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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.5

                                                 Part F I V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: let’s reach for 100, as usual! i really hope you guys enjoy this part as well (bc i kinda really like this part). im so happy to write this series and it makes me happy that ya’ll totally encourage me on it!! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, fivesix, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Helsinki, 18:28 P.M. (last day in Finland, concert day)

“Where the fuck is it?” Calum growled, throwing Ashton’s clothing up in the air as he dug through his things. You watched in fear as Michael, Luke, and Ashton watched with you. 

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Not to be offensive..but maybe you shall ask prince about Yandere Foxey thingey? Cause in the past,he said "Mystery x others oc sorta annoys me.." so...dunno..

He already knows about it (actually he knew before me since he’s informed about the stuff I should be informed of more than me pfffpfpf) 
he’s kinda pissed at her but I mean
she’s not the first one shipping their oc with mystery and neither the last one
so I don’t get why she deserves a different treatment from the others

My character is popular, and I cannot stop this, no matter what
so I’d better let them enjoy it (as long as they don’t start to spread harmful info or stuff like that) 

I created a character that makes lil girls wet and UH that’s what happens I guess 

Skinship with Astro

Masterlist: x


As you watched Astro performing, you of course kept your eyes on Jinwoo. He was your longtime friend after all.

“Alright the next song..” Jinwoo said as the Astro members walked toward the back of the stage and took a seat. This was something you haven’t seen them do in rehearsal before… 

Dongmin ran backstage and came back with a chair, putting it right in the middle of the stage then running back to the other members that were intently watching Jinwoo.

“The next song is to my lovely friend..” He annouced, his eyes darting directly to you. “Well she’s a girl. And she’s my friend.” He said staring, keeping intense eye contact. Your face turned red as he walked down the set of stairs on the side of the stage until he reached you.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked with his eyes shining under the stage lights. You could feel your face burning red hot, but you managed to nod your head. He pulled you into a big hug and led you on stage, rapping to you as you sat on the chair that was in the middle of the stage.

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How do you imagine each bts member drunk


Jin – Gets braggy in an annoying way. Every three minutes it’s like “Hi, yes, I’m Jin. Don’t know me? I won Miss America 2k17??” and you just gotta nod your head and be like “oh right, I knew I recognized you!!” even though we all know that bitch wouldn’t even place

Yoongi – Giggly. Also a lightweight. He takes one sip of wine and suddenly he’s blushing and giggling at every damn thing anyone says. Cute while it lasts, but it quickly transforms into Angry Drunk™. He knows his limits tho so we won’t get into that. Kinda a horny drunk but less desperate than Namjoon.

Hoseok – EMOTIONAL DRUNK. I can’t even say more about this, just know that he takes one shot of tequila and suddenly he’s in the bathroom of the club crying to a random girl about how his ex left him, even if he doesn’t have an ex

Namjoon – Horny but in a sad way. Like, he know he won’t be going home with anyone (not because he’s not attractive but because he prefers relationship sex) but he still flirts with everyone. It gets annoying after a while, just go home with someone!!

Taehyung – Ultimate Lightweight. He hypes it up the most too, the entire week before y’all go out he’s like “We’re gunna go hard!! Yes!!” and then the minute he even fucking smells vodka he’s out embarrassing himself on the dancefloor. He told three girls they look pretty even though their eyelash glue is giving out and he tried to make out with the bouncer but honestly? A good time overall

Jimin – Doesn’t even fucking show it. It takes like half a bottle of vodka to even show he’s getting tipsy, but he never lets it get that far. I don’t trust these people.

Jungkook – Fucking down for anything. You wanna go out for pizza? Sure. You wanna break into a pizza shop for said pizza? Why not. Want to see if his six pack can withstand the force of a roundhouse kick? He’s your guy. He’s your guy for everything.

Straightforward (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hii can I request a jay park scenario where the reader and him are Best friends and he confesses to you 😆

Originally posted by clubeskimo

    “So, what do you want to do today?” you asked, putting your sneaker-clad feet on Jay’s dashboard and watching with no surprise as he shoved them off (the exact same thing happened most times you rode in his car).

