the last one is so noise omg

- I

- AM

- S T R E S S E D

- So like first let me say: The kids were FANTASTIC. Best performances of their lives!!!!

- everything that could have possibly gone wrong went the fuck wrong


- You know in horror movies were like one person gets infected or some shit but you think everything is fine until suddenly everyone is dying? Literally.

- May I remind you that mics have been perfectly fine all week,

- Opening number, Vanessa is doing her little bit and there’s just a tiny. Glitch.

- Like her mic dropped for half a second. It was hardly noticible. Tom and I literally double checked like “you heard that right?” But it was completely fine so we were like “It’s probably nothing”



- I’m fucking. Borderline screaming. Tom looks like he’s going to punch something and is running around checking for what the problem was. THERE WAS NO VISIBLE PROBLEM. THIS SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HAPPENING.

- And then it just???? Fucking stopped on it’s own???? What the FUCK. Sometime right before 96,000 it all just went back to normal holy shit


- AND something was up with the fucking keyboard’s speaker??? Because of course.

- Guys seriously we literally STILL DON’T KNOW what happened! At intermission Tom and I were just dying and finally he’s like “I don’t care anymore I’m just gonna see what the hell is wrong with the keyboard” and returned 3 minutes later, still no answers, and was like “You know what? ‘Blackout’ sounded fucking amazing and that’s what matters to me” like we honestly just quit oh my God

- However the kids really powered through all the issues and didn’t let it trip them up so that was good

- Meanwhile, though, the audience was FUCKING HILARIOUS I LOVED THEM

- I’m…fully convinced half this audience had never been to a musical before in their entire lives, and even if they had they had never seen or listened to In The Heights so their reactions were great.

- Lot of gasping holy shit it was so funny. “I got more hoes than a phone book in Tokyo” *GASP* “What do I do with this winning ticket?” *G A S P*

- The opening of act 2 when Benny and Nina are on the fire escape and clearly had sex the night before? G A S P

- Guys it was so funny. And they were clearly loving the music and laughing at all the jokes- every scene got deafening applause omfg

- They were all clearly very much sucked into the story so that was just so fun to see

- They tried to cornrow Benny’s hair

- That was quit half way through thank God omfg

- Also mildly off topic but when I was getting his mic on him he hadn’t done his bun yet and that boy has a fantastic head of hair holy shit


- There was a moment before they opened the doors and the entire theater was quiet but suddenly all (like…8 or 9) boys could be heard singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber at the top of their lungs in their dressing room. No explanation as to why

- They announced that the fall show was Pippin and Steven got a fucking baseball bat and starting balancing it on his fingers yelling “JUST IN TIME” (he had apparently ‘just discovered’ this talent on Sunday and has been talking about it like non-stop since)

- The girl playing Graffiti Pete had a bunch of school friends come to the show. They all shrieked every time she opened her mouth holy shit

- Before the show the director was giving notes and she said something like “This is right after Claudia’s death-” and half the cast was like “Tag you’re fucking spoilers” omfg

- And then when mic checks were happening Steven sang “atencion” and Tom cut him off yelling “SPOILERS, SPOILERS” instead of “good” lmao

- Okay so like…is there a little kids show character that I resemble or something????

- There were a lot of kids in the audience (probably like actor’s siblings or something) and like…during intermission an alarming amount of them were staring or waving at me with shy smiles or pointing me out to their parents who seemed to know what they were thinking and I was just like….Who do you think I am?????? Oh my God

- No one actually tried to talk to me but a few looked like they wanted to??? A few even got some of that gentle parental shove thing??? What is happening I’m so confused over this????

