the last leg with adam hills

I am sick of women telling other women what men want them to look like, because you know what? Men aren’t that fussy. Seriously, all I ever looked for was someone who wanted to kiss me and had a favourite episode of The Simpsons. Seriously, ladies, don’t worry about whether your tummy’s tight enough, whether your bum’s the right shape - if your fella does the right thing in bed, you just look at him and go, “Eeexcellent”. He is all yours.
—  Adam Hills calling out Katie Hopkins and everyone like her

The Westboro Baptist Church is an American church who have become famous for their ‘God hates fags’ slogans, and picketing of high profile funerals. This week they called Robin Williams a ‘fag lover’, and threatened to picket his funeral over his debauched and hedonistic ways. Alright. I don’t think this is okay, for a number of reasons. – Adam Hills [ x ]