    “How about we go to the Bentley dealership and you can buy me a hella nice cleaning kit for this car and then demonstrate how it works? I’ve never gotten this as dirty as you have,” he replied, turning the key in the ignition.

    “That’s not true!” you protested. “I’ll I’ve done is gotten a little dirt on the dashboard. You were the genius who decided to get a white leather interior and then eat flaming hot Cheetos in it while drunk. Did you ever get out the stains?”

    He frowned at you.

    “No good enough comeback for that one, eh?” you asked. “I didn’t think so. So, like I was saying, where are we going?”

    “Well, maybe I’ll just drop you off at your apartment again,” he said. “You’re being kinda annoying…”

    “Jay!” you protested.

    “I’m kidding you, geez,” he said, glancing at you with a playful smile before his eyes returned to the road and his expression became serious.

     “What’s on your mind?” you asked.

     “What are you talking about?” he asked, not looking over at you.

    “I know you, and there’s something you’re not telling me right now,” you said. “When you smile for real, you smile a long time, and that one lasted for like two seconds.”

    “You’re close to being able to read my mind, but not quite there,” he said. “I’m fine. Seriously. Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could just go shopping? Morning on a weekday- the mall shouldn’t be too busy.”

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hi pepple! ive looked at your faq and a bit of your ask tag and couldnt find anything so i was wondering if you had any colouring tutorials?? sorry if someones already asked, I know it can be annoying to hear it a lot, but you just have such lovely lineart and colours!

yeh pretty sure no one ever asked me that ever because this is like flat colour central. But alright buckle up i’m gonna guide you through it! (Also nah I’m just glad if people interact with me don’t be afraid to be annoying)

Here is a lineart by actually wonderful @kuulei-nuggets​ check them out

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I work two jobs. One is technically full time, about 37 hours a week, with a regular schedule and decent pay/benefits etc, so that’s nice, but at my my second job I’m considered “on call” and I keep it just to kinda fill in the gaps financially. I work evenings and weekends, usually a couple days a week, around 10-20 hours. I’m pretty flexible about working with them, usually covering shifts other people don’t want, and they’ve told me many times they don’t know how they’d get through without me. But over the last two weeks I’ve only worked one shift, and this week I’m once again not scheduled for any shifts. And I’m annoyed. Not to mention, I’ve yet to hear anything about my annual performance review (and potential raise) that I was told in my initial interview that I’d get, even though it’s been well over a year that I’ve been working there. I just feel like if they value my help as much as they claim, they’re not showing it very well right now.

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Who are some of the sweetest people you've met on Tumblr? Like who are your favorites to talk to?

That is probably the hardest question because everyone here on tumblr are so sweet,I never met a single soul here that was rude with me. So here you go some of my favorite and sweetest people I love to talk:

🌸 @illumendes I think she was the first one to talk to me,and she was incredibly sweet.

🌸 @ihaveabadreputation One of the first person who read my writing and help me with some English mistakes in a super cute way.

🌸 @babyshawwn I told her one million times that she is one of the reasons why I’m here and she is adorably sweet and I can talk about football with her😍

🌸 @latteshawn was the first I run for when someone broke in my dad’s store and when I was having a terrible time with some family issues,and she was sweet and amazing,helping me got through it.

🌸 @karlaloves my beautiful best friend how I don’t talk a lot,but I know she will be here if I need to, she open herself with me,and she is just amazing.

🌸 @imjessscott MY ICE BEST FRIEND 😭💕🦄 she is just adorable! She can handle my annoyance every single day and she send me the most cute pictures from her travel. I just love this girl ☺️💕

🌸 @theworldisnotwonderland One of the most craziest person I know 😂 sometimes she’s cute and adorably cute,sometimes she’s annoying, but I love her☺️💕

🌸 @clearlyshawn just the sweetest girl that talks to me. She ask me everyday how I’m doing and when I need help,she’s there!

