the last of the savages


“What?” Felicity incredulously asked Oliver.

“Uh…I got a reset when we were in Central City last year fighting Vandal Savage. I could have changed the outcome of what eventually happened between us. You broke up with me the first time and I didn’t want to go through it again.”

They were in the bunker when Oliver decided to come clean on his bone-headedness. Oliver thought it would be a good way to show Felicity that he had learned all about inclusion, at least enough to tell her the truth about this little oversight. He told her at their fake wedding that she could ask him not to love her, but he would never lie to her again. So in a sense, now that they were finally reaching out to one another, Oliver thought it was a good time to bring her all in. He may have miscalculated. Felicity glared at him, a glare that was scarier now that she had made her dark journey and became stronger for it. She was still empathic, but if you decided to hold back on her, especially something as effecting as this was in her life, she would eat your lunch for you.

Oliver waited for her to get up and storm out of the room. He was the only one who could still make her completely lose her mind. Now that he told her that he could have avoided the whole break-up by simply telling her about William at the start instead of hiding it and creating all the pain and angst and sense of losing themselves in the darkness, they would probably be married right now and Oliver and Felicity would have had a year of happiness under their belts.

“Oliver…” Felicity started to respond. She stopped herself and Oliver imagined her doing her 3,2,1, countdown in her head. Suddenly, Felicity’s features softened and she said, “Oliver, you are an asshole. But I don’t care. You told me when we came back to Star City from Ivy Town that you didn’t care that I lied to you about helping the team behind your back. Remember?”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah, I remember. I meant it too.”

Felicity nodded back. “I thought about that conversation a lot when we were going through our break-up. My lie was not as gouging and complex as yours, but it was still a lie.”

Oliver kept silent. He could feel the delicate balancing act both of them were performing.  He gave her a tentative smile. “Felicity, your white lie did not devastate me in the same way mine did to you. It’s not a good comparison.”

“Who said I was comparing anything,” Felicity shot at him. “I’m just saying that I understand some of the hypocrisy in it. I don’t want you to think that just because I told a little fib, that you might think that I might think that your lie was just a fib too.”

Oliver shook his head. ‘Felicity, it wasn’t even close. You left me after my lie. I gave you a hug and took you home later that day and made love to you, after yours.”

Felicity smiled at him. “Oliver, we are past this now. I am glad that you told me about Central City and Barry’s going back in time to save us all…and to give us a second chance. Although, I am a little disappointed that you chose not to listen to him when he tried to warn you about messing with time.”

“Yeah, that was kind of stupid. But you know me, or knew me, back then. I was still a wreck. That frigging island really did a number on me.”

“Oliver, you’re home now. No more island. And if I even get a hint that you ever start to drift back to it, I will kick you Green Arrow ass.”

Oliver gave her a huge smile. “That’s not just an idle threat anymore,” he told her. “I’ve seen your punch. I think it will just be easier on me if I am just a good boy.”

“Damn straight,” Felicity said to him. “Now come here and kiss me and tell me you love me. And make me believe it.”

Oliver was starting to like this whole inclusion thing.

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Another random idea for mchanzo that I had after looking at some noodle shimada dragons fan comics and I really like the dragons-are-rad-scarves-unless-it-hates-you concept. I’m too lazy to redraw hanzo for the last panel. lel

Hanzo’s having fun messing with jesse. Savage hanzo is savage.
And merry x’mas to everybody! :3 


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