on my own.”

Dodger nudged his nose into your hand and you smiled, scratching his head. You loved Dodger as much as you loved Chris, sometimes more than you loved Chris because he’d never do anything to annoy or piss you off. Chris knew this and he used Dodger to his advantage when he got into fights with you, tying notes to Dodger’s collar and sending him to find you. It was pretty cute and you always cracked after seeing Dodger’s adorable face. But then again, it didn’t take long for you to crack at Chris’ adorable face either. You were weak when it came to those two, just like Chris was weak when it came to the two of you.

It would be interesting to see what would happen when the time came for the two of you to become parents. You always saw yourself as the bad cop to Chris’ good cop when you wrote, you both agreed he’d be a pushover when your first child came along. Be it a little man or a little princess- he’d waited too long for a child to be strict with him or her. You’d most likely have to be the one to do the disciplining, though knowing your soft heart- you wouldn’t be able to be the strict and authoritative parent you’d imagined yourself to be. But that was a long way down the road, not something either of you had to worry about now. Now, the only child you had to worry about was your fiancé because even Dodger was more mature than Chris. Chris, who was once again walking out of the steamy bathroom with just a towel, because he’d realized the pair of underwear he’d taken was yours and not his.

“Nice hair,” you commented, trying not to laugh at Chris’ wet and deliberately spiked up hair; the kind of hairstyle you’d do to a two year old when you gave them a bath. He winked and reentered the bathroom, closing the door behind him again. “So much more mature,” you chuckled into Dodger’s fur when you gave him another kiss.

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Part 2

anonymous asked:

107. Rowaelin

Well nonnie, this was sent to me on 2/18. This is what you all can expect from me, re: fic requests lately, and why they are currently closed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little drabble. :)

Prompt: It’s a real shame no one asked for your opinion.

AO3 place where I stick these things


When Aelin decided to get up in the middle of the night and make a cake, Rowan had simply turned over and thrown his pillow over his head.

When she had come around to his side of the bed and torn the bedding off him, he knew he wasn’t getting back to sleep.

In the last few months, she had taken it upon herself to learn how to do small things: roast a chicken, scramble eggs, boil water. She had decided that her successes at those endeavors meant that she was ready to take the leap into baking, a choice Rowan hoped she forgot every day.

Padding into the kitchen after her, he blinked himself into more complete consciousness. She was already pulling bowls out of cabinets, bags of ingredients littered the counter, and she stood with her hands on her hips.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I don’t know if we have enough hazelnuts,” she replied.

At the word hazelnuts, time stood still. Not hazelnuts. Anything but hazelnuts. Because if that’s what she was looking for, that could only mean one thing.

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Handwriting [Zach Dempsey x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/n) finds pickup lines in her compliment bags and wants to know who is the author. Once she finds out, she decides to play his game and does the same, hoping that it will take her crush as long as it did for her. It doesn’t and he confronts her at Monet’s.

Word count: 3017

Warnings: none; just fluff

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting because I was moving and stuff, thanks for being patient with me.

If you want to request something go here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

Peer communications, queue the eye roll. The only thing good about that class was that you sat next to your best friend, Clay Jensen. You were the one to incite him to put something in his- even though he denies it- crush Hannah Baker’s compliment bag. Compliment bags, you had to admit that the idea was original but you didn’t think that Ms. Bradley had considered the disappointment a student could feel when their bag was empty. It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t receive anything, there are always people here for you, even if you don’t know it. Yet, every day, as you stay longer to watch people check their bags, you see your crush, Zach Dempsey, taking an empty hand out of his bag.

“How is that possible? A popular guy like him, nothing.” You wondered, “If only I were as brave as Clay and build up the courage to leave a note or something.”

You quickly grabbed your bag, and headed towards the door when Ms. Bradley spoke up, “(Y/n)? Why don’t you check your bag?” she asked.

You didn’t know how to answer, “Uh…” you responded.

“Well, since you don’t seem to have come up with a good excuse, I suppose that you will have to see what compliments you have received since the last time you checked the bag.” She urged, gesturing towards the brown bag with your name on it.

Sighing, you walked towards it and dug your hand into the bag. Surprisingly, your hand was met with a small quantity of papers. You grabbed them and took them out, placing them on the table to be able to reorganize them and left with the small stack you had just made.

You unfolded the first paper:

How should I dress for Halloween? I know like (Y/n)! I’ll be a queen cause that’s what you are babe.

                                                                                            Xoxo Jess

You smiled at her cute message and unravel the next paper. Inside was a small doodle of a bear and a cake, immediately, you knew that this was from Clay. Below the drawing was small note making a reference about your love for food. You continued to open all the papers from your friends like Sheri, Hannah and Jeff. They all were very sweet and you made a mental note to place a note in each one of their bags. Finally, there was a paper in which the handwriting was not familiar to you. Inside, there was quote “Whatever you are, be a good one.” -Lincoln. But it was not all, underneath was a short message, I think Lincoln would be proud of me if I were your boyfriend, because I’d be a great one. You laughed softly at the pick-up line and looked to the bottom of the paper for a signature but there was none. You placed all your notes and headed home.

The next morning, you woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. You groaned loudly, not understanding why the universe won’t let you sleep in. You got ready and headed down the stairs for breakfast. You were alone since both your parents were on a business trip. You made yourself breakfast and started eating. Once you were done, you cleared up and left the house to meet Clay’s at his. Together, you left to go to the school. You got there and grunted, you had peer communications. You trudged to the classroom and slumped into your seat as the teacher droned on about how important it was to treat your friends properly, “No really?”.

After what seemed like an eternity, class ended and you went to check your brown bag. There, you found two papers: another drawing from Clay and another letter from the unknown admirer.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi. I wish to see more love in the world, I can be the change by being your boyfriend.

You grinned and headed to Clay, “Hey Clay, I received these notes in my compliment bag,” you showed him the notes, “do you know who they might be from?” you asked.

He smirked, “A secret admirer (Y/n)? Maybe it’s a certain 6”3 jock…” he eyed Zach and then winked at you, “Or just somebody else, I have literally no idea (Y/n).” he shrugged and you punched him in the shoulder.

