the last one just screams boss

DM: The griffins successfully destroy the spelled rings keeping the ship afloat…. and the ship starts to sink!
BeeDee: Is this because we didn’t let you sink the ship last month
DM: SO THE SHIP STARTS TO SINK…. what do you guys do?
BeeDee: I grab our smallest party member and fly them to safety
Aaron: I grab either Mayezo or Krissy and brace ourselves
DM: Who do you grab?
BeeDee: please grab Krissy
Me: Aaron, grab Mayezo.
DM: What are you gonna do?
DM: Roll acrobatics!

DM: …….. Oh dear… Um… I’m trying to find a way to save you.
Me: Don’t, just let it happen.
Me: As I fall I do one last ditch effort. I pull the rope from my pack and try to lasso the critter as I fall
DM: You have to roll higher than 12

Me: I scream “yeaaahhh later fuckersss!!!” as I dangle from the flying griffin and fly away
DM: Your boss yells back that you won’t get paid if you die

= later=

Me: After we land, I try to wrassle the griffin again. 

DM: …..

Trying to Leave Him- Minhyuk and Kihyun [Gang!AU]

Part of Trying to leave him

Part I, Part II, Part III


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; Dean; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III

Angst and violent- maybe

Note: This is JUST a reaction. I do not think you should EVER be in a violent relationship. NEVER let yourself get abused by another [mentally or physically]. You’re worth more than that kind of life.

P.S. it’s long. Also, my heart couldn’t take doing both my bias and bias wrecker in one reaction like this…. ughhhh T__T


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PT.1| PT.2| PT.3| PT.4| PT.5| PT.6| PT.7| PT.8| PT.9| PT.10| PT.11| PT.12| PT.13

When John kissed Sherlock goodbye, he immediately missed him. He took the taxi to his job and couldn’t stop thinking about him the whole ride. He looked so perfect wrapped in his housecoat, holding Rosie, kissing his cheek and wishing him a good day at work. It was all so domestic. He looked at the clock, one minute passed, he looked again. Three minutes passed. Clinics are never slow, it’s that some days people seem perfectly healthy, and then others, the whole of London is trying to get themselves examined. Today was one of the days where he was going to see more paperwork than patients, save for the moms who insisted that there was something wrong with their kid, or the usual patient that searched their symptoms online and are convinced they’re dying. Other than that, there was hours of him thinking about Sherlock and Rosie, wondering what the two were doing. Teletubbies was probably over now, he knew how much Sherlock hated that show. He smiled just thinking about the man’s face.

He missed him so much.

Maybe he could call them right now, his boss wouldn’t care, and it wasn’t like there were patients lining up to see him today. Was Sherlock’s phone even on? Was Rosie snapping pictures on it again by accident? He made one of those his lockscreen when Sherlock wasn’t looking. The picture showed Rosie’s wide eyes from the flash, and Sherlock moving to take the phone away. He was adorable.

His phone was vibrating and it was just the person he wanted to call. He heard Rosie screaming in the background. Sherlock must have been holding her.

“Sherlock, hey.”

“John, when was the last time Rosie…went?”

John’s brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s a bit cranky right now and her diaper’s been lacking a bit of…solid matter….”

John’s eyes widened and he said, “Oh. She’s not shitting.”

He laughed at Sherlock’s exasperation. “You put it so eloquently John. Yes, Rosie hasn’t shat.”

“Um, there should be a bit of castor oil in the bathroom. Give her a bit and see if that works.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Give her tummy a little massage, and feed her some mashed banana or something. But be patient, love, don’t need her exploding.”

“Yes, okay.” He sounded distracted, John heard some rustling and Sherlock trying to shush the baby. John pressed his phone to his ear with his shoulder as he resumed the paperwork. “She alright?”

“I think she’s having a bit of tummy pain. We’re in the bathroom now, I’ve just given her a sip of the oil. She didn’t eat much this morning.”

“Aw, poor thing.”

“Are you referring to me or the baby?” Sherlock deadpanned. John snorted. “Obviously the one who’s in pain, Sherlock.”

“I appreciate the sentiment then.” Sherlock laughed a bit and John heard some rustling.

“I think she wants to hear your voice. Let me just quiet her down for a second. Are you busy right now?”

“Never too busy for you, love.”

Sherlock didn’t respond, but John could hear him blush through the phone. He waited a bit before he heard Sherlock singing to the baby.

“You’re my honeybunch sugarplum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie. You’re my cuppycake gumdrop snoogums boogums you’re…”

“The apple of my eye…” John finished. His cheeks were tinted red as he listened to Sherlock’s soft voice sooth the crying baby. Sherlock chuckled and kept singing, and John joined in with him, not caring how he looked to his boss or anyone that walked past his office. He knew this nursery song, and he missed the opportunity to sing with Sherlock last time.

In unison, the men sang, “And I love you so and I want you to know that I’ll always be right here, and I love to sing sweet songs to you because you are so dear…”

Rosie was silent now but he could hear her soft noises through the phone. John was sitting in his office grinning like an idiot. One day he’s just going to sing to Sherlock, with Sherlock, he didn’t know. He just wanted to hear the man sing again. Sherlock was talking to Rosie now, “Are we better now?”

John’s heart melted as he listened to the two, well, mainly Sherlock.

“I think she’s okay now, I’m sorry if I bothered you.”

“It’s fine, Sherlock. It’s all fine.”

John had a guess they were both smiling into the phone now. Sherlock coughed and said, “I’ll see you when you come back.”

“Mhm, sure will. Takeaway tonight? I was going to stop at the shops but Rosie’s not well…”

“Well the oil is not going to work for a few hours, and she seems calm now. I can try to get a bit of the shopping done if you would like. But still, order takeaway tonight.”

“You’re bossy.”

Another laugh. “Goodbye, John.”

“I love you, Sherlock.” It came out, but he’s been dying to say it again. Any chance he gets.

“I love you too, John.” He hung up and sank back in his chair.

“What a lucky, lucky man I am.” He sighed.


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36 + Hoshi <3 please please I've been craving some hoshi !!!

words: 1,014

pairing: hoshi x reader.

genre: fluff with a twist, implied smut

summary: “I wish I could hate you”

↪ a/n: this is what happens when you binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and remember how great the show used to be.

Originally posted by visual-17

Your apartment was wrecked, your favorite house plant overturned from when your back was pushed up against the wall the night before. The smell of sex and Chinese food filled your senses when you came to, the beer bottles scattered around and your kitchen island covered with various clothing.

“Hosh,” you nipped his neck in order to wake him, his naked body covering yours as if you were preparing to duck in cover, his arm tightly wrapped around your waist as if you were to disappear from his sight.

“Baby please,” he whispered back as he gripped and played with one of your breast, causing you to squeal and causing his eyes to widen with excitement; no matter how many times he touched you he was still amazed at the affect he continued to have on you.

You pulled out of his embrace and grabbed the closest clothing near you, a bath robe, and made your way to find the rest of your clothes.  

“Do I really have to leave?” he responded as he watched you pull up your baby blue thong and a loose pair of sweats, your face covered in a white tank top while he admired your body glistening in the sunlight, he couldn’t help but run his fingers through his midnight black hair ruffled with memories of the night before,he loved where he was, your apartment floor would hurt his back but right now, watching you make your way around fascinated him, he never saw someone as ethereal as you were in this moment.

You chuckled as he whined to convince you to come back to him, his pleas for morning sex was like a little kid begging for a candy bar at the candy store, you couldn’t help but admire your work, his neck attacked with blooming roses, a souvenir from the escapades of love making, a token of your memory latched to his gorgeous tan skin. You didn’t look any better; your thighs sore from the talent of his tongue and tender areas around your chest to your neck filled with nips and tucks, if you thought you had done a great job sucking a hickey on him, he made a masterpiece.

“I told you I had a very important internship to start, believe me I don’t want to leave our sex infested bubble but we need to work Hosh,” you explained as you made your way back to the shirtless man; you smiled when he gripped your hips and pulled you close giving you one last kiss before he saw his way out.

“I’ll see you later!”

You just didn’t realize how soon you would see the man you were so sure that you knew.

You nearly dropped your coffee cup when you saw him talking to your boss, why was he here? You wanted to scream, this wasn’t at all what you meant when you shuffled him out of your apartment with a peck and watching his ass as he walked away and out the complex.

Dr. Kwon Soonyoung was officially trying to get you fired from your internship, he was an award winning brain surgeon in his field but when it came to life outside the operating room his brain doesn’t seem to function properly.

It really wasn’t your fault though, really.

It wasn’t like he intentionally walked into the same bar you were drowning your stress in and talked to you or led you back to the bar rest room and fucked you in the stall, he never told you what his job was and you never asked; all you knew is that he came back to escape some family drama and you were starting an internship at a local hospital.

That meeting at the bar turned into a full on friendship, dates were turned into study sessions and study sessions turned into anatomy lessons in many different places, moans and whines and whimpers becoming background noise to every single thing the two of you did.

You didn’t expect him to be your superior, you also didn’t expect him to be married, to the pediatric doctor you aspired to be, most of all? You were surprised how much you still loved him, despite the living hell you were currently in.

“Hoshi’s married?!” your best friend and fellow intern, Hansol exclaimed a look of disgust now covered his face, his eyebrows raised as if he were plotting his superiors demise.

“His wife is also working here, she’s hideous and from New York and when I say hideous I mean she’s the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life” you mumbled as you slipped on your scrubs, the 48 hour internship still ongoing and you were preparing yourself for the night shift.

“Can I speak with you?” you felt goosebumps graze your skin when his lips made contact with your ear, you were doing your very best to avoid him at all costs, Dr. Kim was furious when he discovered his employees were bringing outside life into his hospital and you wanted to keep your job, you loved this job, this was all you knew.

“There’s nothing to talk about Soonyoung,” he winced at his name being used when he was being given the cold, deserving shoulder for he was used to you nearly in tears of ecstasy and moaning out in an airy voice when he continued to fuck you. You were addressing him like he was one of your charges, your tone scolding the grown man for his infidelity, your voice telling him to leave you the fuck alone, your voice completely showing him your defeat.  

“You happen to be married and you never mentioned anything about that and I feel like a fool and I really wish I could hate you”

You grabbed the medicine you were told to receive and made your way out of the supply room, leaving behind a man with so much baggage, one you didn’t think you couldn’t not love.

If only you stayed just a little bit longer to hear him mumble how he was separated from her and that he discovered her fucking his best friend, another surgeon, Seokmin, someone he considered family.

Headcanon that Ed will eat anything after starving on Yock Island.

Other headcanon that Fuery is afraid of spiders. When he sees one he whines until Breda sighs and kills it. One day the stars align and Ed is in the office when Fuery sees a large spider.

