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9/5/15~2:27 PM // A few pages from my summer reading book, “Last of the Mohicans”. It’s so hard to read this book, it’s just so unbearably boring at times. But nonetheless, I absolutely need to finish this book my tomorrow  so my goal is to read up to chapter 27 today! Wish me luck!


dots across wrist .

a single line with dots on top represents the good in life. however , dots alone represent death , so if you took the lines into account alone , you would have double bands of “good luck” in life , then the dots of death to follow . perhaps representing luck in life until death , or luck in death depending on how you look at it . but i’m assuming , if thought went into these , that the latter is what it was supposed to signify , aka the good in life , or to have a good life. 

double bands across wrist .

fence : marks of good luck . the single line below the top symbol of “ good ” is a reaffirmation of both of the signs to stay good , as well as bring good luck to the warrior they are bestowed upon ( possibly bring good luck to having a good life ??? ) there was also an interpretation of a double line to mean rest , so if you assumed the double line meant rest , & the single dot above to mean death , it would possibly mean to finally have rest in death .

triangles from elbow .

triangle :  mind, body & spirit ; mother, father & child ; past, present & future . these are the designs i believed were placed to be most aesthetically pleasing . it’s almost like armor for both uncas & hawkeye , at least that’s how it looks to me . the closest thing i could find to the triangle symbol would be the thunderbird track , which represents bright prospects in anything one chooses to do . furthermore , if a native encountered the thunderbird, it would strengthen the warrior’s heart and ensure a victory against his enemy . i prefer this meaning to the trifecta , though both still represent life & staying grounded ( while one ensures more success in that venture ) .

double bands across elbow .

these are assumed to have the same meaning as the bands across the wrist . however , if you took everything into account , beginning from the bands at the top of the arm , moving down to the wrists , there is a story that’s being told . starting at the elbow , you have the double band that represents the beginning of life & “bringing good luck” to the person . the triangles serve to represent the warriors life & bringing  “good prospects & success to anything he chooses to do” during it . the lowest of these tattoos represents death , luck , & rest in the afterlife . therefore , the arm tattoos COULD be a symbol of a prosperous life & the intended path for him . that , or i’m just looking way too much into it !!!! but the fact that BOTH uncas & hawkeye have the same arm tattoos , i’m lead to believe that perhaps these were placed on the pair by chingachgook to ensure the two boys had a good life , much like a totem . 

four squares in the center of chest .

coyote tracks : trickster, shape shifter, & transformer . the coyote also represents adaptability, flexibility, & a paradoxical nature , with a personality that’s difficult to categorize . they coyote is perceived as a powerful magician bringing the world to some order , although this might not have been his original intention . it has a symbolic role of representing the cycle of life/death . this one is the most straight forward , seeming to describe uncas clearly , & the fact that it’s placed over his heart only serves to further that assumption .  .  . for me anyway .

design upon chest .

while it is visually close to the skyband , a symbol that represents the pathway to happiness , it doesn’t seem to have all the aspects of , so i am going to break down the symbols individually instead ( since i’m not sure if that’s what they were going for or not ) . multiple squares symbolize a safe place , permanence , & security . however , rectangles can also represent the four compass directions of north , south , east , & west , as well as spring , summer , fall , & winter . the single line above these rectangles , once again , stands for good / good luck , so we can assume the chest pieces together stand for “ good luck , no matter the time or place . “ 

turtle upon chest ( book only ) .

uncas does have some sort of animal on his chest in the film , though i can’t be sure that is is , in fact , a turtle as mentioned in the books . however , this one is the most straight forward , as the meaning is mentioned in the text of ‘ last of the mohicans . ‘ the turtle simply signified his affiliation to his tribe .

Fic Authors Self-Rec

I was tagged by the incomparable @jomiddlemarch, whose work really should be rec’d all the live-long day! 

The task was to pick five favorites of your own fics, so I decided to pick them from five different fandoms: 

1) Neither the Beginning Nor the End (Centurion) - a one-shot following the end of the movie where an injured Quintus Dias wakes up in Arianne’s hut (I wrote this a very long time ago, but I still really love the writing)

2) The Flames (The Last of the Mohicans) - a one-shot following my multi-chapter Alice and Uncas fic, mostly involving Alice getting lost in a snow storm and having hallucinations, until Uncas finds her and warms her by the fire

2) Time to Take Her Home (Sons of Anarchy) - a (sadly) still unfinished multi-chapter Jax and Tara fic, but I loved how it let me relive my mid-90s high school days and remember what it was like to be young, stupid, and in love

4) Daybreak (Mercy Street) - one of my (very) occasional forays into smut-writing, inspired by an image of Jed and Mary unhurriedly kissing in the early morning light, and then all sorts of things followed from that… *slow grin*

5) Eight Winters Gone (Outsiders) - originally written as a one-shot, but expanded into an (again, unfinished… sigh) multi-chapter fic centering on the idea of Sally Ann returning to Blackburg and to Hasil eight years after the end of the first season, with a daughter in tow

Tagging @severus-toujours, @magicinhermadness, @jeynegrey, @treasureplanetsheep, @ladyofglencairn, but only if you feel like it! 

The Dark Tapes will premiere next Friday, March 17, at Los Feliz Cinema in Los Angeles, CA before hitting VOD on April 18 via Epic Pictures. The found footage horror anthology garnered several awards on the festival circuit.

Directed by Michael McQuown and make-up effects artist Vincent J. Guastini (Requiem for a Dream, The Last of the Mohicans), The Dark Tapes stars Cortney Palm (Zombeavers), Brittany Underwood (Hollywood Heights), and Emilia Ares Zorayn (V/H/S Viral).

Watch the trailer below.

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Adding this to the general Emmry ship album - gosh darn you @williamshakennotstirred ! <3

Plus, this is kinda the perfect background score to @jomiddlemarch‘s “If You Were Coming in the Fall” ;p

anonymous asked:

what role do you think ddl is the hottest as and why?

All of them? Even Lincoln lol. Ok, hmmm… I’m gonna go with Nathaniel “Hawkeye” Poe from The Last of the Mohicans. Why? Have you seen his face?

His hair? 

His body?

His everything?

That Natty Bumppo can destroy your uterus in one look!

But none of his characters can compare to the real man himself. I love that shy cordwainer <3 


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