“I’m serious! Do you not recognize the writing or something?” You asked, desperate for a lead.

“Nope, sorry (Y/n).”

This was how a majority of your day wen, asking your friends if they knew whose writing was on the paper yet none of them knew anything, whoever this ghost was, he didn’t leave a single lead.

The letters continued coming throughout the week, one per day. Each one of the letters contained a quote with a sweet follow-up. You were getting curious about who this secret admirer was but no one seemed to remember anything about the writing. It was starting to frustrate you but you never gave up. Looking everywhere for the same particular handwriting, in vain. This admirer was a ghost and it was tiring you, the same questions floating through your mind 24/7, “Who is he?”, “Is he a nice guy?” or “What kind of person is he?” … You pondered but your questions when unanswered.

You were in Biology class, doodling the person from today’s quote, Einstein, on your book while half-listening to the teacher. You looked at the clock, you were only halfway through the class when you the teacher’s voice rose, “Mr. Dempsey,” Zach eyes lifted to her, “please write on the board what differentiates prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells, the rest of you,” she turned to the rest of the class, “copy it down once I checked if his answers are correct.”

Zach stood up and headed towards the board. He picked up a pen and drew two columns, writing the name of one of the cells on each side. You straightened, the writing, it was familiar. You took the message you had received today and unfolded it. You lifted it besides the board, the writing was very similar, nearly identical. You finally knew, your secret admirer was none other than Zachary Dempsey. Suddenly, you were overwhelmed with thoughts. It was impossible that nobody knew one of the most popular kids in school’s writing, so how did Zach do it? He knew you better than you thought, somehow, he had anticipated who you would ask and stopped them from revealing anything. He had gone to great lengths to avoid your discovery of his identity, why? It isn’t like the feeling wasn’t mutual, you liked him back. Doubt settled into you, what if it was a prank? Or a dare? You continued writing down everything, seeing the looks your friends shoot looks at you, probably wondering if you had recognized the writing, you acted like nothing exceptional had happened and they seemed to fall for it.

When the bell rang, you headed for Clay to not look suspicious while contemplating how you would make Zach understand that you knew his little secret. At that instant, it hit you. You were going to do the same thing to him, but slightly differently so that he didn’t know it was you.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)? Earth to (Y/n).” you jumped, a hand was waving in front of your face, bringing you out of your trance, “What were you thinking about?” Clay asked once he saw that you were with him.

“Nothing important, don’t worry.” You waved him off.


“Sorry, you were saying something before I kinda zoned out.”

At that, Clay started his story about what had happened at the Crestmont the evening before with Hannah. You carefully listened to him until, his story was over and you had reached his house. He invited you in but you politely refused, needing to go home to do your homework and prepare Zach’s little surprise.

Once again, the alarm clock woke you up and your morning routine started again as you dragged your feet out of your bed. You had a slight burst in your step, excited about what you would give Zach. You checked your bag for the small piece of paper and left once you had verified that it was there.

Before your first period, you slipped into the peer communications classroom and placed the piece of paper into Zach’s empty bag. You then left to class, a sneaky smile adorning your face.

For the first time in your life you were impatient for peer communications. When it was time, you rushed to the classroom, thinking that somehow it would come faster. You sat down in your seat besides Clay, looking towards Zach.

During the class, you were someplace else, imagining the different endings things that could happen today after Zach found your note. Your eyes went from Zach to the bags to the teacher, the loop repeating endlessly.

“Miss (L/n)!” you snapped out of your daze, “Bringing your mind to class along with your body would be greatly appreciated.” She said, earning sniggers from everyone.

You blushed and nodded, trying to make eye contact with anyone. Unfortunately, you couldn’t resist looking up and your eyes met Zach Dempsey’s dark eyes, he was smiling, his arm was slung over the back of the chair, allowing a more comfortable position to be able to see you. Immediately, you buried your face in your arms, even more humiliated than before.

After thirty more minutes of peer communications, the bell finally rang. You got up and headed towards your compliment bag. Hurriedly, you grabbed your note and ran out, before Zach got to read his note. You couldn’t resist knowing how he would react so you stayed, your head peeping out of the door frame.

You watched as the tall boy idly chat with Hannah, not feeling any jealousy, knowing that she liked Clay. His shoulders shook in laughter at something Hannah said and they both checked their bags. You saw his eyebrows raise when his fingers encountered your note. Your eyes followed his hands as he unfolded it and chuckle at your little pick-up line and message. He looked around, hoping to find his messenger but, no one was left besides him and Hannah. You ran off, not wanting to be caught when he left the classroom and ruin your plan.

Throughout the day, you observed as he walked around school asking his friends if they recognized the writing. You got a sense of déjà-vu when you saw him going from person to person. You grinned slightly. He had asked most of his friends but hadn’t asked Justin Foley yet. His last hope. You didn’t share any classes with Justin so it was impossible that he knew that it was you. You smile grew even more.

A hand placed itself on your shoulder, “What’s got you so happy?” Clay asked.

“Well, I found my secret admirer.”

Clay’s smile faltered a bit before returning to normal, “Really? Who is it?”

You threw him a skeptical look, “Don’t play dumb with me Jensen.” You shoved him gently, “I know that he’s got you in on it, along with Sheri, Jess and everyone else.”

He was completely found out but, stupidly, he decided to continue with the whole charade, “I have absolutely no idea who and what you are talking about my dear (Y/n).”

“Lose the act Clay. I know that Zach was partnered with you for a History project at the beginning of the year.” You told him, making him lose every excuse he had prepared mentally.

“Fine.” He raised his hands in the air, “You got me. But, you did the same to Hannah by not telling her it was me.” He argued.

“Hannah is not my best friend Clay, you are! But, if you want, I can tell her everything.” You threatened.

His eyes widened, “Don’t, I so sorry (Y/n)! I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Nope.” You grinned as you saw the blue-eyed girl at the end of the hallway, “Hey Hannah!” you waved towards her, “I need to talk to you about something.”

