the last one is almost hypnotizing

Story 215: Cultural Exchange

The human steps onto the station from her shuttle, and walks into the scanner.  It flashes - no weapons.  I pity her, though there’s nothing I can do for her.  By tomorrow she will be a slave the same as me; the Gaunvans collect ambassadors like trophies.
“Hello there!  Amanda Thorn, ambassador for the Empire of Humanity.  You’re a Ixian, correct?”
Mimicking human body language, I nod my head.  "That’s correct.  Ix Malasan.  It is an honor to meet you.“
She smiles, reminding me again that she has somehow modified herself to breathe atmosphere suited to the Gaunvans rather than wear a respirator like myself.  Other than that she appears to be a standard human, something I am led to believe is less and less common as they pursue the bizarre compulsion humans have to alter their bodies.  Changing hair color, adding pigments to their skins in patterns and pictures, growing long tails or ears that mimic other species from their planet.  No other known species tampers with their bodies like this.
“Not to be undiplomatic, she says, "but the Gaunvans enslaved your people.  Why are you here?”
“We… reached a mutually beneficial agreement.  We would have lost in combat and been eliminated, so we chose to preserve what we could of our culture.  The Gaunvans are not naturally skilled at diplomacy, so they bring me along to assist and to show that peace can be made.”
She nods.  "Understood.  I can respect that choice.  How much freedom do you have, personally?“
Smart of her, to start planning for her future. "A fair amount.  I have free reign on the ship when we are in transit.  At the homeworld I have reasonably comfortable quarters.”
“Have you ever met the Empress, or…?”
“Oh, no.  No, while on the homeworld I am confined to my chambers - but they’re quite spacious.”
“Shame.  Okay, plan ‘A’ then.  Let’s get this over with.”

Despite my attempt at encouraging diplomacy, the Gaunvan commander starts with threats.  I don’t know why I bother.  He looms over the human, chitinous plates almost black in the dim light.  His pod of six is posted around the room, for show more than for actual security since she followed orders and came alone and unarmed.  "Failure to surrender will bring the full wrath of our army upon you.  Humanity will be crushed, and wiped from the universe.“
To her credit, she looks very calm.  "We live in a post-scarcity society.  Bloody conquest just seems silly, doesn’t it?”
“It is for the glory of Gaun!”
“Well, I’m not prepared to get into a religious debate with you,” she says, “since I doubt there’s anything I can do to change your mind.  Since you’re committed to this course of action, what are you willing to offer if we surrender?”
Now he goes back on script.  Maybe I am getting through to him a little?  He talks about the benefits of being enslaved, mainly the protections for up to twelve designated culturally historical sites.  They’ve been mostly good on their word on my homeworld, though they did use the area just outside of the Hahhn Memorial as a waste dump.

She nods as she listens.  There was a part of me that was worried she would argue, because the humans are somewhat childlike.  They don’t understand the horrors of war.  Certainly they fought in the past, but the last time they had to battle was more than two of their generations ago, so these ones have all grown up coddled and soft.  They play games with each other instead, silly competitions.  They make art, and play pretend, and alter their bodies for fun.  They don’t have weapons anymore, and wouldn’t know how to use them if they did.
“Well then,” ambassador Thorn says, “this is about what I expected.  On behalf of humanity, I would like to formally reject this offer.”
Oh no.  Foolish humans.  The galaxy will miss your innocence.  The commander makes an excited clicking noise, looking forward to combat.  He reaches a blade-tipped hand towards ambassador Thorn, but hesitates as every device in the room bleats out an alert - we’ve all lost communications with the outside.

Like one of the dances humans do, she gracefully pivots around while taking his hand.  She ends up close to him and places her other arm against his thorax, then… oh gods. Gods, what… she’s ripped his arm off.  It’s not possible.  The commander is clearly thinking the same thing, staring in mute shock at his dripping limb.
“I’d like to extend a counter-offer,” she says, and flips the arm around before jamming the bladed end into his neck.  The warriors around the room are fidgeting, uncertain.  They haven’t been told to attack, and don’t want to dishonor their commander by intervening in a fight with such a small creature.  She’s still holding the commander’s severed arm in his neck, but she rotates and heaves, lifting him off the ground with it for a moment… and then his head pops off, landing squarely on the conference table.  She allows the corpse to slide to the ground, and straightens her clothes as if they aren’t covered in ichor.

I don’t understand.

The warriors, now with no orders at all, finally act.  She smiles as they come for her, I suppose because she has done her duty to send this powerful message of resistance.  She can die in peace.  Or… no… She’s killing them.  She’s smiling because this is fun for her.  Though they’re partly killing themselves; if there had been two of them, prepared, strategic, they might have prevailed.  Watching six panicked fighters get in each other’s way while trying to stop a smaller, faster, and somehow impossibly stronger foe is almost hypnotic.  At least one is killed by the stab of a friendly lance due to pure confusion.  It’s over faster than I would have thought possible, severed limbs strewn across the room.  I’ve got some fluids splashed across my clothing.  Only one yet lives, and he is retreating.  She seems to be allowing it.

She follows behind, holding a lance.  The wounded and scared warrior scurries down the hallway towards his ship, looking back behind him as he goes.  She’s just… walking.  Calm.  And for some reason I’m following.  The last Gaunvan reaches the airlock and the second he enters his code she throws the lance - throws it! - and spears him.
“Come on, we’re stealing their ship.”  She says it like this is the most normal thing in the world.
“There are thousands more on board!  Thousands!  Almost all warrior caste!”
She smiles again, and keeps walking.  I see errors on the screens that we pass, messages indicating communications have been lost.  They can’t tell anyone what is happening here.  Even the communicators within the ship are on nodes rather than being wired, so the warriors at one end of the vessel won’t be able to coordinate with the other end.  Do they even know they’ve been boarded?

We enter the bridge after she kills a handful of other guards with ease.  They’re too shocked by her presence to act in time.  Once the door are sealed and she is working on the control systems she starts talking to me again.
“Well, you know, we do like to be prepared.”
“But you… you ripped his arm off.”
“Yeah, that was super satisfying.”  She looks at me appraisingly.  "Oh, come on.  Is it really that surprising?  You knew we were into changing ourselves, right?  Being strong enough to pop an overgrown bug’s forelimb off isn’t rocket science.“
"Your people are so peaceful…”
“Oh, sure, most of them.  But we did that, too.  Tweaked ourselves over the years to decrease aggression and some of our tribalistic tendencies, increase empathy… all stuff that can be undone if needed.  Though for a good cause even the nicest of us can squish a bug or two.”
“You bond with Ry'ling devourers!”
“Those are the big fuzzy guys that look like cats, yeah?  Those guys are adorable!  But… look, liking some things that could kill us doesn’t mean we’ll sit back and get enslaved.  We didn’t put up with it well when we enslaved each other, and we certainly aren’t going to go for it now that we’re… finally… on the same page about slavery being unacceptable.  It was, uh, a longer time than we like to admit before the last hold-outs were convinced of that one.”

