the last moment kill me


“What is it?”


★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 3 favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment: Karamel break up


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t


Your mother really loved you.

Percy would absolutely put his own feelings away out of a desire to protect Vex. This is what he does. He has been mindful of her and her happiness this entire time. He comforts her when she’s upset, makes a fool out of himself to make her laugh. He gets up in the middle of the night to keep her company despite having one of the worst days of his life. He gives her the means to stand up to her father and does it hoping it will help her understand that she is worth so much more than she realizes.


They’re fighting a pit fiend in the City of Brass and Vex has fallen unconscious twice, once literally crashing to the ground at his feet, and once going limp behind him as he is desperately trying to pull her to safety. She nearly dies, again, and Percy finds himself reliving some of his worst memories. When it is all over and Vex thanks him for saving her, kissing his cheek, I’m convinced it was all Percy could do not to pull her to him and let the sound of her breathing, the pounding of her heart, reassure him that she was still alive, that everything was okay.

He’s aching to hold her, but he doesn’t let himself because he’s got enough of his wits about him to remember that he still looks like her brother and anything of the sort would only serve to make her uncomfortable.

And Percival de Rolo puts Vex’ahlia first, always.


Logan hesitates, wondering if he should tell her. He wants to, badly. He wants to draw her close and whisper it into her warm, honeyed hair like a prayer. I love you.

Bound by a Kiss by vmsteenbeans