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On 4 April, 2009, an 11-year-old boy and his 10-year-old brother led two boys, one who was 11-years-old and the other who was 9-years-old, to a steam in Edlington, South Yorkshire. The two boys claimed they wanted to show the other two boys some toads. When they arrived at the decided location, the brothers unleashed unimaginable torture on the two youngsters.

They were bitten, battered with bricks, stabbed with sharpened branches, strangled with barbed wire, forced to walk on and eat glass, and burnt. In addition, the young boys were forced to carry out sexual acts on one another. The sadistic brothers even stubbed out lit cigarettes in their open wounds and poked sticks into their sores. A discarded sink was dropped onto the older boy’s head while the duo stamped on the young boys genitals and burnt their eyelids and ears.

When they became too “tired” to carry on with the vicious attack, they left them to die in the stream. Miraculously, the 9-year-old managed to pull himself up and crawl to help. His 11-year-old friend said: “I can’t see and I can’t move my body. You go, and I’ll just die here,” but when the 9-year-old found help, the first thing he told them was to go and save his friend. Both young boys survived but with physical and psychological scars that will last a lifetime. The man who found the younger boy, caked in blood, said “his neck had been sliced open from ear to ear. Lord knows what with.“

“The Torture Brothers” as they became known filmed the entire ordeal on their mobile phones, which was entered as evidence during their trial. They were sentenced to an indeterminate period in custody with a minimum of five years, and in December of 2016, they were granted lifelong anonymity. They have since been released.

The Maiden and the Scoundrel

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Prompt: #63 Historical AU: Katniss has been engaged to Peeta’s older brother since they were children, but upon meeting a Capitolite, the groom-to-be breaks the engagement, leaving Katniss devastated and feeling rejected. To avoid more scandal and losing K’s dowry, the Mellark’s hurry to offer a new betrothal to their youngest son. Neither P or K are very happy about the new arrangement, P is a known womanizer and K is too puritanical. They gradually fall in love… make it as smutty as you like :) (submitted by @alliswell21)

Rating: M

Trigger warnings: arranged marriage, mentions of slavery, heavy drinking (drunk!Peeta)

A/N: I had the absolute best intentions to get this story done by the EFE deadline, but alas, it’s not finished. This is the first chapter, more to come. This was an amazing prompt and I have loved revisiting some of my favorite Jane Austen stories for inspiration. I have more in store for these two.

Betaing magic and much needed moral support by the incomparable @xerxia31. @alliswell21, thanks for this wonderfuul prompt, I hope I do it justice. @javistg, thanks so much for this fantastic challenge and opportunity to collaborate!

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  • Natsu: so um
  • Natsu: *points at condom that's on the ground dramatically* WHO'S IS THIS
  • Gray: has to be yours cause I heard y'all last night
  • Natsu: uh no. i go in for the kill
  • Gray: NASTY. I didn't make her go drip drip cause she wasnt here to go drip drip so *turns to jellal and gajeel*
  • Jellal: I didn't buy her cake so she hasn't let me hit for the past couple of days
  • Gajeel: I am a child of God so no
  • The boys: why the fuck you lying. why you always lying. mmmmmohmygod
  • Natsu: so who's is it
  • Laxus: *walks by* *looks at it*
  • Laxus: all shit freed didn't throw it out
  • Rest of the guys: WHAT??!??
  • Laxus: *smirks*
  • Freed: *limps by* oh hey you guys!!!
Fandoms as aesthetics

Sherlock: nimble fingers plucking at violin strings slowly and deliberately, a cold and exhilarating night run, green tea and black coffee.

Doctor who: galaxies in the night sky, displaying awesome colors of dark teal and brilliant gold, wind rushing though your hair, child-like joy and wonder.

Supernatural: classical rock blaring out of an old car radio with windows down, old books being flipped open and the dust rushing out of them, water splashed onto your face in the morning.

Night Vale: the hot, out of place desert air blowing through your window as you drift to sleep, the oddly comforting yet terrifying sense that darkness can bring, a soft and deep voice soothing your troubled mind and soul.

Homestuck: 5 hour phone conversations, fast paced and relentless beat that forces you to dance, a long, foggy road with twists and turns that lead you in the wrong direction and back again.