I can feel the ship un-dock.  We’re moving.  "What about all the warriors on board?  They’ll break through the doors eventually!“
"Not according to this control panel here.  Take a look.”
It says there’s no atmosphere in the rest of the ship.  Life signs are negative on all but two of the warriors, presumably the only ones that got to their suits in time.  She disabled all the safety measures, somehow.  She just killed… I check the life signs readout again to confirm the number… three thousand, six hundred, and fourteen soldiers.  Wait, how is it tracking that unless… “Are communications back up?”
“Yeah, I’m calling some friends.  The military is right around the corner, so to speak.”
“But Earth doesn’t have a standing military.”
She laughs.  Not just a little bit.  She’s actually doubled over for a moment, unable to catch her breath.  "Sweet Jeebus, you guys actually fell for that?  No standing military.  Have you read about us at all?“

Three ships appear seemingly out of nowhere, and one docks with the Gaunvan vessel.  Once the atmosphere is restored we head to the airlock to meet them, and I’m surprised by an entire platoon of Gaunvan warriors.  Speaking English.
"Okay boys, send your last goodbyes!  This is in all likelihood a one way mission.  Commander Thorn!  It is an honor to see you again, and might I say you look exquisite drenched in the blood of your enemies!”
She bows to him, blushing, and then salutes the Gaunvans.  Or… humans?  Can they change themselves this drastically?
“You’ve got two holed up in here somewhere.  Bridge is clear, have the techs bring the new brain on board.”
“New brain?”
She looks at me like she’s forgotten that I’m here, and then turns back to the others.  "Men, this is our new friend Ix Malasan who has just been liberated from his captivity.  He’s going to be helping with our intel.  Malasan, yeah, a new brain for the ship.  Once this vessel is cleaned up and back in service with a new crew we’ll be able to take it over whenever we want even if all of our boys get killed.  We cooked up a really sadistic AI for it.“
"But how do you know the protocols?  This was your first contact with the Gaunvans, they’ve never lost a ship anywhere near here!”
“No?  There wasn’t a mining colony disaster two years ago?”
“But that was just an accident… and you weren’t even involved in the war yet… and…”

The faux-Gaunvans have finished boarding.  The one that was talking to them before puts a bladed claw on ambassador - commander - Thorn’s shoulder.  "You coming with?“
"Naw.  Orders said I could only come if they allow ambassadors near extremely high value targets.  Malasan here says they don’t, so I need to wait for my next mission back on Earth.”
“It would have been nice having you with us, Thorn.  Well, maybe we’ll see each other again.  Suicide mission or not, I think I’ve decided to live through it.”
“Bold choice,” she says, and kisses him next to his lower mandibles.
He nods at me, then turns back to his men. “Okay everyone, we are now officially on the job.  And what is that job?”
In unison, they start chanting.


For a moment I nearly feel pity for the Gaunvans.  Nearly.  Commander Thorn leads me off of the ship, and I start thinking about what useful information I can provide the ‘harmless’ humans.  Fuck shit up, indeed.

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Heaven Sent index

Even from a distance, the villa looked enormous. Shouyou could see it perched on the hill from the time he set out from the temple, gleaming white under the sun during the day, and lit up by fires shining within its walls when he stopped at an inn for the night.

He had always seen it, of course, from the time he’d been small, allowed to play outside the temple in the dirt with the other children. The Centurion’s Villa, the owner of the land they lived on. For that privilege, they were taxed, though not an unfair amount. Every month, the temple sent an acolyte to deliver the payment to the villa, as a sign of respect to the one who lived there.

For years, one of the priests had been the one to make the trip, but he had twisted his ankle two nights previous. In his stead, the elders had selected Shouyou to go, because he was young and had enough energy for the trek.

They were concerned about his manners and how he would present himself to the villa on the hill, but after much lecturing, he was sent off, to fulfill their obligation and return. It had taken him nearly two days to reach the villa, but on the eve of the second, he’d finally arrived, as the sky grew dusky and purple.

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Reggie x Reader: The Best Woman (Part III)



ALSO, this story is heavily influenced by the movie, “Love, Rosie” in fact I will be using THE WHOLE WEDDING SPEECH in this chapter.

Very sorry for the late update we went on a short vacation and my dumbass forgot my hardrive

Plot: The one where everything that mattered remained unsaid.

Originally posted by flyngdream

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Taint of a Daemon (Daemon!Ardyn x Fem!Reader) Chapter 5/5 (FINAL CHAPTER) Kinda NSFW I guess? (FINISHED)

One last push guys and then we’ve done the challenge! Two people challenged me to get my bum in gear and get this story out (that I’d been dreaming up for a while now) in one night

Thanks to everyone whose been messaging me on this journey. I’m knackered! Hahahaha. BUT WE DID IT!! :D Will proof read all 5 chapters tomorrow after Ive slept xD Special shoutout to @jlavisant!

I’m in England so as of posting this chapter, it’s now 4.25am. BED TIME!

Tumblr Masterpost


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Nothing Like Us (M)

Genre: angst, fluff a bit of smut, in that order
Word count: 4526
Description: It was a love no one would dare to doubt, so it was even harder to pick yourself up when his words struck you like lightning out of a clear sky.
Warnings: Mature themes, non-graphic smut, mentions of possibly triggering topics.
Author’s note: Yes I got the idea for title while listening to Jungkook’s cover. I also listened to Homme’s Dilemma while writing, since it fit the theme quite well. I was (and still am) super inspired to write for Hobi, so this came out. I’m personally satisfied, so I hope you will enjoy this as well. I was really deliberating whether to put an M on this one, since there’s no explicit smut in there, but then I thought that it isn’t exactly innocent either so I put it there to be safe. ^^
P.S. I actually cried at one point while writing this. Angst might be my thing. Sad. :D

Standing there in your hallway, staring at the front door that just shut seconds ago, it was nothing like you imagined it would be. 

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Skipper/Kowalski in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

“I find it pretty and somewhat hypnotic.”
“That too, sir.”

anonymous asked:

Do you.. do Mafia!Dazai? If you do.. *coughs* can I have a *coughcough* hot and steamy kiss and sexy scenario of him? *coughs* please? /pretty/ please?

Of course, my dear anon! (Let the record show that I am a straight up hoe for Mafia!Dazai ok like it’s lit)

I was honestly so happy about all of the Mafia!Nerd requests bc I love writing this stuff… Also I have absolutely no idea where this came from I just have some kind of “making out in cars” kink or smth and so here we are??? Anyways I hope u enjoy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {also I got a few rq’s for a Mafia!Dazai nsfw scenario so I’m planning to make a sort of part deux of this that’s full of even more sin zoo wee mama I can’t wait}

It’s quiet. Eerily quiet. Darkness floods the inside of the parked car loaned by the Mafia itself, its sleek black appearance almost camouflaging it within the night’s cover. The moonlight streaming in through the windshield seems to be the only source of light around, given that the dimmed off-yellow light of the near-deserted parking lot you’re parked in the far corner of almost appears to waver in its magnificent full glow. The smell of cigarette smoke and after-hints of alcohol permeate your nostrils, their scents seeming almost too strong under the effects of your currently heightened senses.

It’s intoxicating. It’s invigorating. It’s one of the many reasons you thank your lucky stars that you ended up in the Mafia to begin with. It’s the little unexpected detours and invitations for late night drives. It’s the almost empty parking lots at 1:00 A.M. It’s the way he’s so impatient. It’s the way he knows what he wants, and how he’ll go out of his way to get it. It’s the way he looks at you from the driver’s seat, street lights illuminating his dark, mischief-filled irises. The way he proclaims, with unwavering sincerity that he “absolutely just can’t wait any longer”. It’s his overbearing aura that sends your senses overboard each and every single time you’re alone. It’s him.

Your heart is racing. It’s not like you’ve never done this before, far from it, it’s just that every single time it happens, it almost seems even more hypnotizing and overwhelming than the last time. More surreal. As it starts out, slow and tantalizing, his upper body is twisted in the driver’s seat, long torso bent over the console between the two of you as you lean in to meet his reach. His long black coat has been long forgotten where it now lies in the backseat, tossed over carelessly because the growing heat in the small enclosed space was becoming just too much. His arms are wrapped around your torso; one hungrily roams underneath your shirt, clawing at your skin teasingly while the other roams more downcast- as far down as it can reach with you sitting in the passenger seat, that is. His right elbow is digging into the leather of the console with such pressure that it’s almost certain permanent marks will be left. Neither party cares. Oh, it’s too good, the way his smooth lips claim yours hungrily, the light taste of alcohol acting almost as a stimulant. His invading tongue asserts its dominance over the roof of your mouth over and over againbecause you simply can’t seem to figure out when to give in. But he liked that about you. It made him need to have you that much more.

