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Don't ask people their pronouns. Just don't.

I know this goes against a lot of people’s perspectives, but don’t go around asking people their pronouns. Up until now I’ve remained more or less dispassionate on this topic, but this directly affected me today and it sucked.

I was interviewing a prospective hire at work and the whole thing went great… Really liked the guy. But as the interview drew to a close, just as several other people had entered the room, he very nicely blurts out one last question…

“Oh hey, Kaydee, what are your preferred pronouns?”

I. Just. About. Fell. Over.

I simultaneously had to process the fact that I had just been read by a total stranger - something I’m completely unaccustomed to - and also that he outed me in front of my new boss, someone with whom I hadn’t yet had a conversion about being trans.

I was mortified, worried, pissed off, and yet totally unable to be mad at him. I’m sure he had read crap on the Internet about ‘normalizing’ asking people for their preferred pronouns and thought he was being a bona fide hero for putting it into practice.

So let me just say this. Don’t. Don’t go asking a total stranger for their preferred pronouns. You don’t know if they’re trans or whatever else, you don’t know that they want to have that conversation and you have no right to spring that on them. Not to mention you have no idea who they are or aren’t out to. So stow it.

I was dressed in a professional black pencil skirt and a pink peplum top and in 3 inch heels. Go with what you freaking see!! If you’re not sure and you don’t want to offend, go with neutral pronouns. Don’t. Fucking. Ask. ESPECIALLY NOT IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE, AND ESPECIALLY NOT IN SOMEONE’S PLACE OF WORK!!

Not only did this person completely destroy my self confidence, but he embarrassed me and potentially caused me problems at my job. So I’m firmly taking a side. Enough of this asking for pronouns shit. It’s not the basket of flowers people would have you believe. It’s potentially awful.

Dating Sirius Black Would Involve
  • Running your fingers through his hair. When you kiss, when you cuddle, when you hug, all the time.
  • Sirius whispering in your ear a lot. He’ll nibble on your ear and kiss your neck and then whisper a random comment which would of course make you laugh. He would love your laugh.
  • Wearing his jacket because he thinks you look really hot in it.
  • He would tell you how hot you looked, a lot.
  • Sirius taking you for rides on his motorbike but he makes sure you’re safe and he makes sure you hold on tight. He loves the feeling of your arms wrapped tightly around his waist and the wind in his hair.
  • He loves that dizzy laugh you do when you stop riding on a broom or his motorbike together. He loves the way you brush your hair from your eyes and collapse against him laughing.
  • “Shhh.” kisses, “Shhh I love you.”
  • Your “reunions” after class would be so dramatic. He’d pick you up and swing you around and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in months.
  • When you actually hadn’t seen each other for months, Sirius would be almost crying when he saw you again. He’d be overwhelmed by how beautiful you were so he’d quickly hug you to hide his tears.
  • You would be the really embarrassing, so-in-love couple.
  • Laughing so loudly when you’re together that you get told off.
  • Teasing him for “being a little baby hiding under ten pounds of black leather.”
  • He would grab you when you said this, press a sloppy kiss to your cheek and whisper in your ear, “Ten pounds? Come on, you know I wear less than that for you.”
  • Stealing his jumpers. Sirius pouts and asks for it back. “Can you give my jumper back please darling, it’s cold.” 
    A sly smirk from you then a quiet, “Make me.”
    Sirius glances at the Marauders then back at you. “Maybe later.”
  • Sirius stealing your jumper and showing up with it on one time to get back at you. 
    “Sirius! You’re going to stretch it!” You exclaim, stifling your laughter. 
    “You want me to give it back?” He says with a smirk twitching at his lips.
    “Make me.” He grins.
    “SIRIUS BLACK YOU STOLE MY LINE!” You yell, tacking him. There’s laughter from the other Marauders as Sirius is caught in a fit of laughter and half screams as you tickle him into submission (Sirius is very ticklish, especially on his stomach).

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tfln about her having a really low and bad day and harry just being super comforting xx

Thank you for the request, love! It’s a tad angsty, but I quite like how sappy this turned out in the end haha! (Image is not mine but I wish it was)

Masterlist and TFLNs

Harry You

You’ve been awfully quiet today love, everything okay?