- Oh my God you know how in Boy Meets World, Rider Strong hated his fucking hair and as a result we were blessed with Shawn constantly aggressively raking his hair back with his hands???? There was a boy sitting directly in front of me who did that literally the entire show to the point where I was like….You need to stop I gotta see what’s happening on stage omfg

- Also lol I guess he was there for his ensemble sisters™ or something bc he cheered for everyone who came out for bows except he booed for one specific group of girls lol

- I was on my phone before the show and the directors husband made Tom get my attention just so he could silently give me a thumbs up before walking away so we were laughing at that

- He did give me free skittles at intermission tho which was rad (he tried to give me like the entire table for free lmao)

- The choreographer was working the spotlight (which she admitted she was confused by) and she was super tired and lowkey joked about falling asleep and falling over on the job before the show started but somewhere during act 2 I fucking saw the sliding spotlight and panicked lmao

- Her and Drew were bonding over being bad at spotlight and everyone in the back area said “you guys are better than Jimmy” in perfect unison lmao

- Usnavi was borderline sobbing by his last line in the finale omg

- We couldn’t fucking get a sound effect for the fireworks so for the final part of ‘blackout’ when you’re supposed to hear them the pianist deadass just whistled the noise omfg

- Nina and Abuela Claudia were the fan favorites, as I predicted

- Benny was a little off his game but I still support him

- Lowkey there’s a couple guys in this show who have never done any shows before and I’m not sure if he’s one of them??? He seems like he is so I think he was probably just nervous or something

- Everyone was sneezing and coughing bc why not

- Before the show the Piragua Guy was berating himself as per usual and the only cheer-me-up anyone could think to give him was “It sounds great! It’s just like, the words that you’re having trouble with!” lmao but he KILLED IT I was v proud the audience loved him

- Like 20 minutes before we let people in we had the directors daughter, in heels, on a fucking ladder painting over parts of the shop signs bc we realized that even though they had professional looking signs made they all had Philadelphia area codes on them lmao

- Oh God. So remember the not-screwed-in door I was complaining about???

- Well. They screwed it in. Backwards.

- And it makes an obnoxious noise when it opens and closes, and also doesn’t close all the way l m a o

- The programs all went missing lmao

- I found one box hidden away thank God but??? Apparently there’s supposed to be more. So we might just run out of programs during the second show


- Tom fist pumped multiple times in pride and excitement when the show finally ended lmao


- Lmao I’m pretty sure Tom was also lowkey crying at the end I didn’t say anything tho

- There’s more but it’s almost 2 in the morning lmao so anyway!!! Hopefully tomorrow runs a little more smoothly!!! And hopefully we get another great audience!! Overall it was great so I’m all pumped

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You darling, always spoiling me with attention~

List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors.

(Omg I have so many WIPs I’ve been hoarding)

Dang, I love my commas, don’t I??? Any patterns to point out?

TAG | @thathilomgirl  (everybody else has been tagged already) +anyone else that wants to do this!

1: Popcorn Ceilings [Nalu | One-Shot | Complete]

His wet boot soles screeched on the polished tile, his shoulders tensing at the cacophonous noise.

2: Untitled [NewTina |  CH1: First | WIP]

New York always had questionable spring weather, the clumps of dirty snow still crowding the curbs as torrential rains washed away all the dirt from the cobblestones.

3: Magnolia Seven Seven [Nalu/Gruvia/Gajevy | CH1: First | WIP]

Gray mentally promised to strangle whoever decided shove glitter and peppermints down this car’s dashboard vents.

4: Snack Break [Nalu | One-Shot | Smut | WIP]

When she had her writing time, Lucy usually demanded silence, solitude, and snacks.

5: Floor Mats [Stingyu |  One-Shot | Smut | WIP]

The force of the kick that swung over his head made him laugh lightly, his blond hair displaced with the rush of wind that followed.

6: A Little Magic [Nalu |  CH1: First | WIP]

If she had a pen, she would be clicking it non-stop.

7: 100 Ways to Say: “I Love You” [Nalu |  Part 9 | Ongoing]

Every last nerve of hers was on fire, like the kind that burned hotter under the surface.

8: Code Clear |  Chendy | One-Shot| Complete]

When her mother told her that love would find her in strange ways, Wendy never expected it to be in the bright lights of the emergency room.

9: Fathomless | Nalu | One-shot | Complete]

Hurling his upper body over the railing, his legs kicked out as the vile sounds of vomiting surrounded the upper deck of the ship.

