the last one is almost hypnotizing

So my thoughts about GOT7

Well FIRST let me point out I’m a BLACK WOMAN! Am I biracial? Yep. But am I still black? Yes, just ask my 100% black father and my mother who is also mixed with black (but you cant ask her cuz she’s deceased). 

ANYWHO so last night I went to bed all happy and ish cuz yo, I met GOT7 a few days ago. I HELD HANDS with JACKSON WANG and JB and YOUNGJAE stared into my soul like he was hypnotized. So I’m on cloud 9 needless to say. So before work this morning, I read some devastating news. Yugyeom was drunk. Mark got a tattoo. And… Bambam said the “n” word. I almost choked on my saliva at the last one. But before we get to that let’s talk about Yugyeom…

YALL ACT LIKE YOU HAVEN’T DRUNK  UNDERAGE BEFORE! Is it illegal? Chyeah it is cuz he’s only 18 over here in the good ole US of A. Could he have gotten into serious trouble if caught? Hell yeah, bruh. Can this ruin his idol image? I mean yeah. Yall know idols supposed to be robots and squeaky clean (hint my sarcasm). I mean, my thing is why did Mark’s shitty friends record that and put it on social media? That was supposed to be a private event for GOT7 to relax and have fun after touring for like a week and half. But nah, his friends had to go and spoil a good time for what? To impress everyone they’re friends with a celebrity?? Who c a r e s? You’re not the actual celebrity so you’re irrelevant. So now we got my poor baby Yugyeom exposed for being drunk and I’m so sad he’s getting so much flak for this cuz he’s such a sweet kid. Why they out to ruin that sunshine? Also, hello. He’s a damn teenager. Teens make mistakes all the time. Also, I’m sure Yugyeom wasn’t aware they were gonna record him and post it. Like… what kind of friends…? Anyways. While I’m on the subject of Yugyeom, let’s add in leader JB. HOW DARE YALL FUCKING CLAIM TO LOVE HIM AND YUGYEOM THEN BODY SHAME THEM?! I don’t give two fucks if they have a tummy or a 6-pack, they still fine as hell and if you letting something like that determine your love for them then BYE! You’re not a real IGOT7 and you don’t truly love those boys. They could be 600 pounds and I’ll still support them 100%. Like yall do realize not everyone has a 6-pack, right? Or that not everyone wants one? Like is that such a hard concept to understand? 

Anyways, I’m keeping Mark short and sweet. He’s got a tattoo. Big whoop. A lot of idols have tattoos. More than one, too. If you don’t want him to have a tattoo then B Y E! He don’t need you to dictate his life and tell him what to do with his body. Like get outta here with that unnecessary drama. That’s just reaching for something to complain about.

AND LASTLY, Bambam. Honestly, I’m so disappointed. I expected more from him since he’s all into our culture and stuff. I guess JYP didn’t teach them not to use that word while over here. Like… can I forgive him, yes. Will I forget he said it, nah. But I’ll forgive him once he apologizes which there’s no doubt in my mind he won’t after his sister confronts him. Plus, I read that Mark’s (shitty) friends told him it meant bro/friend. Like why mislead this kid who only knows a sufficient amount of English? Chill. And like I’m lowkey questioning Mark now cuz if his friends are like this then what’s he really like, ya know? I’m trying to think positive tho. Also, can yall not send death threats to the boy and tell him to leave GOT7?? It’s serious but it aint serious enough to tell someone to kill themselves. Two wrongs don’t make a damn right. Also I highly doubt Bambam is racist. Like stop calling him that, too. He was ignorant. He didn’t know any better but trust, he’ll learn real quick not to say that demeaning word ever again. Like I ain’t defending this kid whatsoever cuz I’m highly disappointed and reading about this made my heart break and caused the cloud 9 I was on to dissipate right under me. However, I still love him as much as I did before I read about this cuz I believe he can learn from his mistakes. Also, I’m disappointed in Mark cuz I read he didn’t correct him from saying it? Like c’mon Mark, you grew up here. That’s another reason I’m side eyeing him and his choice of friends.

ALSO, speaking of friends. They ain’t shit. They’re using Mark for his FAME and that’s it. I see no real friendship. Then at their concert they were drunk and threw water on a fan? BOY, I would’ve let the real me show if I was that fan OR EVEN if I was near that fan. Mark’s friends or not, who the fuck you throwing water at? I would’ve been kicked out asap. Best believe. And I know I read on Twitter that one of his friends even tried to use Jackson as bait to get a girl to sleep with him just cuz she biased Jackson and promised if she slept with him then he’d let her meet Jackson. Like wtf? I’d rather pay $200 to hi-5 Jackson than to sleep with a guy I don’t know. Jackson wouldn’t be proud of that at all. It’s not in his morals. I hope Mark realizes what shitty friends he has and confronts them. I know Jackson ain’t playing with them cuz he AND Bambam unfollowed all of them from IG. 

This whole situation just ruined everything for me and I’m highly disappointed in everyone except a select few (That being Youngjae - he wasn’t there, JJProject - I read they were just chilling, and Jackson - This boy left early apparently AND according to sources, he was just dancing to Nicki Minaj lmao). I know they’re gonna get it from JYP when they return to Korea. I can just only pray to God that JYP doesn’t go to harsh on them and let’s them come back to the US again. I’m just… ugh.