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‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU IS THIS NOT NICOMAKI??? THIS IS 100% NICOMAKI

Ding. You heard the bell ringing, indicates there’s customer entering the coffee shop you are currently working as part timer. And you saw that same small (and cute) person. She’s regular customer (or so you thought) since you always see her whenever you are working. Even when you have different shift she would still come when you are around. And that person would always order the same thing: black coffee. Despite her small stature and childish look, she always end up ordering that absolutely bitter drink. Every. Single. Day. You try not to think too hard into it. None of your business anyway.

“Hi Maki.”

That petite girl come to know your name already. You give a smile to her, “Hi Nico. Is it the same again today?”

“Yeah.” Said Nico while pulling out her purse from her handbag. “I’m glad you remember my order.”

“Of course I would. You have been coming here for like everyday.” As you type in her order into the cash register. you notice her attire for the day. Cute. You silently praise her in your mind. “That would be 400yen.”

“Here you go.” Nico hand over the money.

“Thank you. I will bring your order to your table once it’s done.”


Once you done brewing the coffee, you brought it to her and return back to behind the counter. Since there’s no other customer for you to attend, you watch her sipping on the coffee. As she sip on it she make this very weird face, like the drink is not to her liking. You always saw that expression whenever she drink that black coffee. And everytime you pickup the cup you notice how she always not finishing her drink. You wonder does this girl really love black coffee or not. As a coffee lover yourself, (yeah you work in coffee shop because you yourself love coffee) Nico’s act kind tick you off. It’s like if you don’t like it why bother order that bitter stuff. She could just order some caramel macchiato or matcha or anything that’s less bitter.

Without thinking you walk out from the counter and sit in front of her. Nico who’s currently playing with her phone is kinda shock to see you sitting in front of her.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m just wondering, why would you always end up ordering the black coffee if it’s not to your liking? Are you trying to act mature or something?” You just blurt out the statement without thinking.

“W-What. I do love black coffee! It’s not like I try to act mature in front of you!”

You eyebrow furrow, “Why would you want to act mature in front of me?”

“B-Because..” You saw her averting her gaze from you. “I-It’s nothing! I have my right as customer for whatever I want to order anyway! It’s my money!”

“Yeah I know that but as a coffee lover myself your act kinda tick me off.” You look at the cup of coffee in front of her with a sad look, “And I’m the one who brew this coffee. Everytime you leave it unfinish it breaks my heart.”

You can see her guilty look as you said that.

“I…didn’t mean it like that.. Okay okay. I will be honest. I do hate bitter stuff. It’s just…like you say. I want to act mature in front of you.” You can see her fidgeting at her seat.

“Why would you want to act mature in front of me?”

“I-It’s because…uh why are you so dense..”

I stare at her directly into her eyes, wondering what this is all about. As she saw how clueless I am she end up saying it.

“It’s because I like you, you idiot. Why won’t you realize that. I have been coming here everyday just so I could see you.”

Your jaw drop as you heard her confession.

Ignoring your dropping jaw she continue talking, “And from your looks I can guess you are a really mature person. Since you work in coffee shop and all. So I come here everyday, to drink the coffee, the thing that I hate the most, just so I could see and talk to you.”

As you comeback to your sense, you smile and laugh a little. She look at you, “What? Is it funny. Yeah I know I’m dumb for doing that but I really want to talk to you.”

You can see how sincere her word is. You took her hand and grab them. “Yeah you are so dumb. You could just ask me directly, and you know what, black coffee is not the only option here you know.”


You smirk at her. “We do have variety choice of coffee, and I could suggest you some which I’m sure will suit your taste. So,” You pull her hand and place the back of her hand to your lips, “Do come again, next time will be my treat okay, Nico-chan.” You wink at her and stood up. “I gotta get back to work or else I’m going to get into trouble.” You pull out your pen and wrote something at the tissue and hand it over to her. “That’s my number, do contact me.”

You leave the table and you heard Nico’s chair screeches against the floor and you heard her shouting. “Does that mean yes?”

You turn around and mouthing the word yes. That alone is enough as the answer.


