the last one kills me omfg

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


First Lines Meme


  • List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have).
  • See if there are any patterns.
  • Then, tag your favorite authors.

I was tagged by @dragon-temeraire (WHICH OMFG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING SO HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW A SMALL SHRIMP LIKE ME???) so thank you so much!!! ♥

1.  Derek had to leave. Not because Cora asked him to, but because if he stayed one more week in this town it was going to kill him. - To Build a Home (Of Sorts) [sterek] 

2.  So Stiles usually is not that bold. That being said Derek Hale from HR made him bold. - Derek Hale From HR [sterek]

3.  “Did you really need to smart mouth that witch?” - A Christmas Miracle (Musical?) [sterek] 

4.  Stiles wasn’t exactly a spontaneous risk taker. - I Promise You Won’t Fall [sterek] 

5. Stiles struggled against the restraints; the metal cuffs around his wrists were too tight for comfort and his hands were aching. The room was dark and cold, rather unusual from its typical warmth and glow. - Tangled (Up With You) [sterek]

6.  It was early in the morning when he rode into the town of Agua Fria, a small thumbtack compared to the capital a day’s ride away on horseback. - Big Iron [sterek]

7.  Witches were in town and that had the entire pack holding a meeting at the loft to try and figure out what the next logical move was. - Haven’t We Had Enough? [sterek]

8.  “That was a real shit thing to do at dinner Der.”  Derek furrowed his brow, looking over to Laura through the brush and moonlight. - Thankful [sterek/Hale-centric]

9.  “I love you,” Stiles rushed out before adding, “and it terrifies me.” - Frayed [sterek]

10.  “I love you,” he rushed out before adding, “and it terrifies me.” - Free [sterek]

11.  “There you go, let it out babe– jesus christ, that smells terrible,” Stiles said, all but gagging at the acidic smell of bile in the toilet. - Temperature [sterek]

12.  “I think I’m dying just watching you work out,” Stiles whined, his voice choppy and robotic sounding from the massive fan that was right in front of his face. - Too Hot, Hot Damn [sterek]

13. It was a Monday. Stiles fucking hated Mondays, they are always so slow. - Shut Up and Cuddle Me [sterek]

14.  There was a symphony of static, it’s vibrations sinking into the marrow of his bones. - That Dragon, Cancer [sterek/triggerwarning]

15.  John ran a hand through his hair, one hand gripping is dollar coffee from the cafeteria and the other shoved deep into his coat pocket. - It’s a Disease [stilinski-centric]

16.  Stiles walked down the tile path which was just alongside the pool. - You Killed Her [stilinski-centric]

17.  “You can’t touch that!” Stiles gasped rushing over to a boy with a crooked jaw. - The Sandbox [sciles (BROTP)]

18.  Okay checklist Scotty,“ Stiles said while using one hand to turn down the radio, "do we have burritos?” - Friday Was Supposed to be Bro-Night [sciles (BROTP)]

19.  The time of year you bark out a mucus filled, big nasty, coughs. When your ears a clogged from it, when your throat is so raw it burns when you swallow. And because he himself was a human he wasn’t immune to this hell, and with Stilinski luck he was fortunate enough to catch it. - A Spoon of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down [sterek]

20.  There was a dim light casting over him as the rest of the room was pitch black. It smelt -as far as his just human nose could detect- of rust, water, mold, and Derek’s body wash-wait what? - Good Move [sterek]

Observation: They are either weird ass dialogue or descriptive? 


I tag: @pale-silver-comb, @loveactually-rps, @stiles-and-the-sourwolf, and anyone else? I honestly have no idea who has done this? Knock yourselves out with this, it’s tedious! ♥

Am i the only one that since s3 of skam ended can’t stop watching the last episode??? I’ve been watching it 24/7, I’m so in love. Isak is all grown up and mature, and him and even are so fucking cute, i can’t, they kill me. omfg they’ve ruined my life.

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Fuck-marry-kill Will, Jace, Julian


oh well imma play it like you are supposed to play it

Fuck Jace

Marry Julian, cause that boy is the real hubby material like daymn you gotta make a long lasting relationship with this one

Kill Will … only because he is already dead and I am not attached to the character as I am to the other two because I am FREAKING SCARED TO READ TID!!

Teasing (Calum)


Anonymous said: “Can you make me a calum imagine? Like a really cute one. Like Yall are play fighting and he like tickles you until you say your sorry and you love him. Omg I love you and your writing is perf😍”

omfg the feels are killing me yes of course! thank you so much beautiful, i love you too!! x


You are waiting backstage at one of your boyfriend’s show, listening to the end of the last song being played. The crowd is amazing out there, cheering and singing along to every word of their songs, and you must admit that they are playing really good tonight. They’ve practised for this for so long, and they were so excited and nervous before they went out on that stage, but they are absulotely smashing it. You smile as they say their last good byes to the audience, thanking them for being there, before they sprint off the stage. 

“That was freaking awesome! Best show ever!” Ashton says when they approaches you, laughing with his mates. 

“I know man, I’m so pumped!” Michael answers just as excitedly.