You ran towards her and left an angry Clay behind you. He knew this would not end well because you were tremendously reckless and always kept your word. He groaned loudly, knowing that you were probably scare Hannah off by either overselling or underselling him. You pretty much threw his chances at dating Hannah Baker out the window.

You had told Hannah to meet you at Monet’s at four. You walked inside and saw her ordering a drink. You walked to her and tapped on her shoulder, greeting her.

She turned around, smiling, “Hey (Y/n)! I was just ordering, do you want anything?”

“Yes please. I’ll have a (f/d) please.” You asked the barista, reaching for your cash.

Hannah placed her hand one the arm that was rummaging in your bag, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” She smiled, paying the guy, “You’ll just owe me one.” You thanked her as you both headed to a free table with your drinks.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” she asked.

“I need you to answer me honestly,” she nodded, “I promise I won’t tell anyone. You like Clay, like in a ‘more than friends’ way. True or false?” you asked bluntly.

Her eyes widened, not expecting that question, “I-uh, I-that’s t-true.” She stuttered.

A grin etched itself on your face, “Great!” you exclaimed, surprising her.

“Next question. Do you know who is placing those little drawings in your compliment bag?”

Hannah cocked her head slightly to the side at the weird question, “No. You know that.”

“Good, good.” You said, slightly creeping Hannah out.

“Well, Hannah Baker, let me explain everything you do not know.” You grinned at her maliciously. And told her everything, spilling Clay’s secrets. During your story, Hannah’s facial emotions varied from excitement to surprise, nearly all of them positive.

Once you were done, she spoke up, “Please tell me this isn’t a cruel prank and it’s the truth.”

You placed your hand on your chest in mock horror. “Firstly, I am shocked that you would believe that I would pull such a horrible prank on such a sweet soul like you. I would only pull a prank like that on somebody like Bryce.” You made a gagging sound, “Secondly, you promised that you would be honest thus, by the law of equality I have promised as such in an unspoken way.” You joked, “No but seriously, I wouldn’t do that to you, I swear that I am telling you the truth.” You assured.

“Okay…” she smiled, “I believe you.”

“You have to go see Clay and tell him you like him back because this game of obliviousness is really annoying me and little Jensen is too chicken to do anything about it.” You both laughed.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” She beamed.

The two of you continued talking about various subjects and found out new things about each other. You spent about an hour growing closer until the door opened and you saw Zach and the rest of the jocks walk in, his eyes looking straight towards you. You looked behind you but there was no one.

Hannah raised her eyebrows suggestively at you, “He’s looking at you (Y/n).” she whispered, smirking. During your bonding, you might have told her about the whole Zach story.

The both of you watched the dark-haired boy tell his friends to order and sit down without him. They did as such and he turned to your table, marching towards you.

Conveniently, Hannah’s drink was empty, she grabbed and said, “Well, I need a refill so, I’m gonna go.” She winked at you and left.

You were still sending daggers at her back when somebody sat in her seat, not somebody, Zach. You looked up, your (e/c) eyes meeting his warm brown ones. He sighed, placing his bag on the ground beside him. He slid a piece of paper towards you and you reached in your pocket, sliding the note you received today towards its author. You both grasped the pieces of paper and unfolded them.

Your eyes met your own writing and you smiled, “How did you know?” you asked smirking slightly.

“Justin saw you peeking through the door frame this morning and when I came today, asking him if he recognize the writing with the context I gave him, he put two and two together and told me.” He replied. You mentally cursed yourself for not looking at your surroundings, “What about you? How did you know?”

“Biology.” You said, “you were asked to write down the differences between two cells, I recognized the writing.” He hummed in comprehension.

You both stayed in silence until you couldn’t bear it, curiosity and doubt got the better of you, “So… Was it a prank?”

His back straightened and his eyes widened, “No! No! Not at all! I meant everything, about being your boyfriend. Listen (Y/n), I think that it’s great that you’re not only beautiful but, smart, independent and so many other things! I really like you (Y/n) and I’d like to be more than friends, if you’d let me.” He looked up at you, hope vibrant in his eyes.

You placed your hand over his, “That’d be great.” You smiled and his eyes twinkled.

He took your hand in his and grinned, “Really?” he asked, not believing that this was really happening.

“Absolutely,” his smiled widened, “but, you have to take me on a date before we make anything official.”

He sighed, glad that it wasn’t some horrible condition you gave him, “How about Rosie’s, tonight?” He offered.

“Pick me up at 7.” You both smiled widely.

“It’s a date!” he said before leaving to get back to his friends.

Hannah returned to her seat, sipping on her newly refilled drink, “Spill. What happened between you and Dempsey?” she asked.

You grinned and told her everything that had happened after she left. Your mind mainly wandering to your date with your crush tonight.

#49 Cactus Messages (Harry Styles)

So, this is different. I seriously pray you like it. 

Word Count: 2,900

Summary: Harry meets a girl who gives him a cactus and leaves. But, there is more to the cactus which is sharp, strong and resistant. 


I had no idea why I was here. The world around me felt hazy and I, I just felt numb and empty. Empty yeah, that’s how I felt. It was an empty world with no emotions, and at the moment, I felt like I was giving too much of myself into it. My girlfriend broke up with me, saying she was too insecure in the relationship and that I was too much. Whatever that meant, and a week before my step -…and it just felt numb. I still was here though, I had no idea what an outing would get me. I get to at least mourn for a little while, instead of roaming like a hyper butterfly. Whatever that meant.  

“C’mon Harry, just a coffee?” Jeff repeated taking a sip of his.

“Fine, yeah, coffee,” Faster I get over with this, faster I can leave. I need a week off, no a month off. I don’t have a month off.

“Excuse me,” Jeff called for someone, “A Cappuccino, please.”

“Alright, could I get you anything else as well?” I looked up at the girl. Her voice…it was so soft.

“No, that will be all, thank you,” she nodded and walked away. “Look, Harry, I am going to cancel everything for the next week. But, I would be lying if I say I can for more than that, especially with the movie coming out.”

