the last one i wouldnt know


people have been fighting for like 50 chapters

I dont even care anymore, all I feel is anger because wh ere the fuck is kankuro

"do you feel anything?"

jim feels like he’s scrambling at the edge of a cliff, clawing, kicking, scratching, trying to pull himself up. he’s trying to reach for anything, but all he has is dirt slipping through his fingers. he feels like he’s falling.

"do you feel anything?"

jim feels an ache in his chest that just gets stronger and stronger. he feels like he’ll burst if he doesn’t rip out his heart right that second. he is on his knees screaming to someone, anyone take it please i dont want it anymore.

do you feel anything?

jim feels slow burn of alcohol seeping into his veins. his limbs feel so heavy; moving is such an effort when there is an elephant on his chest and bees in his ears. he’s screaming can’t you see i’m in pain but no one hears and he’s not surprised.

"do you feel anything?"

jim feels the bones in his fingers shatter. he feels the blood gushing out of his nose like a waterfall. he feels the vibrations of laughter deep in his chest because yes, of course, he feels everything and that’s the problem.

do you feel anything

jim feels like he’s flying when he looks into those earth colored eyes. he can feel the flowers blooming in the dark corners of his mind; he can feel the sunshine on his face. he can feel the fire and the passion in the kisses trailed across his skin. he feels the butterflies in his stomach; his chest is threatening to erupt and stain everything red and sticky, and jim wonders if he should feel afraid.

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One more for the road you guys, consider this for Niceart week Day 07: Canon

What can i say? Hamatora from start to finish can be read as the tale of woes between two people in love suffer due to their miscommunication and personal issues, and the last episode only makes sure to highlight this

This one is very very long, so I’ve put it under a read more:

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my least fav discussion that is going to be triggered by this eddie redmayne business is ppl going ’ but there arent any trans woman actors!’ no, nevermind the fact tht making this movie is about making money blah blah they wouldnt cast unknown actors let alone a trans woman because hollywood is transmisogynist garbage and so on but the fact that ppl are like ‘there cant be trans actors because i dont know about them’ like ???? how foolish can u be to think that just because you’ve heard of laverne cox she is the Only One …. it is just frustrating to no end that ppl fail to acknowledge that it’s not a matter of there being ‘No Trans Actors! In the WHOLE WORLD’ it’s a matter of cash money n Guys Bein Dudes and hollywood hating trans ppl that’s it

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I don't think I'd last very long as a Demigod. You know all those times one of the characters mouthed off to a god but then had the sense to shut up because someone intervened? Yeah I wouldn't take that opportunity. I get angrier when people threaten me. Especially if it's uncalled for. Like in TLO when Hermes turned the Cattle prod on Annabeth, Or BOO when Zeus and Jason almost threw down? Yeah I'd be the one going down swinging. I prolly wouldn't live past my first Mr. D encounter >.<

I wouldn’t last either, bro, don’t worry.  The very moment shit went down I would be the one begging my godly parent to turn me into a tree or something bc GOOD GOD DID YOU SEE THAT MINOTAUR?!  heeELL NO.

well i know for sure that im changing my last name. tho thats also unclear on what. i was thinking just my moms maiden name but she doesnt even use that, and she was alll Noooo when i asked her. i guess bc it’s romanian and so wouldnt fly so well over here

but i dont rly want a hungarian name at all, first or last- or at least not a common/traditional one. i dont want to hear more Ahh, Beautiful, a Beautifgufl Hungarian LAdy Girly Lady Name <3, esp from old men thinking theyre flatterng me (re. my father and everyone he introduces me to). and tho many of them are nice nmes, i still have a bad association w/ a lot…ex my father talking about kids and what all his grandkids should be named. the names of models had ~~aesthetic appreciation~~ for in his youth lmaooo

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Q r s t u v

Q - Question you’re always asked?
If im mixed or JUST black lol

R - Reason to smile?
When shit is funny. Or happy moments like after i cum or something lol

