the last of three

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can i request jinyoung from got7 for the 100 ways to make me feel small thing?

» Have me complete chores

» Jinyoung (GOT7)

» 082/100 ways to make me feel small

You sat with the legs crossed in the middle of the living room floor as if you were student while you look up at Jinyoung while he stood beside your standing white board, marking off the chores that needed to be done around your shared villa written in colorful markers.

Jinyoung mumbled each chore to himself before drawing a black check mark in the little box before each one. You were surprised at how much you two had gotten accomplished with only half the day gone by, but you didn’t hesitate to note your exhaustion.

“Okay,” your beau took in a sharp hiss as a hand went to his chin while his eyes scanned through the rest of the list, “what next?”

“Nap time?” you suggested while tipping over and eventually lied down on the clean wooden floor.

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Please don't hate me for this but, honestly even though I don't ship shaladin, I think some people need to calm down abt it, like if someone makes good art but they're a shaladin that shouldn't mean you get rid of their art and not let them be able to get out there? And I understand that some shaladins can be overbearing or annoying, but we all love Voltron and that's what makes us a fandom and we shouldn't be fighting over something so stupid, why can't we just get a long and forget about it?

I refuse to support people who think it’s perfectly fine for someone around my brother’s age to date a grown ass adult who should know better than to go for kids in the first place

how to fall in rarepair hell

1. Consider the pairing 

2. Laugh at how unlikely it is (and at yourself for even considering)

3. Sudden realization

4. “maybe I should check ao3″

5. “i probably won’t find it that good”

6. “no, i don’t love it, it’s just interesting”

7. “OK but it’s still not my OTP what’s the big deal”

8. it’s 5 am and you have reblogged all those 1000 year old posts from the bottom of tumblr

9. you regret all your life choices 


You didn’t kill Mary. Mary died saving your life. It was her choice. No one made her do it. No one could ever make her do anything but the point is, you did not kill her.

In saving my life, she conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend.

You need to stop crying because if you start crying then I’m gonna start crying, and you’re gonna start crying even harder!
—  Jared Kleinman to Evan Hansen, in the D.C. production of Dear Evan Hansen, during “Sincerely, Me”