“Yeah, I know. Give me a week first. Please,” I said. I knew I looked like shit. I couldn’t get myself to look normal. Normal was annoying me now. Everyone at home was acting normal like it happens every day. Trying to maintain calm, control…And now, that I am in London, I don’t know what to do. What can I do this time to heal? I was so lost.

“Here is your coffee, and this is the sugar,” the waitress came back and placed the coffee on my table. This was a tiny coffee shop here, not many people came here, at least during the mornings. Residential areas were usually quieter. I hated this. My mind just ran in a random tangent before coming back and being numb again. “Umm…” I looked up and met her eyes. She wanted to say something.

“Do you want a picture?” I asked, like a machine. Like a machine, Harry. Your fans have done nothing. Jeff looked up as well, about to send her away.

“Oh no, I just wanted to say…I’m sorry for your loss,” She gave a small smile, “and…here,” I put my hand forward, and she put a little cactus plant which was in a box in my hand.

“A cactus?” I looked up, and Jeff giggled. She nervously moved her legs, before straightening up.

“Yes, they are strong, they hit, don’t die and take care of themselves. They are good friends. I hope you feel better,” she nodded and walked away, leaving me to stare at this plant. I looked up, and she was back behind the counter not giving this table another look.

“Okay, what I was saying was is that I am here, Harry. To take care of everything, so you don’t worry,” Jeff continued as I heard him, my mind still looking at that cactus. He kept talking, and I tried my best to keep a straight face, drink my coffee, stay calm. He stopped when a jumpy boy and his mother walked in. Too small was this place to not notice or be interrupted when people walked in.

“Kiara,” the mother said, “he really wants to have the tea you made for him the other day,” the mother said to the waitress, and she smiled. “He has been telling me since yesterday to make the tea like you make it and I’m so lost.”

The girl giggled, “I’ll make him another one, Mrs Andrews. Would you like me to make one for you as well?” She asked. Her voice soothing as ever, “and would you like a slice of cake with it?” she looked at the boy.

“Yes yes yes!” the boy laughed as he took a seat, pulling his mother with him.

“I’d love the tea as well, Kiara. Thank you. How is your college going? Adjusting well?” She asked.

“Umm yeah, well, I noticed that it is very similar to my previous one, in my own country,” She said, walking out with a slice of cake in her hand.

“Oh really! How so?” The lady asked.

“There you go,” she said, placing the cake in front of the boy as he jumped and giving a quick kiss on his forehead. “Umm, they both kill you slowly,” saying that with a straight face, as I saw her eyes that were actually quite tired. The look left her face as soon as it came, and she smiled again.

“Are you listening to me, Harry?” Jeff called, taking my attention again. “Stay in your house for a few days if you like it. Or go back home, you can do whatever. You don’t need to ask or anything, I’ll have it arranged.”

“Thank you, Jeff, thanks a lot,” I smiled. We placed a note on the table and left by the back door, my cactus still in hand.

I woke up to a sweet sound of an instrument I didn’t recognise. I looked at the clock, and it was 8 AM. My head still on the cushion, eyes now wide awake, I tried looking for that sound. It didn’t stop, just repeated the tune over again. It was really melodious and so calming. Searching for it in my entire room and concluding it was coming from outside, I walked out to see it coming from the cactus, that I had placed on the coffee table. I picked up to see a small slit of paper out, and the music stopped as soon as I took it out. Surprised, a small box was capable of being a music system and support a plant and gives out messages. I kept the plant back down and opened the small slit of paper. The words seemed like they were burnt into the paper.

A heart as kind as yours, a love so scarce as yours, a tear so precious as yours should always be preserved. I hope you feel well… xx K

I sat down with the note in my hands, just trying not to cry. It was hard, so hard. Death was so finite. A sentence that was never finished, it’s so unreal. But, what was happening was real, and I knew I had to be strong. Someone had to be strong and, this time I had that position. People kept visiting the house, giving condolences, saying they’re here for me. I wasn’t really worried about me though, it was my mum. She was alone now. And, I knew she won’t shift here with me. Too individualistic she is, and alone.

The week passed faster than I thought it would. I finished work here in London so I could go back to mum for a while before Jeff took me away. I didn’t leave the house. Not even once. I woke up every day to the sweet tone of the cactus, with a note, compelled myself to have a bath, exercise, eat and then work. There was a lot of work pending here in London, and I had to finish that as soon as possible.

It’s funny how people we love leave first. Is it easy to lose things that are important? xx K

My heart will not be on sale again, take it now Sir, I’m yours. xx K

Only you’re mine, everything else is yours. xx K

Some of them I didn’t understand, but they made me think about them for quite some time during the day. For those hours spent thinking, I remember being the happiest. Until the guilt of being happy came back,

Everything is sold here, my darling, please be careful. Find a safe place and fast. xx K

I wanted to go see her again, maybe thank her for this little gift which was my only source of happiness and excitement. My day started with me not looking at the phone but reading my little note. Sometimes, I let it play to just listen to the music. On the sixth day, I stepped out, and it felt like the sun was shining on me. It was in the air that said, everything is going to be fine.

Life goes on, my dear. It makes the rock turn into sand, a transition in its life, all there is to be done is move. xx K

I walked into the tiny shop, looking under the counter as I didn’t see her there.

“Hello Sir, I’m Maria, what can I get you?” a young blonde woman asked me.

For a moment, I couldn’t say anything. To say I was disappointed was not enough. I prepared my speech since I woke up this morning, trying to find the correct ways to thank her, and made sure I came at the exact time as the last to find her here on her schedule, only to not see her.  “Sir? ” She repeated.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I blinked a couple of times, trying to remove the obvious-disappointed look on my face. “Hello.” I looked around the tiny shop again.

“Hello Sir,” She repeated, frowning and looking at the older lady working with her. Two girls sitting in the shop, giggled trying to take my picture, and I nodded towards them, trying to make my puppy face not so obvious.

“I was here last week, and there was this other girl. Um, long black here, till here…” I indicated to my waist, “Um, real soft voice, um really big eyes…she was the only one here that day…” I said as they looked at each other.

“Is there a problem with her, Sir?” The older lady asked.

