the last one i hate my life

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


  • Me: Okay,
  • I'm actually going to go to bed at 9. No crying. No binge watching Netflix. No fanfics. No worries, just sleep.
  • Me at 3am: Going through the 5 stages of grief as I'm crying, watching the last season of my favorite show, while reading a fic of it and thinking of my own.

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses


Lee is a complex man.

All I Want For Christmas

Seth Rollins/OC: For the 25 Days of Chrismuts! Things get smutty while decorating. With choking bc is it really Chrimmus without choking? I don’t think so.

Okay so this is for @tox-moxley‘s 25 days of Chrismuts @25daysofchrismuts It was funsies and I loved it and I love writing about Seth so this was perect. Shoutout to my best bae @screamersdontdance for helping me fit choking into a Chrimmus fic!!!!!! I love you, thank you.

So here it is friends. Smutty Chrimmus with Seth. Aka my life goals.

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A Sins & Virtues Prompt List
  • Lust: ‘I want you more than I care about the consequences’
  • Chastity: ‘Wait for me? Say you’ll stay’
  • Gluttony: Give it to me. I. Want. It. All.’
  • Temperance: ‘There’s strength in denial and I need to be strong’
  • Greed: ‘They took what was mine and I’ll never forgive them’
  • Charity: ‘It’s all I have. But it’s yours.’
  • Sloth: ‘I’m bored of this place. This life. With myself’ (paraphrase)
  • Diligence: ‘Last time I failed you. I wont do that ever again.’
  • Wrath: ‘I have never hated anything,anyone as much as I hate you now’
  • Patience: ‘One more time. Please just try one more time.’
  • Envy: It should be mine and I intend to have it.’
  • Kindness: ‘Take my hand. It’s the least I can offer’
  • Pride: Tell me something lovely about myself. Even if it’s a lie’
  • Humility: ‘This is all that’s left. Maybe it could be enough.’
"Dex can fix anything"

“Sorry I’ve got a cold.” Chowder said with his nose stuffy, “my window pane is broken and it let in cold air last night.”

It was cold February day in their freshmen year and Nursey, Dex, and Chowder were in the library. Nursey was pretending to be engrossed in Hamlet, but he had read it six times before and was really just listening to Dex and Chowder complain about their CompSci class.

“Chowder, you know I can fix that for you?” Dex’s said, raising an eyebrow.

“You can!” Chowder said excitedly.

“Yeah, it’s not a problem.”

“I just feel like I spend all my free time with that damn dryer!” Dex told Nursey.

They were on their usual not-date-coffee-meetup, on a Wednesday in November of their sophomore year.

“But Dex, can’t you ‘fix everything?’” Nursey joked, quoting Chowder.

Dex’s groaned, “I feel like I’m letting him down.”

Nursey laughed, “Dex just chill.”

Dex’s answered with another groan.

“Nursey I am not letting you sleep on the top bunk.” Dex said.

“Why not?”

“I swear to god that thing is gonna fall on top of me and kill me.” Dex said while giving the bed a shake, where it moved a little more than you’d want it to. “But the way my finals are going I’m might just welcome that.”

It was junior year and Dex had taken one to many classes.

“It’s fine Dex, but where should I sleep.” Nursey said with a sigh.

Dex’s face turned bright red, “I guess you could sleep with me.” He said a little to fast and then added, “I heard Ransom and Holster basically shared the bottom bunk the whole time so it’s not big deal, right?”

Nursey wanted to bring up the fact that they weren’t Ransom and Holster because of the weird sexual tension and the lack of “bro-ness” that they had for each other, but he thought of he brought that up Dex would change his mind and he didn’t want Dex to change his mind.

So that he got to wrap his arms around Dex they way he always wanted to.

“Do you think you can fix the bed?” Nursey asked.

“Yeah, I will tomorrow.”

Dex didn’t fix it until summer.

“Holy shit we’re graduating!” Nursey yelled as he pulled Dex and Chowder into a hug.

Chowder and Farmer were moving to Boston and Nursey knew that Chowder was really nervous about living full time with Caitlin because he was afraid that “she would get tired of him.”

And Dex had some fancy job in Providence waiting for him.

And Nursey was going back to New York without a plan. And although Dex hadn’t said anything, Nursey could tell what he was thinking, ’ this rich kid with no purpose. He’s just went to college for fun and is gonna never use his degree, but it’s not like he can use his English degree anyway.’

