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I don't usually do this but I'm getting annoyed, esp bc of the last anon calling Christy "dramatic": There is a difference between "criticism" and sending negative comments. Telling someone to stop whitewashing their sims, which in her case is just assumption and false, isn't criticism. Telling her or anyone what they could do instead is. "Maybe you could do [blank] or [blank] instead of making your sims too dark/light." And she wasn't being dramatic one bit.

100% true facts about the signs
  • Aries: has way too many cups/water bottles in their room
  • Taurus: is always a slut for Doritos
  • Gemini: sucks at math
  • Cancer: daydreams about living with their crush every night
  • Leo: spends all their money on food
  • Virgo: is quiet but secretly a kinky freak
  • Libra: has an amazing ass
  • Scorpio: really wants to adopt 5 dogs
  • Sagittarius: is stressed 24/7 but pretends to be chill to maintain their aesthetic
  • Capricorn: has the worst memory ever
  • Aquarius: believes in aliens
  • Pisces: likes to preform dramatic music videos to songs whilst alone or drunk