“Oh, she works here. Thank god!” I sighed, thanking the Lord. “No, there is no problem, I wanted to thank her actually, will she be coming to work soon or?” I asked.

“Oh um, Kiara would not be joining us again.” The younger girl, Maria looked at me with pity.

“Oh, why not?” I asked.

“College students, Sir. They’re never here for too long. She got her internship so, the last week was her last,” the older lady said, putting the cake inside the showcase.

“Oh, um is there any way I can contact her? She did something really kind, and I have to thank her,” I looked at the younger girl.

“I’m sorry, we don’t hand out information like this,” The older lady gave me a smile.

“Please, I swear, I don’t mean to hurt her in any way-”

“It’s just our policy, Sir.” She repeated.

My shoulders dropped as I felt so sad, all of a sudden, “I’ll have an Espresso, please,” I said, handing out a bill.

I sat down near the window, just cursing myself not showing up the next day to thank her. It started raining outside, and I placed my finger on the droplets of water running down. I couldn’t control anything, “Your Espresso, Sir.” Maria placed the cup on my table, as I straightened up. “Your face becomes like a little child when you don’t get your things?” She questioned, “I’m a big fan of yours too, Sir. Check under the plate,” She gave me a big smile and unsuspicious, went behind the counter.

KIARA – +44 xxx xxx xxx9

I quickly slipped the paper under my pocket and nodded once, thanking her. The old woman looked at me and frowned, and I picked up my cup, “Amazing coffee!” and Maria laughed. I didn’t wait for the rain to stop and ran to the car. Locking myself in, I carefully dialled her number. It rang and rang…and rang, but no one picked up. I frowned, but before I dial again, Jeff called.

“You entered a coffee shop asking bewildered for a girl?” He said.

“Hi, bewildered?  I was not bewildered! Wait, how did you find out?” It had only just happened.

“Some girl posted it on Tumblr, with a picture of your back and the caption of you looking for a girl, bewildered! Harry!” I completely forgot about those girls in the shop.

“Look, it’s all okay now. I did, and now, I’m out. I was not bewildered at all, I promise,” I told him. And he talked about how I should have been a little more careful because, rumours when it came to me, didn’t die so fast. “I will, I will, I’m sorry.” We talked for a bit, and then, he kept the phone. I shook my head, seeing those girls cross by in front of my car in the rain. Rolling my eyes, I tried the number again. No one picked up.

Okay, one last time before you look like a bewildered creep. She picked up, “Okay, let me talk. I know you called me twice, and I I didn’t pick up only because I’m not in London and back home. This call will charge you loads so I would prefer you text to save you money, okay?” Her voice was as soft, as I remembered it to be. A little hurried, excited at the moment, but the same.

“I think, I will be able to afford it,” I said, giggling a bit.

“Um, who is this?” she asked, with a straight voice.

“Oh, yeah Hi!” I said, trying to make my monotone voice sound a little bit excited.

“Hi…” Her voice wavered.

“I’m Harry?” why was I questioning it? “I came to the coffee shop you worked at last week, and you gave me the um, cactus?”

“Mr Styles…” I could hear her getting a bit nervous, her breathing increased. “How did you get my number?” She asked her voice back to the calm.

“Oh, Maria gave it to me, very nice girl,” I said.

“Oh okay, how can I help you, sir?” she asked.

“Please call me Harry. I’m a friend. Um, I wanted to thank you for um, the plant…” My entire preparation of the speech was ruined just by hearing her voice. “I had a big thank you speech ready,” I said after a while, “it’s all wiped out from my head, now.”

“You’re welcome, Harry.”

“Um,” Why was I so nervous? “Can I meet you in person? Thank you…like in person?”

“Oh, so I’m back home for the next two weeks. Will be back in London on the 24th. I don’t know where would you be then…” she said.

“I’ll make it. Can I keep talking to you?” I asked. Why was I asking this?

“Like right now?” She asked.

“Um, generally…yeah generally.” I faltered.

“Why, Mr Styles?” She giggled.

I smirked, she was teasing me now, but then I just smiled to myself, leaning my head on the head rest. “You seem like safe space,” I said, quoting her notes.

“I see…” I could hear her smiling if that was possible. “We can keep talking…generally…Harry,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll shift to texting?” I asked.

“Um yeah, okay. Were you inside the coffee shop looking for me bewildered?” She asked, chuckling.

“How did you find out?” I asked, sitting up.

“It’s on Twitter,” she laughed.

“I was not bewildered,” I explained.

“It’s okay, I’ll keep our conversations to myself, don’t worry.”

“I was really not bewildered…” I tried again.

“Also,” She said ignoring it. “If you’d like the messages to continue,” She paused.

“Yes! Yes, I would,” I almost shouted.

She laughed, “Okay, so where are you?”

“Still sitting in my car, near the café, why?”

“Oh, splendid! So, there is a little stationary shop right in the block, can you see it?” She asked, and I confirmed. “So, you can go in there and buy papersinalittlebottle sheets. They are a tiny bunch of papers, which you’ll have to replace in the box. One set lasts two weeks only…”

“How do the messages appear?” I asked. “Aren’t they prewritten?”

“No, that’s a secret Mr Styles.” She laughed. “You’ll just have to replace the set. Open the screw and just stack the papers, okay?”

“Okay…I’ll buy ‘em right now.”

“Okay,” she giggled, “my mother’s calling Harry, I’ll have to go. Talk to you soon?”

“Yes, I will text…okay?”

“Yes okay..”

“Alright okay bye..”

“Bye Harry,”

“Bye Kiara…” And she cut the call.

It was still raining, but I stepped out and ran towards the stationary shop. “Hi, can I get the papersinalittlebottle sheets, please?” I asked the old man.

“Oh, more of Kiara’s messages?” He laughed, kindly. Were there more like me? “How many would you like?” He took out a huge packet which had little packets of those sheets. “One or two? There are 14 sheets in this little packet.”

“I’ll buy two of the whole bunch.”

“Son, two packets will last you a year, are you sure you want them all?” He asked, shocked.

“Yes, I’m sure.”