🌸 @shit-to-kinda-okay I don’t talk to her that much,but she is just so cute and adorable that I want to hug her every time!! Last time I answered something like this I forgot to mark her tumblr and I felt so heartbroken that I needed to apologize to her.

I’m probably forgetting someone and I’m very sorry if I actually did. Being on tumblr was the best decision I ever made, because now I know I’m not alone,and I have people who I can talk to when I need. 💕💕 I love you all 💓😭

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Big brother fic where Dick and Jason find out Tim's dating Kon (and after a while find out Bart too)

“Jason… what are you doing in Tim’s room?” Dick sipped a mug of tea from the door way as Jason shook out a desk drawer onto the floor. “I couldn’t find my spare ammo! leave me alone!”

“No I won’t, and why would Tim have your ammo?” 

“I don’t know, he might?”

“no, why are you really turning Tim’s room upside down?” Jason pushed his hair out of his eyes and looked annoyed “Fine, but you can’t freak out” then all in a rush “ok last night I was beating up the Riddler and he said he saw Red Robin making out with Superboy last week” 

“wait… what? and why would you ask Nigma that?”

“I didn’t! he just kinda said it, whatever not important Dick, Tim is dating? Messing around with? whatever some boy? how well do we know him?” 

“I mean Clark trusts him?”

“of course Clark trusts him! he is Clark! and Clark sees the best in every one! come on would you have let me go on all those dates with Roy at Tim’s age if you didn’t know him so well?”

“no way!”

“exactly! thats what I’m saying Dick! so I had to find out if it was true”

“ok so is it?” Jason lifted a line of black and white pictures from one of those goofy photo booths. Tim and Connor smile and laugh, and kiss in the last picture. The in his other hand Jason lifted up an accordion of condoms. Dick eyes bugged out “NO! you don’t think they!?” his voice dropped “Nooooo not our little Timmy?” 

“Proof Grayson, the Super has had his way with our little brother” Dick looked aghast “oh man what do you think Damian will do when he finds out?” Dick said then looked around the room “wait have you seen Damian today?”


“you don’t think?”

Across Town 

Damian sat with his sword across his lap in Tim’s safe house apartment. He’d taken his brother’s cell and texted a message to ‘boyfriend :)’ in his contacts and now lay in wait. A blur of motion “I’m sorry I took so long!” Damian is across the room in a blink pressing the blade to the figure’s throat “what are your intentions toward Dra- you’re not the clone?” Bart Allen blinked down at Damian trying not to breath “um hi?”


Only last month I posted a vid on my attempts of flying crow press(including a face/head plant🙈). and this week I did it! I actually did it!! Not just a flukey one I did it multiple times on multiple days!!!🎉 These are exactly 1 month apart!😱
I had a lightbulb moment while working on it the other day, in fact I’m kinda annoyed no one ever told me that pressing up with that top leg bent first changes your whole world in a flying crow press!!! Why do people keep these things secret!!!! Dammit guys share what you know!!!! It would have saved me a lot of trouble!!! 😤 I always knew there was secrets to doing this stuff😉

So anyone else learning to do this; BEND the top leg!!!!! It also feels very much like a handstand push up so maybe working on hspu helped me a bit too 🤔
As soon as I did it I flew straight up there so after a few tries like this I tried to straighten my back leg and voila! I did it!!! 🎉 💡For me to get to this stage I worked on the following progressions-
1. Working the negative landing in flying crow from handstand. Even if you don’t land it, the work is still being done on the way down.
2. Funky pincha flying crow.
3. Blocks under one arm flying crow.

4. Using a strap…

These drills are what seemed to work for me. Although it’s not super ‘pressy’ just yet, it still feels out of this world to be able to do this!!!! I will share anything else that I feel works for me as I try and clean it up a bit. .
I didn’t learn any of this stuff in Yoga school nor do I have the luxury of getting taught by a teacher so I rely soley on using my own intuition to help me progress. I wish more people would share how they learn this stuff because I know for a fact they didn’t learn it in Yoga school too! So where do you learn your tricks???