I’m okay, just been a long day. Don’t really wanna talk about it


Talk to me. What’s going on?

Whatever it is, I’ll try to help the best I can

Love, I know you’re reading my messages. Please don’t shut me out

Love you…

I love you too

I’m sorry I’ve been so closed off, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad

You didn’t make me feel bad, just concerned

I don’t know what’s going on and can’t do anything to make you feel better when I’m in the dark about the situation

You’re right, H, there’s nothing you can do

There’s nothing anyone can do, really

I’m a big girl, it’s nothing I haven’t handled before so just let it go

I can’t just let it go when I know you’re upset

Well do me a favor and try, yeah?


Are you upset at me?

Okay, you’re upset at me. But I’m not going to apologize when I don’t know what I did

So either tell me so I can make it right or sit there and sulk, your choice love

Way to kick me when I’m down…

I told you to let it go, just do us both a favor and listen to me. I never said I was upset with you

Fine. Talk to me when you decide to face your issues like an adult

Yes, please tell me to be an adult when you’re the one who won’t stop nagging me when I tell you to forget about it

I can’t help that my first thought is to help you when something’s wrong! Why are you punishing me for that?!

I’m not trying to punish you

I don’t want to be a burden, you have enough to deal with already and I refuse to add to that

You’re not a burden, love. I don’t know how much clearer I can be. Part of being in a relationship is being supportive and when you won’t let me I feel useless

You are far from useless, but I’m done talking about this. Clearly we’re not getting anywhere so I’m putting an end to it

There you go again, taking the easy way out

No Harry, I’m being a fucking adult and trying to not add fuel to the fire

So now you want to be an adult? Adults communicate. You not telling me what the fuck is going on is not helping the situation. If you’d just tell me what’s wrong, we could be halfway to a solution by now







But you’re not and you can’t change that 

There, I spilled my guts. Happy now?

Obviously I’m not happy that you’re hurting, I wish I knew what to do

I knew there was nothing you could do, that’s why I asked you to drop it

I’m sure as hell not going to drop it now when I know I’m the reason you’re feeling this way

Please tell what you want me to do and I’ll do it

I don’t want you to do anything, I just wish I wasn’t missing you so hard and that this was a little easier. I should be used to the touring life, but it seems to get more and more difficult each time you have to go away

I’m sorry if I’m making you feel bad, I hope you know I’m not doing it intentionally

You don’t think I miss you more and more every day? Love, I’d do anything to have you be here or me be there

I feel like a burden, you have much more important things to be dealing with than silly old me

Please stop saying you’re being a burden and that you’re not as important as my job. I’ll have lots of tours but I’ll only have one of you and I plan on keeping you for as long as you’ll have me

You mean it?

I’ve never meant anything more in my life. As much as I miss you, knowing that I get to come home to you is what keeps me going. I know you’ll be there, no matter what happens. Baby, you’ve been my biggest supporter for longer than I deserve and I could never show you or tell you how thankful I am for you. When this all ends, I know you’ll still be there. You’re the one thing that’ll never change. Do you know how fucking lucky I am that you’re the one thing I don’t have to worry about? You keep me sane and you love me more than I deserve.x

I just need you to remember that I love you more than you can ever imagine and when you’re having an off day you need to tell me so I can love you a little extra. I can’t alway be there, but I can always tell you I love you.x

I’m full on sobbing now. Thanks for that, babe

Happy tears I hope

Very happy tears, I don’t know what I did to deserve you

I think the same thing every day, love

I’m just missing you a little more today

I didn’t mean to be such a bitch before, I’m sorry Harry

I’m sorry too. But please tell me the next time you’re feeling this way, hate arguing with you especially when I can’t be there in the blink of an eye. I love you.x

I will, I promise. I love you and thank you for loving me more than I can imagine

You make it easy to love you and that’s just one of the reasons why I love you so much 

Are you trying to make me cry again, because it’s working

Harry! These are gorgeous! You honestly didn’t have to do this, thank you so much 🖤

I was happy to, least I could do to make up for leaving

Well if you’re gonna send flowers every time you leave, you should go away more often ;)

Heyyyyyy… mean

Kidding, kidding…

Hurry back to me? 

I’ll do my best, love. Wait for me?