Breda sighs and gets something to smash it with and Ed stops him like, “Whoa, you’re just going to kill it? Dude, no.” Then climbs up on a filing cabinet to reach it.

Havoc’s like, “Boss, you’re the last person I expected to be a bleeding heart towards Goddamn spiders of all things.”

Ed grabs it by a leg and Fuery freaks out because gross, he’s touching it! Ed looks Fuery dead in the eye and pops it in his mouth and chews.

Fuery screams so loud he wakes Mustang from his second afternoon nap and he slams through the door just after Ed jumps down.

He sees Fuery nearly in tears, Havoc gaping horrified, Breda cackling like a maniac, and Falman and Hawkeye trying to hold their pokerfaces while Ed does his best impression of innocence.

He doesn’t want to know, and shouldn’t ask. “What happened?” He asks anyway.

“Fuery saw a spider,” Falman deadpans, “Edward killed it.”

Fuery stops whining about spiders when Ed’s around.

A Proper Punishment

(Hey guys! I’ve been waiting to upload this smut for ages now and finally I’ve written one that’s good enough for you all! I hope you enjoy this! Charlie x

Stephanie/Female Reader/Triple H smut

It takes a while to get to the smut!

I’d love some feedback too, since this is my first one

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WARNING: Mentions of cheating, blackmail/ bargaining, Daddy and Mommy kinks, spanking, swearing)

I knew my bosses wouldn’t appreciate me ‘visiting the enemy’ when I snuck into RAW, especially 24 hours before my own match on Smackdown but I couldn’t help it; Bayley had debuted last week and already had her sights set on Charlotte’s title. Not only that, however, a Fatal Four way had just taken place and all chaos had ensued on the Flagship show: Seth was howling in agony, Stephanie was screaming in rage, trying not to let tears race down her cheeks. And Mick? Mick stood, dumbfounded, mouth hung open, attempting to stutter out a question; Triple H had returned and had betrayed Rollins, making Kevin Owens the new Universal Champion.

No set of words could convey my shock, let alone attempt to comfort Roman: the Samoan’s deep sigh brought me from my daze. “Ro, I’m so sorry” I muttered past the chaotic voices that echoed from the gorilla zone. “I should’ve known” “No, Ro, don’t say that- no one, not even Stephanie saw that coming and she’s married to the man- Roman, no one, not even Damien Sandow could’ve seen that coming, so there’s no need to beat yourself up about it, pal” Another exhausted, disappointed sigh tore through Roman’s room. “What do I do now?” Rising from my seat on his leather black couch, I knelt down before him, cupping his cheek gently, his stubble tickling my palm. “Do what you do best, Reigns: fight your way back to the top, like you did earlier on this year: you went against the grain and didn’t bow down to anyone, you didn’t take the easy road and sell out and look at the rewards you’ve gained. I’m going to stop preaching now but remember just how much of a struggle last year was- and how much it was worth it when you walked out of Wrestlemania with the title and JoJo” Those icy blue eyes snapped up to me at the mention of his daughter, a bear like paw resting on my hand. “Thanks, Y/N” I let a gentle smile rise on my lips.

High heels made silence descend over the gorilla, every voice suffocated by that deep, eerie sound echoing against the dull walls, growing faster and faster. Twisting my head towards the door, I kept watch, my eyes narrowing to catch a glimpse at who was coming down in such a hurry.

The woman of the hour: witnessing Stephanie McMahon be shown up like that by her own husband made a sigh tear through me: not only had the world just watched her husband abandon her favourite, she had to endure a difficult- and extremely rude- Paul Heyman and eventually had to back down. Even though I’d spent my career detesting her and she’d spent her time working against me in every decision that she’d made, I had to admit, I missed Stephanie- and considering we hadn’t spent any time annoying each other, seeing her hurry away so quickly made me keep my eyes to the door, curious as to her mood, wondering if I could help. “Y/N?” I snapped my stare back to my former team mate, a smirk resting on his lips. “I see the way you’re looking at her; she’s married, you know” Chuckled Roman. “What, I just don’t like it when people are upset, I want to help” Was it worth going after her, risking an injury if she got the wrong end of my visit? “Could you wait for me, I won’t be long, I promise”

My breath shivered as my eyes scanned the grand door of Stephanie’s office. I allowed my fingers to graze it, squeezing my eyes shut as I knocked gently. “Come in” The groan made me open the door, peeking in before sheepishly allowing the rest of my body to slither in. “What the hell?” Her growl was barely a question, more like an enraged growl. “Mrs Helmsley,” Her head rose from her desk, eyebrows creased; I’d never been so respectful and I’d barely spoken two words. “I’m sorry to disturb you but you don’t seem like your usual sharp self- care to vent?” I cautiously tiptoed closer, taking a seat in front of her desk. Those cat like eyes followed me, a scowl stained on her lips. “What do you want?” She hissed, searching me for an answer. “I’m serious, look, I haven’t been to RAW in weeks and, as weird as it sounds, I kind of miss having you to annoy- Shane and Daniel have no idea that I’m here and I can’t imagine them being too chuffed about me being here; I came to see Bayley and Roman but now I just want to know what’s wrong” “You want to know what’s wrong, Y/L/N: RAW’s ratings are lower than Smackdown’s for the second week in a row, Mick has no clue about how to run a show and I just had to submit to Paul Heyman after he throws one dollar bills at me like I’m some cheap stripper. And to top it off, my husband embarrasses me in front of thousands, heck, millions of people, screws over my investment in this damn company and right after, some pig headed, nosy little slut comes into my office and makes things worse!”

Shock coated my face, horror and annoyance making me shake: my face hardened and my fists curled. “You know what, Stephanie, if you’re going to sit there and fire abuse at me, then I won’t waste my time” I rose up from my seat, shoving it back against the desk. With an exasperated sigh, I twisted on the heels of my Converse. “How dare you turn your back on me”

Memories of her words flooded my mind, a smirk staining my lips: whilst she’s had to conceded to Paul Heyman, there was no way she’d let me disrespect her, especially with me still being so close to Roman. I took two steps, Stephanie’s voice only rising with rage. “Don’t you dare disrespect me like this” I couldn’t hide my grin as I reached for the door, having taken a few more paces. “Damn it, Y/L/N, come back here right now!” I practically ripped the door off its hinges, preparing to step through, back into the gorilla. A hand grabbed my wrist, twisting me around to slam me against the wall. Instinct took over: a primal need to escape made me shove Stephanie away. In a flash, her hand swiped across my cheek.

As my senses reeled from the slap, an unexpected sensation made me blush cherry red: a buzzing, burning deep inside me, the feeling creeping up over me, straight to my pussy. Before I could respond with an equally violent stroke, Steph shoved me against the wall, her lips crashing to mine: the sensation burning made me kiss her back. A whine tore from my throat, the intense desire rising up as I pushed back harder, my hands cupping her burning cheeks. Twisting around, Stephanie slammed me against her desk, my back landing on the hard wood, before she shoved my legs apart, stepping in between them to rest her forehead against my own. “Are you going to be a good girl for me, Y/N?” She crooned, staring down at me, lips millimetres away from my own. “Have you ever known me to be good, Stephanie?” I cocked my head, fluttering my eyelashes. “You’ve got a point, but tonight you’re going to do everything I tell you to and you’ll love every second of it” She hissed through gritted teeth. Her fingers lazily trailed down my bare stomach, dipping into my shorts. “St-Stephanie” I mused, my fingers clamped around her wrist. “Is this what you want, you little slut: you want my fingers deep in your cunt, don’t you?” I squeezed my eyes shut, grinding against her fingers once they reached my clit. “That’s a yes then- say it” Hr fingers grabbed my chin, nails digging into my skin. “I- I want your fingers inside me, Stephanie, please” My begging made her chuckle, a gasp echoing through the airless office as she slid two fingers inside me. “You’re so tight, aren’t you, Y/N? You’ve never had a woman like me in your little pussy, have you?” Immediately, I shook my head, biting my lip to keep myself quiet.

At first, her fingers were torturously slow, gently rocking against my walls. “Stephanie, please, faster” My whimpered begging only made me rock harder against her fingers. “Did I tell you that you could pleasure yourself with my fingers?” Her voice was calm but I could tell that I was trying her patience. “No” Stephanie ripped her fingers out, making me slam my head back against her desk, my words lost in my mind. “You want to cum, my little slut?” Want to feel my fingers slam into your pussy?” I muttered out a weak “Yes” “Then you’ll eat my pussy until I cum in your hot little mouth” Moaned Stephanie, striding to the other side of her desk. Tipping my head back, I watched as she shimmied down her underwear before kicking off her heels and clambering onto the desk, hovering over my face. “Eat” My fingers grazed her thighs as she sunk down on my awaiting tongue.

I moaned into her arousal, fingers gripping her thighs as I tasted her for the first time. Stephanie let out a gasp, letting it turn into a needy moan as my tongue swept through her folds, leaning up to capture her bundle of nerves between my lips. “Fuck, Y/N, harder” Panted the Raw Commissioner, her thighs closing around my cheeks. I obeyed her instruction, gripping on harder, shaking my head. A short scream, weaved with lust and need, echoed against the walls. Finally, I let my tongue glide against her pussy lips before sliding it into her entrance, a smirk growing on my lips as Stephanie changed tactics in a desperate attempt to get off: the desk heaved as the brunette bounced on my tongue, her pants only fuelling me further.