Your fingers thread themselves through the executive’s hair roughly, tugging at the dark fistfuls just as your other hand tugs at his tie, bringing him as close as he could possibly get with the console in between the two of you. You take pride in how much you manage to quickly dishevel the otherwise sharply presented man, making short work of the buttons at the top of his white dress shirt. His teeth tug at your bottom lip roughly, almost drawing blood. It’s enough to make you gasp in surprise, opening your mouth wide enough for the man with the wide smirk on his face to show you just who is in charge once again. A muffled, almost strained moan hisses from your throat at the feeling of his tongue dancing with yours, and you pull him closer almost absentmindedly. But because this is his show, he has to be the one to make the bigger move. So, without missing a single beat to the kiss, he’s suddenly rearranging the whole game.

His seat quickly adjusted back to make enough room, he’s soon pulling you over into the driver’s seat so that you’re straddling his lap, his fast pace feeling pleasantly dizzying. He smirks triumphantly, pulling your form close to his with a firm grip. You are his, and he’ll be having his way with you how he sees fit. His hands now free to explore almost every inch of your body, he’s attacking your lips once again, but with even more fire and desperation than before. It becomes clear to you that this can and probably will get out of hand very soon, but do you care? Hungry lips suddenly peppering your neck and collarbone with unexpected attention affirms that the answer is most definitely a resounding “hell no”.

Time seems to be moving so quickly, yet so slowly- his hands traveling below your waistband, his teeth sinking into the soft flesh of your neck’s most sensitive spots, his breath in your ears, husky and deep, almost like a growl. It’s too much to take. Your head is thrown back in overwhelming pleasure, fully exposing your neck to the executive’s onslaught. You can’t hold it back any longer, or you’re certain you’ll burst. “Ahhh-


The mood is suddenly and swiftly torn to shreds at the sound of an annoyed, shrill voice paired with a harsh tapping on the passenger side window. Groaning, you try desperately to catch your breath while reluctantly maneuvering back into your own seat, taking note of the heavily fogged windows that produce a distorted image of the outside world you had long forgotten while trapped inside your little fantasy. Eyes narrowed, you wipe some of the condensation away from the glass only to gaze upon a very disgruntled looking older woman and her husband standing just a few feet away from your car. She’s angrily shouting something and pointing down the road, but her exact words you can’t quite make out. Sighing, you look down at the patch of moonlight on the floorboard as you quickly fix your clothing.

“Tsk. What a drag. …Perhaps it’s time to take this somewhere else?”

The disheveled executive, already straightening his tie and buttoning his dress shirt, seems to light up at the way your voice rises an octave with your question. He simply chuckles darkly, putting his seat back into position and turning the key in the ignition, roaring the engine back to life. As the little dark car pulls out onto the road, you feel a bubbling sort of excitement rise in your stomach, coupled with an all too real sense of unfinished business. It’s made very apparent that your mafioso boyfriend feels the same way by the low, lustful rumble of his voice. He looks over to the passenger side, the corners of his mouth curled up into a wicked grin.

“I hadn’t even gotten the chance to really get started. That was merely a small precursor to how badly I’m going to ravish you tonight, my love.”

Hallelujah Money

A lot of people in the Gorillaz fandom are talking about this, and I figured I may as well throw my own opinion into this mess. 

Generally, the reception of this song hasn’t been too brilliant. Most Gorillaz fans like them for their more upbeat and groovy tracks, see Feel Good Inc and Clint Eastwood. This track here is more of a Rhinestone Eyes or Cloud of Unknowing, slower, darker and generally with a more sombre tone. This right away sets it apart from the sort of songs your general pop audience would enjoy. Given the song’s meaning (A reflection on the political state of the world and a certain Donald Drumpf), writing a happy energetic song would simply not fit the mood. 

Another thing Damon Albarn and the rest of Gorillaz did is choose to write the song in the 6/4 time signature, a decision I wholly support. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they aren’t able to find any rhythm in the song, and I’d bet dollars to donuts this is why. I definitely think time signatures other than 4/4 should be explored and used more, they’re more fun and can easily make something sound fresh and exciting, say Timothy Armstrong’s ‘Digits’, which features verses in 7/4, a personal favourite time signature of mine. 

Now let’s briefly touch on the chord progression. I love it. It’s good. The synths are good, the bass is good, the choirs and everything blend together brilliantly. A lot of people are scolding it for not obeying music theory, others are saying it follows it to closely and that theory is dead. Don’t know what those last people are talking about. Really, this song is a combination of two styles, an old fashioned, traditional vocal style (as seen in Benjamin Clementine’s conversational style of talking, just floating about) and Damon Albarn’s more modernised set-structure-for-each-bar vocals providing a nice memorable chorus.

I, for one, am a big fan of the track’s hallucinatory nature, as it sways back and forth in a hypnotic way. It’s almost as if the track is trying to soothe the listener, saying that while there doesn’t look like there’s much hope, things will eventually turn out okay. Not tomorrow, not the day after that. But eventually. One thing I like about the abrupt ending is that it shows that things may still end sooner than we think… 

I COULD go on about the lyrics, but I think I’ve said enough as is. I’ll just say that they’re pretty dang depressing and powerful.



Glitch In The Matrix

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Length: Medium

I’m obsessed with these stories since I have experienced it myself. I’m not sure if what happened to me is a “glitch” but I don’t know what else to call it.

When I was a kid, probably 6 or 7, the grocery store we shopped at had a pharmacy in it. Above the pharmacy there were three giant photos on the wall that you could see from anywhere in the store. One was a mother holding her baby, one was pills on a counter, and the last one was a woman with a stapler in her cheek. This is probably the weirdest thing to have on a wall anywhere. I still don’t know what it had to do with a pharmacy. There was something about it that was almost hypnotizing to me.

Anyways, I was obsessed with this picture. I would always stare at it anytime we went shopping. I would get in trouble for being so zoned out. One day after shopping, my very stupid 6/7-year old self decided to find out how a stapler could just go in skin like that. I went to my dad’s office, got his stapler, and put a stapler right in my bottom lip. I remember doing it so vividly, I feel the pain in my lip whenever i talk about it. Obviously, my mom rushed me to the hospital. My dad left work early to meet us there. The doctors removed it, life went on. It wasn’t ever really spoke of again.

I’m 18 now, I still have a little scar on my lip. One day after looking in the mirror, I brought it up to my mom. I asked her if it was kind of funny to her now. She looked at me like I was a ghost. She had absolutely no memory of it. Later that night, I asked my dad. He had no clue what I was talking about either. I showed both of them the scar on my lip, they swore that they had no idea. To try to refresh their memory, I told them about the photo of the woman at the grocery store with the stapler in her cheek. They didn’t know what I was talking about. They told me that the place we shopped when I was a kid didn’t have a pharmacy.

I know that it happened, I even have a scar to prove it. I don’t understand how, not just one, but both of my parents have absolutely no memory of their child literally stapling herself. A “glitch in the matrix” is the only way I could describe it.

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14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Bisexual Woman

1. Yes, she’s really bisexual.
You wouldn’t keep asking a straight woman you were dating if she was “really” straight, right? Yeah, it’s just as weird for you to do that to a bisexual woman.

2. No, she’s not going to cheat on you just because she’s bisexual.
That’d be like saying someone was going to cheat on you because all blondes cheat. Do you know how many monogamous blondes there are in the world? So many monogamous blondes! Same with bisexuals.

3. She’s not going through a phase.
So many people act like bisexuality is this weigh station between gay and straight, but it’s not. She was probably born bisexual and will probably always be bisexual. Rest assured, if she likes you, she likes you.

4. She’s not attracted to everyone she sees.
Because I don’t just date one gender, people act like I’m attracted to every single person in every room, but in reality, I am usually attracted to zero people in most rooms. I’m a picky broad, man.

5. If she ends up with one gender, that doesn’t mean she’s not still attracted to multiple genders.
If a bisexual woman marries a man, she’s still bisexual. If she marries a woman, still bisexual. She didn’t finally, at long last, pick a side. She married someone she loves, who happens to be one particular gender.

6. She’s not just “greedy.”
Why do bisexual people get called greedy all the time like they’re going to date every single person on earth because they have hypnotic powers and then everyone else will be single and miserable? See no. 4. I am attracted to almost no one, which means you can have almost everyone. I do not want them all.