Pokemon: camping trips with friends, discovering something new every single day, fresh grass, morning dew, the elation of victory and the heart crushing burn of defeat.

Merlin: confident queens wearing velvet gowns decorated in golden chains and an air of nobility, the harsh clang of metal against metal, true friendship that lasts through centuries.

Ouran: elegant chandeliers made of silver and crystal, soft sky blue suits that make rustling sounds as they brush together, sweet strawberry cake, ice sculptures, the fluttering of cherry petals as they drift aimlessly in the breeze.

Hetalia: nights shared around a table, friends sharing drinks as they talk about trivial things: Friday night plans, stories from their pasts, work. Playing pool in the basement, throwing darts at the board and missing horribly, song and laughter in an otherwise empty and bleak world.

Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit: the delicious smell of fresh bread, the satisfying crunch as you spilt it in half. Cheery taverns and towns with cobbled roads, mischievous children stealing things they’re not supposed to.

Legend of Zelda: solitary journeys. Music lightly played on an ocarina, creatures of magic trapped inside glass bottles, the moon’s cooling rays shining upon you and the sun generously giving you light to bask in.

Percy Jackson: waves lapping calmly at a white sand beach, teenagers laughing by day and singing campfire songs by night. Wildflowers, grilled food, wine, scents that shouldn’t go together but do.

Harry Potter: dark, looming forests full of monsters and sprites. Dusty books with forbidden secrets, white magic swirling like snow, the feathered wings of owls soaring high above the tree tops.

X files: the click of high heels in hallways illuminated only by fluorescent lights, mysterious sounds when you’re home alone, losing yourself in something you love.

Gravity falls: adventure. Flashlights shining into dark caves, blowing out your candle in the dark and trusting, hoping that nothing is there, scary stories told by the light of a dying fire.

Ib: an old art gallery with paintings of all kinds, wandering through hallways alone, the feeling that someone is watching you, yet knowing that you are indeed by yourself.

Avengers: old, forgotten spells contained in books written in Nordic runes, helicopter blades whirling quickly, the adrenaline of combat thick in your blood.

Portal: laboratories with white walls and bubbling test liquids contained in glass flasks. Logic and math, ambiguity heavy in the air.

Avatar/legend of korra: calloused hands working on a farm, meditating on a cliff facing a roaring sea, friends watching the sunset together. Rebellion and standing up for what is right.

Add your fandoms.

mollymerula  asked:

what's your favorite: dog breed, FMA ep, kind of tea, kind of coffee, dessert, breakfast, weather, and season!

*rubs hands together* Lets Go

  • Maltese and also Pomeranian I want one so bad
  • The One Where Ed Gets Stabbed asdflkj Actually its ep46, Looming Shadows. Its when Ed and Winry meet back up, which is hilarious and also that one scene with Greedling. Also. Everyones Beautiful.
  • I actually?? Don’t like tea?? I wish I did.
  • Where its 99% sugar/cream 1% coffee askjdlfkj
  • LORD So Many. Last week I ate angel food cake and strawberries like. Every day tho. I don’t get to indulge that enough
  • Actually. I ate that cake and strawberries for breakfast a lot so I mean?? Lmao other than that tho: Pancakes and home fries Holy Shit
  • Aaaaaa I love it when its like? Temp in the mid60s, sunny and theres a breeze (like today!) Also Thunderstorms alkjdf I Love
  • and Spring !!!! I live for spring when i can wear sundresses and the weathers not too hot (and Slightly fewer bugs than summer lmao)

Thank you Birthday girl !! :D


Game of Thrones 

Orange is the New Black

Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Air bender 

Attack on Titan

Harry Potter

Hunger Games


YouTubers Such As: Mianite, omgitsFireFoxx, ldshadowlady, Emma Blackerry, Dan and Phil, ect.