“Don’t you dare stop, you filthy little whore: I want you to lick up every last drop like the little bitch you are!” My tongue teased her clit until a scream, loud and carefree, ripped from above me. I lapped at her pussy, letting some of her juices coat my chin as the McMahon daughter rode out her intense high, hips coming to a shuddering halt. “I have to admit, Y/L/N, you were better than I expected “ Chuckled Stephanie, shifting from atop of me. “ Have I been a good girl, Ms McMahon?” I cooed, biting my lips to hold back a grin, causing her to chuckle. “Very funny, Y/L/N, but, in fact, you have been, let me return the favour” “No, no, allow me”

The deep, gruff voice made me snap my body up from the desk, my face fading to pale at the hulking figure stood against the door frame: a face like thunder and a body like a mountain, Triple H blocked my escape. I shifted onto the floor, eyes wide, like a deer in the headlights. “Get out” Snapped Stephanie, keeping her eyes off her husband, the woman scowling at the place I’d lay. He didn’t listen, instead he stormed in, colossal knuckles a ghostly knuckles. “I said get out!” The Commissioner roared, tears glazing her narrowed glare. Hunter shoved past me, my balance lost as I tumbled to the carpet, watching as he grabbed his wife, crushing his lips to hers. I shuffled back to the corner, terror raging in my veins, my stare exploring patterns around me, nervously twitching my toes. “I have just watched one of my wrestlers fuck my wife- I think both of you need to be punished” An involuntary gasp shocked my system, drawing the attention of both members of the Authority. “What, you didn’t think you’d get out of this, did you, Y/N?” A shiver raked down my spine as his voice easing out my name in a deep groan as he dropped his thick arms from about his wife’s waist. “N-No, but I’m sorry, sir, please don’t fire me!” He chuckled, dragging his Oxfords against the floor to tower over me, his hands on my waist to lift me up and on my feet with ease. He stalked forward until my back hit the wall. Ducking his head down, his rigid body trapped me. “Even though you just fucked what is mine and you’re here when you know you shouldn’t be, I’m not going to fire you, nor am I going to suspend you,” I let out a shaky sigh of relief, wiping my eyes of petrified tears. I gazed up at him, a great grin on my lips. “But I am going to fuck you”

Eyes wide, the colour returned to my cheeks, a tiny whimper escaping my lips as Hunter nipped at my neck, guiding his lips carefully and slowly to my jaw as he wrapped his thick fingers around my neck. “I’m sure you’re wet from my wife but you’ll have to be a little bit more than wet to handle all of this” The noises from my mouth stopped abruptly as something rock hard poked against my hip. “Lie over the desk” He peeled himself from me, watching closely as I lay on my stomach, staring back as Stephanie strode forward and tugged down my shorts, allowing them and my panties to pool at my ankles. The Game shifted into my sights, his paw running down my ass, creating a pathway down my thigh, his caress sending a shudder over me.


It rung through the air, the skin on my backside itching and burning as I attempted to let out words of agony, only to find the words stolen by shock. “Count” Barked Hunter. Another slap made me cry out, my fingers gripping the wooden desk. “Two” “And call him Daddy” Ordered Stephanie, collecting my hair in her fist, forcing me to stare up at her, my face flinching as Hunter slapped that same, sore spot. “Three, Daddy” I let out another whine, attempting to wiggle away. “Where do you think you’re going?” Hunter dragged me back to the edge of the desk, the wood grazing against my bundle of nerves. Immediately, his palm slapped against my reddening skin. “Four, Daddy!” I whined, pushing myself towards his palm, gazing back in anticipation. “Look at her, Steph, the little slut likes it when I spank her: she likes feeling the air against her hot, little pussy, feeling my big hand bruise her ass, but I think she likes being dominated even more” Another hard spank sent tears racing down my rosy cheeks. “Five, Daddy!” “Do you like calling me Daddy, Y/N?” I nodded furiously/ “Y-Yes, Daddy” Stephanie chuckled at my answer, nipping at my neck, teeth gripping the skin above my pulse. “St-Stephanie!” “You know, Stephanie likes to be called Mommy in the bedroom, don’t you Steph?” A moan of agreement made me glance up at the RAW Commissioner. “I do like being called Mommy, perhaps you’d be rewarded if  you did” I moaned after her words as Triple H suckled on my pulse point, much like his wife had. “Mommy, it feels so good when Daddy spanks me, please let me have more” The brunette chuckled, letting go of my hair and tucking the strands out of my eyes. “Hunter, I think she’s been punished enough, perhaps you should give her pussy a little attention- considering her ass is looking a little red” “Just how I like it” Hunter struck down once more, a squeal echoing against Stephanie’s desk. “Six, Daddy- and I like my ass being red” Hunter chuckled, a grin wide on his lips. “Is that so, then you’ll also like the colour of your pussy when I’m finished with it”

My body tensed and my mouth gaped open as Triple H’s tongue swept through my folds, a low rumble sending vibrations shocking through my body. “You’re so wet, aren’t you?” I nodded, shivers raking up my spine at the sound of a zipper coming undone. “Hunter, catch” A gold packet was tossed from Stephanie and caught by the COO of the WWE. “Mommy, how about you show our little slut how to give a man a proper blowjob?” “Watch and learn” I struggled to the floor, sinking onto my knees, looking up at both of them as Stephanie knelt before her husband. “Are you watching, Y/N?” Stephanie glanced back as she dove into Hunter’s pants.

Long, thick and hard: Hunter’s cock had me in awe as it sprung forth. Pre-cum glistened over his slit, veins creeping up to the head. “ I said, Y/N, are you watching?” I snapped out of my daze, shuffling closer to the RAW Commissioner. “Y-Yes, Mommy, I’m sorry I didn’t answer; I was distracted by Daddy’s…” Both chuckled, sharing a look of amusement. “Thank you, doll” Leaning forward, Triple H gently took my chin, thick thumb caressing my cheek. “Good girl, you’re learning well but right now, focus on how my lips wrap around Daddy’s cock, how I made him shudder with just my mouth” Steph’s tongue ran up his shaft before taking Hunter deep in her mouth. Incoherent growls tore from Triple H’s throat as his fingers laced in Stephanie’s chestnut locks, only tugging himself closer. “Mommy, it’s so big, how does it go all the way in?” I crept closer until I was kneeling down beside her. Stephanie drew her husband’s cock from her mouth, jerking it in her hand. “Well, I haven’t got it all the way in yet, so I have to work myself up to it, unless Daddy’s feeling impatient-” “Which he is” Snapped Hunter, guiding Stephanie’s hand faster around his shaft. “As for deep throating, yawn with your mouth closed” Informed the older woman, making me nod. “How about you try?”

“Well, c’mon then, kitten, like I said before, I’m impatient: Daddy’s cock won’t suck itself” His bark was covered by a coo as he fisted his hard cock. Taking a deep breath, I copied Stephanie, trailing my tongue up that vein before taking the head between my lips, suckling softly. “Atta girl” Groaned Hunter, my cheeks hollowing out around the head as Triple H’s fingers became lost in my hair, tightening around the roots. With my eyes intensely watching his reaction, I swirled my tongue over the slit: a slight hint of salt hit my tongue, Hunter’s breathlessness  forcing a groan into the air before I pulled him out teasingly. “C’mon, baby girl, put it back in your mouth” Ordered the COO, brown eyes screwed shut. I obeyed his feral growl, yelping as he shoved his thick cock to the back of my throat. “Remember what I said!” It was obvious that I was struggling. I let my eyes flutter shut, attempting to yawn around him but failing miserably: I choked around his hardness, eyes blinded by tears. “Fuck, Y/n, I’m gonna cum, take it out and bend over the desk” With the bruises fresh on my ass and tears now drying on my flushed cheeks, I knew better than to disobey The King of Kings. I let myself rest against Stephanie’s desk, the rip of a foil packet behind me making me relax. My breath grew short as Hunter teased his covered cock against my slit. “Hold on tight, baby girl”

He plunged in all the way, not pausing or letting me adjust first. I gasped, eyes wide and fingers dug into the wood of the desk. Finally, Hunter stilled as he made his considerable length comfortable against my walls. “You’re so tight” Hunter rumbled, running his paws down my hips. “Does Daddy’s cock feel good, Y/N?” Steph smirked, collecting my hair and draping it over my shoulder. “H-He’s so big” I shivered, drawing out a gasp as he eased himself out, filling me up once more, his thrust powerful and hard. “Take your time- but once you’re ready, I won’t stop” I nodded, imploring him to give me everything he’d got.

Whilst my mouth hung open, no noise raised from my throat, until Stephanie trained rough kisses up to my jaw, forcing those desperate whimpers from my lips. “I can feel your pussy trying to grip on, trying to keep up with me- you won’t last long” I collapsed back onto Stephanie’s bureau, my cries echoing around the office. “Fuck, Daddy, please don’t stop!” I wailed, eyes screwed shut as my hips met his, attempting to get off on the pressure he was giving me. “Such a desperate little slut- fucking your boss to keep your job, enjoying his hard cock pounding into your cunt? You think you’re so good out there on Smackdown, flying from the top rope, impressing all those people, but on RAW, in this office, under us, you’re nothing- soon, you’ll be begging us for a quick fuck, you’ll be out little cum slut, begging for anything we will give you- I know this won’t be the last time you’re lying on this desk, taking Hunter’s cock like the good cum slut you are” Stephanie’s harsh words only forced that delicious and inevitable orgasm closer, especially as Hunter twisted me over, my leg over his shoulder as he fucked me harder.

“D-Daddy, I think I’m gonna cum!” “Wait!” Hissed Hunter, drawing himself out swiftly to turn me onto my back, so my back arched against the wood as he hammered himself back inside me. “Cum on my cock, Y/N, let me feel you squeeze every last drop of me” Panted Triple H, his thrusts to the beat of his words. My orgasm seized my body in an explosion of light as I let out a high pitched scream, letting it drift into a series of short whimpers as I rode out my orgasm. Hunter let go soon after, a choked out version of my name spilling from his lips as he slammed inside of me, releasing into the condom.

“Well, you two, seems like you had fun” Stephanie chuckled as I fluttered open my eyes, gripping Hunter’s thick arms as he pulled out, a groan of displeasure rippling from his throat. “Wow,” The man panted, throwing the condom in the bin before placing a short, sweet kiss on my forehead. “Perhaps the three of us can come to some kind of agreement: you can come to RAW whenever you like if-” “If we don’t talk about this” As I hopped off the desk, I took my shorts and panties from the floor before stepping into them. “Well, yes but, actually,” Hunter strode forward, cornering me in the place I’d curled up. “Steph and I don’t want this to be the only time you cum for us- we will call you when we need you” I nodded silently, my eyebrows creasing. “Hey Steph, what time is it?” She glanced down at her watch: “We’ve been here a while, baby girl, why?” My promise to Roman echoed in my mind, my feet suddenly breaking out into a dash. “I’ll see you soon: bye Mommy, bye Daddy!”

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kagehina, 49 :)

#49 - boss/intern au

Tobio kicks the copy machine after his fifth attempt to just fucking copy his bosses meeting agenda like a good intern and not get fired. Not that Hinata is going to fire him. Probably.

This is Tobio’s eleventh job in nine months. It’s a miracle they even hired him for the paid internship at all and some kind of act of God that he hasn’t been fired after two months. He’s really good at his job, he knows the ins and outs of journalism better than anyone. It’s his passion, the only thing he really cares about. He’s won awards for thinkpieces and breaking news coverage alike. That alone should be enough to get him on at any major newspaper. Unfortunately he’s not a team player, whatever that’s supposed to mean, and every place of employment would rather fire him than deal with his attitude apparently.