10: Family of the Stray [Nalu |  CH5 | Complete?]

Lucy figured she should know better by now.

11: The Fats and Flurious (work title) [Nalu |  CH1: First | WIP]

The typing echoed through the office, making him feel nauseous just listening to it.

11: Thinking About You [Nalu | Smut | Complete]

Every time he thought about Lucy, he couldn’t help but grin.

Neighbor!Jinhwan ~ AU

A/N: iKON Next door neighbor AU! 

  • sometimes you lowkey worry 
  • even though you don’t know him (yet) 
  • you hear things break and you’re like?? 
  • (turns out it’s bc he has to climb on top of the counter to reach the top shelves) i love this fairy ok 
  • if you’re short you’re like omg same; if you’re tall you’re like should I help him or 
  • okok back on topic 
  • has an area in his apartment for dancing 
  • you hear lots of foot noises and you’re like ok then 
  • feeds the stray cat that hangs out on his fire escape 
  • ok so you two got to know each other at a meeting with the landlord 
  • everyone in your complex had to come 
  • you guys were the last ones to show up and the only two seats open were the two right next to each other in the back 
  • coincidence right
  • not
  • you guys awkwardly sit next to each other 
  • anyway this meeting is for a gas leak or something 
  • Jinhwan leans over and he’s like what’s your apartment number 
  • you tell him and he’s like really? I live next door 
  • then you introduce yourselves to each other 
  • you’re like why do I hear things breaking in your apartment everyday 
  • he’s like I don’t wanna talk about it 
  • anyway the gas leak was a fake and everyone was pissed that they came to this meeting lmao 
  • you and Jinhwan walk to your guys’ floor together 

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Tyler Seguin - Requested

Tyler Seguin

When I hear the front door shut, and a couple things knocked over, I know Tyler is home from out with Mike. It’s been a routine lately. Him saying he’ll be home at a decent hour, and then not coming home until 3 and 4 in the morning. The first few times, I would stay awake to make sure he got home alive – not in the ditch somewhere dead. Eventually, after it happened more times than I could count, I’d go to sleep and wake up the next morning to breakfast he made as an “apology”.

Tonight was different though.

I was getting ready for bed, and checked twitter to find that he had posted all these pictures with some girl he must have met at the bar. He didn’t kiss her in any of the pictures but he didn’t look uncomfortable in the pictures either.

So here I am, not able to sleep because I can’t get the pictures out of my head. He’s such an idiot.

When I hear him come up the stairs and into the room, I resist the urge to shut the door.

“Hey,” he says, slurring a little bit.

I watch as he stumbles in to the room and strips down to his boxers before somehow making it to the bed where he flops down, not even bothering to get under the covers.

I don’t bother to answer him because I know that within seconds, he’ll be out like a light.


I’m not surprised to wake up to an empty bed, nor am I surprised to smell bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. I take my time walking downstairs, and when I come to the kitchen, I stop in the doorway. Ty looks fine, freshly showered, humming along to the radio. He looks up from the eggs he is cooking and smiles.

“Morning, beautiful.”

I don’t reply, and he frowns.

“I’m sorry I was late last night. I-”

“Lost track of time?” I ask, finishing his excuse. The exact same one he uses every single time.


I start walking towards the door, and his voice stops me.

“Wait – where are you going?” He asks,  running over and tugging me back by my hand. When I turn around he’s frowning even more like he doesn’t have a damn clue why I’m angry.

“I can’t do this anymore Tyler. I’m so sick of expecting you home every night and then being left  disappointed all the time.” I say.

“I said I am sorry! I can’t help that I lost track of time.”

“That’s all I hear!” I yell. “I’m sorry or it won’t happen again. Excuses Tyler, all I get are excuses.”

His eyes cloud with fury and he takes a step back. “I’m doing my best okay? What do you want – for me not go out at all? Stay home every night and what – hang out and watch movies?”

My eyes fill with tears and I take a few steps back, putting some distance between us. “Who was the girl?”

