the last one is especially crap

Last Night

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Who knew going to one of Tony’s parties could have a better outcome the following day.

Word Count: 2,443

Warnings: Explicit smut, NSFW, praise kink, slight metal arm kink

A/N: Holy crap guys, this came out better than I expected. This is my first time writing something this explicit to feedback would be great!!

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“It was that good? I always had a feeling he was a boob guy, but wow.” Nat asked needing to know the details.

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Be Careful

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 1359

Characters: Jacob x reader, the whole pack

Warnings: Werewolves behaving like children, fighting and violence

Summary: You get caught in the middle of one of the pack’s arguments.

You could hear them arguing all the way up Sam’s driveway. Paul’s voice was especially loud above the other, and you stopped to listen to him as you reached the door.

“I’m just saying, that’s a load of crap! I could take any of you in a fight!”

You sighed, irritated. The pack had been fighting over this for at least a week now, and it was starting to get on your last nerve. No one apart from them really cared about who would beat who if it came to a fight.

Then it was Jacob’s voice, and you could almost hear his grin. “Whatever you wanna believe, Lahote.” Someone, you assumed it was Paul, gave a low growl in response.

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Thoughts on: the lack of "the kissing scene" in rouge one

I’m so happy that “the kissing scene” in missing in the rouge one. This formula: main protagonists fighting with each-other, develop crush and HAVE TO kiss/bang on screen is so primitive. The movie would feel like the biggest crap from 2001 and I, without doubt, wouldn’t ship rebelcaptain.

BUT I’m glad we’re past this lazy writing era, and the only thing we get is the last hug. The rest, is just their attitude towards each-other that lets you interpretate their relations your own way. This is refreshing.

I decided that they absolutely belong with each-other. The last hug was so much more meaningful than any other, even and especially, forced kiss/bang scene would be. Last hug broke my imperial heart and made me ship rebelcaptain forever.

Unexpected Surprises: Grateful

Part II has FINALLY arrived!! It’s currently 3:30 AM, and I didn’t start the second half of this until midnight tonight, so honestly my brain is a little fuzzled right now and it’s totally possible that this is a piece of crap. With that in mind, I’d be very grateful for all feedback from you all, especially since I know a lot of you were anticipating this second part for so long! Happy reading!!

Part I

She had made it two months. Two months without sleeping with him, or kissing him, or even flirting with her roommate. Well maybe that last one wasn’t true since it seemed that every time Rhysand looked at Feyre, it was flirtatious, and Feyre couldn’t help but match exactly what he sent her way. But for the most part, she had stayed away.

To be fair, he was usually working if he wasn’t in his classes, but even then Feyre made sure to stay out of her apartment as much as possible. Doing homework in libraries, eating out instead of ordering in or cooking, and generally spending all of her free time in common spaces on campus instead of back home. And especially in the libraries that were on the other side of campus from the graduate school.

Her plan had worked for the most part. Of course, it was hard to avoid her roommate when they shared a bathroom, but Feyre had done her best to forget the incidents where she had walked in to use the toilet, forgetting that this was not Mor she was walking in on, and saw him standing there in a towel, wet and shirtless and much too beautiful for Feyre’s liking.

Her blushing and muttering and backing out of the room, only to stumble into the doorjamb, had not helped her case at all. And the haughty smirk he wore as she did her best not to admire his sculpted chest, the tattoos swirled across it, and those V-shaped muscles above his hips had not alleviated any of the redness in her face.

Besides those few times, their interactions had been mostly polite greetings in the morning or evening before one of them was either headed out the door or to bed. Occasionally, Feyre would find herself sitting on the couch next to him comfortably, chatting about their days and thoughts, but always made herself get up and walk away sooner than she would have wanted to.

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Fuzzy friend Deakin

So I’m finally posting this little dude after so long! I made this a couple of months back, but I never gave him a proper post since I thought he wasn’t ready till he had a ref, but I’ll work on that later!
Deakin is a 15 year old mothboy, an Oak Egger moth to be precise, who stands at a mere 2.5 inches in height! While he does understand English, he doesn’t know how to talk and only communicates through body language and sometimes incoherent words!
He’s also a tough tiny who doesn’t take crap from Giants/Beans and will often start a fight if provoked! But other than that he likes to help however way he can, especially for smols since he could help retrieve stuff that are too high up for the tiny to get!
One last fact about Deakin, if you ruffle his hair, dust tends to poof out from it!


