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Okay so i’ve been thinking on this for a while now actually and if all Centaurians to end up in their own afterlife i’m sure they get all their features back (i.e. their fins)? Or anything that was taken away from them really. And if its an actual place they go to im sure if there comes a time where Peter and the others need him back they’ll try to get him back from the afterlife? And if Yondu was a royal and a Habaktu he would be highly respected and finally have what was ripped away from him all his life, I can imagine the conflict he’d have between staying with his kind and coming back to be with the Guardians especially when he became an official Ravager

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there are people who actively hate sid and I'm so confused??? what hurt them? sid's golden hockey stick?? lmao

anon, you and me both ok. like, i get that sometimes people dislike someone for no reason, but a lot of the sid haters are just SO intense about it, and try to justify that dislike with the most outlandish claims about him and it just makes no sense???

like, i’m not saying you have to like sidney crosby. but you can’t deny that he’s arguably the best active player and that he’s a downright decent person, especially with all the extra shit he has to put up with.