Dragon Age

Mass Effect  

Taylor Swift

Fall Out Boy


Angel Beats

Sailor Moon

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we walk
hand in hand
away from the world we built
that is burning.

yours are blistered
where chemical flames licked your skin
and mine are cut from the glass of the windows
we broke with our fists.

you are my last love
and i buckle you into the passenger seat
drive until the sky turns dark, light, dark again.

you sleep until the second light
when the dawn colors the sky muted and sunbleached
and you reach across the console
to touch your thumb to the dimple of my chin,
to put your hand through my hair
which is still caked with mud.

your lips make words
your hands make words
our bodies, sentences
coming together in ways that do not make sense.
i wear your shirt home and do not think about fire again.
you leave with a grin and a two fingered salute.

two nights, two dawns, 
then we start again.
me in the passenger seat, this time.
you with mud caked in your hair
hands still raw.

—  “regress” - b.i.s.

Sooooooo, Tenka’s Ai no Ran Christmas battle event split the 12 samurais into six unusual pairings, right. And their bonus chibi (which requires you to feed each lord 850 cakes to unlock) is choir /carolling angel above *squeals*. 

Looking at the chibis I wonder why some of them sing and some just ring a bell (hahahah) then I realised that if you pair them with the classic pairing above, each pair consists of a bell ringer and a carolling angel, fufufufu ^^

Last three images were screencap of the rich and fabulous Tenka player who have managed to get these chibis despite the fact that the battle just started 36 hours ago. Oh, oh yes, starting with this battle you can have two chibis in your castle! There are Santa and Rudolph chibis too as ranking prize. The way this game demands your money is insane and effective


notenoughgatorade  asked:

"you are a tolerable drunk" orrrrr "don't even bother with clothes" - zimbits :>>>>

omg let me take a stab at writing check please, i’m excited and also v. nervous.

It’s an average Saturday night at the Haus. There’s an epic pong tournament going down (Shitty and Ransom vs Lardo and Holster), and as can be expected Lardo is killin’ it. The Frogs are holding court in the kitchen, surrounded by the girls’ volleyball team and telling big stories about their hockey accomplishments (Bitty loves Dex and Nursey, but they are so competitive and start telling tall tales and it usually ends in a fight). A bunch of other guys from the team are milling about, chatting up the sorority girls that came from who knows where and trading glares with Lacrosse team that seems to think they’re crashing. Bitty invited them himself, so he’s not really sure if it counts as crashing anymore. 

Most importantly, Bitty is sitting on the disgusting couch right next to the one any only Jack Zimmermann. Jack smells like old spice and a little like sweat and a whole lot like winter and Bitty’s consumed enough of Lardo’s dangerously sweet sangria that he’s considering asking him about that. Because honestly, how can a person smell like winter and ice? That’s not actually a thing. 

Instead, Bitty takes another sip of his third fourth fifth sangria, regarding Jack thoughtfully over the rim of the red solo cup. Jack seems to be quietly amused, his lips lifting just slightly and his eyes crinkling in the corners. He smiles across the room at Shitty before turning those baby blues on Bitty, continuing to smile fondly. It makes Bitty all warm and gooey inside, like the chocolate lava cake they had at Winter Screw last year. Good lord, he is so gone on this boy.

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psh yeah I totally followed the prompt yeah totally definitely

just kidding i cheated a lot srry

-birthday surprise-

pairing: gruvia (duh)

summary: “I love you, Stripper.”

sidenote : how I imagine –>this<– au series when they all grown up


“…Happy birthday Juvia!” Lucy cheered, and suddenly my apartment lights flickered on to reveal a small cast of my friends crowded around my kitchen table, an ice cream cake decoratively placed in the center.

I, of course, was comically pushed up against the wall in a defensive position, embarrassed that I had actually thought someone had broke into my apartment. I saw the door open and immediately assumed I was under attack, I guess. Under attack b Lucy’s affection, more like.

“We love you, Juvi-bean!” Lucy cackled, squishing her cheek up next to mine and blowing some tiny bubbles in my face.

“Hurry up already, the cake is melting!” I heard Erza bark from somewhere behind Evergreen.

“Good lord, save the cake!” I cried, mostly just to humor Erza.

Levy began cutting out tiny pieces, per Lucy’s instructions, apparently we were all collectively on some diet she had recently invented, or something.

“Come on, come on, Juvia, you have to open presents now! Mine’s the best!” Lucy insisted, yanking my arm around like she had just assumed it was already dislocated and could move every-which-way.