7. She might be really scared to tell you she’s bisexual.
Because if she does, you might assume one of the things on this list and then she’ll either feel like she has to explain her whole life to you or have you hate her or start being weird around her. Sadly, she’s faced these kinds of things before with other partners and is really worried that you might be the same as all the other assholes. So please don’t be.

8. She doesn’t have a specific percentage of how gay she is and how straight she is.
Seriously, why do you want her to make sexuality pie charts anyway, weirdo? She just told you she’s bisexual. That doesn’t require diagrams.

9. Guys: No, she doesn’t want to have a threesome with you just because she’s bisexual.
She might want to have a threesome because she likes threesomes in the same way some straight people like threesomes, but assuming she wants that just because she’s attracted to more than one gender doesn’t even make sense and it makes you sound like a moron. Please don’t be a moron.

10. Yes, she’s able to commit to same-sex relationships.
Lesbians, you are so scary to so many bisexual women because so many of you think that bisexuals are cheaters or liars or fickle when the fact of the matter is, that bisexual girl who broke your heart because she left you for a man just left you for a person. Be mad or hurt or sad because someone dumped you for someone else, but don’t think for a second they dumped you because they secretly loved boys more than girls. Come on.

11. She might feel like she doesn’t have any place in the LGBT community or in the straight community.
Because lesbians think she’s not gay enough and straight people think she’s this overly sexualized tramp who will sleep with anyone. Even though the B in LGBT is there, it often feels like it’s not, so being supportive of her occasionally feeling isolated goes a long way.

12. She may have only had serious relationships with one gender and not another, but that doesn’t mean she’s more into one gender or another.
Some bisexuals have mostly had long-term relationships with men and not as many relationships with women, oftentimes because they were socialized to be straight and pursue boys, so they’ve just been dating them longer. But whatever the reason, that doesn’t make her X percent gay or straight. It just means she’s had more experience (or luck) with one gender than another. Also, please stop trying to do the math on this, seriously.

13. No, you can’t “turn” her one way or the other.
Your love or sex or body parts cannot make her more into your specific gender just because you’re so awesome. That is not a thing.

14. Yes, fine, she’s bisexual, but she’s also a woman you’re crazy about.
If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that the fact that this girl you like is bisexual is a little overwhelming to you. That’s OK. But don’t forget she’s a person. A complex, multifaceted, funny, intelligent, fascinating, hot person you’re totally into. So it doesn’t really matter who she likes or doesn’t like or why. If she likes you, that’s all you really need to know.

I did a thing. It is a sad thing, but I did it. TW suicide mention.


I tried to call a crisis hotline but got one number off and started ranting for 10 minutes before you got to speak and tell me I got the wrong number but now you’re worried about me and telling me not to hang up

The phone felt slippery in her clammy grip and the streets below blurred from her tears. The line rang in her ear, drowning out the distant sounds of traffic. The wind whipped her hair around, the strands clinging to her wet cheeks, and her breath came out raggedly as the coldness of the railing bit into her palm that was tethering her to the building. Only a step stood between her and death. And so she stood, tremoring, and waited for someone to pick up.


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Jealousy (Dylan O'Brien Smut)


A/N: I loved this idea and went pretty far with it. I hope you wanted smut and dominant Dylan because that’s just what came to me when writing this. Enjoy! Also please ignore any spelling errors, I did the first half of this on mobile!

Warnings: Cursing, drinking, smut, kinky.

Tension. That was the only thing between you and Dylan lately. The 2 of you weren’t exactly a ball of fire anymore but the connection was still there. Just barely burning though. “Babe you sure you don’t want to go with me? Its going to be fun. Tyler and Sprayberry keep texting and trying to get me to talk you into going. So this is my last attempt. Yes or no?” You asked your boyfriend Dylan who sat on the couch with a controller in his hand. He didn’t even move his eyes away from the TV screen. Making your way to block his view. He finally pulled his attention away. “Y/N I told you no. I am not in the mood and I have…..whoa what the hell are you wearing?” He asked while his eyes grew wide. Looking down at your outfit you noticed it was quite revealing. But nothing out of the ordinary. A simple short black skater dress that came to your mid thigh and was strapless, leather ankle boots and a velvet choker to match. “ I’m wearing that dress I bought last week. Why?” You questioned sourly. “Hmm I don’t remember it being that short!” Dylan exclaimed. “Its not that short you are just being a butthead. I’m leaving then, they are probably already there. Night Dylan!” Your words were stern. “Wait what time will you be back?” Your boyfriend asked with just a hint of genuine curiosity. “I don’t know. Probably late don’t wait up. I would hate to ruin your sleep schedule. ” “Y/N be back before midnight.” Dylan said while pouting. He was attempting to be controlling but you weren’t having it. With the way he had been acting lately you wanted to make him suffer a bit. “We’ll see babe. Bye!” He waved you off and watched you exit the house. For a second he felt bad for not going now but his stubbornness kicked back in and he sat down to continue his game.

“Hey sexy lady! Where’s O'Brien at huh? Couldn’t talk him into it?” Tyler’s voice caught your attention. You had made it to the party but couldn’t find your friends until now. “Haha getting him to come out would be like a fish moving onto land. ” You replied. Suddenly you felt a set of arms around your waist. A chaste kiss was planted on your cheek. “Y/N you look amazing tonight. I bet O'Brien can’t keep his hands off of you.” The owner of the voice was none other than Dylan Sprayberry. He was always subtly flirting with you. “Well he couldn’t make it sweetie. The Xbox must have been more appealing to him than me.” Your words were followed by a frown. “Well he’s crazy then!” Tyler yelled. You laughed at his remark. “There’s that smile we know and love! Here let’s take a selfie we all are looking sharp tonight!” Sprayberry said while taking out his phone. The 3 of you formed a line with you being in the middle. Sprayberry turned to kiss your cheek while Tyler was squeezing you in a bear hug.