Request for PART 2?

Please tell me what you thought about the imagine. I’ll do the messages thing for you, if you like? 




love-life-and-wanderlust-deacti  asked:

Yo can I have headcanons/short scenario for the gang finding out their girlfriends were injured and in the hospital? (Each character's girlfriend got injured in their own way, they were jumped, car crash, abuse, attempted suicide, etc.)

okay, so this might suck so sorry in advance. also, i’m not sure if this is what you want, it might be too fluffy, so i’m so so so sorry :( hope you like it!!

warnings: abuse & suicide & swearing

sodapop: it had been two days since the incident. on wednesday, you were working late so soda, being the amazing boyfriend he was, decided to cook dinner for you. it smelled great, however, soda unfortunately forgot about your major peanut allergy. the grilled chicken he made contained peanut oil, which had caused you to pass out cold. you didn’t realize what was happening until you woke up two days later in the hospital with soda by your side.
when you first opened your eyes, soda shed a few tears. it had scared him so much to see you pass out, and to have all the medical equipment strapped up to you to help you breathe. he was so glad that his baby was okay, but also very guilty.
“baby, i’m so sorry. i’m such a bad boyfriend, i don’t deserve you, i’m so so sorry you had to go through that, i will never forgive myself,” he said, tears in his eyes.
you giggled and caressed his soft cheek, “soda don’t say that. i love you with all mu being and i am so lucky to have you.”
he gently took your hand and kissed it, promising himself he would never do that again.

dally: you ran as fast as you could out of that house. you were never going back. you have had enough of your father mentally beating you up, but tonight, it was physical. your nose was bleeding and you had a black eye. you had no idea where you were going but you just wanted out. out of this town, out of your life. suddenly, you remembered dally and ran to bucks. you and dallas weren’t dating, he always was sleeping around with some girl or other but you were definitely best friends and had a strong emotional connection. you watched out for him and he did the same for you. you two would do anything for each other, but none of you would ever admit it.
by the time you got to bucks, something was up. your head felt weird and your eyes felt sunken. everyone stared at you weird while others backed away. maybe it was worse than you thought…
“holy shit y/n, what happened to you?! we cmon lets go to the hospital, this is pretty bad. holy shit, what the fuck happened?”
“it was my father he-”
dally’s grip tightened around your shoulders as he lead the way out of buck’s.
“look y/n, it makes me so mad what he does to you. you deserve so much more you know that? you could do so much more for the world and i have no fucking idea why he can’t see that. he can’t beat you up like that, its fucking wrong, you know i’m so mad right now! say the words, y/n, say the words, and he’ll be out of your life forever.”
dally began to say something else, completely enraged, but suddenly everything became blurry and quiet until everything was black and silent.
you woke up the next morning, surprisingly, dally was beside your side. there was a big bandage across your head and your mouth had a weird taste, like medicine.
“jesus, you’re awake,” dally said.
“guess i am.”
“look y/n, i was real worried about you and it just made me realize-”
i had feelings for dallas as long as i could remember. sometimes it seemed like he did too, but with dally, you never really knew.
“it made me realize how much you mean to me. how upset i’d be if you died you know? and i can’t even believe im saying this, it sounds like something fucking ponyboy would say.”
you smirked.
“what?” he asked, you could sense he was worried.
“kiss me.”

ponyboy: you heard the brake slam. your head hit the wheel. it seemed like you heard everything. the smashing of the glass, your car hitting theirs, but the most dominating of all was your screams. and everything went black.
“she’s what? what happened?”
pony felt like his heart stopped when he received the phone call from dally. he felt his fingers getting numb. y/n? his y/n? in the hospital? no. he just was with her 20 minutes ago! this can’t be happening. pony couldn’t feel his voice anymore. he ran out of the house, straight to the hospital.
“Y/N! Y/N!” he shouted as soon as he burst into the room you were.
the nurse soon had him held down, telling him you were okay, but he needed to stay calm.
“ponyboy. pony, i’m alright. i’m so happy you came, it was so scary, i-”
“-shhh, honey. you need to rest. im here now,” he said putting his hand on your chest and began to calm down, realizing his babygirl was okay.

steve: you knew you should be scared when you heard the footsteps. you knew it wasn’t my type greasers, and you were scared.
“what’s up babyyyy..” one of them said, obviously drunk.
“s-st-stay away from me,” you imagined it would be more confident in my head, but when you said it out loud it probably just sounded like a lost little puppy. your heart was beating really fast now.
before you knew it they were beating me up, and beating me good. there were 4 of them, against you. you were pretty small and looked younger than you were. there was blood all over the place.
“let go of her!” was the last thing you heard before everything went black.
you arose a couple hours later with a nurse by your bed.
“where the hell am i?” you asked groggily.
she gently smiled and said, “hello, y/n, i’m your nurse and from what i’ve heard, you got beat up pretty badly, i’m so sorry to hear about that.”
everything came flooding back to me at once, as i felt the large bandage on my arm.
“and honey, there was this young man really worried about you, in tears even. he felt so bad, i’m gonna go call him over right now.”
steve? steve was worried about you? steve was the only one who would be, he’s your boyfriend. you felt content at the fact that steve was worried.
on cue, steve burst through the doors.
“baby! y/n! are you okay? holy crap, i’m so sorry i wasn’t there walking you home. this is all my fault-why are you smiling, did they put you on some drug?”
“no stevey, i just love you so much.”
“definitely some drug.”

johnny: (hey, i usually don’t feel very comfortable doing this, but just this one time. i’m so sorry if this offended you in any way, but there was a warning. i deal with this sort of stuff everyday and if you need someone to talk to, you can always, ALWAYS talk to me.) nothing was okay anymore. everything was falling apart. you cried and cried until you couldn’t cry anymore.
“love, love, are you okay?” my boyfriend johnny asked, obviously concerned, nervous & distraught.
shit. no. johnny did everything for me, he was my everything. he can’t see me in this state, he can’t. it’ll hurt him too much.
“i-i-i’m sorry…i-i-just-..”
he grabbed me and buried his face into the crook into my neck.
“y/n cakes, tell me what’s wrong. i love you so much you know that.”
i was hysterical, but he’s seen me like this before and he knew what was up.
“baby, don’t think like that. you know i could never live without you. i need you. i love you so much.”
i cried even more, how did i deserve him?
he picked my up bridal style, and carried me to the hospital.