Always 🖤


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Requested: One where Shawn and the reader are out and pap like grab her arm and Shawn freaks out and gets mad.


The shouts are deafening and the flashes are blinding. You don’t know why you’re in the front of Shawn and his whole team, but you are. Shawn is close behind you, so at least you have that as comfort, but the only thing you want right now is to get out of this crowd and into the safety of the building. The paparazzi are shouting Shawn’s name, and some of them are even shouting your name, trying to get your attention, but you aren’t about to give it to them, not at all. 

You feel a hand on your arm, and just by the way it is gripping you, you know it isn’t Shawn’s or his bodyguards, which spreads alarm through you. When you turn to look, you notice it’s a paparazzi who has grabbed you in an attempt to get your attention. It worked, but before you even have a chance to do or say anything about it, Shawn’s already by your side. “Don’t touch my girl.” He practically growls in the paparazzi’s face, and the pap immediately lets go. Shawn wraps his arm around you, leaning down to say into you ear, “I’m sorry baby, we’re almost inside.” And he keeps his arm securely around you. The two of you fight through the crowd together to make it to the lobby of the hotel. When you’re inside, he stops and really looks at you, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

You just shake your head, “No, he didn’t really do anything.” You tell Shawn, somewhat surprised at how harsh his reaction was over something so small.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just worry. I don’t like people touching you when you didn’t give them permission to.” And you can tell he’s still angry and even flustered by what happened back there.

You lean into him, grateful. “Thank you, Shawn.” You tell him, “Thank you for protecting me and loving me so well.”

last kiss- h.s song imagine

I still remember the look on your face

Lit through the darkness at 1:58

The words that you whispered

For just us to know

You told me you loved me

You let out a huff as you tried getting comfortable on the bed. You hated taking a nap in the middle of the day because it always messed up your sleeping schedule. Now here you are at almost 2pm wide awake. Harry let out a sigh and turned on his side of the bed and looked at you with tired eyes, “What’s wrong?”

You looked at him a guilty smile, feeling bad for waking him up, “Can’t sleep.”

Harry yawned and scooted closer to you, “Alright. I’ll just stay up with you till you do.” You shook your head no, “It’s alright. Go ahead and go back to sleep.”

Harry chuckled, “I can’t anyways with you tossing and turning.” You gave him a sheepish smile before he continued, “Plus I love you. Can’t have you up the entire night.”

You let out a slight gasp, “What?” Harry smiled and repeated, “Said I can’t have you up all night.” You quickly shook your head, “No. What did you say before that?”

Harry smirked, “I wont be able to sleep with you tossing and turning?” You reached over and hit him lightly, “After that!”

Harry chuckled and grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it, “Said I love you.”

Your stomach started doing backflips, you smiled and whispered, “I love you too.”

I ran off the plane

That July 9th

The beat of your heart

It jumps through your shirt

You got off the plane and quickly scanned the room to see if he was here yet. You just got back from your hometown after visiting your mom for her birthday. Harry couldn’t make the trip but sent the biggest bouquet of flowers to your mother. Your mom was so surprised and pleased that he would think to do something like that. You remember the conversation you had with your parents as they were saying goodbye.

“Make sure you thank Harry once again for the beautiful flowers,” your mom said as she gave you a hug. You chuckled and hugged your mother back, “I think he gets it, mom. You sent him enough thank you texts. When your mom pulled away, your father quickly gave you a hug as well, “He’s a good man, that Harry kid.”  You blushed slightly and pushed a piece of hair out of your eyes. Having your parents approval of the guy you were dating meant a lot to you. “He is.”

Your eyes finally landed on the guy that managed to steal your heart away. He was wearing the biggest smile on his face. In his hand he held a sign that said your name on it and a little “x” next to it. Quickly you ran to him, throwing out a few sorry’s to the people you pushed, and jumped on Harry. He caught you quickly and wrapped his arms around you, he let out a chuckle, “I missed you, love.” He let you down but you were quick to give him another hug, “I missed you too, H.”