Tobio almost slams his face down into the copy machine because he’s certain this is it. He often fails to check his temper with Hinata and they get in screaming matches in the office in full view of everyone, he can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save his life, and Hinata basically tore his last workup for an article in front of his face claiming that it wasn’t the writing that he wanted from Tobio. Now that he is ruining Hinata’s meeting by failing to copy Hinata’s agenda he’s going to be kicked to the curb.

This place was so much better than his last job too. No one had filled his cubicle with paper shreddings yet. Everyone was really nice and Karasuno was an up and coming monthly magazine that was just a few thousand subscriptions from being a household name. He almost felt like part of the team, a quality team, when he wasn’t screaming at the tiny head editor to shut his stupid mouth.

“Kageyama?” Someone asks from behind him. Someone with a suspiciously sweet yet masculine voice. Tobio wants to scream but instead he turns and looks his boss in the eye, trying not to show fear.

He misses the early days when Hinata was scared of him instead of the other way around.


Hinata sticks his lower lip out in a comically juvenile looking pout. “Just came to ask if you were okay since you’re taking so long.”

Tobio tries not to grit his teeth and weighs his options. On one hand, he could tell Hinata that the copy machine isn’t working and hope that Hinata doesn’t get annoyed with his level of effort or he can say nothing and try to find some workaround that gets Hinata his copies on time.

“I’m fine,” Tobio says to buy some time.

Hinata cranes his neck to peer around Tobio at the copy machine. Tobio slides himself in front of it so that Hinata can’t see that it hasn’t copied anything. Hinata narrows his eyes at Tobio and Tobio is only just now realized how suspicious that looks.

“What’s going on, Kageyama?” Hinata’s voice leaves no room for argument and while usually that wouldn’t matter to Tobio he’s just so tired that he kinda wants to be fired just so that he can go home and go to bed and try again at life tomorrow.

Tobio hunches in on himself a little. “The copy machine won’t copy.”

Hinata rolls his eyes, actually rolls them, and says, “Did Tsukishima lock the copier again? He’s probably just trying to get back at Noya. Let me see.”

Hinata elbows his way past Tobio and Tobio feels kind of stupid. He watches as Hinata sticks his lower lip between his teeth and pokes at the screen with a look of utter concentration for a moment before heaving a frustrated sigh. Tobio kinda wants to kiss that lower lip but he pretends he doesn’t because wanting to kiss your boss if frowned upon basically everywhere.

“I’m gonna have to have Yamaguchi look at it. I can never figure out Tsukishima’s passwords.” Hinata turns and stares at Tobio with a terrifyingly perceptive look in his eye. “Why didn’t you just say something?”

Tobio doesn’t look at him when he says, “I didn’t want to get fired.”

Hinata laughs at him and Tobio can feel his face heating up. He opens his mouth to yell at Hinata but before the words come Hinata is talking.

“If I was going to fire you I would have done it ages ago. I like you far too much to get rid of you, Kageyama. Plus you’re super talented and I want you for a full time position as soon as we get one open.”

Tobio just kind of stares at Hinata. He had said it easily, as if it was obvious, and something about the way he glances shyly up at Tobio makes Tobio think that Hinata just admitted to something but he can’t figure out what.

“Uh, thanks.” Tobio grunts out after a moment.

Hinata’s face falls but he puts his smile back together quickly. “You’re such an idiot, Kageyama,” he says before skipping out of the room like a hyper child.

Tobio runs to the door to yell that Hinata’s a dumbass for the whole office to hear.

I’m still filling prompts from this list~!

What The War Did To My Legs And To My Tongue

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @geeksandfreaks6713. “Hey, I don’t know if your requests are open (if they aren’t, I’m sorry!) but could you do something with either gee or frank where the reader’s paraplegic?”

Your boss said the band performing at the bar where you were worked tonight was called My Chemical Romance. Apparently, they’d just put out their first album through Eyeball Records. A lot of bands in this part of Jersey were associated with Eyeball, and some were more talented than others. You weren’t quite sure what to expect.

“You remember Pencey Prep?” your boss asked as he stood behind the bar, preparing a drink.

“Yeah, they played here a couple times last year, didn’t they?” you recalled.

“One of the guys from that band apparently plays guitar in this one now,” your boss informed you.

“Oh, yeah?” you replied. “Which one?”

“The singer.”

Ooh, I remember him, you thought, flushing. He was cute. What was his name? Frank?

“He ordered this drink,” the boss said, handing it to you. “Can you go give it to him, please?”

“Sure,” you nodded, taking the drink and ascending the steps to the stage, where the band had just started rehearsing.

They were already getting really into it. The vocalist was screaming his heart out, and the guitarist – the cute one from Pencey – was flailing around with his guitar like an animal.

“Um, Frank?” you mumbled, hoping you had his name right. “Sorry to interrupt, but….”

Frank was so in the zone that he must not have heard you, because he kept playing. He jumped around, swinging his guitar wildly.  It would have looked cool and rock star-ish….if you hadn’t been standing right behind him. Instead, his instrument smacked into your leg when he leapt in your direction, knocking you to the ground.

“Oh, fuck!” Frank cried when he realized what had happened, and the band stopped playing immediately.

“I’m so sorry,” Frank said, helping you up. “I didn’t even see you back there.”

“Are you ok?” the bassist asked. The vocalist and the other guitarist were looking at you with concern, too.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you shrugged. “Sorry I spilled that drink when I fell. I’ll get you a new one.”

“You don’t have to pretend you’re ok,” Frank frowned. “I know that getting hit like that would have really hurt pretty much anybody with legs.”

“Um…..that’s kind of my point,” you reddened, and lifted up the cuff of your jeans to reveal your metal, prosthetic leg.

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"Hey boss I heard you scream. Is everything...okay?"

He got up, using a nearby table as support, he was chuckling to himself. AT the sound of that voice- That familiar and now… Very pleasant sounding voice, he whirled around. Suddenly it was like a ‘Ping!’ went off in his head. 

“ AAhh! Doctor,” He grinned, his voice got a bit low at the last word. Not a menacing grin, more like a welcoming one. He strode over. “ Ahh Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, “ He purred, the word seeming so sweet, that he just wanted to say it over and over. “ Just the person whom I wanted to see~” Was he… Actually purring? His eyes were half lidded, relaxed. 

“ How are you, dear doctor?” The phrase rolled of his tongue with affection. 

Coffee And Kisses

That’s what you get when you reblog prompts. This one was “Destiel au where Dean gets a text from Cas at 3 AM saying “I told a homophobic person I work with that I’m dating a guy and I can’t sleep because I feel like a liar so I need you to date me” and yes, I couldn’t resist the temptation to change it a bit. Enjoy!

For some reason Dean could never phantom, Cas loves working at the 24/7 coffee shop around the corner of his flat. Maybe because it allows him enough spare time to write. Or because Dean can drop in all the time to see his best friend, although that thought always makes him feel like a self-centred jackass.

Point is, Cas loves the place and Dean has to admit it does look pretty nice and that the coffee is decent.

It’s just too bad that the boss doesn’t always pay attention to who he hires. Dean has the increasing suspicion that they guy even only hired Cas because he happened to come in at the right time. Cas.

His best friend has seen his fair share of co-workers come and go. There was Ash, who was fired after openly smoking a joint while serving a friendly old lady, Meg, whose crush on Cas was obvious to all but the man himself, Jo, who played around with the cutlery in a distinctly frightening manner and was politely let go, and God knows how many others.

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Omegaverse AU: s/o gets into heat in public/meeting and Tsuna + Xanxus + Yamamoto + Mukuro get super possessive/ protective leading to nsfw


You hadn’t realized what was happening until it was already too late and you were in the middle of a meeting, trembling with need in a corner and trying to remain firm in the face of your vulnerability, attempting to keep attention off of yourself by not attracting it in the first place. You knew the suppressant should have lasted you another four days at the very least because you were so very, very careful about your time spent in Heat, knowing how dangerous it could be in the Mafia if it wasn’t kept in check and under wraps for the most part.

(you wouldn’t find out until later that it hadn’t been through any fault of your own that the pill had failed you, but rather your own metabolism because it turned out all that running around you did and those self-defense classes not only got you into shape but heightened it too; you only had to remember to adjust your dosage accordingly from now on, but you couldn’t exactly say that you regretted the mishap, considering what happened next)

Because while you had been more occupied with your problems, the fact that you were steadily going into Heat throughout the meeting did not escape his notice, nor did the considering glances of others.

Tsuna had to clench his hands into fists to prevent himself from clawing their eyes out and crushing them in his grasp, perhaps burning them into smoldering ash with his flames soon after. Because they didn’t deserve the right to even consider, let alone fantasize, taking what was his and having their way with you. It made him bristle, and it was with vindictive pleasure that he called them out on it in a roundabout way, “If I could steal your attention away from your thoughts for just one moment, we might actually get some productive work done and get on with our lives and wives.”

That remark certainly caught their attention, but Tsuna airily continued over the sounds of startled chokes and surprised gasps, as if he hadn’t just mentioned the fact that they were all very horny and thinking lewd thoughts. His eyes sought out your own while the rest cleared their throats and found the papers in front of them suddenly very interesting.

The noise covered up your small gasp at the sheer intensity of his gaze, hard brown depths that seemed to flicker with orange, like fire in the middle of a woods. It was mesmerizing, leaving you unable to look away as Tsuna smirked smugly, eyes promising things that made your stomach do a giddy little flip and your thighs clench in anticipation.

He turned away, and you could breathe again but were left wanting. What a tease. At this point, you wouldn’t mind if he took you right here in front of everyone, right on the long meeting table eve. Hell, most of the people present probably wouldn’t mind the show either or would be too busy taking the moment to rush out of the room and finds their own mates to care about decorum…

Somehow you found the strength to shakily continue to write down notes and record the history on the meeting on the clipboard in your tense lap at your out-of-the-way chair in the corner. Because even if you were in the throes of Heat, even with your body shivering with need and your instincts screaming to take over and make you present yourself to the room at large in the hopes to attract the attention of the Sky once more… Your Will was stronger and you wanted to do this much right in the face of your overwhelming weakness.

(and maybe, just maybe, because you knew that such hard work would be noted and generously rewarded if you played your cards right…)

The moment the meeting ended and the room had been hastily cleared, Tsuna casually shut the door to the meeting room. And locked it. The room was utterly silent, not even the sound of your breathing was audible because you held your breath the moment he stood up and sauntered across the room. The Vongola boss didn’t move, instead, he elected to dress you down with his eyes and give a coy little smile in your direction, which widened until he bared his teeth at you in an exaggerated leer.

Voice low and dangerously husky, he purred, “Y/n, give me the names of all those present today.”

Releasing a shaky breath, you did so, reading off the small side notes you had taken before your little problem reared its ugly head.