#yoga #questforthepress

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I wanna hear about your RP days!

Eh….alright! I use to run an independent Aizawa RP blog and I wasn’t really good at it. And running one isn’t easy because there are tons of rules, not everyone wants to interact, and all in all I wasn’t enjoying myself. And there was another really good one I can’t think of the name, but I hope is doing well. I kinda felt I was being annoying and desperate and the only good interactions I had were with a Midnight, and someone’s OC. So it was actually on easter that I decided to abort mission and due to me not knowing how to delete a blog its still floating around. But I would like to say the blog @stainlesstetsu was super nice at the last bit so thanks! But everything is better now because I can play with all the children! XD

Originally posted by lgbtenya

Untitled - HARRY #1

Harry X Reader w/ JJ

Description: You and Harry announce that you are dating and everyone is very supportive, however, JJ seems a little annoyed.

Requested?: nope (please message me or s/t because I’m bored)
Notes: Thanks for all the support on my last few imagines, I’m going to sort out my masterlist etc tomorrow so they should be easier to find. I’m super pleased with this one as well 🤗 but still not sure on how to end these things so it’s kinda very dragged out xox

You arrived at Harry’s in the afternoon for a day of cuddles and films, but were welcomed with a bundling hug from JJ.
‘JJ! I didn’t know you were back yet.’ You said pulling away and kicking your shoes off by the door.
‘Yeah, we got back last night, actually… So, how are -’ JJ was interrupted when Harry pushed pass and gave you a firm but loving kiss on your forehead and then hugged you tight.
‘Y/N, sorry I was just editing my video for today… How are you?’ He asked as he guided you into the living room. You were always blown away by the view, so, after answering the question, you ran to the window and looked out over London and the Olympic Park. The sky was a dark grey and rain had recently come but the view was still breath taking. Strong arms snaked around your waist and a chin lent gently on your shoulder.
‘You’re so lucky, Harry. I hope you know that…’ You said placing your hand on his cheek. He span you round and placed his hands on your hips.
‘To have you? Yes, of course, I know!’ he said slowly leaning in. As you were starting to reach up, you were interrupted by three coughs. You both turned around to see both Cals staring at you two as if they had just found out that Santa was coming.
Callux turned to Cal and said, ‘you owe me a tenner and Nandos for a month.’. JJ, however, looked like he had found out Santa wasn’t real and wasn’t coming for him this year all at once. Once he saw you looking, he snapped out of it and turned into his normal, happy self, bounding over once again and hugging you and Harry tightly.
‘Awh, you guys!,’ JJ said rubbing his hands on your backs before taking a short pause and announcing, 'I’m going to go now… I have some important meetings to go to so I will see you guys later.’ He said leaving almost immediately after.
After about of being at the flat, and everyone leaving to leave you and Harry alone, you had already ordered pizza and started watching a film. Soon the doorbell rang and Harry gently sat you up and kissed your forehead before removing the blanket from himself and walking to the intercom.
He came back with the pizza and, to your surprise, JJ. He placed the boxes on the table and looked questioningly at JJ. 'Well?’ Harry said looking quite annoyed, probably as he had interrupted your first day alone. You then also looked at JJ who stared at you.
'Can I talk to you, Y/N?’ He asked sheepishly. You nodded and got up and followed him into the spare room. When you got there, JJ shut the door behind you and stood in front of you. You raised your eyebrow as JJ ran his hand through is undone hair. 'Uh, I don’t know how to say this, but I guess I had this planned out differently…’ He said trailing off to look at you. You walked closer to him and rubbed the top of his arm.
'It’s okay, Jide, you can tell me anything!’ You said crossing your arms. You had a feeling you knew what was coming. All of the sidemen has been letting on recently that JJ had liked you and joked about him asking you out. However, you had been with Harry for 4 months and before that you had been “friends with benefits” for about a year so didn’t want to act apon their accusations.
'I was hoping to talk to you back at the house about this alone, but I’m guessing you’re staying here tonight…’ he shrugged his shoulders and smiled 'you probably already know that I have fancied you from pretty much the day I met you’ you nodded shyly and he giggled his notorious laugh. 'I was hoping to ask you out today as well, but that’s all changed now. I knew Harry liked you… And I knew you liked him… Oh man, why am I even telling you this!’ He laughed and came over to you and pulled you into a giant hug. You squeezed as hard as you could and gripped onto the back of his shirt. Jide was the bestest friend you had ever had and you would do anything to make him happy but you knew that was all you were and you and Harry had something much more.
'Thank you,’ you muffled into his arm, still not letting go. 'You know you’re still my number one best friend and I am always here for you if you need me.’ You pulled away and looked up at him. You rarely see JJ stunned and quiet but there’s always a first time for everything. 'Well, I better be getting back to Harry or he will think the worst,’ you laughed. You quickly reached up and kissed his cheek. 'Bye, Jide.’ you smiled and turned away feeling his gaze watching your body as you walked away.
Once JJ had left, you walked back into the living room where Harry was waiting for you. He had put out drinks and the pizza on the coffee table and turned on some fairy lights. You smiled at him as he turned around in his seat and skipped over to him. You sat sideways on his lap and took his neck in both your hands. 'I love you.’ You said leaning into a kiss. As your lips pressed against each other’s, Harry mumbled back what you assume was “I love you too”. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer. He laid you down on the sofa and planted kisses all over you as you squealed and wriggled. 'Never leave me.’ He said hovering over you.
'Of course not!’ You said pulling him closer and planting a gentle kiss on his lips. 'Can we have pizza now, though?’ You said giving him puppy dog eyes. He nodded and you say up excitedly, grabbing a box and sitting on his lap and he pulled a blanket over the both of you.
'What did Jide want by the way?’ He questioned. You looked at him and flushed bright red causing you to become a hot giggling mess. 'Oh no! He didn’t! I don’t know whether to be mad or laugh!’ Harry said looking shocked and grabbed his phone probably about to text the other guys.
'No! Don’t do that!’ You said snatching his phone out of his hands and sliding it across the floor. 'That would be so embarrassing for him. Also, no phones tonight. I just want you, me and pizza with added cuddles.’ You said watching as Harry’s face turned from disappointment to excitement. He lent in and kissed you once more but this time more lovingly than needy. You kissed back, hoping to give the same impression and then carried on watching the film, tucked up under the blanket just like you asked.

