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“It is always difficult with Poirot to know when he is serious and when he is merely amusing himself at one’s expense. I judged it safest to say no more.”
- Agatha Christie, Double Sin

Can you imagine a Tomarry Labyrith AU? Like, where Harry lives with his horrible aunt and uncle and escapes reality by reading fiction and acting out scenes in the park with his dog Sirius to cope, where one day a snowy owl that looks suspiciously like Hedwig is watching as Harry pretends to be the good guy in the fairy tale who faces off with the antagonist, but he can never remember the last line (’…and I feel sorry for you.’), and at home Vernon and Petunia force him to cook and clean and most of all take care of his baby cousin (maybe Dudley is less hate-ble as a baby, or maybe it’s Teddy, idk), and so Harry accidentally says the ‘magic word’ to summon the goblin king  so he will take the baby away (Morsmordre), and then whoa, look at that snowy owl that just flew through his window and turned into a super hot guy, and it’s The Dark Lord or the Goblin King or Voldemort but NO YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THAT HARRY ITS A SCARY NAME and he is all suave and shit, and he’s like ‘yep that baby will make a fine goblin/Death Eater monster thing, thanks Harry’, but Harry says ‘wait! No! You can’t just take my cousin like that, i want to go on a whimsical adventure through a maze filled with Riddles and drama and sexual tension so thick I could cut it with a knife!’ so King/Lord/What the fuck ever Voldemort says ‘cool, you have twenty-four hours’ and then they do exactly that. And the castle in the middle is Hogwarts (It even has moving staircases!!) and the obelisque is a ‘Chamber of Secrets’, and Dumbledore could be that guy with the bird-hat thing (Fawkes ofc) and Hoggle could be Griphook and those two obnoxious upside-down card guys are the Weasley twins and basically I am just throwing this prompt out there to the world of tumblr because I have had this idea in my head since I have had ideas in my head and I think someone should write it because I can’t justify writing it atm because life but you should all THINK ABOUT IT !


I’m so sorry this is such a ramble. But one can dream, right?

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Excellent things that happened today that I feel I need to report:

1. I have a new mattress, which means the nigh-on year I’ve spent destroying my back will soon end. It is fluffy and soft, and I am almost tempted to sleep on it right on the goddamn floor if I wasn’t trying to let it rise after being shipped in a tight roll.


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ok so i was rereading taetae's texts and y/n and mini are best friends! is there a backstory to that too or nah?? i know y/n met then since she went into the wrong karaoke room but did mini and y/n know each other before? or i missed something omg sorry but thank you luv!!

jimin was there when soft couple met & it was his first time meeting her 2 !!!! he got along with y/n v well as they did A LOT of talking n stuff while they were walking n taehyung was kinda busy being starstruck !!! tae’s interest was v obvious to jimin & the very last line of that story is jimin realizing that he probably wouldn’t be able hang out w both of them again w/o feeling like a third wheel. so they hang out separately (after y/n & taehyung went from friends to couple) !!! n it’s almost always the cause of tae’s half serious jealousy bc u know they both met her & became friends @ the same time n i think…………tae is slightly (๑`^´๑) that he has to share the memory of meeting his wifey w/ jimin :b


Nina Turner: DNC Chooses Not to Be the Party of Everyday People

Instead, the Democratic Party chose to be the party of the sugar daddies who voted for Tom Perez as Chairman of the DNC. But some of those who voted for Tom Perez are also lobbyists. So our last line of defense for the long-term is take over the Democratic party at the local level.

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If that last line was a pun,could you explain it to me? I don't get it.

*For reference, the line in question is, “Let’s get over this darn bridge already!”

*Naturally, Undyne’s meaning is for the group to get over/cross the bridge they are literally standing on.

*But bridges can also be used metaphorically – for example, to “build a bridge and get over it” means to recover from an emotional disturbance, and to “build a bridge across the gap” between yourself and someone else is to reconcile your differences with another person.

*So the pun is that when Undyne says, “Let’s get over this darn bridge already!” she could also be hinting that Frisk needs to find a way past their emotional issues, or that she and Frisk need to find a way to put the past behind them and make amends.

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Would you happen to know why there is so much Reisen/Junko shipping? I see it about everywhere on twitter.

My guess would be “because otherwise there are only about one and a half characters to ship with Junko.”

Alternative guess: If you fight Junko with Reisen after using a continue, Junko’s last line is about how much she’s gonna torment Reisen, and it wouldn’t be the first time the fandom has started a ship around that kinda thing. (See also: Kogasa x Sanae.)

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about the post about "living stealth," i get if you don't wanna, but some people just wanna live as if they were cis. they aren't obligated to make their identity a political statement.

(Anon asker part 2 of 2)

I agree with your point too, especially that last line :X

I’ll go talk to Jay about it now, this is Tristen typing again

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EDIT: Sorry Mod Yuya’s name is Jay too, which she said in the intro post, sorry for anyone who missed that

Hey lovely! Your Fluffuary Bingo card, as requested!

Have fun and don’t forget to tag us in any fluffy goodness that results from this!

♥ - the ladies of @legendslikestardust

Okay! It’s the 28th, so I’m posting this with the last of what I did.

And look at that, I got a bingo on the last line! I was beginning to wonder how many squares I could fill without actually getting a bingo.

I still have prompts to use most of what I’ve got left: 

Eight/Rose coffeeshop au: Also fills the soulmates AU square

Ten/Rose Doomsday reunion: Uses the penpals square

Eight/Rose, hand holding

Nine/Rose, fake relationship

Ten/Rose, sleepover

Ten/Rose, road trip

The first two are both full-length fics, probably coming in around 5K each. I want to have one ready to post on Thursday and the other on Saturday, but we’ll see. 

The other four are ficlets, hopefully no more than 1K each. (I’m not sure it’s possible to do fake relationship in such short form… But I have neither the time nor the inclination to make it longer.) My goal is to finish one a day, starting tomorrow. Again though, we’ll see. I’m running behind on some other things, so…


“The roads we walk have demons underneath”
Everyone has secrets

“and yours have been waiting a very long time”
Sherlock Holmes’ secret has been waiting for a very long time

“You know why I’m here.”
But we know Sherlock’s secret

“I’d like to hear you say it.”
We (Mofftiss) want to confirm it

“What is this, we can’t do this.” “Is this supposed to be a game?”
Gay Sherlock Holmes? We can’t do this. Is this a joke?


“I thought this was some kind of…” “What?” “Trick”
I though this was queerbaiting

“Course it’s not a trick, it’s a plan.”
Course it’s not queerbaiting, we’ve got a plan

“What’s the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends?”
What’s the worst thing you can do to the audience that pays for your show?

“Tell them your darkest secret.”
Tell them something they won’t accept

“I love you.”