the last of us


Looking for more blogs to follow!!

especially blogs that post gifs/basically any content from video games, so I’m going to do a huge list of video games I’d love to see more of on my dash!

-The Last of Us
-Alien Isolation
-Life is Strange (I already have a lot of it on my dash but there’s never enough )
-The Walking Dead game (both seasons, you know what even the tv show too )
-Tales of The Borderlands (ehh keep in mind that if you don’t tag the episodes along with spoilers I won’t follow/might un-follow I’ve only seen eps 1-3 so yep )
-Beyond Two Souls
-Anything Assassin’s Creed
-Fallout 4
-The Evil Within
-Undertale (because why not)

aa that’s all I can really think of right now :0
just fav/reblog this post if you do! and I’ll follow/check out your blog


I joked that I was surprised that (Neil Druckmann) saw that ending as more hopeful, given that Joel had still stolen away humanity’s hope for a cure and killed a lot of people in the process. He’s a monster, he’s lying to her! And she believes him? That’s a hopeful ending?
Druckmann laughed. “Is that how you saw him, as a monster?”
I said, “I mean, a sympathetic monster, but sure! He did monstrous things!”

To which Druckmann replied, “Yeah. But who didn’t in this world?