Hitorijime my Hero ep 2

Well, I´ll call the new couple “the Dicks”, because THEY FUCKING ARE

I thought Ken was acting a bit too jerky in the first episode running off and blaming Hasekura even though he was supposed the one that had to apologize, but dude this episode…

First, Ken is the clueless character of the anime, okay. Thank god Hasekura has absolutely no chill and hopefully saved me the whole “acts cute towards him but idiot doesn´t realize shit”

Two, Ken was being a dick about the whole “broken friendship” thing. 

The scene where they were about to kiss made the last one and Ken´s clueless comments and atittude later on, a lot more annoying. He was expecting a kiss then the “BEST COCKBLOCK SCENE THIS MONTH” happened, I thought, okay he was distrated enjoying having Hasekura close again. But still kinda annoying

Let´s go to Dick number two, the blondie who has no chill, holy shit, thank you for being so clear so fast. Still the whole “cut ties or sleep with” was a dick move. Gotta admit it made me laugh and go “DUDE CALM DOWN A BIT” but *sigh* sad to see the rapey undertones still present in these animes.

You can tell they are made for each other, they both are idiots.

And the girls, hopefully Hasekura can be just as direct with them in some future episode so we don´t have to see them again?

Kosuke looks like he is a great teacher and Setagawa was very cute, funny scene when he stands up. I like that couple better, yes, I know Kosuke is kind of a jerk just like his brother (read the manga) but I feel like there´s a bit more balance in that couple.