Imagine: A Night To Remember

Requested: Yep! By @grungeblackbear

Warning: Tears from Fluffy Heaven!

It has been a very, very long few weeks for Derek and Gabi. Between Derek having a new pack to worry about, one that was full of very needy teenagers none the less, and Gabi having to deal with school, her part time job, and whatever crap Derek brought to their date nights, it was a little stressful between the two. Granted she loved hearing about his day, but she wasn’t too fond of always talking about pack related things on their date nights, the nights they had set aside for just them to be a normal couple. Derek had already canceled the last few months on date night and Gabi had been more than patient with him, especially when she knew there was always something supernatural lurking in the shadows of Beacon Hills, but tonight was her night. Gabi was going to get her date come hell or high water.

She had texted him earlier that morning to see what time she needed to be ready, he immediately responded with, ‘It’s going to be a late one love, sorry.’ This made her blood boil, the words screaming cancelled to her. She grabbed her phone and quickly sent her response, ‘Derek Hale, I swear to everything good in this world, if you do not pick me up by at least 9 o’clock tonight, I will be the only human notorious for killing an Alpha with her bare hands. See you soon! :)’ She went about her day finishing school, homework, and even showering before she got a response from him.

‘Wear something nice, be there soon.’

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I am still amazed how much frothing at the mouth has happened since Orihime wore that apron in the last chapter.

Of all the messed up things about 686 this is what people are having heart palpitations over? With no canon basis whatsoever but widely outlandish theories about teen pregnancies and leaving school to get a man?

Give me a break. You don’t spread and make up bullcrap that did not happen if you were truly concerned. Especially when this doesn’t even delve into the major plot problems of the last chapter.

But you’d think wearing an apron is what was the core problem with the chapter instead of the dropped plot points from the way people have been doing the most about it.

There has been more discourse over this damn apron than a proper analysis of half the characters that showed up in the final chapter. No one seems to give a crap what Ichigo, Tatsuki or Keigo are doing but people are happy to act as if Orihime’s apron is an affront to everything bleach.

It is truly ridiculous.

Blurb Fics

“Up.”  Cody taps his foot and Rex cracks open one eye from where he’s wrapped in fleece blankets against the cold of the Naboo winter.  It doesn’t help that the window is open a smidge to flood the room with fresh air.


“Get up.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned, the sheets need to be washed, especially after last night, and we have to do some shopping before everyone gets here for Life Day.”

“One more hour.”

Now, Rex'ica.  Tup’s making pancakes and Echo has the coffee going.”

“Half an hour.”

“Did the war damage your hearing?”  Rex feels a hand on his ankle and he kicks out, feeling his toes just graze Cody’s chest.  "Rex.

“If you make me get out of this bed I will physically fight you.”  Rex growls and for a moment there’s silence and Rex settles back down, thinking he’s won.  

And then he’s pulled out of bed by two strong hands on his ankles.  Rex shrieks when he hits the cold floor and Cody just smirks at him, mean and cruel and pleased.  "I expect you dressed and in the kitchen in five minutes or I’m eating all your bacon.“

XxX  XxX

"Doctor, Doctor, gimme th'news.”  Jesse slurs it, waving a mostly empty bottle around while Kix pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I am nowhere near drunk enough for this shit.”

“I gotta, bad case of lovin’ you!”

XxX  XxX

Rex has one hand up Cody’s shirt, biting over Cody’s neck and whispering pure filth to him while Cody grinds against him, straddling Rex’s lap, breathless and making soft sounds of pleasure and bliss.

Of course that all stops the second Obi-Wan whips the flap of his tent open and the two clones freeze in a mixture of horror and embarrassment.

“Do you mind?  Some of us are trying to sleep.”  He hisses at them and then glowers.

“Yes sir.  Sorry sir.”  Cody manages, voice weak and face flaming red.  

Obi-Wan gives a curt little nod and vanishes back into the tent, though a moment later his voice comes through the fabric.  "Cody, watch usually entails paying attention to your surroundings.“

XxX  XxX

"I can’t move.”  Fives calls out.  "I have a cat sitting on me.“

"For the last TIME.”  Echo yells it, frustrated.  "Tup is not a CAT.“

"He purrs like one though.”  Fives teases and the long haired clone buries his face in his hands and blushes.

