the last one i'm crying


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”


Here’s special images I wanted to share. This is like the second part of the relationship chart I posted last month.

 Take a look at these chef ikemen. So Dreaaaammyy..

 Also then there’s shun, looking cool as always 😎😍 

 In making parfait, Shun got first place btw ^^;; 

 Shun should make me his special parfait since he got first place lololol 


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Someone send help lololol I’m done XD SOMEONE TELL ME WHO IS HE XD

Please give credit to this blog and ask permission if you ever take something that was originally posted from this blog ^~^ thank you. 

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“Sam, you and dad, you’re the most important people in my life. And now… I never should have come back Sam, it wasn’t natural, and now look whats come of it. I was dead and I should’ve stayed dead. You wanted to know I was feeling, well thats it. So tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright?“


Some of Haikyuu!! Couple polling-request on Facebook done with watercolor! ゚。*♡(。・ω・。)♡*. ゚

Many of them are crackTP I swear they purposedly did that to see me suffer ( º言º) /no/

Happy weekend! ✧ °∀° )/ ✧


jtv appreciation week: Day 1 → favorite character

Dear Jane,

First, sorry for being goofy in the priest’s office. I was just nervous because I was scared about writing something for you, a writer. And I’ve been thinking about what to say. Which got me thinking how lucky I was to have met you at all, and all the small twists of fate that led me to you in the first place. And how, in a way, our destiny was just a series of detours bringing us back to each other, again and again. A twist of fate… The night we met, that’s what it felt like. I wasn’t even supposed to be working. I’d picked up a shift for my buddy whose kid was playing in a recital. And then, I was technically off, but I took a detour and stopped for a burger a few blocks away. I was heading back to the precinct when I got called in for a noise complaint near me. If not for that recital, and that burger, I might not have ended up on the doorstep of a drunk 21-year-old girl. It’s not just a series of coincidences. It’s destiny. And I never doubted you were mine. And never doubt that all I want, forever and always, is for you to be happy.


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

rkm0855 instagram update
지금 지하철 탔는데 운명으로 찾았어요! 정말 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 광고도 오늘까지라고 들었어요… 아쉽지만 마지막에 보게 돼서 행복합니당! 오늘도 화이팅~
rough trans: I took the subway now and found it by destiny! Thank you so muchㅠㅠ I heard that the ad is up to today… I’m afraid this is the last time I’ll see it! Hwaiting~