two bit: you ran to the bathroom, for the eighth time today, barfing over the toilet.
your boyfriend, two-bit, rushed in after you.
“y/n. maybe we should go to the hospital, this doesn’t look too good…” two said for the hundredth time today, but this time you agreed. you felt horrible.
he brushed your hair and kissed your sweaty forehead, and guided you over to his car.
as soon as you hit the hospital bed, you fell asleep. it was deep and peaceful.
thank god, when you woke up you felt better. they gave you some nasty tasting medicine, and two rubbed your chest while you took it. it really helped that he was with you, he cracked jokes that made you feel better, and he was incredibly caring.
“you doing better, buttercup?” he asked with a playful smirk on his face.
“you betcha, keith.”

darry: the pan sizzled as you inhaled the amazing scent of garlic chicken you were cooking. suddenly, your hand slipped and the pan fell onto your left foot with a crash.
a string of loud profanities left your mouth as tears escaped from your eyes. GOD, that hurt a lot.
soda, who was the only one home immediately rushed into the kitchen.
“y/n are you alright? holy crap, that does not look good. ummmm, lets take you to the hospital and then we’ll call darry. dang, y/n i’m so sorry man that looks bad.”
he said while you were sobbing and hopping on one leg. he supported half of your weight as he dragged you to their car.
the nurse had put some numbing medication on your foot and bandaged it all up. it still burned, but it sure as hell felt better than it did before.
soda was on the phone with darry now.
“darry, yeah, so basically, y/n was cooking and the hot pan fell on her foot and she’s in the hospital. okay, it aint my fault, and its not her’s either! it was an accident!”
“hey, y/n, dars really worried. he’s gonna be over in 5.”
i gratefully smiled.
darry came sooner than i expected. he was real worried and was pacing and jumpy.
“dare bear!”
“y/n, don’t pull that crap with me. god i feel awful. i’m so sorry i had to work late. GOD that is a hue bandage. does it hurt anymore, shit.”
“darry, i’m okay now, calm down. i’ll be able to go tonight and i’ll only be on crutches for two days. i’ll be okay so just relax,” then you added, “i love you.”
he softened and sat next to me, while we spent the whole day talking while he drew shapes on my bare shoulder.

Baby Bear

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Yongguk was greeting his members as they arrived with gifts in their hands. He was so excited to see them there and among the rest of the important people in your life and his. They were all there for one reason…to find out if he would be the father of a baby girl or boy. Himchan was the only one without a gift but Yongguk already knew why. “Yongguk so can you just tell me already? I don’t like this buying something neutral. If it’s a girl I want to buy her cute bows and dresses.” 

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Wholesome Week 2 Day 2 ~ "Fifteen"


“Marco…,” rang a whisper, which was left unresponsive.

“Marco…!” the voice once more attempted. Still, there remained no answer but a toss of shoulders on a bed.

Growing impatient, the voice hissed, “MARCO DIAZ!”.

A pair of eyes shot open, looking straight above, leading to a scream.

Third time’s a charm, the voice’s owner thought.

“Star?! What the heck are you doing?!” Marco had come to find Star standing right above his bed, hanging upside down, calling his name.

“C'mon, Marco! Don’t you know what today is?”

“Yeah! The day you almost scared me to death! You can’t just hang over someone’s bed and then scare them awake!”

“Psh, you’re fine! The one who should really be offended is me!”

“Star, you’re making no sense.”

Star hopped onto the floor and stood upright. She stared at Marco blankly, not making a sound.

He returned her look, until what Star had meant dawned upon him. He hopped out of his bed. “Oh my gosh. It’s our one-year friendship-iversary!”

Star smiled. “And?”

“…and the first time we fought Ludo?”


“…a year since you set your kingdom on fire?”

“Besides that!”

“Oh, oh! I’ve got it now! It’s been a year that you’ve had your wand!”

Star smacked her head, then shook Marco. “It’s my fifteenth birthday!”

The boy’s eyes widened, then both of their smiles, too.

Suddenly, Star yelled, “Super confetti blast!”, and confetti showered the room, both teenagers bursting out with giggles and excitement.

“This is awesome! We have so much to celebrate… and do you know what this means?”

“I’m a year older than I was last year?”

“Fifteen birthday punches!” Marco began to chase Star across his room, as she had immediately began to run.

“No! No! Marco! No birthday punches!” She stopped firmly in her tracks, watching his every move.

He mirrored this behavior, arousing suspicions within her. Finally, he lifted both of his hands in the air in surrender. “Alright, alright- no birthday punches…”


“…just birthday tickles!”

Almost immediately, Star was on the ground, laughing hysterically. She quickly reached for her wand, pointed at Marco, and commanded, “Makeup blast!”, stopping him instantaneously.

He look in the mirror and groaned. His face looked like ‘Princess Marco’ all over again. “Great,” he laughed, following with a groan, “now I have to go clean my face.”

As, Marco left to the bathroom, Star received a call from her mother on her mirror.

“Star? Hello, Star- I need you to come to the castle today.”

“Gee, thanks, mom. I’m having a wonderful birthday so far.” Star muttered, sarcastically.

“I know it’s your birthday, but since you are now fifteen, we must celebrate with dinner, alongside the royal families of the other kingdoms. You do realize you are coming of age to find a husband?”

“Ugh, mom, I don’t want to sit around sipping tea and being proper with the other royals, and I most certainly am not planning on finding a husband.”

“Star, you must come-” Star ended the call midway in her mother’s sentence.

Coming out of the bathroom, Marco asked, “What was that all about?”

“My mom wants me to go to some stupid royal birthday dinner. Looks like we’re going to Mewni.” Before giving Marco the opportunity to have his output heard, Star quickly grabbed his dimensional scissors and opened a portal to the Butterfly Castle, dragging him inside.