The rest of the night consisted of many many drinks, silly dares and pranks. Before you even realized it you noticed a clock hanging on the wall before you. 1:27 am. “Oh shit Dylan is going to be pissed! He told me to be home by 12. Oops.” Your words were now slurred. Sobering up would take way too long. You noticed Holland and a group of people leaving with a designated driver. “Boys its been a blast but I am catching a ride with Holland’s crew. I need to get home and face Mr. Grumpy. Enjoy the rest of your night! I love you both. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Tyler and Sprayberry both hugged and innocently kissed you goodbye. They respected your relationship with their best friend and knew you probably should get back to him. After being dropped off at your house you noticed the lights were off. You let out a sigh of relief while unlocking the door and creeping in very carefully. It was so dark in the house that you didn’t notice a pair of shoes in the walk way and tripped. You body hit the floor with a hard thud. Suddenly the light was flicked on. You slowly looked up to find a very angry boyfriend before you. “Midnight Y/N. I said midnight. And it’s almost 2 o'clock! What the fuck distracted you so much that couldn’t look at a damn clock to see you were late!” His voice was loud but raspy. You could tell he had been asleep prior to you stumbling in. He looked so hot with his hair ruffled and you seen bags under his tired eyes. He was shirtless and his sweatpants hung low around his waist. You took in the sight of his happy trail leading down to his clothed crotch. “Well are you going to just lay there and stare at me or are you going to say something?” Your brain was taken over with dirty thoughts. It had to be the alcohol. But something about him being this mad turned you on. “Okay you are drunk wow Y/N. Really? Well I hope you had fun with your 2 lovers. I seen the pic that Sprayberry posted a few hours ago. You were loving it.” This struck a nerve in you. Yeah they could be a bit flirty at times but it was all in good fun. They liked you as a friend and admired you. You felt the same about them. You finally decided to speak up. “They are not my lovers Dylan. They are just my friends. They just so happen to know how to show a girl a good time unlike you. ” Your reply made him beyond mad. He yanked you up off the floor and pinned you against the wall. You were scared for a second but then turned on to a whole new level and taking note of the situation. “Jealous.” You whispered in his ear. Dylan frowned then growled. He knew you were right. He was so jealous it was eating him alive. “Don’t sweat it babe I find it so sexy. ” Your words were like velvet. He looked down at you, he took in the sight before him. He had you trapped against your will. Your cleavage was on full display from being yanked up that your dress was slipping down. Your hair was a hot mess all over your head. He took in your scent. Faint perfume and vodka. He was hooked. Dylan removed a hand from your shoulder and turned your face to the side and went in to kiss your neck. He wasn’t soft and gentle like he used to be. His mouth was hot and rough against your skin. He gnawed at your throat and rejoiced when you let out a moan. “Y/N you don’t even know what you do to me. I’m sorry I have been such an ass lately. I swear I’m going to make it up to you tonight. But first you have to punished. You disobeyed me earlier by coming home late. What do you think your punishment should be? I’m feeling generous so I’ll let you decide. ” this was so new and foreign to you. Dylan had never expressed an interest in being so dominant. It was something you could easily get used to. “Well I have been pretty naughty….I deserve a spanking what do you think?” Innocently you batted your eye lashes while trying to seem submissive. Dylan only nodded at your request. He pulled you into the bedroom in which you 2 shared. He pulled your dress up enough to expose your ass. He hooked a long finger under your panties and pulled them down slowly. Feeling the coolness against your heated core made you shake. “My little delinquent isn’t nervous now is she?” You shook your head and replied. “No sir..” He smirked and brought you down to lay across his lap. Your bare bottom was now at his disposal. You held yourself up a bit with the edge of the bed. Dylan moved his hand from your back down to your ass. He groped your cheek for a second before you felt an abrupt and loud smack. This caused you to jump up. “Stay still Y/N. I’m not done. You have been naughty and you need to accept your punishment.” He said lowly as he brought his face down to your ear and whispered. “I promise you will love this. You are turning me on so much, let’s keep it up.” He kissed your ear before returning to his previous position. 3 more times he smacked your bottom and you noticed the tingling sensation that made it’s way to between your legs. Without control you were becoming so wet. Dylan grazed his fingers across your now pink skin. Making his way further down south to the spot you need him to touch most. “Oh Y/N you have made such a mess down here. I mean damn you are dripping. You must be ready for something more?” He asked while grinning and stroking his long skilled fingers against your folds. The mere presence of him there caused your clit to ache with not just want but absolute need. “Dylan I fucking need you right now. I have been teased long enough. Please I promise I’ll be good. “ That was all you needed to say. The sound of your pleading voice pushed all the right buttons. You were then turned around and placed fully on the bed. You felt your dress being pulled over your head and thrown across the room. “Now undress me and show me how you really feel.” He commanded. You willingly obliged. His shirt had been off so you tugged the grey sweatpants that hide the rest of his body down to his ankles. He kicked them off. Next to go were his boxers. He was  now fully exposed and so were you. Without even thinking you wrapped your self around him. He sat on the bed and you straddled him. He remained in this upright position. “I’m letting you be the leader now.” You bit your lip and jumped straight to positioning him inside of you. The desire between your legs could not be contained any longer. You had to feel him, all of him. The contact between you 2 couldn’t be close enough until you felt him deep within your core. You rode him slowly at first but gaining speed in no time. Your breasts were a sight to behold before him, they were bouncing up and down in rhythm with your hips. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, the boy was almost in a trance. The sound of you moaning broke him out of the hypnotic state. “Fuck Y/N you are so damn beautiful. Just perfect in every way. I’m not going to last another minute. Can I let it go? Please Y/N?” He was the one begging now. And of course you couldn’t refuse such adorable boy’s request. Too caught up in your movements you only nodded. The position you were in hit your clit at the perfect angle and you had been fighting your climax for a bit. His brown eyes were now screwed shut. You watched as his mouth, now agape was letting out such pleasurable moans. He was panting and savoring this whole ordeal. You felt his fingers come to your aid and they began to rub fast circles on and around your clit.  of course you were the first to cave, coming undone all around Dylan causing him to release his load. Your walls clenched around his member intensifying the feeling of pleasure that washed over him. You came down from your high letting your head rest against his chest. His breathing was so ragged and his heart was pounding. “All I can say is wow. That was amazing Y/N. Please don’t get mad that I was jealous earlier.” Dylan asked while gently running his fingers down your back. Raising up to look him in the eyes you replied, “Dylan don’t apologize. You being jealous is such a turn on.” He laughed at your response. “Well maybe you should go out with the boys more often. And we can have more nights like this.” You had to admit it wasn’t a bad idea.

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I used to be a HV stan and lemme tell you a few things from being in the fandom. The music is barely EVER mentioned unless there's a new song being released or someone criticizes them. Literally all that talked about in the fandom is how the girls dress and do their makeup. Also: the fans are very friendly. To a point. If you criticize one TINY thing, then it's like a warzone. No one is really allowed to share their opinions about HV if they're even slightly negative. Not even the stans. ++

++ I honestly don’t think that fandom will last. Waayyy too many people have dropped out already. Mostly because of how bitchy people in it are. That and people are finally opening their eyes and seeing that they’re not good. I’m no longer in the fandom. And tbh? I have NO idea what I ever saw in them other than their looks. It’s almost as if I were hypnotized

I will always go back to this point that appearance matters to if you like an artist and often puts an impression on. (e.g. if i dont like how a band looks, i wont be attracted to come listen to them)

i think HV know this

and even fans who became fans this way have realised the music isnt that good, but because theyre fans, they will stick up for them

they wont admit defeat, they will stand their ground like any fan but they know the music (the little that there is) isnt going to be a good argument for liking them, since most fans ive met dont even like their music.

the fans ive met are more fans of their aesthetic, their look and they way they do things. they dont care for the music and the past (its just an extra)

i think thats where/why things are wrong in that fandom

that fandom knows their idols are problematic and they cant handle it. so they fight. i cant say my opinion without someone coming to fight me. my untagged posts end up on instagram with someone starting a fight.

fans know theyre problematic but they cant handle someone else pointing it out. 

i dont see how their music is to like, BUT i can see how people think it is likeable. CB was about girl power, but nia and rena have always said their distractions are boys. thats where the flaws start. HV was going to be about girl power and they said it always is even with casey (and now iain) in the band.  

that message (that they are all about girl power) will always imprint on peoples brains. i understand how sometimes people say feminism goes too far, because SOME people do start being sexist towards men and thinking woman are superior. this is not the case. but sometimes, this mentality is there. and some young people especially will not understand that this is wrong, and young people will not understand that what HV is doing, is being sexist towards men, and glorifying toxic, abusive and illegal relationships. 

with this mentality, and the hype of women finally going to final mile to equality, people forget the true meaning of feminism and think stuff like fuqboi is okay.

im sure HV didnt know what they were doing, maybe they did. but the song is still wrong and it is still sexist. it amazes me how some fans dont see this. but they dont see it because of this mentality. 

i think people like their music because they still think its all about girl power, but that is not the case. and they need to realise that. it is no longer about girl power, some of their songs are sexist and glorify toxic/illegal/abusive relationships.

girl power is “i dont need a man to be a queen” “i dont need a man to complete me” “just because im a girl doesnt mean i cant do this” etc etc

girl power is not “i can abuse a man and show him i dont have to be his pretty house wife” or “ill hit him and show him im not a stereotype” or “ill show him im better than him”

everyone needs to realise this

(i know this post may be pointed out as problematic. but problematic as it, its true. that mentality is there and some people do think like that. im not saying every HV does and thats why they like it, but it is why some of them like it. this is just my opinion and my view on the matter)