“Calm down, I haven’t even gotten cake yet,” I insisted, hoping to put a small delay on Lucy’s excitement. Last year she had gotten me a double date with her and Natsu, which hadn’t turned out well, at all. As in, a restaurant burned down and I’m pretty sure Natsu was formally charged with aggravated assault. Not sure how it all quite happened, but it did, and I will be forever wary of Lucy’s impending presents.

”Hurryup. Hurryup. Hurryup. Hurryup.” She repeated robotically as I ate, slow as syrup. I had enough time to converse with my friends before Lucy finally did manage to drag me to the front of the room for my ceremonial birthday gifting, or whatever she calls it.

“Ladies and gentlemen – presenting Juvia Lockser on her twenty-third birthday, looking not a day over fifteen-“

Ok, wow Lucy. Way too young.

“-stunning as ever. We all came here to celebrate another day, in her god-given life,” Lucy pretended to wipe a tear dribbling down her cheek. “Happy birthday Juvia. I love you the most.”

“She’s lying!” Erza yelled, just to piss off Lucy.

“-Oh whatever Erza, you’re only here because of Dairy Queen!” lucy smarted, before looking down at me evilly. “and now, without further ado…”

Lucy’s cool hands slipped behind the back of my neck and flipped my hair over the back of my shoulders gently.

“Close your eyes~” she whispered creepily, and for a short second I thought back to the time I had tricked her into thinking Erza and I were lesbian lovers. No Lucy! I don’t swing that way, I swear-

The blindfold brought silence to my world of sight and immediately I regretted even coming home. Even sleeping on the park bench would’ve been better than whatever the hell was about to go down.

I let myself be dragged outsie my apartment, and down a flight of stairs, I think, and into another apartment, Lucy’s, I suspected.

“Have fuuuunn!” I heard Lucy prattled, spinning me into the room and slamming the door shut behind me. I scrambled to tear off my blindfold, only to find that the room I was now locked in was still pitch black.

“What the hell-“ I fumbled for a light switch and failed, making hand-slapping noises that resonated through the empty apartment.

At least, I assumed it was empty.

My eyes blinked fervently to adjust to the darkness, and soon enough I could make out shapes and blobs of furniture. That didn’t stop me from slamming my toes into a counter.

Ow, son of a-“

I felt a hand slip over my mouth and I bit it instinctively.

“Juvia, jesus what the hell is wrong with you!”

The hand pulled away. “Sorry. I thought you were Hannibal Lector.”

Gray sighed. “Oh yeah, happy birthday Juvia! We brought you an iconic cannibal! Have fun!”

“Very funny, but we’’re talking about Lucy here. Anything could happen.” I reasoned smartly. “Where’s the light switch?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you,” he admitted. “We’re here to have some fun…”

Even with the lights out, I could perfectly picture his fingers wiggling dramatically.

“Did you bring Mario Kart?” I asked hopefully.

No,” he answered, most likely scowling. “Even better.

I heard a scarping sound, like when a seven year old rips the Velcro off of their sneakers on their way indoors.

“…What the hell was that?”

I could hear Gray grinning.

“Lucy bought them for me.” He explained partly, followed by another similar sound.

“That doesn’t-“

“She paid me twenty bucks to do this.”

“Gray, what-“

Another Velcro sound.

“Gray, what the hell is happening!” I demanded, reaching blindly for something to grab, like his throat. He easily swatted me away with a patient ­tut-tut-tut.

“No touching, not yet…” He jeered. Another Velcro sound. I almost screamed.

“Gray, if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m gonna start screaming.” I threatened. Another Velcro sound.

“One.” I counted.


“Two,” I continued.


“Three,” I said with finality, reathing in to let out a nice scream, only to have y mouth be met by his hand once again.

“Sh-h, goodness, you’ll give the neighbors a heart attack,” he warned. “Don’t worry, I’m almost done…”

“Gray, this is creepy as fuck, tell me what’s going on or-“


“Aaaand, all done!” He announced, one of his hands winding around my waist and pressing my body up against his.

“Ah! What the fuck, Gray is that your junk?!” I screeched, pushing him away from me with impressive force.

