the last one is almost looks like my skin tone

How to colorize photos

Okay so here’s a bad attempt at a colorizing tutorial.. i use for this because i want you guys to be able edit as well without paying for the newest, best photoshop. ps. ipiccy is free so yeah good shit right there 

okay step 1: you’re going to go into the “professional touch ups” area, the icon should be a face. you’re going to want to choose the “sunny tan” (lol that name tho) and choose the center color because it is both red and yellow toned. and fill in her face and neck and whatever 

you’ll see that the color is too harsh against the hair so we’re going to take the erase tool which i have clicked on in the screen shot 

and you’re going to make your tool really big so that you can do a sort of “blending” effect into the rest of the hair, cuz we gonna do the hair laterr 

step two: go to the little icon that looks like a dslr camera and find the curves tool we’re going to be using this for basically everything else 

we’re going to be adding natural tones into the skin so i started with the “green channel” and “red channel” and you’re going to add this to the high points on the face (kind of like highlighting) 

and make sure you blend this out as well you don’t want her looking crazy af 

do the same with the blush 

should look a little something like this.

step three: lips. ooh lalalalalalalal look at them lips okay anyway. yeah you can go crazy and do whatever the fuck you want. like whatever color you want. 

step four: eye shadow time. ariana likes her warm, red, pink eyeshadow. so thats what i usually try to create. and you can add some other colors in her crease as well (this is actually a makeup tutorial y’all). do whatever the fuck you want lol such good tutorial but you can use the curves tool for this as well

step five: fix them brows. they too crazy. tone them down with a little black and white filter. 

step six: time to do that hair. go back to the face icon on the top and find the “hair color” i usually go for a brunette type deal so yeah you can use the curves tool for this if you wanna do something else idk 

then i just went in and added highlights and low lights, but i didnt catch that on screenshot so yeah 

step seven: you want to find small details that need to be colored in like the glasses on her shirt. you can keep them silver or gold…i went for like a rose gold thing so yeah

ok we almost done but step 8: fix that damn skin tone. she look dead af. go back to the dslr looking icon and find the color balance. make it a little red and a little yellow. make sure you fade this out or else she gonna be looking like donald trump with too many spray tans and no one wants that. no one. 

yep yep 

before adding the color 


okay step nine: color in her eyes. my lazy ass uses the hair color tool again although you can use anything you want. just make those eyes brown 

almost done……..

last step is pretty chill just go back to the curves tool and change the tones to blend everything together. like add more contrast to the overall image or add a filter over it idc. be creative 

i’ll post the final image after i post this “tutorial” 

Safe and Sound

Title : Safe and Sound

Requested by : mikeysxprincess

Words : 1,215

Summary : You had done it a little too deep, this time.

Note : I do NOT in any way promote self harm or depression. If any of you have this problem, it’s fine if you want to talk to me. I’ll be here to help legitimately anyone in need. I don’t like seeing all your beautiful and amazing selves beating yourselves up for things that aren’t true. In case anyone hasn’t told you today yet, YOU’RE GORGEOUS ❤️

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was getting harder by the day. I had told myself that it would get better soon, but it wasn’t. It was doing the exact opposite, and what made it worse was that Michael wasn’t here to comfort me. It might sound clingy, but he’s my wings.

“If we were a butterfly, you’d be the fragile body who needed help to fly while I’m the perfect pair of wings to help you,” Michael had said one day.

“That was sweet,” I complimented, smiling at him.

I heaved out a shaky breath as I stood up from my position, which was sitting on the edge of my bed contemplating on my next choices, which could either possibly put me in a long term coma or lead me to death himself. Either way, I’d still be unconscious, the only difference being the length of it.

It’s kind of idiotic really, when I think about the situation over and over again, each time a bit more thoroughly than the previous. We had been dating for eight months, and yet I hadn’t told him about my problem yet. He knew that I could get really down sometimes, but he didn’t know that I cut quite frequently.

Today had been a rough day for me. The usual gang of bitches attacked me for no reason. I legitimately didn’t recall on doing anything that would hurt them, so I asked them exactly that.

“Why are you doing this? I never did anything to hurt you!” I screamed.

“Yes you did,” Tiffany said in a ‘duh’ tone. “You were born into this world. That’s what happened.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t. I opened my bathroom door and went straight towards the cupboard, looking for my almost always used razor. I had cleaned it a few days ago, which was the last time I had cut myself. The previous cuts I’ve done were never deep, but somehow, for some reason, I felt like if I pressed a little more on the razor to my skin, the pain would go away faster.