XxX  XxX

“Have you seen my blue and grey striped shirt?”  Echo calls and Fives rolls his eyes.  

“You mean my grey and blue striped shirt?”

“…..It’s my shirt Fives.”

“You are a filthy fucking liar and you need to have a brain scan, Echo if you think the blue and grey striped shirt is yours.”

“Fine, whatever.  Where is it?”

“Last time I saw it it was in the hamper.”

“Okay, but I did laundry two days ago and I never saw it.”

“Then there’s only one explanation.”  Fives says and in unison, both clones yell out a single word.


XxX  XxX

“Have you eaten yet?”  Obi-Wan calls when Anakin steps into the room.  The padawan looks a bit shifty and then nods.  Obi-Wan’s eyes narrow.


“I ate.”


“I ate….food?”


“Alright alright.  I had a pack of candy for dinner.”

“Sit down.”  Obi-Wan huffs, looking riled and pissy, like a cat that’s been petted for too long under a rough hand.  "I’m going to make you supper.“

"Yes sir.”

XxX  XxX

“You’ve been wearing those socks for three days.”  Echo says, looking at Fives’ feet with barely disguised disdain..

“No I haven’t.”  Fives counters immediatly.

“Fives they smell so bad I thought something died in the house when you took your shoes off.”

“They’re fine.  I’ve been wearing them when I shower so they’re not that dirty.”

“…….You are a disgusting human being.”  Echo shudders and Fives grins at him.

“Yeah, but you still love me.”

“Somebody has to.”  Tup mutters, wandering past with a plate of leftover meatloaf.

XxX  XxX

“Tup.  Baby, you’re drunk.”

“ You’re drunk.”  Tup retorts, finding this witty banter immediately hilarious and cackling out a laugh.

“If he throws up, you’re cleaning it up.”  Echo tells Fives, not even looking at his husband who scratches at the back of his neck.

“It was his birthday.  I’m not allowed to get him drunk on his birthday?”


“Oh for FUCKS sake.”

“What?  He loves that movie.”

“Couch, Fives.”

“Aww man.”

XxX  XxX

“Slow.  SLOW.”  Boost yells it and Kix rolls his eyes and rips the makeshift bandage off, effortlessly dodging the thrown punch, disinfecting the wound and slapping a bacta patch over it in three quick moves and moving on to the next member of the wolfpack.  "I fucking hate you.“

"I get that a lot.”  Kix drawls it.


Friendly Competition

Written by @scalding-coffee-cup

“I don’t like this at all,” Forrest mumbles as he grips the hem of his freshly tailored shirt. His eyes shift from Siegbert, who fumbles around with a bow and arrow to Kiragi as he twirls an arrow between his fingers. “Can’t we do something else?”

Kiragi snorts. “No way! We did your silly –”

“It’s not silly!” Forrest cuts in.

“…Not silly game of ultimate seamstress last time, and of course you won!”

Siegbert smiles. “Not very gracious losers, are you?”

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A Little Fever

Here is the requested fic that I wrote. Sorry that it took so long, I hope y'all enjoy!

Pairings: Dean x sick!reader

Warnings: one curse word, sick reader


   Ugh, that hurt. Well, everything hurt actually.

   Your body was aching all over, you were freezing cold, and to top it all off you were sore from being thrown around from the last hunt. It felt like crap but you refused to say anything about it, you were never liked to complain about feeling bad and admitting it made you feel vulnerable and weak. So you did your best to try and hide it from the Winchester brothers. Especially your boyfriend Dean, he was always a little bit over protective of you but you knew that he just didn’t want you to get hurt. So you had to hide whatever you had for the past few days, hoping that they wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

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Under the Mountain Playlist

Under The Mountain Playlist
This playlist is just like what Feyre felt while she was under the mountain, or maybe a soundtrack to the trials. They’re dark and war-like and really just give me goosebumps whenever I hear these songs and read passages of UtM. Especially the last one holy crap

Under the Mountain playlist:
All For You//Imagine Dragons
This song is more for Feyre’s journey to the mountain, and it really says in the song how she is devoted to Tamlin, and she’s willing to risk it all to be with him and save him.
“Cause I’m doing it all for you,
Doing it all for you,
I’m ready to go,
I’m ready to go.”

