the last one :((


In the moment we clashed, the one in control is me
I will manipulate even the weight of this cut-short life

Happy Birthday Chuuya! [29.04]

Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!

I made this drawing of Adrian from Los Brujos  for @pigdemon !! hope you like it

Espero que te guste este dibujo !! Hace tiempo queria hacerte un dibujo pero me daba verguenza  :,D al final decidi hacerlo jajajaja, y dibuje a Adrian por que es demasiado cute <3


She attempted to be casual, said I worked within my limitations, commented something mildly ambiguous about me never writing her a poem. That I do it for strangers, for people I just met, but not for her.

She’s silly. A heart that reflects stars. Petals. Sparks. She reads my blog. She doesn’t even know, all the complicated poems, so much of life’s beauty, angst, passion, glaring ambivalence is because of her. Her looks. Her longings. Her brutal disappointments.


We have to remember they are very strong attacking side, so we need to defend better than we did tonight [against Atalanta]. They are solid around the park, won’t be easy but we are in good shape going into this game.”

 - Paulo’s talks about Wednesday night’s champions league tie against Monaco after the draw against Atalanta on Friday (28.04.17)