Source:  ナルヒナログ+春コミお礼とお知らせ by  おれっと

Translation: Me

Page 1

sfx: soh (sneak)
Naruto: Hinata!!!
Hinata: Kyah…!
sfx: gabah (grab)
Hinata: N-Naruto-kun, what’re you doing?
Naruto: Hey, hey! Did I surprise you? Did I?
Hinata: Yep, you really surprised me…
I didn’t see you coming at all. (Amazing, Naruto-kun)
Naruto: Heheh, really?! That’s great! (Heheh)
Hinata: Haha
sfx: gyuu (squeeze)

Page 2 

Naruto: ……
Hinata: Hyah…!
sfx: biku (twitch)
sfx: buyon (jiggle)
Hinata: Na… Naruto-kun?! (What’re you doing?)
Naruto: Hmm…
I’ve always thought so, but…
Hinata: Hyahn!
sfx: momi momi (grope, grope)

Page 3

Naruto: Hinata, your breasts are…
Incredibly heavy!!
sfx: gaaan (shock)
Echo: Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy…
Naruto: But…
sfx: zuun (disappointment)
sfx: buh buh (slouch)
Echo: heavy.. heavy… heavy…
sfx: pon (tap)
Naruto: Despite their weight, your movement is constant…

Page 4

Naruto: You train, you go on missions…
Hinata: Ah…
sfx: kuru (turn)
Naruto: You can move so nimbly…
note: sexy voice
Naruto: Hinata, you’re amazing!
I really respect you! (From now on I’ll train with weights on)
Hinata: Naruto-kun (Such respect…)
[Punchline: Absent]

Page 5

Hinata: (But after all, weighing more means I’ve gotten fat, huh… I’ve packed on some meat…) (Ooh…)
(Recently I have been eating too much… I have to go on a diet.)
sfx: muni muni (squish)
Hinata: (Yeah…!! I’ll try my best, three kilograms to start with…!!) I’ll have to quit sweets)
sfx: gacha (door opening)
sfx: guh (grip)
Naruto: I’m home!
Hey, guess what, they were making cinnamon rolls at the bakery!
I know you like them, so let’s eat them together!
Hinata: Cinnamon rolls….!?
Naruto: ?
Huh? Is that bad?
Hinata: N-no, I love them! (Thank you)
sfx: bun bun (wave)

Page 6

Naruto: So then, what’s wrong?
Hinata: Ah… uhm… that’s…
sfx: ji (stare)
Hinata: Oh… uh… that is… (Oooh)
sfx: ji
Hinata: I’m th-thinking…
Of dieting…
Naruto: A diet?!
sfx: biku (twitch)
Naruto: Why? You’re not fat! (You don’t have to!)
sfx: funi (puff)
Hinata: Gyah-

Page 7

Hinata: B-but, you know, uhm…
Recently I have been eating a bit too much…
Any more than this and my clothes will get tight…
Ah- b-but, I will eat those cinnamon rolls, since you went through the trouble of…
Naruto: Hinata.
Hinata: Y-yes?
Naruto: I’ll go
On that diet with you.

Page 8

Hinata: Eh… really? (Are you sure?)
Naruto: Yeah! We’ll make more progress together!
So, close your eyees.
Hinata: O-okay…
(I wonder what it is… Is he going to give me something?) (I’m happy) (kyah)
sfx: chu (kiss)
Hinata: Mm…!?
sfx: churu (slurp)
Hinata: Nguh…
Ha… muh…
sfx: rero (swirl)
Hinata: Nn.. (Ha)

Page 9

Hinata: Naruto-ku… nnguh!
Naruto: I’ll take responsibility for your diet’s success, so don’t worry! (Leave it to me!)
sfx: chuu (smooch)
Hinata: Th-that’s not…
[One month later, thanks to Naruto, Hinata had lost 3 kilograms.]
Naruto: You did it, Hinata!
sfx: gyuu (squeeze)
Hinata: I wonder… is it thanks to you..?
sfx: muni (squish)

Page 10

Naruto: Hinata.
sfx: su (focus)
Hinata: What is it? What’s wro- HYAAAH?!
sfx: gunii (hard squeeze)
Hinata: Na… Na-Na-Naruto-kun, what’re you doing..? (Aaaaaahh)
Naruto: … Hinata…
Your breasts are even heavier than before?! (Why, even though you lost weight?!)
Hinata: Ehh?!
[A: It’s thanks to Naruto]

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can i ask you something? why is it that jason is so welcoming about these clarke's ships (clexa, bellarke) but when someone mentiones rellamy he has to start acting like a cunt?