“Heh-heh. No, that’s the sock puppet I keep in my front pocket.”

Gross, if you think this is romantic, you’re dead wrong, you crackbab-“

He put something I  my hand made out of cloth and I realized he wasn’t lying about the sock puppet. It was filled with cotton balls and I stifled the urge to laugh out loud.

“Gray…” I asked testily.


“Are you…naked?”


“How naked?”

“Fifth base.”

“What sport has five bases?”

“Love, Juvia. Love has five bases.”

Coming to an odd conclusion, I spoke again. “Gray…were you just wearing stripper pants?”

“I told you Lucy gave them to me.” He answered. “They were freakishly comfortable, but I’m kind of afraid to find out who had them before me.”

“Stop.” I advised, loosening my grip on his shoulders and relaxing into him.

“I really don’t think you want me to, birthday girl…” he rasped, and I felt something poke my collarbone gently.

“Did you just lick me?”

“Shut up! I’m trying to be sexy.” He whined.

“…But you totally just licked me!”

“You taste like lavender.”

“You’re really sweaty.”

“You love me.” He accused, lifting me off my feet so I was hovering inches off the ground, his hands firmly wrapped around my thighs and the front of my legs squishing against his inevitably bare chest.

“A little bit, yeah.”

“You love me a lot. You obsess over me. You write Mrs. Gray Fullbuster all over your journals-“

“What journals?”

“-And you dream about ravishing me, and you always want to impress me-“

Ravishing? Are we talking about me, or Jellal?”

“-say it.”

“Say what?” I inquired, pressing my finger against what I assumed was his lips. It was still dark, so I only got the confirmation I deserved when he licked my finger.

“You know.” He hinted almost shyly.

“I love you, Stripper.”

“Knew it.”

“You’re mean.”

“You’re heavy.” He tossed me up to regain a better grip on my legs. “…you do know there’s a reason why Lucy locked us in here, right?”

“Sure do,” I responded, swooping down and kissing his forehead. I was aiming for his lips, but close enough anyways.

He threw me over his shoulder like a sack of old potatoes and strolled towards the bedroom. And the only thing keeping us from it was a few run-ins with the wall, and the coffee table and the couch.


they are dork dork dorky dorks in bed and u know it.

EXO reaction to their girlfriend’s birthday

Omo anon!! Happy birhday! We all wish you the best! <3 Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Teases you with eating the cake before you blow the candles*

Kris: *Spends the day with you* “I love you my star”

Sehun: *Is more excited than you* “Wahhh it’s your birthday love!”

Tao: “Where’s the cake jagi?” *He ate it last night thinking it was for him*

Kai: “Today was her birthday?! Oh lord…!” *Tries not to panic*

Xiumin: *Throws you a party in the theme park* “I hope you enjoy this Y/N. I love you!”

Baekhyun: *Throws a special party for you*

Luhan: “Jagi Happy Birthday! I love you!” *Takes you to a nice date*

Chen: *Get’s ready for today. He is going to make this the best birthday of your life*

Kyungsoo: *Sings happy birthday to you in front of everyone during an EXO concert* “Happy birthday my love”

Lay: *Acts like he doesn’t know anything, but actually is throwing you a surprise party* “Bird…day..? So today all the birds sing??”

Suho: *Even tho he is on tour, he sends you a very sweet video wishing you happy birthday* “ I wish I was there jagi..”

One sentence prompts:

• “I know that you love me but we should go to the hospital because I think I tasted peanut butter and im allergic to peanuts”

• “oh my god please don’t kill me, but I accidentally might have just ate the last piece of your favorite cake”

• “ I called you fifteen times and you didn’t answer because you clogged my toilet!?”

• “ did you just quote Lord of the Rings while we’re having sex?”

• “you were laughing? I thought you were choking!”

• “I swear to god, if you don’t stop wearing that Mexican Fiesta Dinosaur costume I will actually stab you.”


• “if you pick rainbow road one more time, I’m breaking up with you.”

• “do you want to fight, because I will actually fight you.”