Anyway, it could be a lot worst, so I´ll watch a few more episodes.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do more people not watch buffy the vampire slayer???? i mean come on buffy is a traditionally girly chick who just happens to be destined with saving the fucking world and looks great doing it (even if she's kinda hella annoyed that she has to in the beginning but whatever that's fucking logical) who doesn't love that??? and don't even get me started on the realistically mildly problematic characters with reAL DEPTH like b r o can you say CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT because i can and obviously so can joss whedon and excuse me but when was the last time you saw a musical episode that great and leT'S JUST TALK ABOUT IT HAVING ONE OF TELEVISION'S FIRST QUEER COUPLES AND NOT EVEN AS A TOKEN BACKGROUND GAY COUPLE
  • also it's all on netflix what the fuck is everyone's excuse


i finally finished this one and i am hoping that the wait was worth it. im sorry yall

I giggled as Matt started placing light kisses all over my face, he was making a snapchat video. “Matt- Stop.” I laughed trying to push him away, he stopped and layed on top of me still recording, he placed his face in the crevace of my neck.

“I love you.” He said before placing a peck on my lips, ending the video.

I looked at him, pulling out my phone. Matt looks at me as I start recording, zooming in closer to his face, “Y/N, what are you doing?” He ask as I burst out laughing right before the video ends.

“You’re a jerk, Y/L/N” He smiled, shaking his head.

I kiss him, “Mm, but I’m your jerk.” With that, I crawl onto Matt, smashing my lips onto his, he slowly placed me down on his bed crawling on top of me, deepening the kiss. God, I love this boy.

1 hr later

“Matthew.” I said, lifting my head off his lap looking at him.

“Y/N.” He mocked, glancing up from his phone smiling.

“Let’s be productive.”

“Well, what do you have in mind babe.” He winked.

I playing hit his arm, causing him to laugh, “Not that, Espinosa! We should film some videos, I mean I need to post and you definitley need to post considering you never do.”

“Fineeee.” Matt agreed. I’m a youtuber, that’s how Matt and I met. We went to the same digitour about a year and a half ago and we just hit it off. Now we’re both living in L.A and it’s perfect

“Wait. What did you have in mind, Y/N?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I wanna do the makeup tag.”

“No. No way, Y/N.”

“Matt pleeeeaaassseee?” I ask pouting. He takes out his phone and takes a picture of me to post on twitter saying: about to film with this dork I look at him, “Okay I’ll film that video if you come and give me a kiss, you cute goof.” I smiled so big and pounced on him making him fall backwards, kissing lips while he was laughing.

I pulled away, looking at him. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, “God, how did I get so lucky?” He said, I looked away blushing. I kissed his nose and mouthed ’ I love you’ before getting up to go set up for the video.

“Hey guys, It’s Matt and today I am joined here with my beautiful dork of a girlfriend, Y/N.” He said, placing a kiss on the side of my mouth. I wave and smile, “Hi Guys. Just to let you know, Matthew sucks.” I joke, looking at him.

“Anyway, today I am letting her do what I swore I wouldn’t let anyone do, but she wouldn’t stop pouting. Plus it helps she’s really cute.. but I am going to hate this.” He stated looking into the camera.

“Y/N, why don’t you tell them what you are about to do to me.” He sighs wiping his face with his hands in nervousness.

I chuckle, “Today, I am going to be doing Matt’s makeup and turn him into a pretty girl.” I squeal, pinching the frowning boys cheeks. “Let’s just get this over with.” Matt groans as I smile.

“OH MY GOD.” Matt yells, examining every inch of his freshly done face, “Y/N?!? WHAT DID YOU DO?” He screams, starting to freak out. Which ends up me having a laugh attack every time I make eye contact with the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen.

“Well, that is it for this video. If you want to see how Y/N’s face turns out, then I’ll leave a link below to her channel. I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next week!” He says.

“Or whenever he decides to upload again because his schedules suck.” I joke, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Bye guys.” He says before leaning in to kiss me, right before our lips touch, he turns to the camera and smirks before covering the lens and placing a kiss on my lips.

“You know, you are a really pretty boy.”

“Stop, Y/N I’m going to take this shit off my face and then you’re getting payback.” He smirks walking to the bathroom.

