the last of the anons

Fic Recs

Last night during honesty hour, an anon asked me for fic recs, here you go anonie!


  1. Sentimentalism: all four parts (M) by @tramngo99, let me tell you something about this fan fiction, it fucked me up, this is literally the first smut I’ve ever read.
  2. Presence (M) by @tramngo99
  3. Muse pt 1 & 2 (M) by @pjiminnie, another Yoongi fan fiction that fucked me up.
  4. The Bones of Us Series by @sugasmut, i suggest you read the drabbles with mafia!yoongi, I read them quite often.
  5. Chemistry Partners (M) by @zeurin, badboy!yoongi <3


  1. Off the charts (M)  by @an-exotic-writer
  2. On Stage (M) by @pjiminnie, lets be honest, who hasn’t fantasized about this?
  3. Thighs and Lies (M) by @hyongsuga, lemme tell you something, read this once a week, good dom!jimin smut is hard to find.
  4. Go Easy On Me (M) by @trashbagfullofkpop, bc everyone needs a little asshole jimin, the last bit actually made my day, so i read it really often bc its basically dom!jimin
  5. Stripper!Jimin (M) by @park-jimeme, never ever forget this exists.
  6. Fuck Boy Next Door (M) by @imaginethesedorks, *teehees*
  7. Needing to Unwind (M) by @kinkybangtan, this one is just asdfghjkl.


  1. Whiskey Baths (Angst, Fluff) by @sugasmut, i read this last night and i cried.
  2. Mine (M) by @zeurin, this, omfg, it’s really hard to find good hoseok fan fictions in my opinion, this one is amazing omg.
  3. Dexterity pt 2 (M) by @greasytae, again, it’s really hard to find good hoseok smut, this one though, oh god..


  1. Afflatus, pt 1 (M) by @sugasmut,
  2. The Golden Boy: all three parts (M) by @zeurin, literally fucked me up so badly omf.
  3. Dexterity pt 1 (M) by @greasytae, i loved this so much omfg.
  4. L’APPEL DU VIDE (M) by @infireation, fucked me up omffff.


  1. Golden (M) by @taehxyung, asdfghjkl.

anonymous asked:

What I learned from TF last night. Barry Allen and Iris West of E2 are FREAKS. They get it IN at work, at home, wherever. I almost died when E1 Barry was talking to his Mom and she starting mentioned them getting started on a grand child. Then they messed me up even further with Iris coming downstairs in her cute little negligee, seeing him cry, and asking, "Baby what's wrong?" We need WestAllen on E1 immediately. I have a feeling when Barry goes back to E1, things are going to change.

Yup, what I learned from last night’s ep is that I WANT EARTH1 WESTALLEN RIGHT NOW. I can’t go back! They gave us everything we wanted but did it on Earth2! If they don’t get busy and start getting there for real with Earth1 they are going to hear about it!!

How am I supposed to go back to an Earth where this doesn’t happen on a regular basis? How?!

Threats aside, seriously YES. I expect things to start changing when they get back to E1. I want our Barry and Iris do be doing the office PDA and telling each other I love you. I want them acting like an E2 couple! And I need Joe to ask about grandkids…just sayin’. I need this pronto.

And also this. All the time.

And this.  For starters.


I have had enough. The attacks and hate filled anon messages are getting on my last nerve. I’ve said before I’m not going to tolerate it anymore and I meant it. There are some things people should know about me. 

~I don’t make idle threats , I much prefer promises. 

~ I don’t tolerate bullying of anyone , especially my friends

~ I love to research and I’m very good at it. The key is to keep everything and I do .You never know when you might need a valuable piece of information, in case you need to prove the truth. That’s just an example. I prefer to be able to back up what I bring up so I arm myself with knowledge and facts first.

~Most importantly, I am fearless, don’t intimidate AT ALL and have a long long memory and a huge stubborn streak. Maybe that’s why you don’t send hate to me , but rather send hate about me to others. Scared ?

No words are really needed for this , but if I had to choose some they’d probably be these.

Confidence is quiet YOUR insecurity is LOUD

anonymous asked:

Regarding that last anon about separating C and B: They can't keep them apart forever. Their dynamic is important, and JR said in a tweet that they "effect each other greatly this season" or something like that. I think 2nd half is ours. And I agree, every time they are together, they have this insane connection and show so much emotion, so yes, I think they HAVE to keep them apart, otherwise things would develop with them and the writers want to tell other stories first: key word there, FIRST.