Everybody Wants to Rule the Worls//Lorde cover
This song is perfect to describe Amarantha and her reign over Prythian. Goosebumps, every single time.
“Welcome to your life,
There’s no turning back
Even while you sleep,
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Every body wants to rule the world.”

Dream//Imagine Dragons
Dream really describes the curse and the hell that everyone collectively suffers through. It also describes Rhys and his dreams of Velaris and wanting to keep his friends safe.
“We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems,
Everything’s a mess,
And all these sorrows I have seen,
They lead me to believe,
That everything’s a mess.”

Love Songs Drugs Songs//X Ambassadors
The audio to this song could really be the score for the first task (of course with more crescendos for the striking moments of battle. It could also be good for when Tamlin the Tool sneaks her away for that infuriating makeout sesh in the side room.

Bleeding out//Imagine Dragons
This song is really Feyre’s emotional turmoil and all the sacrifices that she makes for Tamlin, how much she’s willing to risk just to love him.
“I’m bleeding out,
So if the last thing that I do,
Is bring you down,
I’ll bleed out for you,
So I bear my skin and I count my sins and I close my eyes and I take it in,
I’m bleeding out,
I’m bleeding out for you, for you.”

Can’t Pretend//Tom Odell
Rage. This one is Feyre’s rage against Amarantha and Rhys, her rage about the injustice of everything happening around her.
“And I wanna fight,
But I can’t contend,
I guess that’s love,
I can’t pretend,
I can’t pretend.”

I Found//Amber Run
Of course, with more crescendos, this song is perfect for the second task, and also for certain scenes in ACOMAF when she’s thinking about her horrible relationship she had with Tamlin.
“Oh and I found love where it wasn’t suppised to be,
Right in front of me,
Talk some sense to me.”

Litost//X Ambassadors
This song is really good for when Feyre is feeling hopeless while she’s not doing any trials in the dungeon.
“What have I done,
With my heart on the floor,
Must be out of my mind,
To come back begging for more.”

Monster//Imagine Dragons
The lyrics say it all:
“Monster, a monster,
I’ve turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.”
Feyre’s emotions after killing the two Faeries for her third task (this isn’t really UtM but it’s relevant lol)

We All Die Young//Alex Biro
This song. This song. So much epicness and pure emotion. This js perfect for the climax UtM, just after Feyre stabs Tamlin and Amarantha tries to back paddle out of the bargain. So much emotion and just… Ahhhhh. Goosebumps all the way.
“And you are dead, but so am I,
It’s too bad peace don’t bring back life,
Now show me you’re ready,
Show me your light,
Show your crosses,
Show me your fight,
‘Cuz my god is listening,
And he don’t joke around,
No she don’t joke around.”

Heal//Tom Odell
This depicts more the aftermath of Under the Mountain, the final scenes of the book when she’s with Tamlin the Tool *cringes* and also when she talks with Rhys.
“Take my mind and take my pain,
Like an empty bottle takes the rain,
And heal, heal, heal, heal.”

Hope you enjoy this playlist! It’s a little dark, and there are basically no upbeat songs, but it matches Under the Mountain perfectly. Good playlist if you’re in a mad/sad mood :)

Like honestly before last week I would have been THRILLED that Miguel was the one who was ultimately able to soothe Kevin, bc it shows the potential for real character growth, but after all that boundary-violating crap he pulled with Sophie I just can’t root for him anymore. Especially since it seems he’s been rewarded for it (he and Sophie are “cautiously dating” i.e. she didn’t slam the door in his face and tell him never to contact her again) and he’s still being a self-centered ass this whole episode.

All he cares about is who can meet his need for reassurance–he sees how much stress Randall is under and has given no indication that he gives a shit; he knows Kate is dealing with the aftermath of Toby’s heart attack and trying to really work on herself at that camp but still wants to rely on her as his emotional crutch; he lets Miguel talk him down even though he’s never said a kind word to the guy in his life, like… he’s so selfish and I really need him to experience some real consequences soon.

Perks of being Polyamorous

I’m talking to one guy and dating another and I have never been happier. Nothing has ever felt this good and I’m more motivated than I have been in a long time. I’m just really happy right now… Finally in a good place after years of shit, especially these last few months. There’s a difference between thinking you’re happy and actually feeling it.