“Hmm, good,” he hummed, the deep register immediately doing wicked things to your hormones and arousal. His eyes had a mischievous gleam to them as he stalked closer, rapidly diminishing the gap between him and you. He murmured, “Let’s try something a bit harder then, what was it that Don Machiavelli suggested we do about the deficit?”

You thanked your lucky stars for powering through and taking the notes. “He implied that we should spend less on making ‘magic bullets’ and more on technological advances to make up for the gap between us and the civilian militia, Sir.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right, I remember now,” he pressed you against the wall with his weight, taking the clipboard from your trembling hands and carelessly tossing it on the meeting table. “Just one more question, Y/n, and no notes needed for this answer.”

He leaned in and brought his mouth to your ear, breath blowing against it hotly and his lip brushing against skin as he asked, “Tell me, Y/n, who is it that you belong to? Full answer, please.”

“The Tenth Vongola boss,” you choked out in a moan, arms sliding around his neck and hands needily grasping at his hair. “Tsunayoshi Sawada.”

“And no one else,” he added with a hiss before claiming your mouth with his.


The crowd was thick and pressing from all sides in the market place, but there was a respectful distance maintained from them and Xanxus (and yourself by proxy) because of the intimidating aura he gave off. His glower promised violent and gruesome things if someone so much as brushed against you, but that had more to do with the fact that you had went into Heat in the middle of what was supposed to be a mundane afternoon of running domestic errands.

(he might not have had the famed Vongola intuition, but Xanxus’s instincts had still prickled and insisted that something was off; no amount of complaining or grumbling about ‘not needing a bodyguard to get a gallon of milk’ could deter him; but it had turned out for the best as you were already near your wit’s end and you didn’t even have to deal with people pushing you around or chatting you up)

If it were on any other occasion, it would almost be comical seeing your honey badger of a boyfriend stalk around with his arms loaded down with bags and profusely swearing at the grocery list in his hand… But as it was, you were just as testy as Xanxus and more than ready to get home to put an end to the Heat.

Because as amusing as it was seeing your boyfriend growl at people who so much as looked at you sideways, you didn’t want to see him get into a fight.

Spotting a changing room off to the side, a particularly devious idea came to mind. “Xanxus,” you called out sweetly, ignoring his gruff ‘what’ barked in your direction. “Let’s go in here.”

“Why? Are seriously going to trying on clothes right now?” He grumbled irritably. “What a fucking waste of time. You already have more clothes than you need, don’t even wear half of them.”

“Come on, ‘Xus,” you cajoled. “Trust me on this, you won’t regret it.”

“You don’t need me to hold your fucking hand, you’re a grown-ass adult, go in by yourself.”

“Well, it kind of hard to get off without you helping when I’m in Heat and I can’t wait to get home so we’re doing it right here and right now,” you insisted in an urgent whisper, tugging on his sleeve. “No one’s behind the desk… Nobody will even know that the two of us just had sex in the fitting room.”

“Maybe, if you can be quiet and somehow manage to not scream my name for everyone to hear,” the Varia Boss retorted as he began to herd you discreetly into one of the larger family stalls.

“Really? Who was the yelling at the top of their lungs last night?” You blinked innocently, before choking on a laugh when you were press hard against the wall, grocery bags tossed to the side and forgotten for the moment.

Xanxus growled, “Why don’t you stop being so fucking cheeky and use that smart mouth of yours for things other than talking, huh?” You only had a second to snicker quietly to yourself before being forced to stifle a groan when he grinded against you hips.


You squinted down at the field below, trying to keep the white blur in sight as it zoomed from one end down to the other, lightning fast with an equally thunderous crack! of a baseball bat. There was a cheer from the crowd, but you couldn’t tell if it was because the ball had been caught or if it had been dropped (it couldn’t touch the ground, otherwise it was a foul… right?), because you were too dizzy and light headed at the moment to keep it all straight. Not to mention, you had long forgotten which team to root for three innings ago.

It was unbearably hot in the little private viewing box that was exclusive for those with big wallets and enough connections to emulate a massive spider’s web.

You leaned on Yamamoto’s arm, as his body temperature always seemed to run a little lower than most people’s. His bare arm was refreshingly cool against your hot cheek. If it got any warmer, you’d be panting. As it stood, you just felt an uncomfortable pressure and tension in your belly that was starting to feel forebodingly familiar to you, but it was still a little too early for you to tell if it was you going into a mild Heat or if you were just feeling a little under the weather from eating too much sushi earlier.

(seafood had never really sat well in your gut before, but it had been so good this time around with your new partner that you couldn’t help but stuff yourself full of it; not to mention, Yamamoto looked so happy that you enjoyed food that his father had made that you couldn’t regret your gluttony)

To be honest, you already felt somewhat content, so the vague feeling of possible-arousal was muted and even a bit uncomfortable. It wasn’t until your groin started to feel highly-sensitive in your tight jeans and the vague-want turned into an absent-need that you acknowledged the fact that, yes, you were in Heat and, yes, you wanted to screw your boyfriend right now at this very moment.

Yamamoto was aware of your little… situation for quite some time now and had been getting progressively edgier as the baseball game went on. On one hand, he was starting to get aroused and excited himself just by being in such close proximity to you. One the other hand, this was a game he had been looking forward too for months, the amount of strings he had to pull, favors he had to call in, and work he had to finish ahead of schedule just to get the time off had been utterly ridiculous.

His self-control over his libido might have been enough to hold out until the game was over… Had the two of you been alone. Unfortunately, the luxury box had a few staff in it to attend to the patrons’ needs. And there were both men and women alike who were eying the both of you like particularly tasty catches that they were thinking about poaching.

“Why don’t the four of you take a break?” He ‘suggested’, express almost friendly if not for the way his eyes seemed to hold a storm behind them and how his smile seemed a little too sharp. “We’ll call you if we need you.”

“Sir, I don’t believe —“

“I’m not asking,” Yamamoto interrupted, voice still warm but it was obvious that ‘no’ wasn’t an acceptable answer to him. His eyes lowered to a half-mast as he inclined his head, expression becoming disinterested and impatient, “I’ll pay for any damages you find, but for now, your services won’t be necessary. Leave us.”

The moment the staff left you blurted, “That really wasn’t necessary, Takeshi. You didn’t have to do that.”

“Eh? But I wanted to, Y/n, I didn’t like the way they were looking at you. Besides, what sort of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t mate with you while you’re in Heat? Unless you don’t want to…”

You let out a surprised but pleased laugh, “I do! I just thought you would want to watch the game instead.”

“Y/n, there’s nothing I would rather see than you writhing underneath me and calling out my name,” he purred before guiding you down on the leather couch and bringing your legs up to circle around his hips. This was one intermission that he wouldn’t mind having mid-game.


You shifted uncomfortably in your seat, realizing with dread that the swooping sensation in your stomach wasn’t the change in altitude at all. Of all the places you had the Heat crop up, in an airplane was probably the most inconvenient and unfortunate. It was crowded and you were sitting elbow to elbow with others. Even with your partner sitting beside you while you took the window seat, there wasn’t anything to shield you from the attention and suggestive comments of anyone in the immediate area.

You had absolutely no idea how you were going to survive hours of this.

Burying your uncomfortably flushed face into Mukuro’s jacket wasn’t helping either, his unique scent was wreaking havoc on your hormones and it was a struggle to not start something that you could, unfortunately, not finish. Despite his claims to the contrary, you boyfriend was not a wizard as far as you were aware and couldn’t perform miracles. Just illusions and tricks.

You doubted that his romantic, if over the top, magic trick of making it rain flower petals or making things disappear and reappear would be enough of a distract to the other passengers to have them overlook the two of you making out in such an enclosed space.

He wrapped his arm protectively around your shoulders, hiding your shivering form a little more fully. The support helped a little bit in making you feel a little better about the whole situation, but you still desperately wished that you hadn’t decided to wait until tomorrow to take the next Heat suppressant pill, of all the rotten luck. It took you a moment to realize through the hazy of your self-pity and arousal that Mukuro was murmuring something quietly in your ear. Of course, it was a little too much to hope for that it would be reassurances and not teasingly lewd promises of things they could do to spend the time.

“Not helping!” You hissed into his side. “Some boyfriend you are, making mean jokes like that, you can sleep on the couch when we get home.”

“Oya, oya, Y/n, have a little faith. I never make impossible claims,” he soothed, hand wandering down your back to grope your butting in a proprietary fashion and remain there firmly. “I’m guessing that means you not against the idea?”

“I wouldn’t be if it were actually possible! There’s no way that the two of us would be able to sneak past over two hundred people into the restrooms and have sex without them know exactly what we were doing. This airplane isn’t very big you know!” Came your muffled protests as you gripped his shirt tightly in one fist while sticking your other clammy hand underneath it against his ribs, knowing it annoyed him. Served him right, the jerk

“If I pull this off, you can’t doubt my talents for what they are,” was the only warning you received before Mukuro abruptly stood up and, to your absolute horror, shouted at the top of his lungs, “ATTENTION PASSENGERS, MY NAME IS ROKUDO MUKURO AND I’M GOING TO GO HAVE THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE WITH PARTNER, Y/N, ON THIS VERY PLANE! THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!”

“Mukuro!” You choked out, voice strangled, “Sit down!” He didn’t, instead electing to gaze at you smugly. You waited for the disgusted backlash of the other passengers, for a flight attendant or two to come over and have words with him and you, for your life to end as you knew it… But nothing happened.

“Kufufufu, they can’t hear us, Y/n. Can’t see us either, see?” He leaned over and snapped his fingers in front a man’s face that was in the aisle seat. There was no reaction in the person’s glazed over eyes. “Believe me now?”

Hesitantly, cautiously, you stood up yourself, looking about you. It really seemed as if no one noticed the two of you, and it seemed almost too good to be true when the man in the aisle seat still didn’t react when you and your boyfriend climbed over him to get out. The only way you could begin to explain this was that it was a very strange wet dream you were having.

But dream or not, Mukuro skills in sex were out of this world.

Family Drama

pineappleheadmarco​ (I love you so much for both of these prompts, but especially for the Mephishura one because that was perfect and ended up being far bigger than all the other prompts, ehehehe).

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

Title: Family Drama
Pairing: Mephisto Pheles x Shura Kirigakure
Genre: Romance/ Humor
Rating: T
Word Count: 10,031 (I told you I really loved this one)

Disclaimer: I do not own Ao No Exorcist or the characters, they belong to Kazue Katō.

