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Shawn Mendes Appreciation Post

Okay so here’s how this works. Basically all you Shawn lovers and Shawn blogs specifically, reblog this with your best description of Shawn. It could be about something he’s taught you or how he makes you feel. Whatever you want. Just to show your appreciation for the kid. Then tag 3 other people to do the same. (Try and reblog the last person that did it so we can have one post that shows all the things we feel about Shawn)

Mine is: Shawn Mendes; The gift that keeps on giving. 

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anonymous asked:

hello! is it possible for me to ask if you could make a masterlist of 'wrong number au's'? they are currently my craving and so far i've only read 4-5 and i can't imagine that being all of them... and or if that doesn't work, maybe secret admirer au's? love notes, emails, texts, etc thank you soooo very much

Hi! I’m pretty sure you’ve read most (if not all) of these then (maybe except for the last one, which is fairly new), but just in case…

Here you have all the wrong number!au’s I know of and that are all definitely worth reading:

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: "I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description" Or, Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • Wrong number by IsakEven ✓
    Summary: Isak wants to text Jonas but he accidentally texts Even.

  • juste la fin du monde by loglady95
    Summary: Sana blackmailed Isak into hosting a party at his place and gave his number to a stranger.

  • Love Me Harder by tech_ftw
    Summary: In which accidentally being added to a group text has unexpected consequences. Like falling in love. 

  • company by violeteloiv 
    Summary: isak knows he should stop this call, that this would be the perfect time for him to say something, ‘hey sorry but you got the wrong number dude’ — anything before this call gets any more weird or awkward. whether it is his curiosity getting the best of him or just plain out horniness he couldn’t find a will in himself to do so. his grip to his phone is tighter as he listens to the heavy breathing at the end of the line. he stays silent pushing down the guilt bubbling in his gut.

  • call me any, anytime by elspethelf
    Summary: Isak texts Vilde… except it turns out not to be her.

  • don’t u let me go tonight by artcmonkeys
    Summary: in which isak calls the wrong number, finding a charming boy named even who he becomes infatuated with.

Now, because I’m a sucker for those too, here are the three secret admirer!au fics which everyone needs to read asap:

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties and iriswests ✓
    Summary: Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • “You don’t know it yet, Isak Valtersen, but you’re mine” by  Jules_poupard
    Summary: Isak is broken, and Even finally notices. Maybe he’ll be able to put him back together, or at the very least show Isak where his forgotten pieces lie.

  • You Scare Me (And I Love It) by i_once_wrote_a_dream 
    Summary: He’s chill. Except he isn’t when he feels something hit the back of his head. He doesn’t dare look back, but his face is flushed and heat pools around his ears and neck. He sits up straighter and forces himself to rewrite the last sentence. Alternatively, Isak’s got a secret admirer and Even is persistent.

( ✓ - completed fics)

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hey smile, sorry you've been going through some rough stuff lately. you certainly don't deserve it. i just wanted to pop in and let you know that you've made a serious and lasting difference in my life via your writing, and even when you're feeling your worst, it doesn't mean there isn't a kid (or really, kids, because i have several friends who enjoy your work as well) in tennessee who is a better, more positive person because of you. idoag is my go to temporary depression cure. thank u so much

hey dude, thanks so much for this message. 

making stuff has always been one of the main ways i’ve dealt with things. one of the shittiest features of my current depression is that i actually feel too bad to write most of the time (and what i do manage to write, i don’t like at all, bc depression). but it’s nice to be reminded that the stuff i’ve already made hasn’t disappeared, and that there’s no reason to think i won’t be able to eventually get back in a place where i can do it again.

and it is absolutely unreal (in the best possible meaning of the word) to me that my stuff might’ve helped people i’ve never even met. much love to you tennesseeans; wishing you all the best <3

  • adult: so how old are you?
  • me: 18
  • adult: so what do you wanna be when you grow up?
  • me: i don't know/i wanna be [insert something that doesn't even remotely relate to doctors/lawyers]
  • adult: but have you considered being a doctor instead?
  • me: nope.
  • adult: but just think about it...

kindredqueers  asked:

Rin. What's going through Lexa's mind when Clarke has that knife to her throat? Why does she always look at Clarke with that expression, like she knows exactly what Clarke's doing, even if Clarke doesn't? You know the one.

Kindredqueers. Thank you for not asking me about a bald guy.

I know exactly what look you’re referring to. Let’s have a look shall we? (I made this at work :D)

Lexa is thinking about the last time she was this close to Clarke, how it was all about life being more than just surviving. How maybe ‘not yet’ was a promise of something that resembled hope for a life that wasn’t about her duties to her people, but something more.

She’s wondering if there would be any difference to kissing Clarke, or having her throat slit. That they would feel exactly the same and that she deserves one but not the other.  Whether it’s her flesh or her blood that Clarke is after, Lexa will give it to her.

She knows that Clarke won’t do it though, kill her that is, because despite doing what she did at the Mountain, Clarke is still a good person. Lexa will spend the rest of her life trying to make things right with Clarke, she’s not strong enough not to.

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in response to my last ask (the one saying that lucaya is definitely done for) how do you if the writers aren't desperately trying to write themselves out of the triangle by making maya realize that she doesn't like lucas?

Because I’ve been watching Michael Jacobs shows since I was like nine years old, which was during the first Clinton administration. 😂 Not just BMW, either. I watched ZDJJ too. And Dinosaurs. I know his work and his style reallllly well. Almost as well as Vince Gilligan, who I can predict with UNCANNY accuracy even though I haven’t been watching his shows as long.

