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Don't ask people their pronouns. Just don't.

I know this goes against a lot of people’s perspectives, but don’t go around asking people their pronouns. Up until now I’ve remained more or less dispassionate on this topic, but this directly affected me today and it sucked.

I was interviewing a prospective hire at work and the whole thing went great… Really liked the guy. But as the interview drew to a close, just as several other people had entered the room, he very nicely blurts out one last question…

“Oh hey, Kaydee, what are your preferred pronouns?”

I. Just. About. Fell. Over.

I simultaneously had to process the fact that I had just been read by a total stranger - something I’m completely unaccustomed to - and also that he outed me in front of my new boss, someone with whom I hadn’t yet had a conversion about being trans.

I was mortified, worried, pissed off, and yet totally unable to be mad at him. I’m sure he had read crap on the Internet about ‘normalizing’ asking people for their preferred pronouns and thought he was being a bona fide hero for putting it into practice.

So let me just say this. Don’t. Don’t go asking a total stranger for their preferred pronouns. You don’t know if they’re trans or whatever else, you don’t know that they want to have that conversation and you have no right to spring that on them. Not to mention you have no idea who they are or aren’t out to. So stow it.

I was dressed in a professional black pencil skirt and a pink peplum top and in 3 inch heels. Go with what you freaking see!! If you’re not sure and you don’t want to offend, go with neutral pronouns. Don’t. Fucking. Ask. ESPECIALLY NOT IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE, AND ESPECIALLY NOT IN SOMEONE’S PLACE OF WORK!!

Not only did this person completely destroy my self confidence, but he embarrassed me and potentially caused me problems at my job. So I’m firmly taking a side. Enough of this asking for pronouns shit. It’s not the basket of flowers people would have you believe. It’s potentially awful.

Dating Sirius Black Would Involve
  • Running your fingers through his hair. When you kiss, when you cuddle, when you hug, all the time.
  • Sirius whispering in your ear a lot. He’ll nibble on your ear and kiss your neck and then whisper a random comment which would of course make you laugh. He would love your laugh.
  • Wearing his jacket because he thinks you look really hot in it.
  • He would tell you how hot you looked, a lot.
  • Sirius taking you for rides on his motorbike but he makes sure you’re safe and he makes sure you hold on tight. He loves the feeling of your arms wrapped tightly around his waist and the wind in his hair.
  • He loves that dizzy laugh you do when you stop riding on a broom or his motorbike together. He loves the way you brush your hair from your eyes and collapse against him laughing.
  • “Shhh.” kisses, “Shhh I love you.”
  • Your “reunions” after class would be so dramatic. He’d pick you up and swing you around and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in months.
  • When you actually hadn’t seen each other for months, Sirius would be almost crying when he saw you again. He’d be overwhelmed by how beautiful you were so he’d quickly hug you to hide his tears.
  • You would be the really embarrassing, so-in-love couple.
  • Laughing so loudly when you’re together that you get told off.
  • Teasing him for “being a little baby hiding under ten pounds of black leather.”
  • He would grab you when you said this, press a sloppy kiss to your cheek and whisper in your ear, “Ten pounds? Come on, you know I wear less than that for you.”
  • Stealing his jumpers. Sirius pouts and asks for it back. “Can you give my jumper back please darling, it’s cold.” 
    A sly smirk from you then a quiet, “Make me.”
    Sirius glances at the Marauders then back at you. “Maybe later.”
  • Sirius stealing your jumper and showing up with it on one time to get back at you. 
    “Sirius! You’re going to stretch it!” You exclaim, stifling your laughter. 
    “You want me to give it back?” He says with a smirk twitching at his lips.
    “Make me.” He grins.
    “SIRIUS BLACK YOU STOLE MY LINE!” You yell, tacking him. There’s laughter from the other Marauders as Sirius is caught in a fit of laughter and half screams as you tickle him into submission (Sirius is very ticklish, especially on his stomach).

Requested: One where Shawn and the reader are out and pap like grab her arm and Shawn freaks out and gets mad.