I’d rather say he acts like the racist asshole that he is than like a c*nt anon.

Clarke and Lexa are both white.

Rothenworst doesn’t give 2 shits about Raven ( she’s a WOC), she’s been tortured all season long but he doesn’t understand why we’re pissed because “she’s alive isn’t she?” and s3 will have her in a relationship with selfish asshole wick. Poor Lindsey will have to act opposite racist steve some more ( it’ll probably be her only SL in s3)

Rothenworst doesn’t give 2 shits about Bellamy (he’s a MOC) if he doesn’t somehow have anything to do with Clarke and/or is subservient to her “princess and the knight”

Bob ad-libbed “my sister, my responsability” in s2 because he obviously knows what Bellamy is all about but Rothenworst thinks Clarke leaving Octavia to die wouldn’t phase Bellamy. Clarke leaving camp would though..mmkay.

Rothenworst doesn’t care about his characters of color. It’s a plot driven show meaning he won’t hesitate to have his characters ( of color) act OOC if it serves the white characters plot/interest.

Raven and Bellamy are not white and them being together would not prop up a white character (clarke and a wick) soooooooo… Rothenworst is not even trying to be subtle about it tbh


Newsflash: the show is racist and SO IS THE FANDOM

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Hi sorry to bother you, but i read in a few forums the naruhinas popularity has gone up in japan since the last, do you happen to know if there is any truth to that?

You’re not bothering us :) And hmm, I am not exactly sure if that’s true or not as I do not live in Japan but hopefully a follower that does can answer this. For now, all I have is the official link for “The Last” from Yahoo Japan that shows the movie’s ratings.

It seems to have went up a half star lol but it’s still getting bashed by Japanese fans even months after its release

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To the last anon: Koreans can't be racist towards Japanese in the same way black people can't be racist towards whites. Koreans have been brutally colonised, raped and killed by the japanese less than 70 years ago, yet the whole nation refused to address the atrocities they've committed toward korea and china and have the audacity to fabricate their history. Never apologised to comfort women in korea either, so sit the fuck down if you don't know shit about intra east asian conflict.


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(cont from last anon asks) You're fucking dead, kiddo.



I’ll probably regret posting this in the morning, but I feel bad since I wanted this done last night

Request from anon; KageHina with the prompt CANDY

which i was going to do nsfw first, but then i was like wait i want dumb domestic college living together kagehina, who are probably buying candy to have a dumb movie night that will only end up with them arguing or making out

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Together or not? Well, I think one has to define what together means for a 54-year old man and a 46-year old woman. Certainly not the same as 28-year old male and 20-year old female. I'm not sure we can ever really tell what's up with him, but her? Perhaps the real question, is he the love of her life?

Last question first: Oh, god, I HOPE NOT.

I don’t know, anon, how many 54 year olds do you know? I think we still all understand what “together” means for most grown adults (an interpersonal arrangement involving a substantial degree of romantic and sexual exclusivity), and I can interpret that pretty easily when asked in those terms.

David and Gillian didn’t know each other at 28 and 20. They met at 32 and 24.

Again, I was asked, “do you think they are together?” I answered, no. I don’t need to bracket my answer with some prolonged speculative musing on whether they ever had a sexual or romantic arrangement, exclusive or not, many years ago.

But I repeat: I HOPE DAVID IS NOT THE LOVE OF GILLIAN’S LIFE. And I don’t think we’ve seen anything to indicate he would be – except for in the idiosyncratic, obscure way that he is a “unique relationship” in her life that she obviously really values. But that kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? That she appears to categorize him outside of romantic relationships?

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Hi! I saw your response to that last anon, I'd just like to point out a few things about what they're saying that seem to have been lost. In the linked post, there is a point that specifically states that "people who we would now call asexual would

have been getting q***r bashed because people thought they were gay" the last anon was pointing out that while yes, ace people have been called queer, the aggression was not directed at the ace community, but at the lgbp community. The important

part of who can “reclaim” q***r isn’t “whoever has been called q***r?” but “what group was the aggression targeted at?” The posts that you mention repeatedly state that people were called q***r for being perceived as “possibly gay” this pretty

starkly highlights who the aggression was targeted at, and who, in the end, was targeted more often and more violently by said aggression. As a member of the lgbt and the ace community, please stop trying to “reclaim” a word that was

misdirected at ace people. It is only inviting further strife.