S - Song I last sung?
“Time After Time”. Dont judge me, it was on this Glee episode im watching

T - Time you woke up?
About 7ish

U - Umbrella colour?
I dont own one. But if i did, it would prolly be blue

V - Very best friend?
I got a couple but they dont have Tumblr’s & yall wouldnt know who they were if i said their names lol

i hate when teachers say “if ur not paying attention you can leave. do you want to leave? just go”
they are just trying to embarrass a kid who forgot to pay attention according to the teachers standards (notes, nonstop eye contact, perfect posture) and they know the kid is obvs gonna say “no, sorry” even tho they really want to leave the crappy environment

pensversusswords replied to your post: all of the characters ive chosen to lo…

this is me AF and it is terrifying, because they’ve let me love them for so long, so if they die, I WILL DIE INSIDE.


did i tell you guys about how rude my doctor was at the clinic when i was sick? like on the form i had to fill out it had a question like have you had 3+ drinks in the last 2 weeks and i checked yes right like why would i lie. so i got tested for strep right and idk how that test works or if she ran another one or what but when the doctor came back she was like “have you had 3+ drinks in the last 2 weeks?”

"um… yeah last friday and a couple days ago i had less than that)

"because the test came back positive for alcohol"

"ok" (like yeah i know? i told you it would twice??)

"well just be careful. we wouldnt want anything bad to happen. Like getting pregnant or falling down or anything"

"yeah ok" (internally im like ok just tell me if i have fucking strep throat like i came here for?????)

i forgot what else she said but she literally went on for like minutes about how i should drink responsibly even though she had no reason to think i dont and actually had relevant medical information that she should have been telling me! Like excuse you could you maybe spend less time trying to make me feel bad for drinking and more time giving me the medical attention that i came here to get?????

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yo chelsea i read your post about max/victoria last night and i just wanted to know if you wanted me to tag any of it? ill use #vixcine or #chelsea dont look or something else if you'd like :-0

oh man actually the #chelsea dont look one would be fine because so many people use different ship names for them and i wouldnt be able to keep up with them woops

so this guy that I hooked up with last year randomly messaged me wanting to hook up but when we did before it was super awkward and a total one night stand and we have literally never talked since. when i moved to Alberta I wanted to find a potential boyfriend not a hookup… and since he doesnt live close to me I know it wouldnt be more than just that. although I was really surprised that he was going to drive a couple hours to my town and then we were going to go to edmonton and get a hotel and spend the night. I mean I like sex as much as the next girl but I wanted to stay true to my goals cause I know I would get attached even though I know what it is, I would want more. I told him not to come basically which I dont know if I regret because HES SO HOT and it could have been really fun but I just can’t tell the difference on whether or not I did the right thing………. 

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Vincent? he's a slut

Rocket shrugged “I thought he was jus a big loser.. ya know i’ve not met one friend of his in all this time. I can relate to a guy who likes his alone time. I wouldnt call em a slut given hes not been laid since.. last time I put out”

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. So tomorrow starts 21 days to go to the gym everyday. To start being nicer to myself. Because last week a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. As much as I want a girlfriend, if I had one right now I wouldnt let her touch me because I’m so uncomfortable with my body. But last week after working out everyday for five days straight I liked how I looked. And I know there was no actual change but I looked in the mirror and said hmm not bad. Thats big for me.21days. Pending snowstorms since we seem to get three a fucking week nowadays. I got this.

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62-67 babe!

62: What’s your favourite animal?

dogs and bunnies (yes i know thats two)

63: What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you?

uhm… i dont have one? and even if i did i wouldnt use it?

64: Where is your best friend?

idk i would have to text her and ask

65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.

i always hate just listing 5 but ladikenna, haymitchsemptybottle, bookmad, ianoshea, and paperquentin 

66: What is your heritage?

not super sure but i know theres some italian in there? 

67: What were you doing last night at 12AM?

i cant remember but i know i was awake

thank you nonnnie! questions :)