This is going to be a long, long post. Brace yourself. Especially if you are one of the “Remilie” people.

I have recently found this little disgusting microcosm on Tumblr. I am a friend of Emilie’s and I was appalled by the tabloid crap I am reading as a fact. So I decided to approach the main culprit of this “Remilie Forever” blog and give them my TRUE confession… Here is that text verbatim, below…

“Hi, I’m the last anon who said she had a big confession for you. You probably won’t print it, but I have other blogs I can send it to, as well. So I’m giving you the first chance:

I doubt you will publish this, but you should if you actually have any care about the truth of this situation. I know Emilie personally. I have been her friend for many years. There is nothing going on between her and Robert. You publish these tales from people who have no proof of anything. In this age of cell phones, you don’t find it somewhat suspicious that not a single person has actual proof of anything? Like they saw the whole cast of Once in a bar and decided not to ask for a picture? They saw Emilie and Robert at dinner together holding hands? "I live in Vancouver” “I work on the set”… No you don’t. You or other anons make up shit based on the tiny amount of information you actually know (or think you know). The only photo you have of them not on set or at a work event is the one from SDCC 2014. Confessors claim that they were out together scandalously… I know for a fact that they were out with Roberts whole family and with Eric. I know this because I met up with Em&Eric after they hung out with Robert and his family. They said they had a great time, and Emilie said Eric and Robert spent most of dinner talking about films and traveling, and both sets of people got along really well. If you geniuses actually looked closely, you can see one of Roberts kids in those pictures. Sorry to burst your bubble, but don’t claim bullshit when you can’t back it up with anything. Other than that, is there any other proof anywhere to even prove that they even hang out with each other outside of work or work events? I don’t think so. Emilie is a goof. She smiles and laughs a lot, especially when working or in highly social situations with lots of people. Which is when you see her with Robert in pictures. I don’t know Robert or his family so I can’t claim to know anything about his situation. Never met them. I do know Em loves working with him and appreciates him as a friend. She also loves his wife and his kids. But they aren’t ridiculously close or anything. They’re co-workers and friends, and she has never said a word to me about anything beyond that. I’ve only met Eric a few times, so I can’t say much about him personally, other than he treats her really well and I haven’t seen her this happy in years. He seems like a really nice guy from my limited time with him. All this stuff on Tumblr (mainly from you Remilie people) about him being a liar and being shitty, or whatever… It’s crap. You’re all just jealous of Eric and Roberts wife because it ruins your silly fantasy. Why not just keep it a fantasy and “ship” their characters and not them? Because there’s nothing to actually “ship.” Emilie doesn’t know I am writing this. She does know that these rumors exist- people have sent stuff to her on Twitter about it. She got really pissed about it because she respects Robert and his family, and obviously loves Eric. (this is when Eric wrote something about it- maybe a month or two ago). You all should know you are hurting at least one, if not both, of the people you claim to love and want to be happy. It’s hard as a friend and someone who actually knows the truth, to look for my friends name on Tumblr, and have it come up with a bunch of lies and crap. So unless you have actual proof of something, it’s pretty obvious these “confessors” are completely full of crap. I wanted to blow the lid off the SDCC pictures you all adore and you think prove something, because you deserve to have your fantasy stomped on when you try to make it sound like these stories are true. These are happy people in committed relationships- and a lot of your readers unfortunately believe this crap you are publishing to be true. Maybe they’ll see this and actually consider the facts. If you have the guts to publish it. Bye Felicia.“

I received a response this morning from these delightfully destructive people…

"Hi.Indeed, you’re right about one point : we will not publish the lovely weave of agression you’ve sent to us. As you said, this is the internet : you are probably not who you say you are. Prove it. Prove your identity, dear. Post pictures of yourself and Emilie if you know her. You claim to have talked to her, to Eric, etc. Well, for me, right now, it’s all blah blah blah from a random person somewhere in the world. What you say, of course, contradicts directly what people we know in Vancouver say. And between people we know and trust and a person who claim to know things, well, I know who I listen to. Feel free to contact whoever you want to get published. To their eyes, you’ll have the same dubious nature than what you think of our anons. Claiming without proving, no matter which side you take, is the same. You’re no better than your opinion of our anons. We verify what we get before posting something, by the way, not that you care, of course. Nor do we care what you believe. Cheers,The RF Team.”

