the last naruto movie


Look at what The Last Naruto movie has done to me. Whenever I play Final Fantasy X, I can’t stop thinking about Naruhina(specifically regarding Tidus and Yuna). There are so many parallels. I’ll explain some.

Let’s start with Naruto and Tidus: both are loud, outgoing, upbeat, cheery, never afraid to speak their minds, confident, are easily triggered, sensitive, very emotional, and represent the sun.

Now for Hinata and Yuna: both are reserved, quiet, affectionately kind, serene, have unshakeable willpower, dutiful, have attempted to sacrifice themselves for their world, have socially valuable family ties and represent the moon. Also, both have been influenced by their significant other.

Then, you have an antogonist in The Last Naruto movie(Toneri) who tries to forcibly marry Hinata after she is taken from her group to foil his plans alone

…and Final Fantasy X(Seymour) who wants to forcibly marry Yuna after she is taken from her group and tries to foil his plans alone.

Finally, Naruto and Tidus both rush in guns blazing to put a stop to their wedding and save their one true love.

Btw, the place where the two guys express their love to their girls really looks similar.

But that’s just me. What does anyone else think?


At the end of it all, I’ll be right beside you. ♥


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