Confusion passes over his face. “What?”

“The girl. Who’s the girl in the pictures you put up on twitter?”

His face pales slightly, and he takes his phone out of his pocket. I watch as his brows furrow together before he looks up at me.

“It was just a fan, she asked for a picture and I said yes.”

I cross my arms over my chest. “That’s all huh?”

“Uh – yeah. That’s all.” He says in a snobby tone.

“Well why don’t you give her a call and ask her to come eat the breakfast you cooked.” I say and turn around again to leave.

“Why don’t you believe me?” He asks, obviously getting frustrated..

“Because I can’t!” I yell, turning around to glare at him. “How can I believe you when you’re out all night, and I have no idea what you’re doing.”

“You don’t trust me.” He says, and it’s not a question – it’s a statement.

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t need to.”

We don’t say anything. We both stand there, daggers shooting out of our eyes. I don’t know what  to do anymore. I don’t understand how he can be so careless, and inconsiderate of my feelings.

“I hate you right now.” I say, “but I also love you so I guess that means I’m screwed huh?”

He frowns and looks away. “I’m sorry.”

“You said that already.”

“and I’ll say it a million times if that’s what it takes for you to forgive me.” He says, looking back at me and I see his eyes looking glazed.

“I don’t want apologizes. I want you to stop promising you’ll be home if you can’t.”

He nods, and he slowly walks over so he’s standing in front of me. “I can try harder. I’ll try to be more considerate of your feelings if you’ll give me a second chance.”

“Okay.” I say and a heartwarming smile comes on to Ty’s face. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“Oh and Ty?” I say and he makes a hum noise in the back of his throat.

“The bacon is burning.”


oh look it’s tsegs again

i feel like this one is a little better than the last one and obviously a bit longer but omg guys I don’t know what it is lately but I can’t write. Like I know how I want the imagines to go but I just can’t get my thoughts on paper if that makes sense 

writers block people - i get it all the time 

however I am dying with the flu so if I end up staying home from school tomorrow, I will maybe write when I wake up if i am not miserable

thanks for reading! 

- alex

#262 Daughter drabbles

(I’m so tired omg I shouldn’t be allowed to write when I’m supposed to be in bed.)

Dan: You gave a loud sigh to no one in particular. You had been trying for the last 30 minutes to get your baby to eat something, anything, but she wouldn’t budge.

“Okay kid, what do you want from me?” You looked at her.

She squealed and made a gurgling noise in response.

“What about..” You tapped the table. “What about some carrots? Yeah, you like carrots don’t you?” You brought your baby voice back as you ran into the kitchen.

After quickly preparing one of the fancy organic baby foods that Dan insisted on buying, you stuck the tiny plastic spoon into the bowl and started towards her mouth. However, she knocked the spoon out of your hand.

“Daniel!” You called exasperatedly.

“Yes ma'am?” He strolled into the lounge.

“Your daughter is being a pill. Please show her how yummy the carrots are.” You instructed with a hint of absolute rage in your voice.

“Hey sweets. Look how yummy in the tummy it is!” He took the spoon (thankfully without question) and put it into his mouth. “Oh, jeez, that’s disgusting!” He spit it out.

“You bought it!” You couldn’t help but laugh.

Your daughter giggled and banged her fists on the table. “Nananana!” She declared.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay. I’ll get you some nana. It’s not like I tried that earlier.”

“Don’t listen to mommy, she’s a mean old grump.” He whispered.

“I heard that!” You called from the kitchen.

Phil: He had offered to watch your daughter for a little while so you could get things done. You used that “get things done” time to take a nap.

Your nap was lovely and long. You weren’t woken up by any loud crashes or crying, which seemed like a good sign.

You began walking down the hallway when you heard music playing.

“You’re a much better dancer than daddy, you know!” Phil told your daughter, who was on his feet as they danced around to some Fall Out Boy.

“Better than mommy too!” She replied matter-of-factly.

You smiled and moved closer so you could see them through the crack of the door.

“I’m not sure how mommy would feel about that, but I definitely agree.” He laughed.