I understand what you’re saying, but… no. I quote to you, from the very beginning of the post…

Historically, people got labelled queer, and/or queer-bashed, for two major things.

The first was deviating from strict gender norms.

The second was not having hetero sex.

To clarify, people who were not having hetero sex, such as asexuals, were labeled queer. As in, asexuals were in fact called queer. We were in fact the target audience as well.

This is not the oppression olympics. It’s not about who was hurt more by a slur or who heard the slur the most. It’s about the fact that we have all been hurt. 

When you look at this history, look at the current oppression and erasure of asexual people, and then say “nah, you can’t reclaim queer” or “nope, you don’t belong in this community,” you are hurting us. You are doing to us what’s been done to you. 

Don’t be that hypocrite. Don’t exclude people who suffer similar hurts to you because they’re not exactly the same. Just… don’t.


I remember one time I got an anon message saying I was ugly and this was in 2011 so the ~cool~ response was to say ‘that’s not what your boyfriend said last night’ and so when I said that to the anon the person was SO offended. They came back with messages of pure shock and things like “how can you say something like that” and they could not believe I was so mean to them. I was like honey???????

Updates on where #INeedDiverseGames is going

We’ve been busy around the #INDG ranch these last few months! Our Patreon is growing and because of that we’re able to sponsor memberships to AlterConf Sessions in Chicago, GeekGirlCon in October and GaymerX in December!

I’ll also be speaking about game diversity at AlterConf Sessions in Chicago on August 8th, and at GaymerX in December! We’re also doing some crowdfunding to help with airfare for both GaymerX and GeekGirlCon. We’re happy to say that airfare has been secured for GGC and donations are still being accepted for GaymerX travel.

Our last GoFundMe for equipment upgrades was a success thanks to a wonderful anon benefactor who helped bridge the gap on our last needs. So now, our tech is better,stronger and faster to do the hard work of blogging, writing, etc so we can collaborate with others and make the gaming space better for everyone!

The other big news is that we’ve started a podcast! Fresh Out of Tokens, a bi-weekly podcast centering on feminism, intersectionality and diversity in the gaming space. You can catch our first two episodes here and here.

Other big things are in the works, and we’ll keep you updated here and over at the #INeedDiverseGames blog.

Thank you all for the support!

Tanya D. aka @cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Mirror verse. I stated why I didn’t like it. I received some support. I did not send hate nor did I receive hate. I did not go on Anon. I logged off last night and this morning I logged in and things looked all quiet and normal on my dash. But apparently some shizz has been happening on other people’s blogs. Well, I am here to say that none of it has come from me. NONE of it. All this way along I have been speaking about mirrorverse as reasonably and with as much explanation about why i dislike it as possible. But I reiterate. If you’re reading this and want to send me anons or asks to explain myself better, then please do so. There’s too much passive aggression and hinting going on, and this thing just keeps simmering away like one of Grandma’s overcooked stews. 

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(I'm a different anon than the last, but I love the idea of demi/grey ace Carolina omg) Carolina thinking she was broken when she was a teenager because she never felt sexual attraction. Carolina learning about asexuality and thinking she was full on ace. Carolina later meeting York and he's the first person she's ever attracted to in that way, she realizes she may be demi/ grey asexual. I love it too much

I actually feel like Carolina would be more like I was as a teenager, ie, being told that everyone wants sex and people who have sex are bed combining into this smugness at being better than other people because she has so much control over this sex drive that she clearly has (everyone has it!) even though she doesn’t (because she doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t realize she has other options).

Idk, I know the narrative of the ace who thinks they’re broken rings true for a lot of people which is why it’s so popular but I was a smug little shit and I would love to see more narratives that looked at other ways of reacting. And we know Carolina is also a smug little shit when she can lord her superiority over people (”I wouldn’t know. Doesn’t hurt if you don’t let it hit you.”) so I kinda feel that she would be the one acting like she was above them because hey, she’s not going around screwing everyone in sight!