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blenheims  asked:

*kicks and breaks door* HIIII, may i have some precious romantic hcs for my holy trio (coby, sabo, hancock^^) :DDD GOOD LUCK BTW

SENPAIIIII! Thank you :’) Yes, of course! Here we go!! (I hope they’re okay :3)

Romantic HCs for:


  • THE ULTIMATE SUPPORT SYSTEM! You know how you have those rough days and you just come home and scream/cry into your pillow or maybe punch the wall? Well, with this sweetheart around, that’s not going to happen. He’s going to take one look at his s/o’s face and before they know it, they’re curled up on his lap, talking about what a shitty day they had and how they’re going to make their boss cry if it’s the last thing they do. 
  • He remembers all the important dates. His s/o’s birthday, anniversary, their parents’ birthdays, their best friend’s birthday, first date, first kiss…yeah. Everything. 
  • Expect lots and lots of romantic dates because Coby is a pro at this. Picnics, moonlit lakes, boat rides, strawberries dipped in chocolates + CUDDLES! 
  • He’s a pretty good listener! His s/o could be ranting about something silly or just talking about their favourite video game excitedly, and they will have his full attention. 
  • Which is probably how their first kiss happens. With a voice (that sounds like Luffy) telling him to GO FOR ITTTT and he just does. Cups their cheeks and leans in. He’s a blushing mess after this, apologising and backing away but his s/o won’t let him get too far (I KNOW I WOULDN’T).


  • The Blue Gentleman!! Don’t let that sophisticated moniker fool you, though. Spend enough time with him and witness his inner goof shine through. The first date with his s/o will be at a cozy little Italian restaurant, and two hours later they’ll find themselves in the nearest ice-cream place, sharing crazy childhood stories and laughing their butts off. 
  • His s/o can rely on him no matter what. Sabo has spent hours trying to make them understand that it doesn’t matter if it’s 11 pm or 2 am, if they need a ride they better call him. 
  • Sabo is far from controlling, but he can be a little…paranoid. Enough that he takes his s/o weapon shopping. And blushes when they add the lace thigh knife holster to the basket. 
  • He’s introducing his s/o to his brothers? Welcome to the family! 
  • He doesn’t do it often, but Sabo’s a pretty decent cook. Add his s/o to the mix and for him, it’s a perfect evening. The lasagna’s in the oven and his s/o is in his arms as they sway to the music. 
  • He gets injured pretty often, and he tries to explain that it’s just a few scrapes but he secretly loves his s/o fussing over him. The memory of his deadbeat parents is always at the back of his mind, so he loves feeling loved.


  • Two words: Royal Treatment. This Queen’s s/o is going to get so pampered they’ll end up feeling a little overwhelmed. But they get that it’s her way of showing her love, and don’t utter a word of complaint.
  • Satin bed sheets, wine and Boa Hancock. What more could you ever want? 
  • You know those people who’re jerks to everyone but their partner? That’s her! Her s/o will never have a reason to doubt their place in her life. 
  • The important bit is when she opens up. Sometimes, there are those rare times when she’s the little spoon as she tells them about her past. A squeeze from her s/o and comforting whispers are going to make her tear up, and finally begin the healing process of her heart. There is so much more to this woman than everyone thinks and her s/o (along with her sisters) is the only one to see that side and cherish it. 
  • She is powerful and a total badass. And her favourite past-time is cuddling and the one time no one is allowed to disturb her. Also, bubble baths. YES. 
  • Being a ruler isn’t easy. There are days when she can barely bring herself to get out of bed, wanting to remain buried in her covers. Her s/o will pull them back, press a kiss to her forehead, and rush to fill up the tub. Nothing cheers her up like bath time does. She also loves it when they brush her hair and help her dress (also nobody else is allowed to touch her which makes it very special).  
Takeshi Saving Kidnapped S/O

Takeshi sat in class, glancing back and forth between your empty desk, and the teacher. He hadn’t seen you since the two of you had gone your separate ways on the way home from school the night before, and you hadn’t ever messaged him that you got home safe. Normally that wouldn’t bother him at all, but now that you hadn’t shown up to class, he was slightly worried.

When the bell rang, Takeshi grabbed Tsuna by the arm and pulled him off towards the roof, Gokudera following, throwing insults at Takeshi’s broad back. Takeshi wasn’t listening, his phone pressed to his ear. Tsuna and Gokudera watched him.

“Hey, it’s [Y/N]! I can’t come to the phone right now, but leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!”

With an agitated sigh, Takeshi returned his phone to his pocket, before looking at his friends with a sharpness in his eyes usually reserved for baseball.

“Something’s happened to [Y/N],” he said, “I’m sure of it.”

“What makes you so sure, Baseball Freak?”

“She never called to tell me she got home safe last night, she didn’t show up today, and she didn’t answer her phone just now. Does that sound like [Y/N] to you, Gokudera?”

Even Gokudera had to agree, it didn’t sound like you at all. You were always sure to call them to assure them you were safe. Your respect for Hibari meant you never missed school unless you absolutely had to. And you always, always answered your phone if one of them called.

“I think Yamamoto is right, Gokudera-kun,” Tsuna said. He was frowning deeply, and gazing out at the buildings of Namimori. “I have a bad feeling.”

“Yamamoto is right, Dame-Tsuna.”

Everyone looked up at the sound of Reborn’s voice, and saw the baby disguised as the flag from the top of the school’s flagpole.


“Kid!” Takeshi picked the Arcobaleno up, eyes narrowed. “What do you know?”

Reborn held out his hand, and Leon transformed into a cane, which he used to whack Takeshi in the head. He was subsequently dropped, and he landed on his feet, looking up at the three Vongola members with his beady eyes. When he was sure he had their full attention, he reached into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope.

“This was addressed to Tsuna.”

The letter was typed, in standard font, on regular printer paper. Tsuna read the letter out loud so his two Guardians could hear it.

‘Vongola X,

I have taken the Rain Guardian’s most prized possession. I will kill her if you do not surrender yourself and the Vongola Rings to me by sundown. Included is a map to my base, but I should warn you; my men are very skilled, any attempts at rescue will be futile. Don’t be stupid, it would be a shame to have to clean such a pretty girl’s brains off the wall. Hope there aren’t any misunderstandings, Vongola. Ciao, Ciao!’

The letter was signed by the Head of one of Vongola’s well known enemies, the Cappiello Family, which Reborn had warned them could be a problem.

“What do we do?” Gokudera asked, arms crossed, “We can’t let the Tenth go off and surrender himself!”

“But it’s  the only way to get [Y/N] back!” Tsuna protested.

Takeshi shook his head, face utterly blank, save for the look of hatred in his eyes.

“No, you’re just as important as [Y/N]. Plus, she’ll never forgive me if I let you exchange yourself for her. We’ll just have to find a way to rescue her.”

“Cappiello said-”

“I know what he said, Tsuna! But he’s underestimating the Vongola. That’s going to be his downfall.”

Gokudera gave a firm nod, “Nobody underestimates the Vongola. We’re going to get [Y/N] back, Tenth!”

“Right!” Tsuna agreed.

Reborn’s proud smile curled on his lips as he watched them leave to prepare for the rescue.

You sat, bound, in a small room. You were blindfolded, but you could hear the men who had taken you hostage getting more and more agitated. You couldn’t help but smirk when you realized why.

Outside of the room, sounds of a raging battle had been steadily growing for the last hour. You could hear people screaming, explosions, and calls of, “Juudaime!” This told you that, at least Tsuna and Gokudera had come for you, and you figured that Takeshi was there too; the three of them were practically inseparable.

“What do we do?!” One of your captors cried suddenly, when another X-Burner explosion rocked the building. “The boss left to fight them and he hasn’t come back!”

“We need to stay with the girl,” this one’s voice was gruffer, and a bit calmer, “she’s the only leverage we have.”

“We should just kill the bitch and go.”

Your breath caught as a hand wrapped around your throat, but it was yanked away before any real pressure could be applied.

“Don’t be stupid! The Vongola would annihilate us if we kill her. We need to keep her hostage so that we have even a slight chance of getting out alive.”

The other man was about to retort, when the door was blown off its hinges and a familiar, obnoxious laugh filled the room.

“Ah, Lambo-san is the greatest! Lambo-san found [Y/N]-chan before anyone else! Take that, Stupidera!”

“Get lost, Kid!” There was a thump, a yelp, and suddenly, Lambo had scurried up into your lap and was clutching at your shirt, crying.


“It’s alright, Lambo,” your voice shook slightly, as you dipped your chin, resting it atop his head. “Takeshi will be here soon.”

“That’s it! I’m killing the girl, this is more trouble than she’s worth!” The panicked man shouted, and in your lap, Lambo stiffened. The sound of a gun cocking reached your ears, and you flinched back as far as your bindings would let you.

“Shigure Soen Ryu,” the voice of your boyfriend sent relief flooding through your body, “Stance 3, Last Minute Rain.”

There was a sharp cry of pain, a thud, and scuffling, before hands were pressed to the side of your face. You flinched away instinctively, but the gentle fingers persisted, lifting the blindfold from your eyes. You squinted in the bright lights, but, slowly, Takeshi’s face came into view. One of your captors, you assumed this was the panicked one, was lying dead on the floor behind him.

“Yamamoto!” Lambo latched around his waist, “You saved Lambo-san! What a good minion!”

“[Y/N],” Takeshi breathed, seeing the bruise on your cheek, another on your shoulder. “[Y/N], I am so sorry. This never would have happened if you hadn’t gotten involved with us.”

You shook your head, and strained against the rope that still bound you to kiss his jaw. He closed his eyes, brow furrowed, then deftly got to work on the rope. When you felt that you were free, you threw your arms around his neck, and held on tight. His hands pressed you closer to him, and he buried his nose in your hair, breathing in your scent.

“I knew you’d find me,” you told him grip tightening just a fraction.

“I’ll always find you,” he promised, “I love you, [Y/N].”

“I love you too.”

You pulled back and he held your face in his hands, small smile playing on his lips.

“The other one jumped out the window,” he explained softly, “Hibari is out there waiting to take care of any stragglers, so you don’t have to worry about him.”

“You’re here to keep me safe, now.”

With a nod, Takeshi leaned down, and pressed his lips against your own. You stood there, lips moving in tandem, before Takeshi pulled back, listening to something in his earpiece.

“They’re finished,” he told you, “The Cappiello Family has been defeated.”

You gave a quiet sigh of relief.

“Takeshi,” you took his hand, “Let’s go home. I’ll make everyone dinner as thanks.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, grabbing Lambo with his free hand. “Dinner sounds nice.”