“Mommy disagrees!” You busted into the room and picked up your daughter, tickling her lightly.

She giggled loudly. “Stop, stop!”

“Not til you take it back! I’ll lock you up in the dungeon!” You said in an evil voice.

“I’ll save you princess!” Phil said heroically. He stepped over to you and grabbed your daughter, spinning her around.

“Never!” You closed in on them, ticking her and pressing kissing all over her arms and tummy.

“We must slay the evil momster! Quick princess, use your magic!” Phil pulled back.

Your daughter made some ‘magic’ noises and pushed her hands out to you. “You’re dead! We won!” She exclaimed.

You fell to the ground dramatically. “I… I’ve been… Defeated…” You flopped your head to the side and stuck your tongue out.

The Great Hannigram Endgame At Hand

Ok so…last week I made some vague murmuring noises about how excited I am for the Hannibal season (series? :c) finale because, despite everything we’ve seen so far and in some ways because of it, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is so much more hopeful than I ever thought it would be after Mizumono. So naturally one of my nonnies asked me to spill the details and share with you all my great Hannibal Endgame Theory!

*Cue nervous sweating*

*Like seriously…Will Graham soaking through his T-shirts and bedsheets sweating*

Here’s the honest truth, nonnie—when you asked me that last week, it really took me aback. Because I hadn’t realized until that moment that anybody was actually listening to my vague happy murmuring noises. And omg, now that person was asking me to translate those noises into actual words?

In a word, nonnie, I was fucked.

Because right at that moment, I didn’t have actual words for it just yet.

Just a vague, overwhelming, cathartic sense of, ‘Ah yes, this show. This wonderful ship we call hannigram, so full of light and hope and love.’ Even in its darkest, most horrific, most tragic moments, I was watching one of the most beautiful love stories I had ever witnessed on screen and it was breathtaking.

I had a huge, stupid grin on my face during everything leading up to (and yes, even including) the head-cutting-open scene in Dolce, ecstatic and full of delight.

I held my hand over my mouth during the ‘breakup’ scene in Digestivo. While many hearts, I’m told, were breaking while watching that scene, mine flew.

Finally, I thought to myself. We’re getting somewhere.

They’re finally communicating. They’re finally being honest and direct with each other.

Ok, so there are setbacks. Namely, Will trying to throw up all those barriers again that Hannibal tore down before, trying to keep their lines from blurring again.

We all know that’s not going to hold for long. We can already see the cracks forming in the walls. “You are family, Will.” We are nakama.

Of course, as has been mentioned before, the first half of this season was about Hannibal attaining the perfect life that he should have always wanted, only to find that it’s empty without Will. It only makes logical, poetic sense that the second half should be the same for Will—gradually realizing that the life he built for himself with Molly and Walter is not the one he wants either. (Am I happy with Will for dragging this lovely woman and her son into his mess of a life, and under essentially false pretenses no less? No. I am not. That’s a whole ’nother conversation, however, and not really relevant to the topic at hand. Will and Hannibal are pretty much bad news for anyone except each other, period, that’s just the way it is.)

So short answer, my theory is this: Hannigram is the endgame here. Everything is building up to Will and Hannibal both finally, fully comprehending what they really mean when they say, “We’re alone without each other.”

Long answer…hoo boy, settle in, kiddies, I’ve got two for you here:


I’ve been hearing a lot of noises in the fandom since Fuller announced that in the finale he wanted to explore something that had been mentioned in the books but never covered in the movies. Namely a lot of people shouting, “WILL AND HANNIBAL ARE GOING TO ARGENTINA LIKE HANNIBAL AND CLARICE DID!”

Well, yes. That is a fair and valid theory. However, let me unpack it a little more by pointing out something that doesn’t get mentioned as much when people bring this up.

Clarice was drugged. Clarice was abducted and conditioned into being with Hannibal, so she could be his new “Mischa.” (There’s debate on how effective his “brainwashing” of her really was that I won’t get into here since I have not read that particular book in the series yet, and thus cannot weigh in an opinion.) I only point this out because: Do you really think it could so simple as them just ‘running off together,’ guys? Do you really?