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons of the Seven on a road trip? (Honestly, I can see Leo being the one who changes the radio station and is always singing along. Very loudly.) :)

  • Percy organizes a trip to Yosemite for Grover’s birthday! (and by that I mean he told Annabeth they should do it so she organized it) 
  • It’s only a 3 hour drive from Camp Jupiter but they’re all super psyched for it and the ensuing camping trip 
  • they pack food like they’re gonna be driving for weeks tho 
  • Jason starts out driving but Piper says something flirty that distracts him so he swerves and gets voted out of the driver seat 
  • Annabeth is up next and Percy throws his hands up to everyone and is like “don’t worry I’m not nearly as good a flirt as Mclean” 
  • Leo keeps reaching into the front to change the radio station so he gets pushed to the back of the SUV and when no one can agree on what they should listen to they hand Frank the aux cord cause he’s the only calm one 
  • “I’m gonna play my mix tape for all of you. It’s straight fire.” 
  • everyone freezes and exchanges confused glances 
  • “just kidding I’m gonna play Fall Out Boy” 
  • the entire car erupts in laughter and Frank blushes because of the attention 
  • Leo claps Frank on the shoulder “I didn’t know you had it in you, Zhang.”
  • the rest of the car ride is spent jamming to FOB and coming up with names for Frank’s imaginary mixtape 
  • the weekend of camping and hiking is tons of fun, especially since there are no monsters that bother them 
  • Thalia shows up on the last night with a couple of other Hunters under the guise of a hunt but really she just wanted to see her brother and best friend
  • Grover gets a Vegan birthday cake with aluminum candles from some near by nature spirits more than happy to help celebrate the Lord of the Wild 
  • the drive back to Camp Jupiter is a calm one
  • Frank drives and Hazel keeps him company in the front seat while everyone else naps 
  • Juniper, Grover, Percy and Annabeth are all huddled up in the back
  • Leo, Piper and Jason in the middle 
  • they cruise to the smooth sounds of 1920′s jazz 
  • when they arrive at Camp Jupiter, the fauns have a nature festival in the name of Faunus (Pan) waiting
  • Grover says it’s the best birthday he’s ever had 

thanks for being patient with this one, love. I hope it was worth the wait :) xxx 

Carry Me
  • Chung(Iron Paladin): *lifts Ara* Tada~
  • Ara(Sakra Devanam): Woah! Chung, you're so strong~
  • Ciel(Dread Lord): Hey! I'm strong, too!
  • Raven(Veteran Commander): Oh yeah? I would like to see you try!
  • Ciel: You bet I will! *looks for someone to carry*
  • Add (Diabolic Esper): *passes by eating cake*
  • Ciel: Found you! *suddenly carries Add, bridal style*
  • Add: ???! Ciel, I'm eating--
  • Ciel: See? I'm strong too!
  • Chung: Please, Add's so light!
  • Ciel: Nu-uh! He gained weight! The last time I carried him, he literally was as light as a feather!
  • Raven: Wait.. so you're saying.. you carried him before?!
  • Ciel: *winks*
  • Chung and Ara: Ooooohhh~
  • Add: *eats his cake with comfort*

anonymous asked:

Young and awkard 15 year old percabeth had been fighting but they get trapped in an elevator for like two hours so they have to talk. Could you make headcanons or a fic about that? Thank you! You are the best and I love your blog! Have a nice day!