“Matthew Lee Espinosa. I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” I scream as I put the mirror down to look at a giggling Matt. He just finished doing my makeup for the video and I look like a clown.

“Isn’t my girl a stunner?” Matt says laughing squishing my cheeks together.

“SO I am going to go attempt to get this all off my face. We did the same video on Matt’s channel so I will link it below along with all the basic links to my social media. But I will see you next week looking like a normal human. Bye Guys!” I say kissing my hand before covering the camera.

“Hey, Y/N after you get my masterpiece off your face, we should do a younow.” Matt called from the living room.

“Sounds good, my laptop is in your room. You can start and I’ll join in when I finish getting your work of art off my face.” I yelled back.

“Okay!” He yelled back, he smirked at me as he walked by the bathroom, he poked his head back in, “By the way, Y/N.” He said walking into the bathroom wrapping his arms around my waist as I finished getting off the last spot of makeup, “YOU are my work of art.” He smiled, placing a long kiss on my lips before walking out.

“You’re such a dork, Matthew!” I giggled, shutting off the light in the bathoom before running to the couch and flopping on top of Matt.

“Y/N Get your butt off of me!” I laugh and kiss his cheek before sitting beside him. I see that Matt had YouNow already set up, so I waved.

“Babe, they say we’re trending on twitter.” He laughed. I pull out my phone to check the trends.

“Matt, they’re not joking. Y/S/N is trending number one!!” I squealed showing Matt my phone.

“Thank you guys so much for your support!! I love you so so so much. ” I say to YouNow blowing a kiss.

“Ayyye, where’s my kiss? I also helped get it trending, you bumhole.” he faked pouted.

“Oh, baby. Here you go.” I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before turning my attention back to reading the comments flooding in on our broadcast. I laughed at some of them. Some were freaking out that their OTP just had a moment before her own eyes. One girl asked when our videos will be up.

“My video will be up Monday, but who knows when Matthews will be because he is kinda lazy.” I joke.

“ I can hear, Miss Y/L/N” Matt said sassily.

I smiled and read a question out loud, “Matt, what are your nicknames for Y/N.”

He smirked and slung his arm around me pulling close, “It depends, usually it’s Babe or her last name. But I like to annoy her and call her muffin and honeysuckle.” He said piching my cheeks.

“I like to call him Dork because he is one.” I joke sticking my tongue out to Matt. “But I can be sweet and call him Babe.” I say still looking at him before pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, dork.”

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I honestly think shawn doesn't feel like he wants be at some concerts because he literally has not stopped working like he didn't take a break from his last tour and i guess the exhaustion is catching up on him now because BOI HE DOESNT REST

I know. Which kinda annoys me. If there is one thing we get a say on for Shawn’s life it’s his concerts we pay to see them so we expect a good show. He gives one but I can see he’s not 100% or even like 70% there sometimes

adding onto that last post abt bein made fun of all the time i kinda feel like the only reason / purpose i have in a friend group is just. the one who gets teased. the constant punchline till they get tired of it, yknow? once they get sick of the jokes they don’t have any use for me anymore. and now because of that its like….. i need to be made fun of to feel like i matter to them.

Talking Back

A/N- Did I say I would write  Barry Allen or Grant Gustin one today… ha ha ya sorry I just felt inspired to write this 

{AU Sebastian be Bisexual and there is an extra member of New Directions named Kyle}

[Any Images/gifs I use aren’t my own]

(Song sung is also just improvised lol) 

Summary- You and the New Directions bump into Sebastian and his Warblers  leading to a smack down of insults and stuff which eventually leads to a sing-off against Kyle and Sebastian 


You and the New Directions just left Lima Bean and were heading back to the school to do a late practice. Of course, when you saw the Warbler’s cars parked in front of the school we all panicked. But Finn and Kyle the groups sort of leaders told us we needed to stop this, even though Santana was completely against it. 

