the last laserdisc player


My top 10 Regular Show Episodes:

10. The Eileen Plan (Season 7, Episode 16)
9. T.G.I. Tuesday (Season 4, Episode 13)
8. Fuzzy Dice (Season 3, Episode 38)
7. Brillaint Century Duck Crisis Special (Season 6, Episodes 26-27)
6. Brain Eraser (Season 2, Episode 10)
5. Grave Sights (Season 2, Episode 19)
4. Eggscellent (Season 3, Episode 18)
3. Exit 9B (Season 4, Episodes 1-2)
2. The Last LaserDisc Player (Season 4, Episode 33)
1. The Power (Season 1, Episode 1)


This is definitely one of my favorites. Special consideration goes to the writing staff  (JG, Mike Roth, John Infantino, Michele Cavin, and Sean Szeles) for the amazing outline. I remember when we got assigned this one felt like Christmas. Enjoy it! 

(the promo drawing is from one of Calvin’s board panels, I just did the text!)


Regular Show-The Last LaserDisc Player (long preview)


hbriks  asked:

En la imagen de The prophecy of the Disc Masters, yo vi una Pokéball XD, aún no he visto ese episodio, de donde los ves?, o los ves por el cable o algo así. Siempre te pregunto, pero nunca te felicito, haces un buen trabajo y realmente se aprecia, y como tu mismo pones Fuck Yeah Regular Show! Sigue así, de verdad se aprecia mucho tu trabajo.

I am going to publish this ask for a few reasons and answer your ask as best as I can, hbriks. First, I would like to remind everyone that I personally only know English. I don’t speak Spanish, so I apologize if I don’t answer this correctly. My friend translated this for me.

I can see how it looks like a Pokéball, too. Yes, this episode is on cable. You can watch it on Cartoon Network. However, I do not know how many countries and which countries have Cartoon Network—or if it has a different station that’s equivalent to CN in some countries. I’m not an expert on this. >_< All I know is that you can always watch every episode of Regular Show HERE in English. I hope this helps. Thank you. I’m really glad you and others are enjoying the blog and my contributions to the blog. (: I’ll try to keep up the good work. Again, thanks.~

To any other followers or any other fans, you’re always free to send me an ask. You can send asks to me personally or as Anonymous. Just know that I only understand English, so it will be difficult for me to answer asks in Spanish or other languages.

To the anon that sent a vulgar version of Party Tonight lyrics, there is no way I’m responding to that.. What’s wrong with you, dood? o_O;

And lastly, I would like to celebrate the fact that the blog now has over 500 followers! ^__^ When I started off, there were around 447 followers, I believe. I’m glad so many people can enjoy a blog dedicated to such an awesome show. Thank you! <3