So, this…this is the part where I ramble about my Evil Plan.
Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a clichè.
But it’s like…a supervillain convention, I can’t skip that.
Also, you are now powerless to stop me.
You see, you are in power.
You cannot resist.
Sure, laugh.
Come on.
Please, be my guest.
But you see…I already hypnotized you.
You just have to realize it.
I know, it’s a slow process, but I assure you…
it’s a blissful one.
Right now, I am…let’s say ten steps away from you?
I’ll give you this ten steps to stop me.
It isn’t much, I know.
But, it’s enough.
It’s enough for you to realize that is too late to stop me.
It’s enough for you to see that resistance is futile.
Am I talking too much like a comic-book villain?
Oh, my dear.
I LIVE like one.
And of course, my plan was to make you my mindless thrall.
Make you an obedient doll.
But completely, and utterly mindless.
Such a nice word.
It sounds…empty, but…so…so…
The words are starting to fade from your mind uh?
It’s a side effect of the brainwash I fear.
But, hey, there’s not a single problem with that.
I see that you are struggling.
And you took your first step.
Only nine left.
Only nine left to stop me.
And you still don’t believe me.
You don’t believe that you are going to fall.
Even if your knees are shaking.
Even if your arms are heavy as stones.
Even if your eyes, your gorgeous eyes,
are locked into mine.
Waiting for a signal.
Waiting for my signal.
Only eight steps left.
I’m impressed, really.
You are pretty good at this.
But I am just better.
You could have stopped me already.
But you are taking your time.
So, so slowly.
Only seven steps left.
It was such an awful thought in your brain.
It was such are…dare I say it? Disgusting idea.
You thought you could resist.
Maybe you could.
But my presence makes it so…hard.
So, so hard.
Stop struggling. You can still do that.
Just stop.
And kneel.
But still, you are walking towards me.
Only six steps left.
Six, small steps.
As your soles starts to feel warm.
As your toes became to curl.
As a familiar warmth spreads trough your legs.
Are you getting excited?
Oh sure.
Keep telling yourself you aren’t.
Your body is betraying you.
Just five steps left.
So close.
So, so close.
And yet, so far.
So far from your old self.
The one that was stubborn.
The one that thought that I was just telling a lie.
But you see, it wasn’t a lie.
I am brainwashing you.
But still, your mind thinks it can resist my programming.
How cute.
How adorably cute.
Four steps left.
And then you will stop me.
My voice will stop.
My words will cease entering your brain.
And that’s…odd.
You seem sad.
Sad that you are not going to hear me talk anymore.
You are growing accustomed to my words.
Only three, small steps left.
You have been so good until now.
I am proud of you.
That feels good doesn’t it?
Yes sir it does.
“Yes sir”.
Sounds even nicer when you hear it.
And, the voice that is saying that is strangely familiar.
Only two steps.
I am here.
I’ve always been here.
For you.
For you to hear.
And cherish.
Come one. You can just move your hand
And give me a punch.
A slap.
A kick.
And i’ll be stopped.
I am powerless right now.
But…so are you.
Feeling weaker
and weaker.
All those thoughts of being “one of the good guys”,
a “protector of the innocents”
are gone now.
You only want to take that last step.
Only one left.
Only one.
So close.
Your will is almost gone though.
Take that last step at your risk.
Zero steps left.
You are here.
In front of me.
And each step you took,
it made you blanker.
To me.
And to my words.
You see, I was telling a lie.
I hadn’t really hypnotized you.
I did it now.
And have been such a good subject.
So responsive.
So eager.
To learn.
And to please.
So eager to obey.
I commanded you to take ten steps.
And you did.
That was your first order.
And here you here.
In front of me.
On the edge of bliss.
Unable to say anything coherent.
With your body that shakes and twitches.
Now, there are no more steps to take.
So, the next logical step would be to do something different.
But you do not do logical anymore.
You do what I say you to do.
So, now, just kneel.
And start your new life.
As my obedient pet.
And now, if you would stop drooling,
and look into my eyes again,
you will go deeper, and deeper into trance.
And as I let you do that,
to lose more and more of your old self,
if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to practice my Evil Laugh.

deadpools-girlfriend as promised

Cherry Blossom

summary: Her namesake represented the fragility and the beauty of life. Nothing could be more fragile or beautiful than the celebration of a new life. 

pairing: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura

i. Daffodil | ii. Moonflower | iii. Rose | iv. Cherry Blossom | v. Forget-me-not | vi. Baby’s Breath

Sakura closed her eyes as she listened to the soft hum of the humidifier in the room. She opened them momentarily to stare up at the ceiling. It was white overhead and then it faded to black as she closed her eyes again.

She knew childbirth would be painful but she didn’t expect it to be this painful. Somehow, she didn’t have the energy to exert any chakra to try to alleviate the pain. The baby was strong and she felt like all her chakra was being drained into her.

“Sakura,” a voice called out to her. “Hang in there.”

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Real Love//Part Two

Originally posted by mydopebiebs

A/N: Here’s Part two, the next part will be up tomorrow! Let me know what you think and Enjoy!(:

Warnings: none

Part One

Your whole body aches, from the very tips of your toes to your head that is throbbing with a migrane. That twelve hour shift at the restaurant really took its toll on you tonight. As you clock out you mentally remind yourself not to ever take someone else’s  shift again. But who were you kidding, you needed the money. It aided you in being able to stay in your apartment and pursue your acting career.

After taking a hot shower and changing into some comfy sweats, you’re about to settle down and order some food for the night when two knocks sound from your front door. Abandoning the array of take out menus on your kitchen island you make your way to the front of your apartment.

You squint and look into the peephole and all you can see is golden hair that belonged to your attractive neighbor. Opening the door gently, you see Justin is also in sweats and a black tank top.

“Hey! You busy?” He peered into your apartment.

“I was just about to order some food. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over, I wanted to get your opinion on a song I’m working on.”

You look around as if he had been talking to someone else, “Wait. You’re serious?”

He laughs and it’s become one of your favorite sounds, “Yea dork. Come on, you can still order in at my place it’ll be fun!”

You contemplate his offer for a few seconds before inevitably giving in.

“I’m down, let me grab my laptop and I’ll be over there in a few.” 

Justin claps his hands in response, “Alright, just come in you don’t have to knock.”

With that Justin turned around and walked the short distance to his apartment. That’s when you start freaking out, it had been a long time since you spent time with Justin. Between working at the restaurant and going on a hundred auditions the past month and a half you’ve been pretty busy. So was Justin who always running off to the studio that he worked and recorded at as well.

He was friendly most of the time and sometimes flirtatious. Justin was fun to be around, always making you laugh. But sometimes there were these moments that you shared that made you think it was more. If you didn’t pay close attention you’d miss them. Almost kisses that were interrupted before your lips can touch and hugs that lasted entirely too long for it to be considered platonic. You two never spoke about it, it was a silent game you two were playing and you didn’t know how long you were going to be able to keep it up.

You quickly grabbed your laptop, phone and the chargers for both of them before turning off all of the lights.

You make your way to Justin’s and gently open the door. Looking around for Justin you see that his apartment is very clean, no surprise there. There were three guitars lined up on their stands near the floor to ceiling window that over looked downtown LA. His keyboard sat near the TV with black headphones laid out on top. Justin was sitting on his black couch with another guitar in his arms, his bushy eyebrows are scrunched up in concentration. Music sheets are scattered all over his glass coffee table and multiple balls of paper are strewn across the floor.

“I forgot just how much of a clean freak you are.” You sat down on the other side of the couch, facing Justin.

He rolled his eyes, still playing the guitar, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting your place to be clean. It helps with the girls too.” He looks up quickly and his left eye drops into a wink.

There it is, it’s a small gnawing feeling and it annoys the crap out of you. You shouldn’t be jealous about those girls but you are. He wasn’t your boyfriend, he was just your neighbor.

You quickly change the subject, “So what are you hungry for? Chinese or Mexican food?” You hold up two menus to two of your go-to places.

Justin places two fingers on his chin, thinking before shrugging, “Mexican definitely.”

After you’ve  ordered the food, silence fell over the loft as Justin worked on the song he was having trouble with while you went through the scripts in your email that your manager sent to you.

“Y/N, tell me what you think about this.” Justin interrupts your reading, his eyes focused on the music sheet in front of him.

You nod your head encouraging him to play.

His fingers flow over the strings manipulating them so they play a relaxing melody. Then he’s singing and my God his voice is so smooth, some people’s voice tend to be too shrill-like but not him. It’s calming to you and the lyrics are even better.