I do remember the swing of your step

The life of the party, you’re showing off again

And I roll my eyes and then

You pull me in

I’m not much for dancing

But for you I did

Harry’s family were having a family reunion for the weekend and of course Harry invited you. Anne already adored you and he just had to show everyone the girl that managed to steal his heart. You sat at one of the lawn chairs in the backyard and stared at Harry dancing with his little cousins. Your heart swelled at the thought of one day having children with Harry. A piece of cake was then placed in front of you, interrupting your thoughts. You looked over and saw Gemma sitting down next to you with a smile. You smiled back and let out a thank you. You returned your gaze back at Harry who was twirling one of the little girls. Gemma followed your gaze and smiled. “I like you and Harry together.”

You looked at Gemma, your cheeks turning a slight pink. Gemma continued, “He almost never brings a girl home for us to meet. You’re special to him.” You looked down at your lap and smiled a small smile, “He means the world to me.”

Harry quickly ran up to the both of you, slightly panting, “Y/N! Let’s dance!” He tried grabbing your hands but you were quick to pull away. “No Harry! Your entire family is here! How embarrassing!”

Harry chuckled and looked around, “No one’s watching! Come on, love!” You looked at Gemma who was staring at the both of you with an amused expression on her face. She mouthed, “Go!” You looked back at Harry who was staring down at you with a playful smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes slightly but playfully. You stood up and allowed him to lead you to the middle of the dance floor. A slow song was playing on the speakers set up outside. Harry wrapped his arms around your waist while you did the same to his neck. He let out a content smile. You looked at him curiously, “What?” Harry placed a kiss on your cheek, “Just happy you’re here.”

I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

You kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something

You sat on yours and Harry’s bed, books scattered around you. You were tapping your pencil nervously on your chin as you looked at the math equation in front of you. You had your final exam tomorrow so you were studying all day but this one particular equation was confusing the hell out of you. Harry entered the room quietly with a glass of wine. He knew not to bother you while you were studying but also knew how stressed you get when doing your maths. He handed you the glass while you thanked him quietly. He sat down next to you and placed a hand on your waist, “How’s it going love?”

You sighed and placed the glass on the bedside table. You put your head on your hands and let out, “I don’t know how I would use this formula and it’s my last exam for the entire semester so I need to get a really good grade or I won’t pass then I’ll have to take the class aga-” You were then interrupted to Harry turning your head to face his and giving you a soft kiss. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. Harry pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead against yours, “Better?”

You nodded your head and pecked his lips once more, “Better.”

I don’t know how to be something you miss

Never though we’d have a last kiss

Never imagined we’d end up like this

A suitcase filled with your clothes and belongings were sat at the front door. You were sitting on the couch in what used to be your’s and Harry’s apartment. You had your arms wrapped around yourself, as if your mind was telling you to hide your body away from anymore harm. Harry was sitting next to you, his eyes red and puffy. Tears were pouring out of your eyes. You managed to choke back, “Why?”

Harry sniffed and closed his eyes. He didn’t know why. He didn’t know how this happened but it did. The unthinkable happened. Harry fell out of love with you.

He remembers when he told you how much you cried. He remembers the sobs coming out of your trembling body.

“Did you find someone else? Is that why?” You managed to get out of your sobs. Harry was crying himself. Seeing you like this was breaking him inside. He still cared about y you deeply. He just didn’t love you like you loved him and he knew it was selfish to continue the relationship. He wanted you to find someone who could love you as much as he did. He thought he was doing the right thing by breaking up with you but seeing how broken you were made him question everything. He hated himself for not being able to love you properly. Harry shook his head no. “There’s no one else.”

You let out another sob. Harry wrapped his arms around you. You buried your face into his chest, you cried out, “I love you Harry. Please.”

He wanted you to keep the apartment but you quickly declined his offer. You couldn’t bare to stay in a place filled with memories of you two together. You would go mental. You looked at Harry to see him already staring at you with tears in his eyes and a guilty heart. You bit your lip softly before you leaned in and gave Harry a kiss. You knew you would never be able to kiss him again. Harry knew this too while he kissed you back. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. The kiss was intense. It was a goodbye. You poured every emotion you could into the kiss. You kissed him as if you were trying to tell him to change his mind, to give you guys another chance. Harry kissed you as if he was saying he’ll always love you but he doesn’t love you like he should. The both of you pulled away, panting slightly. Harry kissed your forehead one last time. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

i hope you guys enjoyed this one! and don’t forget to keep on sending your requests on what you would like me to write next! im working on the requests already sent, dont fret :)


Bipper | Beast Wirt | Ice Finn | Evil Morty | Marco

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Harry’s a jock, Y/N’s a cheerleader. They’d be a hot couple but they hate each other. But eventually they like each other

Masterlist and TFLNs

This was a little tricky as a TFLN, but I think I made it work, thanks for the request! (Niall is a jock in this too)

Harry You

Niall told me the funniest thing today 

And you think I care because?… 

Because it involves you

Great. What did he say?