He led you out of the small room, glad that you were now right where you were supposed to be.

anonymous asked:

Hi could you do a Reid x reader where they have been married for a while now and she finds out he’s on Dilaudid but doesn’t really know what to do because she knows what all the pain is like but the day after she confronts him in tears, he’s taken and isn’t found for a few years and shows up at the BAU while she’s working and when she sees him she thinks she’s seeing things and starts crying, trying to tell herself it's a hallucination, but is over joyed when she realizes it’s really him? Thanks

I can most certainly do this one!  However, I’m not going to make her a member of the BAU, I have a slightly different take on what to do.  I hope you enjoy it!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You can remember the day you found it.  Those little vials of clear liquid, stuffed in a rectangle cut out of Spencer’s favorite book.

That’s when you new he had a serious issue.

You had suspected that he had started using again, but you had been waiting for him to come to you…to be honest with you…to trust you.

But the days soared on, and as he got more distant, you started rummaging around when you could for his stash.

You had just never assumed that he would go through such great pains to hide it from you.

And it killed your soul.

Breaking them open, you washed it all down the sink, throwing his destroyed book in the trash can.  You were fuming.  You were shaking and cursing and spitting his name, pacing as you waited for him to get home.

And as he threw open the door, with his sunken in eyes and his dead stare, you threw down.

You called him every name in the book.  You told him how hurt you were that he hid it.  You told him that you knew he was using, but was waiting for him to come to you with it…that you would have been alright and would have supported him through his rehab…againjust like you had in the past.  And he rattled off on how he didn’t want to disappoint you.  How he didn’t want you to view him as a failure.

And then?  He just cried.

And you kept on screaming and you kept on cursing, until he felt the need to back out the door and hop in his car.

And that was the last time you saw him.


It had been two years since that phone call.  The one where you called Spencer’s boss to see where he was.  The one where you reported him missing, and his best friend Morgan came over to figure out what had happened that night.  The phone calls where his team blamed you for his disappearance.

The phone calls that remained unanswered because you were too drunk to get to the phone.

While the team called, they never came over.  You had never expected them to accept you as part of their family.  For whatever reason, they weren’t too fond of you…but as you watched the news, the impending investigation as to Spencer’s whereabouts, you waited for someone to show up at your house.  You waited for him to ring the doorbell.  You waited for a ransom phone call.  You waited for someone to call you to identify his body.


And still…nothing came.

You watched the investigation die down 7 months after it was opened…and after that?  You started showing up to work drunk.  Cussing out your boss.  Ditching your friends.  Catching DUI’s so frequently you eventually lost your license and was jailed.

You spent every penny you earned on alcohol.  As much as you could pump into your system.

Soon your bills were overdue, your phone was shut off, your power was cut off, and then?  Your eviction notice.

And that’s when you left.  You packed some clothes and toiletries in a backpack, and left.

You bounced around from homeless shelters to women’s shelters, sleeping in alleyways and begging for change, hoping that after a few days of begging you could scrimp enough to flash your revoked license and feel the cold glass of another fifth in between your fingers.

You had thrown up and passed out in more alleys than you cared to think about.

You waited for your death…all the while playing that night over and over and over in your head.

You blamed yourself for the loss of the love of your life.

Had you been calm, better tempered, maybe even more beautiful, he would have not left.  He would have stayed and cried with you, and the two of you could have gotten up the next morning and gone back to the rehab institution, admitted him to get clean again, and tried the process all over again.

But instead?  You had yelled, and you had screamed, and you had called him so many names, and you had vented all of your pent up frustration onto his fragile, feeble, war-torn body.

You were the reason he was dead.

And as you leaned your head back and chugged the rest of the alcohol, you laid down behind the dumpster to shield yourself from the 40 degree temperatures, hoping that the morning wouldn’t come this time.


Feeling yourself come to, tears crest your eyes as you realize you’re still alive.

You make a mental note to try harder next time.

Hearing the beeping of the machines, you groan as you try to sit up, the numerous tubes running from every orifice bringing on a staggering pain as you open your eyes and take in the view around you.

And, to your utter surprise, it’s the team.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” you hear Morgan say, running to your bedside and taking your hand.

“Nurse.  I need a nurse!” he yells as you wince at his voice.

As a tiny woman comes running in, she steadies your shoulders with her hands as another one rushes in to remove the breathing apparatus shoved down your throat.

Taking a deep, ragged breath, you open your chapped lips to ask a question, but nothing happens except a retching cough, followed by a twinge of blood.

“That’s normal,” the nurse says, leaning in and brushing the hair out of your eyes, “You did a lot of vomiting last night.”

I did?

As the team encircles your bed, Hotch asks the first question.

“Where the hell have you been?”

“Like you care,” you croak back, sinking into your bed as the team starts to defend themselves.

“We’ve tried calling you for months,” Rossi says.

“Yeah, well…phone got shut off,” you spit.

“You stopped going to work,” Prentiss states.

“Didn’t realize,” you rebuttal.

“Spencer would be disappointed in you,” J.J. responds.

“Yeah, well, he brought it on himself,” you retort, closing your eyes and willing the tears and memories to keep themselves at bay.

“Why are you doing this?” Garcia’s voice finally pipes up.

“Because I’m the reason he’s dead!” you scream, throwing your hands in the air and lunging towards her, “Because our fight is the reason he left!  My insults and my anger and my frustration are the reason that the beautiful man that I loved is gone!”

Panting, you lay back down, groaning as Morgan helps you hit the bed softly.

“It’s my fault he went back on Dilaudid…” you trail off, turning your head to look out the window, as the team looks between themselves, startled at the revelation.

“…but what the hell do you guys care?  You all don’t give a shit about me.  If anything, you’re probably happy that Spencer is gone, because at least he is away from me.”

“You watch your mouth,” Morgan says, his voice growing frustrated.

“Morgan, I believe the exact words you used were ‘worthless trash,’” you state matter-of-factly.

Glaring at him, he puts his hands down as his eyes widen.

“Yeah…I heard it all that night.  That first night that you guys met me.  Don’t go and stand on your imaginary pedestals like I’m now somehow your child to take care of now that Daddy’s gone,” you spit, your rage filling your chest again.

“Just let me die,” you whisper, turning your back towards them as you close your eyes.

“No,” came a familiar voice.

Closing your eyes, you shouted into the air, “Go away, you damn hallucination.  Just go away.”

“Never,” the voice says again.

“Just go!” you yell, turning over, expecting to see nothing.

But instead, skeletal and pale, standing at the entrance to the doorway, was Spencer.

Your wonderful, intelligent, incredible, beautiful Spencer.

As your eyes widen and your jaw drops, tears flood your eyes and mist your vision, and as you blink them away…you realize that he is still standing there.

“S-Spencer…?” you stammer, hoping to the gods on high that it’s him.

“Y/N…” he whispers, slowly walking over to you and taking your cold hand in his.

“What happened?” he asks, his eyes full of concern as he brushes your hair out of your face.

Opening your mouth to respond, you find yourself speechless as he plants a small kiss on your forehead.

“I-…I-…slipped,” you whisper, knowing he would know exactly what that feels like.

As he looks at you with his beautiful hazel eyes, the team slowly backs out of the room and leaves the two of you alone.

“W-what…what the hell happened to you!?” you yelp, your voice cracking as it gets higher.

“When I left that night, I was crying.  I was sobbing and I was going to my drug dealer to tell him to lose my number and to never come by the apartment again.  But when I got there, he was being shaken down by some people, and I was…was too high to help him…” he gulps, closing his eyes, his mind lost in the memory, “they beat him, and I tried calling 911, but they grabbed me knocked me unconscious, and when I woke up…”

And as he continues with his story, crying on your shoulder in between scenarios, the two of you hold and comfort each other’s ragged bodies, just glad that the both of your are still alive to be reunited once again.

“…and all they did was run me from place to place.  I was forced to help from the other end.  To help commit the crimes instead of find the criminals committing them.  And it was Rossi who latched on to what was happening…who latched on to the messages that I was leaving.  But, by the time they deciphered them and had a lead…” he trails off, staring you down at your intertwined hands as you press your forehead to his, “…you were gone.”

As silence fills the room, Spencer climbs into bed with you, holding you close as the both of you feel your eyelids drooping with exhaustion.

“I’ve dug myself an incredible financial hole, Spencer,” you lull, your words slurring with sleep.

“I took care of it…” he trails off, yawning as he leans his head on top of yours.

“But…how…?” you ask, too tired to finish your sentence.

“Just…trust me,” he says, and as you feel him smile into the top of your head, you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, holding onto Spencer close and praying to the heavenly deities that he is still there when you awaken.

Domestic Life: Part 6 [She's Mine Now: Part 4] Joker x Reader

[This is the final part to Domestic Life: She’s Mine Now. There are two endings to this store. Choose wisely. (Though even if you want the happy ending I would still read ending 2)]

Warnings: sexual abuse, Profanity, torture, death, weapons, I cried writing this.

Arther stares down at the cold and almost lifeless body of the girl he use to care for. No, that’s not true. He never cared for her, he thought, she was an intrigue, eye candy, a trophy. He had twisted her mind to were if that damned clown had never interfered she would have never dreamed of leaving him. But he did, so now here we are.

He’s been staring at you for nearly an hour. Your body crumpled and broken, shot, cut, kicked, hit, and god knows what else. You’ve lost count of the days. How long has it been? It feels like an eternity.

“He won’t come for you, ya know.”

Arther said head cocked to the side hoping you could here him though your body showed minimal signs of life.

“Not after the pictures I sent him. He wouldn’t want a broken play thing like you.”

Despite being half dead you manage a weak laugh.

“You sent my J pictures? I hope they were good.” You jested.

A small flame reigniting in you. If he sent him pictures of how you looked now there was no way J wouldn’t be coming for you. He would burn the whole city down for you and you knew it. ‘It just depends on if he gets here in time…’ you think to yourself.

“Shall we continue our little game then dear?” Arther chortles as he descends upon you yet again.


They’d been driving for nearly an hour. The photo still clutched in J’s hand. It had given him a clue on her whereabouts and with just a bit of research he found the only building in Gotham that fit the photo. His Lamborghini roaring down the deserted night streets. The closer he got to the building the faster he pushed his engine. It had already been a week, he wouldn’t make you wait one more second in that hell hole if he could help it. Tires screeched as he skids into a spot at the base of the building. His eyes blazed.

“She’s in there.”

He whispered under his breath. As the other three cars finally catch up with him Frost steps out.

“Are we ready sir?” He looks to the Joker for further commands.

“Hand me the Machine Gun.”

J ordered never taking his eyes from the building. Frost hands him a machine gun with the phrase ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ engraved on the side and blood still caked on the handle. Without another word a snarl rips from the Joker’s lips as he leads his men into the building. She was coming home tonight or the city would burn.


“J please help me!”

The words were ripped from your lips as Arther assaults your broken body once more. His hand wraps tightly around your mouth as he violates you.