You’re so caught up in the moment that you barely notice that the guitar playing has ceased and he’s talking to you, “Y/N? You in there?” He gently shoves your shoulder.

Your eyes open, “Hmm?”

He’s smiling again, something he needs to stop doing around you because you fall for him more and more with each time he does.

“Were you even paying attention?” He questions.

Your head dips down in embarrassment, “Nah I wasn’t. Can you do it again?”

He rolls his eyes, “I guess.”

And to anyone else it would’ve sounded like he was irritated but you knew he wasn’t.

He plays the same notes but this time you stop yourself from getting lost in your own thoughts and actually listen.

As Justin starts singing a verse, his head moves up and he’s staring into your eyes. You can’t move from your spot, his gaze on you has you pinned to your spot on the couch. Your heartbeat is gradually increasing with each second that goes by. The way Justin is watching you, makes you think that maybe you weren’t alone in this and he felt something for you too.

As his voice finishes singing the last note, you’re entranced by him. The air in the room has tensed and by the look on his face, Justin notices. He carefully places his guitar to the side and moves closer to you. His next moves are slow, timid almost as he continues to move down the sofa until he’s right in front of you.

His large hands come up to caress your jaw and his warm amber colored eyes are looking into yours and you can’t help but feel hypnotized by him. Justin’s lips are one shade away from being a delicious bumble gum pink and they look so plump that you want them  against your own now.

So you meet him halfway and his lips feel like what clouds are made out of. The kiss is innocent, a little tentative but it’s even better than what you thought it’d be like. Before you make a move to deepen the kiss, Justin’s front door is being pushed open and the spell you two were under has been vanquished.

So my thoughts about GOT7

Well FIRST let me point out I’m a BLACK WOMAN! Am I biracial? Yep. But am I still black? Yes, just ask my 100% black father and my mother who is also mixed with black (but you cant ask her cuz she’s deceased). 

ANYWHO so last night I went to bed all happy and ish cuz yo, I met GOT7 a few days ago. I HELD HANDS with JACKSON WANG and JB and YOUNGJAE stared into my soul like he was hypnotized. So I’m on cloud 9 needless to say. So before work this morning, I read some devastating news. Yugyeom was drunk. Mark got a tattoo. And… Bambam said the “n” word. I almost choked on my saliva at the last one. But before we get to that let’s talk about Yugyeom…

YALL ACT LIKE YOU HAVEN’T DRUNK  UNDERAGE BEFORE! Is it illegal? Chyeah it is cuz he’s only 18 over here in the good ole US of A. Could he have gotten into serious trouble if caught? Hell yeah, bruh. Can this ruin his idol image? I mean yeah. Yall know idols supposed to be robots and squeaky clean (hint my sarcasm). I mean, my thing is why did Mark’s shitty friends record that and put it on social media? That was supposed to be a private event for GOT7 to relax and have fun after touring for like a week and half. But nah, his friends had to go and spoil a good time for what? To impress everyone they’re friends with a celebrity?? Who c a r e s? You’re not the actual celebrity so you’re irrelevant. So now we got my poor baby Yugyeom exposed for being drunk and I’m so sad he’s getting so much flak for this cuz he’s such a sweet kid. Why they out to ruin that sunshine? Also, hello. He’s a damn teenager. Teens make mistakes all the time. Also, I’m sure Yugyeom wasn’t aware they were gonna record him and post it. Like… what kind of friends…? Anyways. While I’m on the subject of Yugyeom, let’s add in leader JB. HOW DARE YALL FUCKING CLAIM TO LOVE HIM AND YUGYEOM THEN BODY SHAME THEM?! I don’t give two fucks if they have a tummy or a 6-pack, they still fine as hell and if you letting something like that determine your love for them then BYE! You’re not a real IGOT7 and you don’t truly love those boys. They could be 600 pounds and I’ll still support them 100%. Like yall do realize not everyone has a 6-pack, right? Or that not everyone wants one? Like is that such a hard concept to understand? 

Anyways, I’m keeping Mark short and sweet. He’s got a tattoo. Big whoop. A lot of idols have tattoos. More than one, too. If you don’t want him to have a tattoo then B Y E! He don’t need you to dictate his life and tell him what to do with his body. Like get outta here with that unnecessary drama. That’s just reaching for something to complain about.

AND LASTLY, Bambam. Honestly, I’m so disappointed. I expected more from him since he’s all into our culture and stuff. I guess JYP didn’t teach them not to use that word while over here. Like… can I forgive him, yes. Will I forget he said it, nah. But I’ll forgive him once he apologizes which there’s no doubt in my mind he won’t after his sister confronts him. Plus, I read that Mark’s (shitty) friends told him it meant bro/friend. Like why mislead this kid who only knows a sufficient amount of English? Chill. And like I’m lowkey questioning Mark now cuz if his friends are like this then what’s he really like, ya know? I’m trying to think positive tho. Also, can yall not send death threats to the boy and tell him to leave GOT7?? It’s serious but it aint serious enough to tell someone to kill themselves. Two wrongs don’t make a damn right. Also I highly doubt Bambam is racist. Like stop calling him that, too. He was ignorant. He didn’t know any better but trust, he’ll learn real quick not to say that demeaning word ever again. Like I ain’t defending this kid whatsoever cuz I’m highly disappointed and reading about this made my heart break and caused the cloud 9 I was on to dissipate right under me. However, I still love him as much as I did before I read about this cuz I believe he can learn from his mistakes. Also, I’m disappointed in Mark cuz I read he didn’t correct him from saying it? Like c’mon Mark, you grew up here. That’s another reason I’m side eyeing him and his choice of friends.

ALSO, speaking of friends. They ain’t shit. They’re using Mark for his FAME and that’s it. I see no real friendship. Then at their concert they were drunk and threw water on a fan? BOY, I would’ve let the real me show if I was that fan OR EVEN if I was near that fan. Mark’s friends or not, who the fuck you throwing water at? I would’ve been kicked out asap. Best believe. And I know I read on Twitter that one of his friends even tried to use Jackson as bait to get a girl to sleep with him just cuz she biased Jackson and promised if she slept with him then he’d let her meet Jackson. Like wtf? I’d rather pay $200 to hi-5 Jackson than to sleep with a guy I don’t know. Jackson wouldn’t be proud of that at all. It’s not in his morals. I hope Mark realizes what shitty friends he has and confronts them. I know Jackson ain’t playing with them cuz he AND Bambam unfollowed all of them from IG. 

This whole situation just ruined everything for me and I’m highly disappointed in everyone except a select few (That being Youngjae - he wasn’t there, JJProject - I read they were just chilling, and Jackson - This boy left early apparently AND according to sources, he was just dancing to Nicki Minaj lmao). I know they’re gonna get it from JYP when they return to Korea. I can just only pray to God that JYP doesn’t go to harsh on them and let’s them come back to the US again. I’m just… ugh. 

pairing: killua and gon

notes: hxh highschool au part one im so sorry it had to be done


‘He’s really annoying,’ Killua thinks as he’s sketching his partner’s face.

Mrs. Wynter, his art teacher, assigned everyone a project to draw a portrait of their partner and ink it. That said partner being the person who sits across from you.

But Gon,

Gon Freecs is impossible. He swings his legs sitting down which almost always results in him continuously kicking Killua. 

Once. “Sorry, Killua.”

Twice.  ”Oops..”

Three times a day with just a, “My bad.”

And that was only one of the many instances that he aggravated Killua. But Gon is apologetic and nice, he admitted in his mind. However…

Currently, they’re supposed to draw each other and yet Gon’s facial expressions and posture keep constantly changing. Killua needed him to be still in order to finish this project.

There’s his confused look with his furrowed brows and squinting eyes, and slightly opened mouth.

Then, there’s his playful look when he’s smiling, wide-eyed, and has his tongue slipping out like a snake.

And the last one, ooh the last one is the worst, he’d just keep staring blankly at Killua, almost hypnotized.

“Oi!” Killua began snapping his fingers in his face. “Focus on your project! It’s 20% of our final grade this marking period and due this week!”