I promise you, Michael Jacobs & Co are NOT putting Maya Hart through the ringer like this over an emotional mix-up-whoopsie-nevermind. One of the girls isn’t as into Lucas as she thinks she is. And I PROMISE you this right now: it ain’t Maya (although I wouldn’t put it past her to go back into denial for a bit, cue the audience feeling bad for Lucas). I wouldn’t say so if I wasn’t sure. This is me putting my neck on the block.

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Hey :) Do you think that Clarke broke bellamys heart a lil, the way he says ' you left me' just really feels like something broke, she doesn't know how far he was willing to go to save her and then for the last time she walked away from him within two seconds? Do you think Bellamy's more in love with Clarke, I mean I understand that you can have more than one love. Clarke loved Lexa and I do believe Bellamy but maybe not in the same way, she left him and he could've died??!

I do think she broke his heart. Because up until that point (s2 finale) they had constantly been working together. Even when they were separated, they were working together and had each other’s backs. But then they get through this CRAZY ordeal and can finally take a breath, and she leaves him with the responsibility of taking care of their people all on his own. So, yes, I do think that broke his heart a little because after all that’s happened, he was counting on her to be there for him. And of course then the whole 3x02 thing happened and he put everything he felt aside in that moment to focus only on protecting her. He risked his life to find her only to lose her again and feel like he failed her. But then once again they risk everything to go save her in Polis, and she turns her back on all of them one more time. So, yes. His heart broke because what used to be a leveled partnership of shared responsibility and love started seeming one-sided to him, like she had abandoned him and their people and was no longer his partner-in-crime, his one constant that he could always fall back on.

However, I disagree that Bellamy cares more about Clarke than she does about him. I think Bellamy is more openly emotional and expressive. He wears his heart on his sleeve and whatever he feels, he shows transparently through his actions. Clarke, on the other hand, is not expressive at all. She keeps her heart close to her chest and doesn’t let her emotions show unless she is in a very vulnerable headspace. Hence why they are the head and the heart. I think Clarke cares about him just as much as he does about her, but she isn’t as good at showing her emotions outright. She keeps herself guarded and her guard only drops under stressful circumstances. We see her mask slip every time Bellamy is in danger, and that’s how you can see how much she cares about him. For example:

  • When Bellamy is fighting with the grounder in 1x13 and she thinks he’s gonna die, she freaks out. 
  • When she sees him in 2x05 after spending so long thinking he was dead, she literally runs across the camp to attack him with a hug. 
  • When she sends him on the mission to MW, she spends her whole time worrying about him, and then when she hears his voice, she almost falls over in relief. 
  • When they lose contact with him and she sees him at the MW caves in 2x16, she’s again breathless over seeing him alive and okay. 
  • When his life is in danger in 3x02, she completely loses her entire “I’m no one, I don’t care about anything” act in less than 2 seconds and pleads for his life in exchange for hers (because in that moment she still believes Roan is taking her to her death).
  • In 3x03 when he angrily storms off, she has to take a moment to contain herself to keep herself from crying.
  • In 3x05, even though she isn’t on good terms with him, she refuses to turn on Bellamy even when his own sister is condemning him. She cries when she sees how much she’s hurt him (among realizing how much she’s fucked up in general, of course) and is full of relief when she thinks he’s forgiven her.

These were just a few highlights of the times she has shown under high-stakes circumstances how much she cares for him. Just because she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve like Bellamy doesn’t mean she isn’t just as invested in their relationship. I don’t think the way Clarke feels about Bellamy could be compared to anyone else. Their bond is something special and something entirely different than any other relationship on the show.

anonymous asked:

Really, I don't understand how gender works? I'm pretty sure you're the one that doesn't understand, mate. I'm actually trans, are you? Do you even know how gender works? Because it doesn't sound like it. He's called a boy in-game as well as in the OFFICIAL BOOKS. How can you look at that and still say that he's a girl? When Nintendo says he's a boy? lmao not sure what your last point was supposed to be seeing as I said you DO need something to support your claims. And your feelings don't count.

i mean no i dont need anything to support my ‘claims’  because i’m not making claims and link isn’t real

but also:

  1. link is a trans girl being constantly misgendered
  2. link is a girl pretending to be a boy because her society is so patriarchial
  3. link is a nonbinary girl who doesn’t care if ppl use ‘he’ pronouns or calls her a ‘boy’
  4. link is a nonbinary girl who’s chosen pronouns are ‘he/his’ etc.
  5. all the games are actually in hylian: hylians have no conception of male/female in their language and dont differentiate but since it gets translated to english/japanese the interpreters gender everyone and got link wrong
  6. hylian genders are fundamentally different from the western conception of gender: a hylian male is not actually a ‘male’ as we understand the concept ergo link can be a girl
  7. in the same way that all the female sages were turned into ‘wise men’ by the time of LTTP all the link’s have been regendered as ‘male’ because the legends are being distorted over time
  8. in the same way that one of zeldas aids was reincarnated from a woman to a man (see: WW) the same thing happens to link at some point, bam: girl link

i just came up with those off the top of my head; gimme a few hours and i’m sure i could come up with more. seriously its not hard to come up with reasons for why link could be a girl that don’t contradict canon.

you must have a very poor imagination.