“The Clown ain’t comin’ Sugar.”

Sweat beads on his brow as he works you. Tears pour down your face. You knew he couldn’t hear you, you knew he wasn’t here but you couldn’t help but call out for him hoping he would magically appear. Then you heard it. That familiar voice. Rough and ragged. But it was him, it was your J! Tears rip through your eyes. You want to call out again. Lead him to you but Arther heard him too. His hand now moving to block your airways.

“You make one noise (y/n) and I’ll brake your neck before you can see your clown for the last time.”

He hissed visibly shaken by the fact the Joker was so close but not slowing or stopping his assault on you.



He spit. He knew she had to have been close. Walking down a long hall he kicked in each door he passed. Not here. Not in this one either.


A scream rips through the Joker as he throws a chair threw a two way observation room mirror. Maybe he was wrong, maybe this wasn’t the right building. The thoughts screamed through his head. ‘No. No. This had to be it. There was no time for this to be the wrong building. She HAD to be here.’ Then he hears a faint noise from down the hall. ‘There!’ His mind raced. He stalked up the hall silently not to give himself away. He listened to a nearby door. That faint sound again. Almost like… CHOKING! Frantically he kicks the door in, machine gun ready. And that’s when he sees you. For the first time in nearly a week. But there is no time for relief as the disgust fills his eyes.

Arther heard J creeping down the hallway so he decided to move you. Now instead of him on top of you, he pulls your broken shell onto his lap sitting you up so he can continue his abuse. Tears staining your face. Was this really him? Was he truly here? The door is broken in and your J is standing in the door way. Shock in his eyes as he sees what is being done to you. Your expression begging him for help, for release from this torture as Arther completely covers your airways and holds a knife to your throat.

“Get the hell OFF my girl!”

The Joker snarls, hell fire burning behind his icy blue eyes. With one final thrust Arther finishes inside of you, moving his hand so the Joker can watch the expression on your face as you scream from the pain and torture before falling completely limp of Arther’s lap and crumbling to the floor. Just like his bowl of cereal. J’s face drops as he watches your limp lifeless body at Arther’s feet.


Arther says standing up, replacing the buttons on his pants to their proper place.

“ You can have her back now Clown boy. Though I’m pretty sure I used your pretty doll all up.”

J didn’t look away from her. Didn’t move, didn’t even breath while Arther started to walk past him patting him on the shoulder before trying to walk out down the hall.

“She may have one good use left in her chuckles.”

He hears Arther chirp as he floats down the hall. Then with one loud *BANG* he hit the floor. Dead. Shot straight through the heart. There would be no grand plan for him, no extra energy spent on slow and painful ways to torture him. He didn’t deserve a quick death. But (y/n) didn’t deserve him being kept alive. The Joker quickly turns back and rushes to (y/n) gently scooping her up into his arms as he sits back on the bench you were slumped in front of.

“I’m here Doll, I made it. I’m, I’m sorry I’m late.”

Tears fill his eyes as he pulls your broken body closer.

“You came for me, that’s what matters.”

You managed to squeak out before choking on blood that now fills your mouth. You lean into his tattooed chest, missing the comfort you felt from him.

[Ok so there are Two Endings. Ending One Happy, Ending two, not so much. Choose at your own risk.]

____________________________ Ending One____________________________

J leans down and kisses you softly on your bruised forehead. Glad you are in his arms once again.

Gingerly holding you close he carries you out of the death trap you have been kept in for way to long. Unconscious in his arms he orders Frost to drive you two home where the best Physicians J could find are waiting to treat you. It will be a long road to recovery but at least you had J to help you through it.

The End

___________________________ Ending Two_____________________________

J leans down and kisses you softly on your bruised forehead. Glad you are in his arms once again.

With one last sigh and a small smile on your face your body shudders in J’s arms. Your face droops and your body goes limp. Joker’s eye’s overflow with tears as he shakes you trying to get you to open your eyes, but its to late. Your gone.

“Nonononono….. (y/n) you cant. You cant do this to me.” He cried.

“You cant leave me. Not like this. Not when I just found you.”

He pulls your now lifeless body in close to his as he rests his cheek on yours.

“You can’t leave me….. I think I….. I…. love you.”

The words escape his mouth in a winded breath as it hits him you were gone. With an ear piercing scream The Joker climbs to his feet carrying your body outside.

Frost looks shocked at your corpse, anger in his eyes. You didn’t deserve this. He looks at his boss. The Joker still staring into your lifeless face he whispers you one last promise.

“They will all pay.”

Then with the last kiss he will ever give you he places your body carefully into his car before turning to Frost with one command.

“Torch it, Torch it all.”

And with the tears of a Clown Gotham fell to ruins.

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EXO REACTION TO: Sebaek scene in Exo Next Door

Hehe if you don’t know what i’m talking about, it’s this one

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Xiumin: Damn…*Chanyeol’s gonna scream his head off* 

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Suho: ooohh….shit… *Sehun, Chanyeol’s gonna kill you” 

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Lay: ON THE OUTSIDE I am innocent.

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on the inside: what am i seeing?!

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Baekhyun: I can do what I want bish! *steps on Chanyeol*

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Chanyeol: OH SEHUN, YOU AND YOUR ASS ARE GOING DOWN! *does punches* 

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D.O. : That’s it. Hurt each other until none of you survive and i will be the last one standing, ruling for all eternity. 

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Chen: *gasps* Holy shit! 

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Kai: Baekhyun hyung…what the fuck do you think you’re doing? *glares*

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Sehun: They just can’t resist this ass of mine… *lies down like a boss* 

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With Me

This is the requested part 2 of ‘Without You’ :D

Part 1!

Rated: T

Reader x Yoongi (BTS)

“You called me _________, Yoongi! Another girls name!”

“I said I was sorry,” Suga growls, mad at himself, at her and at you. “It just… it just slipped. I’m sorry,” he repeats and the brunette shakes her head. Her eyes are full of new tears. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s your ex, isn’t it?” She whispers and Yoongi can only nod. “You’re still in love with her. I’ve known it this whole time,” she walks to the bedroom and she starts packing her things. He follows and doesn’t try to stop her. “I tried to just ignore it but I knew,” she turns to him. “Answer me truthfully, Min Yoongi. Am I right? Do you still love ________?”

Without skipping a beat. “Yes,” he sighs. “I do.”

The girl lets out a chocked sob. “Alright,” she whispers. She continues to pack her things in a light pink bag. “We’re over then, Yoongi.”

When she leaves he hugs her. He feels bad, honestly he does. “I’m sorry,” she pulls back and gives him a sad smile then she’s gone. Yoongi leans against the door and sighs.

I need to get _________ back.


Soft music played in the background as the man poured you another glass of a expensive bottle of merlot. 

Another over the top restaurant, and another uncomfortable dress. This time it’s red and clings to your body like a second skin. This time you’re at a dinner party for your boyfriends work, surrounded by rich men and woman. This restaurant is different from the last one. The tables and chairs are made out of glass, white walls and white marbled floors. You have to have reservations to eat here, and it has to be made months and months before hand. You scoff at that.

This wasn’t you.

You felt out of place.

“Are you sure you want that, doll? She’ll just take the salad,” he orders for you, again, a habit of his. You bit your lip to keep from screaming at him. His boss is checking you out, not really hiding it either. You want to cry.

“She’s lovely,” he tells your boyfriend who nods, hand on your knee. “She’s not like the other woman you’ve been with.”

“She’s defiantly a catch,” your boyfriend agrees.

You force a smile.

There’s commotion toward the front of the restaurant and when you look, you’re shocked to see Yoongi walking towards your table. The hostess is following behind him frantically, telling him he’s not aloud to be here. He ignores her. Then he’s at your table pulling you up from your chair, taking your mouth in a bruising  kiss.

“Excuse me,” you hear your boyfriends voice from next to you call out, anger in his tone. The kiss is broken, not because either of you pulled away but because he’s being pulled off of you by the security.

“I love you ________,” he yells as they pull him towards the doors. “You belong with me!”

You’re frozen from shock.

“Who the hell was that, ________?” 

You turn to the man you have no feelings for. “This isn’t working,” you tell him as you grab your purse. “One, I hate wine. Two, I don’t want salad I want something greasy and fattening,” you can feel everyones eyes on you. “And that guy that just left, I’m in love with him.”


When you get to Yoongi’s he’s not there. Namjoon tells you he left only minutes before you got there.

“I think I know where he is,” you tell him and take off. You don’t see Namjoon’s smiling face behind you.

He’s sitting where you first met him, outside of a small cafe. His head is in his hands. You approach him slowly, and take the seat next to him. He jumps when you put your hand on his shoulder. He looks shocked to see you, eyes wide, his mouth open. 

“Why do you look like that?” You ask, a smile tugging at your lips.

“I’m afraid if I blink you’ll be gone,” he answers and you shake your head your head, smiling. “What are you doing here?”

“I knew you would be here,” you say surprising him.

He stands and you frown, watching him. “What about your boyfriend? The guy in the nice suit and expensive shoes?”

You can’t help but laugh at the jealousy in his voice. “I’m a single girl now.”

He whirls around and raises a brow.

“Yoongi,” you say softly and stand. “Did you mean what you said earlier? About being in love with me still?”

He nods and looks down. “I’ve never stopped loving you.”

“So I’m not the only one,” you sigh and walk over to him. He watches you, eyes locked with yours. “I love you too, Min Yoongi.”

“You do?”


“But what about that guy?”

“Will you stop with the questions,” you whine. “kiss me already!”

He threaded his fingers through your hair, tipping your head back. “Yes ma’am,” and then he kisses you. You cling to him, moaning against his lips. They tasted the same and they were still so soft.

“Let’s get you home and out of this dress,” he says when pulls away. “You look awful.”

You smack his chest and he laughs. “Tomorrow can we get some street food? I really miss it.”

“Of course,” he chuckles. “Anything you want.”

You take his hand in yours and kiss his palm. “Before we go home can we find somewhere to… you know…”

He smirks. “You read my mind, baby.”

When you wake up you smile when you see Yoongi is still passed out, mouth is open and he’s snoring lightly. You sit up, wincing from the soreness between your legs. You shake your boyfriend and he groans. 

“Yoongi,” you kiss his ear. “You should make me some pancakes.”

“Okay,” he agrees, rolling over and falling back asleep. You narrow your eyes, you can’t help but smile. 

You kick him.

“Ow,” he whines turning to look at you. “What was that for babe?”

“I want pancakes,” you answer simply. He sits up pulling you close and presses a kiss to your forehead.

“Jin!” He yells. “Make my woman some pancakes!”

You smack his chest. “Yoongi!”