  • they had been arguing all day long
  • what it started over, no one could tell you (except the Aphrodite girls will tell you it’s because Percy brought up Rachel when Annabeth was clearly trying to get him to ask her out)
  • all anyone knew was that when it got this bad it was best to just stay as far away as possible
  • they argued as they climbed the rock wall
  • they argued as they sparred
  • they even argued about their arguing while both arguing with Clarisse
  • then they got a note summoning them to some random building to run an errand for Hermes  
  • they argued the entire time they were in the van about the origin of seat belts and which streets Argus should take in case of traffic
  • when they got into the elevator they finally were giving each other a break
  • until the elevator jerked to a halt
  • screaming for help was interrupted by screaming at each other
  • when they were told that the fire station was on its way they each took a corner of the elevator to pout
  • “Is there a god of elevators we pissed off or something?”
  • “A god of elevators? Really?”
  • “Yeah, because that would just be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen, huh Annabeth?”
  • she rolled her eyes and glared at the wall 
  • they were so busy arguing that they didn’t hear that the firefighters had even arrived 
  • two hours later they were freed from the elevator 
  • they approached the board room they had bene trying to get to all along and at the other end of the room sat Lord Hermes 
  • “I haven’t seen a fight like that since the last time Ares and Aphrodite broke up” Hermes offered with a chuckle
  • Percy and Annabeth, red and sweaty from being stuffed in the elevator, just glared 
  • Hermes explained that he needed their opinion on the font for his new logo 
  • “Are you serious?” Percy asked 
  • “You’re the two demigods I trust most, of course I’m serious!” 
  • Percy turned to Annabeth, “Mom called me this morning and said she’s making lasagna for dinner and strawberry short cake for desert, wanna come over?” 
  • “Hell yes.” 
  • they turned and left without a second consideration of Hermes 
  • he just waved goodbye and shook his head, “Zeus Almighty, I can’t wait for those two to finally get together.” 
Sebastian's New Years' Pun #1
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> -Right after turning 12am-<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> Young master?<p/><b>Ciel:</b> What is it Sebastian?<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> Do you remember when we were sitting here last year? I remember it as if it happened no more than 5 minutes ago. *sighs dramatically*<p/><b>Ciel:</b> ...<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> You were sitting on that same chair, wearing the same clothes, and I was standing right here, in the same spot, and we were discussing a case for the queen while you were asking for a chocolate cake, just like the one next to you, and it's very good I bet! *fixes collar* Obviously! And you-<p/><b>Ciel:</b> Sebastian?<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> Yes, young master?<p/><b>Ciel:</b> Shut up.<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> Of course, my lord.<p/></p><p/></p>

Music Picks of 2015. The music that I listened to most, liked best, discovered, or had stuck in my head the most in 2015. In no particular order.

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1. Cake by the Ocean - DNCE 2. Don’t Say You Love Me - M2M 3. Drag Me Down - One Direction 4. Glitterball - Ella Henderson (Sigma ft. Ella Henderson) 5. Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld 6. Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet 7. Braveheart - Neon Jungle 8. Just a Little - Play 9. Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon 10. Worth It - Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink 11. All You Had to Do Was Stay - Taylor Swift 12. Hair - Little Mix 13. On My Mind - Ellie Goulding 14. Girls’ Mind - Play 15. I Wish You Would - Taylor Swift 16. History - One Direction 17. I Won’t - Little Mix 18. Ahh Oop! (아훕!) - Mamamoo ft. eSNa 19. Ain’t Got Time - M.O 20. Always Love - Tom Mann 21. Backtrack - Rebecca Ferguson 22. Blank Space (Live Acoustic Taylor Swift Cover) - Stereo Kicks 23. Body Talk - Foxes 24. Cherry Gum - Dolly Style 25. Choose You - Charlie Jones 26. Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato 27. Gibberish - Sweet Suspense 28. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko 29. History of Girl Groups - The Janes 30. Hole in My Heart - Luke Friend 31. I Do - Only the Young 32. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello 33. Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet 34. I’m in Love with a Monster! - Fifth Harmony 35. La La Love - TP4Y 36. Love Me So - Stereo Kicks 37. Lush Life - Zara Larsson 38. M.F.P.O.T.Y. - Cher Lloyd 39. Magnets - Lorde (Disclosure ft. Lorde) 40. Marcher au Soleil - Tal 41. Crosstalk Love Song Medley - Tom Mann & Barclay Beales 42. Preach - M.O 43. Sax - Fleur East 44. Something New - Girls Aloud 45. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde

author-of-sin  asked:

For the love of all that's sacred, please write more of the Noble!Solas/Lavellan story. It is a brilliant AU I've not seen before and would love to indulge far more in. Also, I adore your writing style, so to have you write it is quite the enjoyable side benefit. <3

A/N: Oh my…you like my side benefits? Give me a moment to collect myself, if you would. While I collect myself, here’s something I typed up! Enjoy. 