He said that we would make a hot couple 

Ha! I always knew he had a comedic streak, that’s a good joke. What did you say? Or do I even want to know?

I said that I know opposites attract, but we would have to be the last two people on Earth before I even considered going out with you

I would agree with that, but I’m really not THAT big of a pain you know. You just get on my nerves so easily

I could say the same about you, ya know

Why are we still talking? I’m never going to go out with you so I don’t know why we’re still talking about this

Hint taken… moving on

What if you did go out with me? Like what if I “wined and dined” you proper? Then what?

Niall? It’s rude to take people’s phone without permission, give Harry his phone back

Ha. Ha. I’m serious, would you consider it? 

I don’t know? What you could possibly do to “wine and dine” me? You don’t strike me as the romantic type

You’d be surprised…

Are you gonna take me into a forest so you can feed me to the wolves? I pass

Oh get over yourself already. Just because we don’t get along at school doesn’t mean we can’t off campus

If you’d step down from your high horse and just let things happen naturally instead of always getting pissed off at me, you might actually have a good time

If I were to say yes to a date, what would we do?

You really wouldn’t let me surprise you?

If you really want to take me out, you’ll be smart and give a heads up as to what you’re planning

Okay, well, I’d come pick you up from your place. Or we could go after a game

You strike me as a “picnic by the lake” kind of girl, so I’d pack some sandwiches and snacks and a blanket or two. We’d go down to the lake on the other side of town, maybe take a walk along the water before we ate. After we ate we could watch the stars or go see a movie or whatever you have in mind

Harry Styles, you big softy. You’d really do that for me? I thought you hated me…

I don’t hate you. Do you annoy the shit out of me sometimes? Yeah, but I know how to annoy you back just as much if not more

So what do you say? Maybe Friday night after the game?

I feel like I’m being tricked. You’re the very last person I ever thought would ask me out

I know, I surprised myself. But who knows, it might be worth it. If you really hate the idea of it so much, just tell me now and we’ll forget it ever happened

It’s not that I hate the idea, I just never expected it in a million years

You’re not gonna throw me in the lake, are you?…

I can’t give away all of my surprises ;)

But no I’m not, promise

You really want to take me out?

I don’t know how much more I can say it, love. I’d really like to take you out and prove to you that I’m not as big of an asshole as I seem to be, especially to you

What do you say?

I guess I’d say you have a deal. The game gets done early this Friday, meet me in the hallway (😏) outside the gym doors around 8?

I’m supposed to ask you that, but sure, 8 it is

I promise you won’t regret it

Oh look at you making promises… Make sure you can keep them

Trust me, I intend to 

(Day after the date)

Despite all of your doubts, I hope you had as nice a time as I did last night. See? I’m not all bad

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. But thanks to you, I had a really good time. Thank you for taking me out

Pleasure was all mine, love. I’d like to do it again if you’re up to it

Sure :) but it’ll have to be during the weekend again if that’s okay

That works for me, we don’t have a game this weekend

Great! I would say that you could come over during the week sometime but I’m up to my ears in exams this week so the weekend works best

Do you need help studying? I had the same English class last semester, I might be of some use

There you go again being all soft haha. I guess if you want to come over on Wednesday night that’s fine. We can order carryout and you can help me try to not fail…

Give yourself some credit, you aren’t gonna fail. Especially because for every wrong answer, I won’t kiss you. So, you better know your stuff

Is that a threat? Maybe I’ll fail on purpose so I don’t have to kiss you, then what?

Nice try, but if last night is any consolation, you like my kisses so you’re not gonna miss out on making out. Can’t argue with facts, babe

Okay, you got me there… 

Wednesday at 7 okay?

Sounds good to me, see you then, love

It’s a date ;)


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Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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