The shouts are deafening and the flashes are blinding. You don’t know why you’re in the front of Shawn and his whole team, but you are. Shawn is close behind you, so at least you have that as comfort, but the only thing you want right now is to get out of this crowd and into the safety of the building. The paparazzi are shouting Shawn’s name, and some of them are even shouting your name, trying to get your attention, but you aren’t about to give it to them, not at all. 

You feel a hand on your arm, and just by the way it is gripping you, you know it isn’t Shawn’s or his bodyguards, which spreads alarm through you. When you turn to look, you notice it’s a paparazzi who has grabbed you in an attempt to get your attention. It worked, but before you even have a chance to do or say anything about it, Shawn’s already by your side. “Don’t touch my girl.” He practically growls in the paparazzi’s face, and the pap immediately lets go. Shawn wraps his arm around you, leaning down to say into you ear, “I’m sorry baby, we’re almost inside.” And he keeps his arm securely around you. The two of you fight through the crowd together to make it to the lobby of the hotel. When you’re inside, he stops and really looks at you, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

You just shake your head, “No, he didn’t really do anything.” You tell Shawn, somewhat surprised at how harsh his reaction was over something so small.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just worry. I don’t like people touching you when you didn’t give them permission to.” And you can tell he’s still angry and even flustered by what happened back there.

You lean into him, grateful. “Thank you, Shawn.” You tell him, “Thank you for protecting me and loving me so well.”

Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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lightsaberwaltz  asked:

Aight so Lucasfilms released a promo image for Force Friday and it was a picture of an empty toy box with Rey, Finn, and Poe in their TLJ outfits. A bunch of antis started freaking out because in their minds it #confirmed that they were some sort of trio a la the OT and PT despite Rey and Poe never having met. Then there was a shit ton of discourse about the ""Trio"" and a lot of calling people racist for saying that Poe was a secondary character.

So ppl got jacked over an empty box is what you’re saying

An empty box with pictures on it


9ºC ⛅️

87/100 days of productivity 

“dream big little one”.

At last spring has sprung. I’ve always preferred the cold weather but it’s nice to have a little sun. Still, I will miss winter.

A little late, but whatever. This is my monthly spread for April, decided to combine pink and gray, trying and failing to make it somewhat spring themed.

🎧 Play that song- Train & Sigo Aqui- Alex Ubago 

13 Reasons Why Boys at the Beach

okay: So I spent the day at the beach, figured I would share this with you all. Please enjoy 💕 Warnings: little sexual, little swearing

•totally covers him and you in sunscreen constantly because he doesn’t wanna bitch or listen to you bitch about burns
•complains about you dragging him there
•ends up having fun
•loves staring at you while you tan and then pretending he wasn’t
•will not participate in sports but will join you in the ocean
•jumping on his back and him dunking you two under

•constantly playing football with all the boys
•him being too distracted by you tanning to pay attention to the game
•play fighting with the boys
•play fighting with you
•y'all rolling around together in the sand
•you wrapping your legs around him in the ocean for wet kisses (no pun intended)
•him constantly trying to hold your hand while laying out
•always getting slightly burned because he keeps forgetting to put sunscreen on (too distracted by you obvi)

•holding the frisbee above your head so you can’t reach
•totally kicks ass in beach volleyball
•will bet who can go farther out into the ocean
•almost drowns a couple of times
•lays out with you
•def untied your top “on accident”
•"sorry! Sorry! It won’t happen again!”
•"you said that three times ago!“

•gets too competitive in the boys beach football game
•constantly has sand in his eyes
•lays out with you as well
•"Monty if you keep your hand on my ass then I won’t tan there”
•"your point? I mean then people will know you’re mine"
•most def gets burned cause he refuses to put on sunscreen
•will also undo bathing suit tops if tempted

•everytime he comes out of the water it looks like he’s in slow motion
•his wet hair always falling in his face
•tosses you into the cold water
•more then once
•always trying to detangle your hair from your sunglasses
•tans with you peacefully
•you have I keep waking him up cause he’ll fall asleep and burn his back

•sunscreen queen
•gets hit in the face with the football
•always thinks the water is too cold
•but loves watching you play in it
•having to do some convincing for him to get his shirt off in public
•def had the coolest bathing suit
•also has all the beach hacks