Time For Tea:

Taking tea was hardly ever a scandalous affair, especially when one took tea with agreeable hosts and mutual acquaintances that took delight in light conversation. It was not like dancing, where one’s hand could brush in places that were not-so appropriate, neither was it hunting where couples could incidentally become separated from the group and fall into actions of an indiscreet sort. Yes, tea was an agreeable time for all. It was safe, and was pleasant.

It was not quite so agreeable, however, when tea was taken with Orlesians.

“Oh, Lord Solas, truly you must tell me of this flower that you’re so taken with!” The Lady Nightingale sat on the divan, and her bright and dangerous eyes pinned Lupa to her seat. Lupa uncomfortably sipped her own tea, trying to dispel the snakes that were busy writhing in her stomach. From beside her, Lord Solas set his small plate of finger sandwiches down.

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royalscarlet05  asked:

Hi, hope I'm not bothering you or anything, but do you think sweetsleep is related to any real life plant or medicine? Most of the poisons, and concoctions in ASOIAF I can connect at least to some real life substance, except for Sweetsleep which seems to have no real life equivalent, as far as I can tell. Is it maybe not even a plant but a mixture of several things, seeing as it is a poison? Is there even enough information on it in the text to even haphazard a guess?

Certainly you’re not bothering me, I love questions like this. :) Let’s see, what do we know about sweetsleep:

“Sweetsleep is the gentlest of poisons,” the waif told [Arya], as she was grinding some with a mortar and pestle. “A few grains will slow a pounding heart and stop a hand from shaking, and make a man feel calm and strong. A pinch will grant a night of deep and dreamless sleep. Three pinches will produce that sleep that does not end. The taste is very sweet, so it is best used in cakes and pies and honeyed wines. Here, you can smell the sweetness.”

–AFFC, Cat Of The Canals (Arya III)

“Give his lordship a cup of sweetmilk,” she told the maester. “That will stop him from shaking on the journey down.”
“He had a cup not three days past,” Colemon objected.
“And wanted another last night, which you refused him.”
“It was too soon. My lady, you do not understand. As I’ve told the Lord Protector, a pinch of sweetsleep will prevent the shaking, but it does not leave the flesh, and in time…”

–AFFC, Alayne II (Sansa III)

I’ve tried researching a bit, and sweetsleep doesn’t appear to have any exact real world equivalent. (I don’t think most of ASOIAF’s poisons or medicines have an exact correlation to the real world; this site has an interesting argument that the strangler is a nicotine salt, but I can’t imagine an equivalent for basilisk blood paste, which causes a violent madness in all warm-blooded animals.) But even though nothing resembles sweetsleep exactly, its properties can be found in several medicinal herbs:

  • Digitalis, from foxgloves, is an old remedy for heart conditions, edema, and epilepsy. (The last is notably relevant for Robert Arryn’s condition.) Digitalis is extremely toxic in overdose – in fact the whole plant is deathly poisonous, which is why foxgloves are sometimes called “dead man’s bells”. Also, usage of digitalis over time can result in a buildup of toxicosis with serious negative effects.
  • Valerian has been used as remedy for insomnia since ancient times. It’s also been used as a sedative and anti-convulsant (also relevant for Sweetrobin), and to help with nerves. But it has no notable side-effects or toxicity.
  • Glycyrrhizin is derived from the licorice plant, and is very sweet. It’s used (commonly in Chinese medicine) to treat ulcers, as a cough suppressant, as a diuretic, and as an antiviral, among many other uses. However, ingesting too much can cause “licorice poisoning”, which is signified by very low potassium levels and very high blood pressure.

So, in sweetsleep we have the sweetness of glycyrrhizin, the sleep-inducing and calming and anti-convulsant qualities of valerian, and the anti-epilepsy and toxic buildup qualities of digitalis. But is sweetsleep actually made from licorice and valerian and foxgloves mixed together, or is it from some unique-to-Terros magical plant or mineral that has all the required features at once? That we don’t know, and I doubt GRRM will bother telling us (not every poison will have a maester who will ramble on about the details of how it’s made). All that really matters is the fact that Sansa’s only been told that sweetsleep is a medicine, not a poison, and doesn’t know how dangerous it is for her cousin to keep using it.

Hope that helps!