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You ever, uh you ever hook up with another player? Between us [sigh] I’ve got a bit of a weak spot for a certain type. Every time I’m in a locker room with ‘em [sigh] something happens to me. Physically. I just get a little hot, you know, inside. And sometimes– no, I don’t hook up with players! [laughter] Are you out of your damn mind?

Jean is terrified of his new team. With the Ravens, he knew what to expect, how to act, what to do in any situation… He was an actor on his own life, always having to behave in a certain way. He always knew the script.

So when he meets the Trojans damn he is terrified. His new team is loud, and scandalous, and love to touch each other (and not with punches wtf) and hug and kiss and he is just paralyzed at this.

He has been taught he only have to talk when required, emotional connections are worthless and never show your feelings.

But with the time, he finds himself being less scared.

Because his team knows. He hasn’t talked to them that much but they know.

They know that if you want to give an exy advice to Jean you have to do it kindly. They know that Jean likes to stay at the court after practice to be even better so they take turns to stay with him so he doesn’t have to be alone. They know Jean doesn’t like going to parties (too much people, he tried once and had a panic attack) so they tried to found something to connect with him that wasn’t exy. Jeremy discovered he liked to stay late watching old French movies on TV so Laila searched for any cinema that played something like that and all of the team started going with Jean. Sometimes, it isn’t even all the team. Sometimes, it gets too loud and full so once a month it’s only Jean and Jeremy in the cinema (date goals tbh)

It’s not going to be easy to adapt. Sometimes, Jean thinks he is never going to fit with them. But he discovers, it’s so easy to be happy with his team.

He smiles more. He almost laugh (Jeremy discovered him trying not to laugh at his team being silly so Jean stopped, Jeremy was smiling all the day because of this). He try to do nice things to them as they do with him. He tries new things because he knows that make them happy. He starts opening more to the Trojans.

Next game, when Jeremy is doing a stupid dance bc they won, Jean laughs. It’s a quiet laugh but still. Everyone notices but doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable so they ignore it. Except Jeremy, who does visual contact with him. Jean smiles and Jeremy smile grows even more.

In that moment, Jean is not terrified anymore. He is happy.

Mama garnet would be so proud of stevonnie for taking back their power from kevin

He’d rather wear flowers in his hair than diamonds around his neck. (✿◠‿◠)

Okay but you know the otp prompt, ‘who stands on the chair when they fight’, well here’s my headcanon for jedistormpilot:

  • It’s always Poe who stands on the chairs, he can get really into his argument and despite being generally very reasonable, will not hesitate to stand on a chair if he gets too involved, the chair is there for moral support
  • Rey is so done with the argument, but will fight Poe if he’s being ridiculous, she’ll try and knock him off the chair and onto his butt so he’ll see that he’s being dramatic- if it’s the last thing she does (Poe will one day realize her technique and drill the chair legs into the floor)
  • Poor Finn, he just walked in with the pizza box only to find a disaster scene on his hands, Rey gripping Poe’s shoulders and trying to literally drag him from the chair and Poe screaming bloody murder as she does, hugging it for dear life

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Isn't there a character in this manga whose name is already Pitt? I swear I heard that name somewhere befor-! Oh right Julius Pitt! Lol seriously though why are their names the same? Was that name common for first and last names?

OMG, you’re right!!! I didn’t remember this guy. But yeah, Irene Diaz’ lover from when Sebastian found them after the carriage accident in chapter 85 was named Julius Pitt:

And now our photographer is also named Pitt:

That can’t be a coincidence, can it? Maybe they are related…

Nice observation, Anon, thanks for telling me. :)