^^^^^  Where’s my applause emoji? 

anonymous asked:

you dont have to respond to this, just some thought things- as the anon you last answered, the only final point of consideration i can bring up is out of every pic shown, i could only see few areas where lines lined up close (pic 2's legs) and the man's face in 4 if you squint has similar nose+lips. even these arent exact. tiny things like these, where you must look closely, is why people are defensive. +the way she draws hair, facial features, clothes, armor? it cant be accounted for by tracing

okay, it’s too hard to explain this in text, so here’s a visual representation:

A standard drawing, right? Whatever.

Then look at this

Looks familiar, right? This image is from pyjama-cake at deviantart. You can find the original here.

As you can probably guess, I traced it. Here’s the proof:

As you can see, not all the lines align, and there are details (lol) not accounted for in the photo. BUT I STILL FUCKING TRACED IT.

This is a really quick sketch so I just drew on whatever, but imagine if you spend long enough time on this to add armor, hair, jewellery, you name it. The details aren’t the hard part to draw, the base structure is. Just because an artist knows how to draw doesn’t mean they can’t be tracing.

This is the last thing I’m going to say on this subject. I’m not trying to be smart about it, I just hope this can shed some light on the whole tracing issue so that you’ll remain critical even if it’s an artist you like.

anonymous asked:

Ok! First you hate Louis, now you hate Jeff, what's next Maya?! You hate Harry?! Ffs just stop pretending you're a fan!!! We can all see through your bs!!! (I'm kidding, I love you, even if you hate Louis stans, bc I'm one of those ๐Ÿ˜‚) hope you have an excellent day!! ๐Ÿ’•

You know who I hate more than anyone else? Niall.
Even more than Louis, even more than Jeff, Niall is my real enemy.
Haha, thank you, anon! You can come and blabber about your Louis crush anytime, I’ll be right there with you ❤️

anonymous asked:

Ur last anon answer was shitty asf

yeah well I’m not the best with advice and I have feelings of my own that I can’t even handle it just makes me uncomfortable when people open up and I don’t even know them

anonymous asked:

To the last anon, I used to do the same thing. Being mean and judgmental toward others because people found it funny. I realized it was because I didn't think I had anything interesting to offer on my own. Figure out what you like about yourself, and what makes you interesting without being mean. Then focus on that, and focus less on others. It helped me a lot.


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So I was drunk last night, and my friend videotaped me saying how amazing your art was for like five whole minutes. Also apparently I bookmarked everything on your nsfw blog โ™ก

i’m losing my shit anon omfg bless you???? I DON’T DESERVE THIS SUPER KIND MESSAGE AAAAAAAA thank you so much!!!!!!! *hugs u tightly* 

anonymous asked:



BUT STOP DOING THAT! Whenever people lose hope now I’m just going to send them to 5x16. The meta is over, friends. Stydia is endgame. I shall no longer convince anyone because Jeff Davis did that already.

anonymous asked:

Hi going back to the last anon's question- if bisexuality is defined as liking 2+ genders, how is it differentiated from pansexuality? I've struggled with the difference between the two since I like boys and girls and I'm not sure of the meanings of the labels? Thank you!!!!!

personal preference, man. that’s pretty much it

anonymous asked:

To add onto that last Anon, the MRM helps men for issues relating to men. Not race, sexuality, or any other thing, just gender. Guess who benefits most from fixing the sentencing gap between men and women? Black and other minority men. Guess who gets the most help from providing proper resources to tackle male suicide? Trans men. The problems that the MRM tackles are issues that are caused from being a man. Nothing else matters. And fixing those issues will have a greater impact on minority men.

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@ the last anon, my daddy is a switch because he used to be a little and its actually super duper fun! We play together and colour together and eat candy and dress up and its the best! It gets hard sometimes because we both get bossy and/or upset about the same things or we'll argue about what candy to eat but apart from that its nice :3


anonymous asked:

This is a totally unrelated question, but the lipstick you rock on your profile pic is gorgeous, and if you told me its name and brand, I would be the happiest person alive^^

why thank you anon

it’s a sephora long-lasting one, probably this one, but i’m not sure since i bought mine in greece. judging by this swatch it is. it’s #23 for sure though. 

it’s not as long lasting as advertised but will still look nice if you keep an eye on it and make sure the color has thinned out evenly

it will depend on the look you want but be advised that this will need a lip pencil (whereas the #6 in the same line dries instantly, hardly ever leaves and needs nothing)

also i’ve found that unless you want a really intense color, since it can get streaky if you apply even with a brush, applying some with your finger can have a nice effect