the last of us joel cosplay


So I met Troy Baker last Saturday.

What a lovely guy! He’s honestly one of the sweetest, funniest, most interactive, and genuine stars I’ve ever met. I saw him perform an acoustic set and his singing was beautiful. He gave a really inspirational speech which really helped me. Then in my photo shoot he was so sweet and got really into the pose and I got to hug him afterwards (he makes me look so tiny!) Later when I met him again at the autograph desk I was still holding my self-made ‘No Pun Intended : Volume Too’  from The Last of Us for my Ellie cosplay when he signed the Joel print for me. He saw it and went “There it is!” as he remembered it from my photo shoot with him and he picked it up and looked through it. I pointed out how I put the jokes in and he was like “Wait you made this? You actually made this?!” and I said “Yeah! I made it from an old quiz book thing I had as a kid. I edited all the cover together and spent last night adding the puns in.” He pointed at the cover and was like “So…” so I explained “It took me forever to line up all the spine, I printed it so many times trying to get it right.” He was so impressed, I didn’t even think it was that wow myself! He was like flipping through it an examining it and then showed it to his wife Pamela who was sat next to him and he was like “Look at this! She made this!!!” and she smiled. I pointed out all the jokes and he quotes one of Joel’s responses to the jokes, I can’t remember which one I think it was either “I don’t know, what?” or “I don’t get it” in the Joel voice and it was amazing. I pointed out the “People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow” as my favourite one and he laughed, he liked it too. AND THEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, HE SIGNED MY JOKE BOOK. I was so stunned (especially since his autograph was £20 so I was getting a second autograph FOR FREE?!?!) and also I could believe how much he liked the joke book and how impressed he was with it!!

He drew the two dots first so I thought he was just gonna draw a smiley face or something but I think he wrote “sigh”, amazing. I love Troy, he’s such a brilliant person to meet. I prepared myself to talk about The Last of Us and how it’s my favourite game and everything but all that went out thewindow and we just geeked out over my book! Best day ever!


Here are some Ellie shots in order since June 21st when I started cosplaying her up to 2 days ago, I’ve done her summer, winter and left behind costume up to date, she’s my favourite character ever and I totally love cosplaying her. My cosplay actually got pretty popular and I got to meet Troy Baker (the voice of Joel) who was totally lovely and sooo kind, he offered to be my Joel as I didn’t have one, Ashley Johnson (voice of Ellie) favourited it a few times on twitter, Neil Druckmann favourited it and so have others involved in the game. So yeah here’s a few timeline pictures. Also; extra bonus, Melissa Hutchinson (voice of Clementine from twdg) favourited it too!


A few weeks back, I told some friends I was going to Comic Con. One replied by asking if such an event was even real or just something they talked about in TV shows.

Dismissing this perception as best I could, I casually mentioned the term “cosplay” as I had planned on dressing up for the con. A few of my friends reacted, “Wait…what’s ‘cosplay?’”

Ok. That I can understand.

There are a few reasons one may dress emphatically as a character or theme to celebrate the popular arts especially at the biggest convention in the country:

1) You are expressing your devotion or adoration toward something to which you are a loyal fan

2) In all honesty, some do it because they love the attention like walking a model runway especially if it’s a character that’s trendy or legendary and if they can make their cosplay extraordinary

3) You enjoy crafting and building. Taking on a project and accomplishing a do-it-yourself makes you enjoy your cosplay and self-expression character all the more

Personally, I cosplay for reason 1 as the drive, reason 3 as the growth process, and 2 is the consolation.

There’s more to it: Community. This weekend my friends and I were able to shake hands, take pics and mingle not only fellow cosplayers and fans who share similar interests, but also the creators of the characters whom we were portraying. Contact information was exchanged, and the anticipation of meeting up again at future cons has begun.

Sadly, there are those who take this pastime too far not being able to separate the fantasy from reality, however most of the population deems it as fun.

It’s just fun.

Moreover, this is not merely a costume nor is it a holiday celebration. It is an expression of a loyalty to a comic book, movie, video game, TV show, etc.

Also, like any other activity, it’s more enjoyable when you do it with others and share creative ideas.

By the way, cosplay = costume + (role)play