“Babe!” Calum yells when he sees you, coming at you with a huge grin on his face and his arms open. His quiff is no longer a quiff, instead it is plastered to his forehead and drenched in sweat. In fact, the entirety of him is covered in a layer of sweat. 

“Nu-uh! No hugs for you, not until you’ve taken a shower!” You laugh, putting your hands up in defense when he tries to wrap his arms around you. 

“I’m not that sweaty!” He argues, dropping his arms to his sides.

"Yes, you are. Definitely." 

"I don’t care.” He says and before you know it, he has wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you into him without letting you escape. 

“Calum!” You shriek, trying to wiggle out of his grip as you feel his damp skin meeting yours. He even dares to rub his face into your neck.

The boys walk past you on their way to their dressing you, laughing at your expression.

“All I want to do is hug my girlfriend!" 

"You can hug her when you’ve taken a shower and doesn’t smell like old gym clothes!” You laugh, pushing him off of you.

“Did you just say what I think you said?” Calum looks at you, putting a hand on his chest while looking fake offended. 

“If you think that I said that you are smelly, then yes.” You say, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Oh, you are so going to regret that…” He smirks, before he lunges at you, trying to catch you once again. You manage to slip away a second before it’s too late. You immediately starts running down the hallway, trying to get away from your gross boyfriend. Calum is right behind you, catching up wih every step he takes.

"You have longer legs than me, it’s not fair!” You yell, laughing. You run past a few security guards that give you and Calum weird looks. You make it to their dressing room, barging in through the door where the other guys already are, watching you with wide eyes. “Help!” You yell, with Calum only an arms length behind. You are just about to reach Ashton, to use him as a shield when Calum grabs onto your waist from behind, throwing you over his shoulder. 

“No! Let me down!”

“Okay.” He simply says, letting you fall down onto one of the couches, landing on your back. He straddles you and starts attacking your sides, making you scream out because of you being so ticklish. He’s laughing almost as much as you are, enoying your torture more than he should.

“Stop! Stop!” You squirm.

“Say that I’m the best smeling guy you’ve ever met!”

“No way!” You refuse, only making him tickle you harder. “Help me guys!” You yell for help. The others just shake their heads at the two of you, telling you that you’re on your own on this one. They’re so used to the teasing and pulling pranks on each other between you and Calum, that they don’t bother getting involved anymore. 

“They’re not going to help you princess.” Calum smirks.

“Okay, okay, I’ll say it!" 

"Do it!”

“You are the… worst smelling guy I’ve ever met!” You laugh, making Calum gasp. He furiously works his skilled hands over the most ticklish parts of your body. You eventually end up on the floor from all the squirming, landing with a loud thud. "Ow!“ 

Calum immediately stops and his eyes widen. “Oh shit, are you hurt? I’m so sorry, just let m-” He frantically rambles. You try to hold your laugh in, but fail miserably and breaks out into a fit of laughter. “Why are you laughing Y/N? Did you hit your head?”

"You should’ve seen your face, priceless!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Yes!” You laugh, clutching your stomach. “You are so gullible Cal.”

“That was not nice.” He pouts and is about to once again punish you with tickles but you put your hands around his wrists, trying to stop him. 

“No! I’m sorry babe, don’t tickle me please.” You plead, almost regretting joking with him (almost).

“Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t?” He challanges, one eyebrow raised. He is currently straddling you on the ground, the boys are long gone. They probably went to grab something to eat.

“Because I love you.” You smile, brining him closer to you to give him a kiss. 

“Okay, you win.” He admits, kissing you back. “I love you more though.”

“I love you the most.”

“Not possible babe.” He says between kisses. He is hovering above you, pushing his body into yours, showing with every touch just how much he does love you.

“You know, I think you can come up with some better way you could punish me…” You say innocently, but you immediately see his face change from teasing to filled with lust.

“You. Me. Hotel room. Now." 


A/N: thank you for reading, hope you liked this :)

yall as a bellarke shipper im about to be real

clexa in the finale made me so happy. i was so happy for clarke like she looked so peaceful in lexa’s arms?

tbh I just want my baby girl to be happy omfg and she was for that little moment and you know what, even tho i ship bellarke, i was so fucking relieved clarke had that last, good moment with someone she loved. she deserved that.

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Omfg I found a time capsule from myself that was made when I was in middle school (which is cringe city, may share later) and we had to write an acrostic of our last names, and then use words that describe us. From one of the L's in my last name I FUCKING WROTE LYCAN BECAUSE I DESPERATELY WANTED TO BE A WEREWOLF. I had my dad take me out to "where the Jersey devil was born" so I could read werewolf incantations. I called people meat bags. Please kill me, I'm so embarrassed.


some things should stay buried

I'm hilarious and my mother is going to kill me.
  • Mother: I can't believe you ate meat last Friday. It's Lent you idiot!
  • Me: I'm sorry! I had a brain fart!
  • Mother: You're going to hell.
  • Me: God's not gonna send me to hell for eating a sausage, mom!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: ...I believe since I'm gay that has a double meaning...
  • Mother: OMFG GET OUT!!!
  • Me: *cackles as he floats out of the kitchen*