This began to be a daily occurrence. Killua regrets picking this random seat on the first day of school.

“Ahahaha… sorry Killua, I was studying your face for this project." 

"Then, why the hell are you sketching a cow?”


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♥  Chris Evans x Reader ♥
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//dorkiness. just dorkiness. and feels.//

   “Finally,” you sighed with a relieved smile as you closed the door behind you. You started walking straight away toward the closest elevator, wasting no time at all- and hey, speaking of time, you took your phone out of your bag and checked. 10:00 am. ‘Just enough time to get to lunch!’ you mentally cheered and danced while putting away your phone and quickened your pace.

   You were at this building, what building exactly you didn’t know, and you really didn’t care, all you wanted was to get the fuck out and have lunch. Well, wait, okay, as you were saying- you’re at this building for a meeting discussing your novel and how they want to make it into a movie, and what they want to change, and what they want to keep, and what you think of the renewed story line, and how the characters will be portrayed, and who’ll play them, and how fucking snobby it is to be in a sophisticated office and shit.

   In reality this meeting is really important, and you love the fact that your beloved baby- your novel- is going to become a movie, but goddamn, why is there so much office, and grey, and suits, and ties, and papers, and pens, and charts and boring frowny faced motherfuckers? This is just- this is so different. The last one that was turned into a wonderful film had such a great process, with great people, and no officey, pretentious, frowny crud.

   You sighed again, sorting through your passive aggressive thoughts as your turned another corner. A con- and perk, I guess?- of being a writer is that your mind is so fucking loud and so fucking fast and you can’t really shut it down, and that applies to your personality as well, so as much as you wanted to be cheerful about this whole office sophisticated stuff: you just really can’t. You hate offices and sad people who have the same boring routine everyday of their lives, why the hell else did you become a writer? Writers are free spirits- butterflies, who shouldn’t be kept up in this horrible jar of a place.

   But don’t worry, you’re over that right now, kinda. At least as long as you get a nice lunch, which you planned to get.

   You couldn’t contain your excitement as you turned your third corner and caught a glimpse of the beautiful elevator, so you speed-walked to it as fast as you could manage.

   “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” you rushed while pushing the button to open its doors. It took about 10 seconds for it to open, and no one was inside, much to your luck. So naturally you stepped inside as fast as you could and pushed the ‘close door’ button even faster. However in your rush and excitement you completely missed the man who slipped in between the closing doors, and who has most definitely been rushing to it just like you.

   This said man, most definitely offended, most definitely sweaty, most definitely out of breath, and most definitely just smashed every fucking floor button repeatedly. This building has 47 floors.

   After wiping the sweat on his forehead, he turned to you and smiled smugly. Oh yeah, he most definitely was offended, and he most definitely thinks he’s won. ‘Now whoever this is’ll certainly be late to whatever meeting she was rushing to, that meeting apparently too important for her to be polite,’ he thought to himself proudly.

   And of course you’d be angry and frustrated, that is if your business here wasn’t already over, and you didn’t have 2 hours to waste.

   But wait, that’s not even the best part. The stranger’s smug smile soon fell, because ‘Fucking, hell, Chris. You were rushing your ass to get out of here as soon as possible and yet now you’re going to go on a whole fucking tour of this goddamned building with this girl who you probably ruined the day of, wow bro, way to go big guy,’ he mentally punched himself square in the face.

   As you witnessed his mental smack down with himself, you broke out in giggles, hunched down gripping your knees. “Joke’s on you bub, my business here is completely over,” you managed to squeeze out between giggled at the stranger. “But as I picked up from your mental boxing-slash-wrestling match with yourself, yours probably isn’t, huh?” you looked up at him, utterly amused, still gripping your knees.

   This is the first proper look you got of him, and turns out he’s not a stranger after all. You didn’t second guess at all who he was by the mere glimpse of his eyes.

   He sighed and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, cringing for sure, “Actually, I was rushing to get out. And now, well,” he exhaled as he rubbed the back of his neck regretfully. Mhm, definitely cringing.

   You let out another giggle at the sheer embarrassment and dread evident on his features, “You fucking twerp.”

   You let out another laugh as you stood up straight to face him as he turned to face you. “I’m Chris, and also incredibly sorry I did that,” he said quickly as he stuck out his hand for you to shake.

  “Yeah, I’d know those beautiful orbs anywhere,” you grinned looking straight into his said beautiful eyes. He blushed, and as soon as you realized what you’d just done, so did you. “I’m- uh, I’m (y/n), and I totally understand,” you laughed shyly, finally finding your usual bashfulness and shook his hand. “I am the poster child for spur of the moment unintentional passive aggressiveness,” you raised your eyebrow with an understanding nod, making him laugh.

   ‘How the fuck can someone’s laugh sound that melodic? What the fuck? God? You okay up there? Why you do this?’ you mentally quarreled as you ogled at the most beautiful being ever created standing right in front of you, completely inches away. The fuck.

   When you came to your senses, you realized you aren’t the only one admiring. He was looking at you the same way you’re looking at him, and there’s this silence between you. Either could say something, anything to disrupt it, but neither of you wanted to. Being a writer, you experience things differently than others, it’s kind of like you’re an alien whose being is more elevated than others, you experience differently, you experience more. You read into the most mundane things, giving you a completely different perspective, a completely different understanding. You give already named things different names. It’s like you change the world you live in, into something different, you make it your own. Being that way, you’d expect yourself to know what to call this, this thing. This silence, this, whatever this is between you and Chris. But no matter how many times you racked your brain, you just couldn’t.

   With every second that passed by and every floor the elevator stopped at, both your smiles grew. As logically impossible as that sounds, it was true. Or was it? You don’t know, because whatever this was, it was making your mind hurt and your heart jump. There’s something about him that makes you feel like you could die right now, right here, and it’d be okay. There’s something about him that literally makes everything disappear. If you stayed here long enough, you’d probably descend into a celestial state of knowing everything. Almost as if this lasted too long, you’d wake up suddenly and realize that the universe is actually meaningless and the world is just a dream, or something like that. It’s crazy. He’s crazy. Or to be more precise, he makes you crazy.

   And you don’t even know him yet.

   “W- Would you uhm, would you perhaps- would you, by any chance, want to go paintball gunning with me?” he proposed, looking at you with carefully fragile hope in his eyes. You’d never ever in your whole life seen a look quite like the one his eyes held.

   “You know, you could secretly be a serial killer who lures his victims in with his stupidly amazing charm and awesome propositions,” you said seriously.

   He let out a beautiful laugh that made you smile enormously. “I’m almost 101% sure that’s more you than me,” he said with a raised eyebrow and an idiotically hypnotizing half smile.

   ‘Wow, this being sure is something else,’ you thought, mesmerized with an ever growing smile.

   You held his gaze for a while and when the elevator doors opened for the last time, you nodded, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” The previously unknown anxiety both of you held disappeared and laughter ensued.

   You both smiled at each other as you stepped out, the question of why your hearts are exploding with amazing happiness saved for later. He held out his arm, inviting you in with a teeth-visible grin and a bashfully sweet, “M’lady.”

   You giggled and snaked your arm around his, while everyone in the lobby around you is both mesmerized and uncomforted by the incredible amount of raw joy radiating of these weird idiots.

   The weird idiots are you and Chris, by the way. In case the sparkly pink aura encasing you both is blinding you from realizing that.

   As the both of you walked out of the dreadfully stale, 47 floored building, you finally found a name for it. The silence you couldn’t wrap your head around.


   But not just a beginning.

   It was the beginning.

   The beginning of so much to come.

   So much that should give you a hell of a lot of anxiety (it does), so much that should terrify the fuck out of you (it does), so much that should make you want to run for the hills, it should, it really should. And yet, as you both wordlessly giggle every time your eyes meet, it’s okay. You’ll both sprint across that rickety bridge, hand in hand the moment you come across it. Rest is assured in every step you take together. And at the moment, that seems to be enough.

   ‘Beginning, huh?’ you thought to yourself as you looked up at him with a small smile. ‘I think it’s safe to say that’s my new favourite word.’

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