But maybe that was just what Nursey was telling himself.

But most of Nursey’s mind was occupied by the fact that he might never get the chance to be with Dex. HE MIGHT NEVER SEE DEX AGAIN!!

Nursey on the porch steps with his head in his hands.

“Nursey… are you ok?” Chowder asked cautiously.

“Yeah…” he said but then made eye contact with his friend, “no C, I’m not.”

“Hey, I’m gonna miss Samwell, too.” Chowder said as he sat down next to Nursey.

“Chowder… I’m going to miss Dex.”

“Yeah me too.” Said Chowder.

“That’s not really what I mean.”

Chowder turned to Nursey with a quizzical look.

“I’ve been in love with Dex since freshmen year and now I’m never gonna have the chance to tell him about it.”


“I’ve just ruined this whole thing. It’s absolutely broken.”

There was a silence.

“You know what I’ve always said?” Chowder said.

Nursey looked up, his eyes red and wet.

“Dex can fix anything.”

Nursey got up with a new sense of purpose.

“Thanks C.” He said as he ran into the Haus.

He bolted up the stair, taking 2 at a time until he came to the attic door.

“Dex?” He asked as he opened the door.

“Nursey?” Dex answered.

In front of Nursey stood Dex with red rimmed eyes and his bright red hair and his milky skin. The classic freckles and amber eyes stood out because of the bright sunlight streaming through the window.

“Dex, I-” Nursey started before being cut off by Dex moving toward him, and putting his hand on his neck. Before their lips met their eyes did. They had a conversation within milliseconds which basically only confirmed that they both wanted “this”.

heres my vrisrezi mix which is exclusively trashy mainstream top40 music which i personally believes embodies the Essence of Vrisrezi. I unironically like every single song in this mix, so feel free to send me hate on my taste in music.

Tracklist [LISTEN HERE]

SIDE A // girlfriend - avril lavigne // bad romance - lady gaga // bad blood - taylor swift // the sweet escape - gwen stefani // my life would suck without you - kelly clarkson // everytime we touch - cascada // umbrella - rihanna // last friday night - katy perry // die young - ke$ha // crazy in love - beyonce // bad girls - mia

SIDE B // teenagers - my chemical romance // let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco  // everybody loves me - one republic // my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy // animals - maroon 5 // weightless - all time low // must have have done something right - relient k // kiss you - one direction // hey soul sister - train // one time - justin bieber // everybody talks - neon trees


I thought I was safe on my blog , I mean I see posts how ddlg haters are aggressive and how they should stop hating on ddlg But fortunately none on mine I thought I was lucky that no one is hating on my blog I thought everyone just didn’t care I thought everyone just minded their own business But BANG! I start getting hate and guys are calling me a ddlg fagot and commanding me to delete my blog … my little space. Just why? Why are you hating? I mean there is nothing wrong with ddlg! Nothing! It’s my lifestyle! Ddlg is a safe haven for me , a place to be myself, to be me , so, I am going to say this once and the last time! GO GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON DDLG! Thank you 😊 have a good day!

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PICKLE: you’re… really going? this isn’t just a dream? there’s just- there’s just so much i haven’t said and you-!

SONG: Pickle, listen. i will come back. but i need to do this, okay? please just trust me? believe me, being away from you is the last thing i want to do!

PICKLE: *sniffle* o-of course i trust you, i do with my life… just please come back safe… i’m really really really going to miss you, y’know…

SONG: i know, i feel the same… and you might hate me for this but there’s one more thing i need to do before i leave…

Two years ago today I stopped making excuses and started to make a change. I always hated how I looked. I wore shirts that were way too big to hide how much weight I had actually gained and I refused to swim or have my shirt off around anyone. A year ago today I was still trying to figure out what I was doing at the gym to get the results I wanted. Well a year later and about 25 pounds heavier I am feeling great with where I am at so far. My life has changed quite a lot in the last year and this is the one thing that has become even more consistent to get me through everything. I have made a lot of progress and some days it’s hard not making more, but I have a lot of goals for myself and I am working my fucking ass off to exceed them.

I promise this is the last time I do Gaster, but I had to try again because apparently no one likes the “fleshy” version or rather, he looks too much like Voldemort lol

And I hate to admit it, but despite my strong belief that Gaster is more fleshy this version is much better, although more scary 😂

And I know, I had to do Markiplier, but I needed to relax with something simple ;_;