•tans and tans and tans
•doesn’t burn
•rubs sunscreen on you
•plays with you in the ocean for hours
•def drives you there in the sexy mustang
•loves seeing you with beach hair
•the first one there and the last one to leave

Just Another Princess (Josh X Reader) - Request

Originally posted by itshannahdale

Pairing: daddy!josh x reader/ Warnings: Daddy Kink, Cussing, Name Calling, Teasing/ a/n: for @choppedobjectnightmare

It went by in a whir, you weren’t even supposed to be going backstage, but a fight between a couple in the line landed you with a VIP Pass after one of them stormed off, and now - after the concert was over - you were heading through the halls with the girl that had given you the gift of a lifetime and a few of her friends, being led by a security guard towards the backstage lounge area.

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On one hand I prefer the idea of Anakin no longer being a Padawan when Obi Wan joins his and Padme’s relationship. 

On the other hand I really like the idea of them first sleeping together after the battle of Geonosis while still high off the “holy shit we lived” 

Protection and Healing from Abuse


- A simple poppet to represent yourself

- Bandages

- Lavander, garlic, thyme, and salt

- Any of the following stones: white opal, mangano calcite, selenite, serpentine, peridot, banded agate, red jasper, black obsidian, jet, and onyx (one of the last three is preferable).


- Wrap the poppet up in the bandages. Add your ingredients (ensure they are cleansed and charged) in between the folds. The lavender is for healing, the garlic and salt are for protection, and the thyme is for courage. The stones (depending on which you chose) are good for protection, and also emotional healing and moving forward.

- As you wrap up the poppet, recite:

“I’ll move forward, I’ll be strong

I know I’m not in the wrong

I’ll bring back my power, I’ll have respite

I’ll get patched up, I’ll soon be right.”

- Keep the poppet somewhere safe, but preferably somewhere it will see some sunlight.


#i was honestly rooting for them to burn down the school

Shakarian: Post ME1

Imagine if Shakarian had happened late ME1/PostME1, how would have Garrus reacted to her death?

Garrus’ blue eyes were transfixed on the vid screen.

Breaking news. The Alliance has just reported that Commander Shepard is formally considered killed in action while scouting for Geth in the Attican Traverse. A memorial service will be held tomorrow to honor the actions of the recent Savior of the Citadel…

Coffee had spilled out of his mug, scorching his hand but he didn’t care. His mind was travelling at a million light years per minute, no Shepard couldn’t have been in the Traverse, she could be somewhere in space, she’s a survivor…

“Vakarian!” his superior barked, “You gonna bring me that coffee or what?”

He didn’t answer at first. The words resembled an echo, a memory trying to bubble up to the surface. With his eyes still glued to the screen, Garrus murmured, “I’m taking a few days off.”


“You heard me.” He snapped back into the moment like a lightning rod, shoveing the coffee into his boss’ outstretched hand. “I have something to take care of.”

Garrus didn’t care if he ever worked at C-Sec ever again.

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There is no path. Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of dark…what could possibly await us? And yet we seek it, insatiably. Such is our fate.

Texts From Last Night
* = smut
  1. You realize you got your period at work and need Harry to bring you some tampons but you’re embarrassed 
  2. Harry is home with his sick baby girl and is freaking out
  3. Harry asks you for nudes*
  4. Harry is dragged into a conversation with you and your two best friends and you all tease him
  5. Harry wants to have another baby
  6. Harry finds out you have a drug problem
  7. Harry tries to get you to go out with him but you’re hesitant because of your feelings for him after he friend zoned you 
  8. Harry thinks you don’t want to be with him anymore because you’ve been distant, but you’re pregnant and don’t know how to tell him
  9. You saved your virginity for your wedding night and you text Gemma for advice because you’re nervous and scared but you accidentally text Harry
  10. Harry wants you to quit smoking before you meet his family
  11. You have to go away for the weekend and one of the kids sneaks out
  12. You have to leave for a few days and Harry catches your teenage daughter taking a pregnancy test

I coloured it! rushed through it and I’m not fully satisfied with it but it’ll have to do for now OTL

Also one of the great things about drawing Kell is I can draw inconsistently different coats each time and nobody can complain haha!!