I think if this is the ending Fuller is going for, we are definitely going to see the brainwashing moments happen here. My theory though is that it will either be:

·         Will reconditioning Hannibal in some way, breaking him down to the core of who he is, unpacking all of his childhood traumas and making him confront them on the long, arduous journey to being the man they both know he can be in order to be with Will. Lord knows it would be a hell of a change from Hannibal being the one who tries to transform Will, and Fuller did tell us he intends to take their relationship into wholly new unexplored territory if they can make s4 happen. The key to this idea is that Hannibal would have to be consenting in order for it to work, OR

·         The exact same as the above, only Will and Hannibal do this to each other.

When you think about it, it makes sense, right? This show has been harping on and on about the themes of transformation, self-identity, soulmates and splendid love. Their biggest hurdle is the fact that they’re both littered with so many scars it almost seems impossible for them to ever find real happiness in each other. They’ve got to unshatter that teacup somehow together, and it’s not like one of them is going to time travel to turn back the clock and fix everything, right?



I wanted to pretend at first that this theory was just crack, just a big old joke to troll you all, I really did. But…well, nonnie, this is your fault.

See, it was just a joke in my head, at first. When I saw those tweets Fuller and company made about the equations in Hannibal’s notebook and thought to myself, ‘Aw, you scamps!’

And then nonnie pointed out to me that there have apparently been ‘clues’ throughout the earlier episodes of season 3 that are supposed to hint at the finale. And I laid my head down on my pillow that night, letting that thought run my head a few more times, thinking to myself, I wonder what the clues might be? And that night when I dreamed, the things I dreamt about were this:

·         The teacup shattering and reforming again, usually as Will’s face (that’s been happening a lot more this season than ever before, we’ve all noticed this, yes?)

·         Alternate realities and universes discussed at length

·         “The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true.”

·         The goddamn equations in that goddamn notebook

·         The weird trippy “flashbacks”/time jumps that keep happening throughout the season

·         “Shall we talk about teacups and the distortions of time?”

·         The constant, painful returns to Mizumono


Me, upon further reflection: weLL FUCK



Nononono, my brain says, you’re being ridiculous. This is too absurd. This can’t possibly be what happens.

Me: *remembers Bryan Fuller saying once many, many ages ago that he sees all of his shows taking place in the same universe*

Me: *remembers Fuller makes shows about people talking to inanimate objects, grim reapers going around and ferrying the souls of the dead, pie-makers bringing the dead back to life*

Me: *sweats nervously*


Me: It’s gonna be fucking time travel, isn’t it?

Just imagine it though—imagine Will (because something in my heart tells me it’s going to be Will, or Will and Hannibal together, but not Hannibal alone) jumping back through the streams of time and rewriting history as A REAL LIFE HONEST-TO-GOD MIZUMONO FIX-IT.



And then suddenly flash “forward” again. Will is in Jack Crawford’s office. He blinks, looks around in vague confusion. Maybe he remembers what just happened. Maybe it all slowly fades away from his mind as the new reality asserts itself. What was he doing in here again? Ah yes, taking a sip of shitty FBI coffee, trying real hard not to look at the pictures on the corkboard beside him of sad dead girls with their wind-chafed, Mall of America looks.

The door opens. A man he has never seen before enters. Will has a strange mental image of the man with ridiculously slicked back hair and immaculate suits, and while the man before him does look pretty rich and well put-together he also seems more…approachable somehow than Will was expecting. Will isn’t sure why he was expecting anything really. He’s never met this guy before.

And yet…

Their eyes meet, and a flicker of something passes between both of them, a strange feeling of warmth and recognition. Hello, their eyes both say to each other. I don’t know you yet, but I think I’d like to.

“Will, this is Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He’ll be going over the profile with us. Dr. Lecter, this is Will Graham.”

“Hello, Dr. Lecter.”

“Hello, Will.”


Fucking time travel, man.

I’m fucking calling it now.