We entered the school and dashed to the choir room, we saw the Warblers with toilet paper rolls in hand. Sebastian smirked and handed his to another Warbler,

“My my what a surprise… what are you doing here so late?” Finn glared,

“We were planning on practicing we just went to Lima Bean first… what are you doing here?” Sebastian looked behind him at his other members,

“I mean isn’t it obvious, we were planning on trashing your room with toilet paper,” He smirked glancing at all of us, but he kept his gaze on me. Kyle stepped up in front of Sebastian,

“Wow that’s real honorable, and you call yourself an honorable man,” Sebastian’s smirk went to a stern glare,

“Did you just challenge my honor? I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition,”

“You want a challenge, Smythe?” Santana laughed,

“You got this Kyle he isn’t that good,” Sebastian chuckled and stepped back, 

Your talk is cheap 

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The battle had begun, and the Warblers made a beat

Kyle smirked,

Your moves are fake 

You’re all talk no game

They circled each other both side’s adding harmonies, but Sebastian didn’t even look at Kyle he kept his gaze on you the whole time.

Once Kyle noticed he blocked me from Sebastian's view, but Sebastian still manages to keep his gaze on me.

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You got no game 

You got no girl

You got no queen

And that’s all your worth

Sebastian took my hand and pulled me with him, Kyle looking surprised. 

Sebastian danced with me, I was honestly too shocked to even do anything about it. 

But Sebastian pulled me close and leaned in by my ear,

I got the girl 

He has no game 

Be with me 

and you’ll be safe

He pulled away and smirked at me,

“I think I won that one don’t you think Y/N?” Kyle stood stunned,

“Uh…” I shuffled awkwardly not knowing what to say.

“Me and my boys will leave but it was obvious that I won,” 

“B-But you played dirty you brought Y/N into it,”

“That’s not playing dirty, it’s called flirting.” He winked at me and him and all the Warblers left. 

I just stood there in shock, I heard Sanatana gag but Rachel and Mercedes came and comfort me.

“Girl that was weird,” Rachel nodded,

“Ya honestly who would’ve thought that Sebastian had a heart,” I just nodded but I noticed something on one of the chairs, I went to grab it. It was a note with a Warbler stamp on it. I showed everyone the envelope,

“Read it Y/N,” Everyone encouraged me to read it, so I broke the wax seal and read the note,

Dear New Directions,

I Sebastian Smythe want to claim a truce of some shorts, I have grown feelings for one of your members and I don’t want this rivalry to interfere with my attempts to flirt with her, So if you agree to this truce then no more pranks, dance/ sing-offs, or smackdowns that I laid on you guys. If you agree to this then use the number at the bottom of the page and tell me,

P.S- Y/N call me ^.~ 

I grinned at that last part, while everyone  looked kinda confused, Kyle looked kinda annoyed,

“So are we gonna agree to it? Cause we all know who he likes…” Finn combed his hands through his hair,

“I think we should, I mean not cause he likes Y/N but because we need to stop this drama it isn’t needed,” We all nodded and I pulled out my phone, typing in the number and sending a text that read,

We agree with your deal

He replied almost immediately 

Great then we are all good

I showed everyone the text, and they nodded. They all prepared the music since we were still going to practice, Kyle approached me.

“Are you going to call him?” 

“Umm… I don’t know,”

“You should…,” I put my phone away,

“We’ll see.” 

It was almost 10 p.m and everyone was saying bye since we just finished practice, I drove home and just jumped on my bed and laid there. I checked my phone to see that I had gotten texts from Sebastian. I read through them somewhat interested…


You still at that practice? 

Jesus how long is that practice? 

I’ll wait… not gonna give up

I smiled, and replied back,

Sorry I left you waiting

he replied a couple of minutes later

Oh no it’s cool 

You dance really good

I smiled,

Lol thanks 

We kept talking until midnight and I could barely keep my eyelids open 

I’m super tired I’m gonna go night 

Ok good night beautiful 

I smiled as I put my phone on my bedside table and fell asleep with the last text he sent me on my mind.

(Lol I liked writing this one but if you have any request then go ahead and ask)