So… Not only did they admit that their confessors are full of crap because they have  no proof- and essentially labeled themselves as the hypocrites they are… They also refused to post the e-mail I sent them because it doesn’t follow their stupid agenda of lies. They framed themselves as un-trustworthy. In their words: “Claiming without proving, no matter which side you take, is the same.” Remember that.

So I decided to try a little experiment… Since, after all… these people claim to do such extensive and thorough verifications… They would never publish something that wasn’t TRUE, right?? Because claiming without proving is the same, right??  So I sent them the following post that you may have already seen on their site today… It is a COMPLETE FABRICATION. Emilie isn’t even in Vancouver. But these people posted it RIGHT AWAY- NO QUESTIONS ASKED…

Now you may be saying to yourself… “How do I know you wrote that?” Well… Do yourself a favor and look at the first and last word of every sentence… Which spells out:


Game. Set. Match.

So… Whether or not you believe my initial part of the post, or believe I am a friend of Emilie’s (which, by the way… I AM)… You can stand firm in the fact that it has now been completely PROVEN that the Remilie Blog and the “Confessions” you read on it… are nothing but convoluted crap posted by hypocritical people. If you’re really being honest with yourself… See that. See that you are buying into crap, and that you have no real proof… except for the proof you have now that the site you worship is total CRAP! And if you reblogged it, tweeted it, believed it… You’re guilty, too. Think about it. Think about it long and hard. What is wrong with just being a fan of these people? “Shipping” their characters? Hell… even saying “aren’t they cute the way they answered a question…” But spreading lies and crap like they are the total gospel of truth?? That they are adulterers and you worship that?? Root for that?? Want that so badly you make up lies and tell them to gullible people?? NO. NO.

I’m sick of seeing my friend and her friend and their families and significant others being dragged through the mud because YOU have a stupid fetish fantasy. These are real people… and I am THAT friend that sees it and will make my voice heard. Try me again.


The Truth Team

idk if it’s just me or if anyone else is feeling this way too but lately i’ve been scrolling scrolling scrolling through my tracked pll tags and within the last week or so i’ve lost track of how many posts i’ve seen that made me wanna scream


what’s with all the negativity? what’s with attacking other people over characters or ESPECIALLY ships? i just don’t get it.

i’ve had to refrain from writing back something angry the one or two times i felt most annoyed (and usually i typed out a whole frickin response but then was like nah you know what imma let it slide and not deal with this today) but holy crap is that getting difficult

so i just wanted to tell all my followers out there that i don’t really care who you ship, who you like, who you dislike, or any of that trivial stuff and i’m not going to attack you and i will try to keep this blog as positive as possible and you can always message me if you’re feeling down :)

and to those people who keep spewing their negativity (bc i know some of you follow me, i see you in my notifications a lot): please stop. just focus on the positive. stop being so negative. focus on the beauty of things, the silver lining tucked into each dark rain cloud, and i guarantee you that everything will be better. your angry words don’t mean a damn thing. how dare you try to slice anyone down because you think your opinion is better than theirs for the most asinine of reasons. hell, i find myself getting annoyed when your comment isn’t even directed at me. just lift your head up, go look at pics of puppies/kittens/penguins, listen to some nice music, watch a jenna marbles video or twelve, and spread love, not bitterness.

I didn’t know how The Creatures could even top their road trip from last year, but holy crap, so far there have been so many great moments, and in terms of videos they are still on day one, and we’ve already had Aleks sabotage a car and almost push Jordan into a river, this is the kinda shit I live for, like Jordan just grabs him by the waist and honestly just fuck me up with all of these cute ship moments.

Zelda enjoyed these walks… The binding and the outfit preparation to pass as a completely different person was a pain in her ass but the fresh air made it almost worth it. She had her headphones in, jamming to some rock song as she headed down the sidewalk. She needed out of that manor anyway. Her parents were talking about buying out yet another small business. She hated all that business talk…. Especially that glint her father would get in his eyes whenever he was involved in them.

As she continued, her eyes drifted closed and she began to pick up her pace. That was one thing she needed to stop doing. Getting lost in her damned music. Nearly walked into a fruit stand last time she did this. This time thought, it was something a little more metallic and being driven by a person that she’d nearly collide with… And it would scare the crap out of her.