Cut. One for Tiffany.

Cut. One for the other bitchy ass girls at school.

Cut. One for the male bastards at school.

Cut, cut, cut, cut.

I just kept cutting, and before I knew it, my vision started faltering. I was starting to get a headache, and I couldn’t sit properly anymore. I laid down on the cold, white floor of my bathroom as my breathing slowed and eyes shut closed. Finally, I thought. It worked.

• • •

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was all white. White walls, white lights, white bed sheets, and even white curtains. I adjusted to the new scenery, and soon I had my vision back again. I yawned a little, then looked at my hands, which were all hooked with various hospital technology. I wanted to move my hand, but something — or rather someone — was stopping me.

I looked to my side and saw Michael. The love of my life; the sun to my moon and all my stars. He was the daylight to my dull city. Call me cheesy, but it was true. I loved him so much. I loved him yestersay, and I love him still. I’ve always have, and I always will.

“M-Michael?” I managed to choke out, and only then did I finally realize how raspy and dry my throat felt. I wondered, how long was I out for?

Soon, Michael stirred in his sleep. He lifted his head up, and soon our eyes made contact. His beautiful green orbs widened, and immediately tears started streaming down his face.

“Y/N! I missed you,” Michael said, holding your hand securely and softly, as if he was afraid of breaking you.

“I missed you too,” I tried to mutter, but it came out croaked and not truly audible to be heard.

• • •

The doctors had allowed me to go home, and since then, Michael hasn’t let me do anything energy consuming around the house. I mean, he won’t even let me wash the only dirty two-piled plates known as dishes! It was ridiculous.

“Michael, seriously, why aren’t you allowing me to do anything?” I asked when we were both sitting on the couch.

His eyes moved its attention from the tv screen and onto me, his lips quivering just oh so slightly. Finally, he breaks. He hugs me tight as his head rested on my shoulder while I was rubbing circles on his back in a comforting manner.

“I thought,” he paused for a while, steadying his breathing. “I thought I had lost you, Y/N. You have no idea how worried and guilt-stricken I was when I came back home and found you sprawled and lifeless on the bathroom floor.”

“I’m sorry I made you worry,” I silently apologized.

“No, don’t be sorry,” Michael said.

“Sorry for saying sorry,” I said as Michael rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Don’t say sorry anymore, and I mean it,” Michael said a little sternly, shutting me up in an instant.

“Well, um, thank you,” I mumbled with rosy cheeks.

“Hmm? For what?” Michael asked.

“For loving me,” I said with a smile.

“Who wouldn’t love a beautiful angel such as yourself?” Michael asked, grinning from ear to ear.

• • •

Later that evening, Michael was being such a sweetheart. He’d help me with everything — he’s so sweet and kind, I didn’t know what I had done to deserve him.

“Thank you again, Mikey,” I said as I kissed his cheek softly.

I sat down on the couch and waited for him. He sat down next to me, and quite surprisingly, he broke down again.

“I can’t forgive myself. You were suffering while I was out with the others. I’m the worst boyfriend ever,” Michael said with tears trickling down his face.

“Michael, it’s okay. I’m okay,” I said, holding him close.

“How could you be? You even had to get stitches because of how deep your cuts were! You could’ve died, Y/N!” Michael sobbed.

“That doesn’t matter anymore, Michael. What matters now is that I have you and you have me. I’m okay, Michael. We’re okay,” I whispered lovingly in his ears.

“I love you, Y/N. So much,” Michael said, now looking at me in the eyes.

“I love you too, Mikey,” I said happily as we shared a sweet and passionate kiss.

“Now, why don’t we watch some movies? You pick, I’ll get the food,” Michael said sweetly.

“I love you, and thank you,” I said, smiling.

“I love you too, now go ahead and pick a movie, love. I’ll be right back with pizzas and all your favorite foods,” he said, disappearing into the kitchen.

That night, the both of us watched various movie choices ranging from fluffy romance to emotional K-Dramas. It was nice, actually, even if some of the movies made us cry a little. He was by my side, I was by my side.

Throughout the whole movie marathon, Michael had scooted a little closer. Both of us had probably became a little fatter, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was definitely, positively, and absolutely falling for Michael a little deeper — okay, maybe not a little, but a lot.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope that was to your expectations ^^

I love you all, and please live a happy life. If you’re feeling sad or whatever right now, then here’s a virtual hug! *virtually hugs you*

I love you ❤️