“Hello, my not-so-little girl!” King Butterfly announced. “Hello, Marco!”

“Hey, dad!” she hugged her father.

“Ah, Star, I see you’ve followed my directions for once,” her mother said, arriving in the throne room where they stood.

“Now, why is it you request me here so early?”

“Honey, it’s your birthday! You must prepare for tonight’s dinner; you must ‘wow’ the other kingdoms,” her father replied.

“Ugh, let’s get this done and over with. What are we doing?”

“Well, the servants shall make you look your best; they will do your hair, makeup, nails, and dress you… and, Star, you will wear your crown,” Queen Butterfly demanded. The young girl groaned.

“That sounds… constricting.” Marco whispered to Star, feeling sorry that as royalty, her parents limited her independence.

“Marco,” the Queen began. “Since Star has brought you here with us, you must also look proper for tonight’s dinner.”

“Uh, okay, thanks,” the boy answered, unsure of what his response should’ve been.

The Queen then waved her hand, commencing the servants’ preparation of each teenager for the night’s dinner. Being separated from one another, Marco’s attention lasted for two hours, while Star’s, five. While putting the finishing touches on her outfit, Marco knocked on Star’s door.

“Come in!”

Marco opened the door and entered the room. Star was hidden behind a screen which her mirror had converted into, just as she did when she prepared for the Blood Moon ball.

“Hey, Star. Almost ready?”

“Yeah, I just think my outfit is missing something.”

“Well, I know this is going to sound corny, but I think you’ll shine just like the star you are.”

“Aw, thanks- wait, that’s it! I know what I’m missing!”

“…You’re welcome?”

“Thanks. Now, super glitter blast!” A blast of glitter emerged from behind the screen, covering Star’s dress exactly the way she’d planned. “…And now, for the finishing piece.” Star pointed her wand toward her head, and finally, her crown appeared in her hair, but with a nice, personal touch: a few flowers and her horn headband.

“Alright, now I’m ready.” As Star stepped out from behind the screen, Marco looked up in full focus.

Star wore a matte satin, red ballgown with an off-shoulder neckline, and that made contact with the ground. The top of her gown was covered in roses, and the bottom of her dress shimmered like the stars in the night sky. She wore her hair in a loose half-up half-down curled style, with the crown and horns in the front to top it off. Her pink wings had grown over time, and shown in the back. With golden heels and earrings, she’d surely be the center of attention at the dinner.

Marco was left awestruck, and, without thought, he said, “You’re beautiful. I-I meant- it’s just- you look beautiful. Not beautiful- but pretty– not that you’re not beautiful but- ugh! You know.” He blushed and turned his head in the awkwardness and his panic.

Star’s face turned red as well. “Thank you, Marco. You look super handsome too…”

They stood in silence for a few moments, until Marco began to lean in closer to her, almost making contact with her until-

Moon Butterfly burst into the room. “Marco, I would like you to escort my daughter to the …Great Hall for dinner with the other royals within the next few minutes.” She then shut the door and left the pair in their awkwardness.

“So… I guess I should start 'escorting’ you to the Grand Hall?”



“I’m glad I have you as such an amazing best friend.”

“Me too. I know I’ve said this, but you’re the best girl a guy could ever ask for.”

They took another moment to smile and stare at one another until Marco said, “Now, are you ready to go?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she admitted.

Grabbing onto her hand, Marco led Star through the halls, then stopping in front of a huge door.

“Marco, this isn’t the grand hall. It’s the ballroom!”

“Well, I’ve never really been in this castle before. Why don’t we check it out anyway, maybe you could give me a mini-tour?”

“That’d be great.” Star pushed open the door, still with her smile.

“Surprise!” yelled a crowd of people within the room. In the group stood Star’s friends and the people she cared about most, excluding Marco: her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, Ponyhead, Alfonso and Ferguson, Janna, Kelly, Starfan13, surprisingly, Tom, and many others. Many, many tables and decorations filled the room. A DJ occupied a corner of the room. Space had been left for the dance floor in the middle of the room. Long tables with rows of food had lines of people waiting behind it. The most important people in Star’s life occupied a single table, sitting in pairs of girls and guys; someone had paired Janna with Tom. One small table held a huge cake, reading 'Feliz Quinceanera, Star!“ A single spotlight shone on her.

“Marco- I don’t understand. The dinner? The royal families? My mother? Having to get ready for such a long time? What is all of this? Who did this?”

“It was all a set up. This is a Quinceanera, a special traditional party for a girl who is turning fifteen. I thought you deserved it, so I let everyone in on the surprise. There was never any royal dinner, we just needed an excuse to get you ready for the party. What do you think?”

“I think this is amazing! You did all of this for me?”

“I had help, and for a girl as special as you, I’d do anything.”

This time, it was Star who went in for a kiss with Marco, and it was this time she got it. The crowd cheered and whistled, and after a quick flush of cheeks, Star pulled Marco over to the cake table. Flashing her wand, Star made another cake appear next to the birthday cake, the new one saying 'Happy Friendship-iversary Star and Marco!’

The music played, and everyone was in much excitement. As Star sat, Marco sat beside her. “Remember the Blood Moon Ball?” he reminisced.

“Haha, yeah. According to legend, our souls were bonded that day. I hadn’t even known I was dancing with you. You have quite the moves, Marco Diaz.”

“Well, would you like to put the legend to the test?”

“How would we do that?”

“Would you like to dance with me?”

Amused, Star accepted the request she’d been awaiting, being led to the dance floor.
“I thought you’d never ask. Now show me what you’ve got!”


Author’s note: Thank you to whoever actually read this far! This is my first Starco one-shot ff, and I really had fun with this, so I hope you enjoyed it too! (Btw I’m sorry it’s long, guys)


Imagine being the best friend of one of the most famous fuckboy in town, Chris Schistad. And then one day, you need his help to bake a cake.

Authors note:
NOT ROMANTIC. Also, this is my very first imagine, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s a lil big, so I promise the next ones are gonna be shorter and better! Also, english is not my first language, then ignore the errors. Hahahahah thank you!

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