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#31 - Catching the Other Before They Fall

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Episode 89: What a great evening
  • One last moment from the Kraken and his sexy voice
  • PIKE
  • Keyleth touching the HANDPRINT
  • Grog making the final offer MY SON LOOK AT MY SON
  • Percy making seashell crowns for everyone
  • Percy and Keyleth talking about leadership
  • Keyleth completing her Aramente I love her so much I’m so proud of her
  • Grog riding Keyleth the dragon
  • “It’s a fast friendship between [Pike] and Captain Adella”
  • Grog ~posing~
  • Pike walking Tary through flashcards
  • The sexy Perc’ahlia drawing
  • Pike is watching you masturbate
  • Matt falling onto his face from laughter 
  • Keyleth flirting with the ex-pirate captain lady
  • Vex and Keyleth having a moment where they love and support the hell outta each other
  • Pike being a stern but kind domme to Tary
  • The servants are BACK : DDD
  • Polymachina 
  • Grog and his pinwheel
  • Vax taunting Percy about not being able to read
  • “Three people reading a book, it doesn’t get any more intense than this”
Fighting Back

From the moment we saw the Kraken in last week’s promo, I’ve had ideas swirling in my head envisioning a scene like this.  We all know that a certain pirate has been way overdue to do something stupid that puts him in mortal danger. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever put together a little fic - just two days so please forgive any editing errors. This probably won’t even be close to what we’ll actually see on screen, but I figured I’d share my little headcannon anyway. Something tells me that this one might be right up @killian-whump ‘s alley….

Word count <2500

“I’ll distract the beast!” he recalled shouting to the Princess and the genie.  “Get back to the ship! Have them ready the harpoons!”  He remembered vividly the Princess’ warnings that the deadly Kraken would kill him, but the pleas went unheeded as he tossed a rock at the creature from the shoreline to draw its ire toward himself and away from his friends trying desperately to drive it away from the rowboat using only the oars.  They were likely correct in their assumption, but if they didn’t manage to collect a supply of the beast’s blood, they would still be trapped here in this realm and if there were no way for him to return to mend Emma’s broken heart, perhaps he was better off dead.

For the moment at least, he was still forging ahead with the battle. Kraken’s blood… Of all the bloody ridiculous things to fuel a ship, it had to be the blood of a sea monster?  He hurled another heavy stone toward the creature and continued to goad it until a huge tentacle swung his direction and swept his legs out from beneath him.  He managed to regain a portion of his balance, landing on his knees, but as he pushed himself back upright, the tentacle whipped backward, encircling his upper body, lifting him off of the beach with his arm pinned uselessly against his sides. As he twisted and contorted his torso attempting to escape its grasp, the offending appendage only tightened its grip, dragging him momentarily under the surface of the shallow water, constricting tighter as he fought.

He could hear the monster’s fearsome roar as its tentacle raised him into the air yet again, drawing its prey closer to its gaping mouth with row after row of razor sharp teeth lying in wait. ’t'will be a fitting end for a pirate, he thought – to meet his demise at the wrath of a sea monster.  Perhaps this was always meant to be his fate, his mind taunted him as he caught a glimpse of the Princess striking another of the Kraken’s tentacles with an oar.  A valiant effort, but likely for naught, his own thoughts betrayed him yet again, reminding him he’d never make it back to his own princess – not that he was deserving to anyway.  The vice grip holding him forced his arms tighter against his body which now was erupting in the intense, agonizing pain of bones cracking and snapping and the crushing sensation of air being forced from his lungs by the pressure.  All he could be thankful for at this moment was that he would at least die before the creature swallowed him whole.

The lure of the blackness was intoxicating – urging him to stop fighting and surrender to unconsciousness and he was nearly there when he saw the glint of light – a flash of sunlight reflecting off of a metal object – a mere moment before a harpoon sunk into the fleshy tentacle less than an arm’s distance from where it clung to him.  The creature howled in pain at the assault as additional sharp objects struck near the center of its body.  Reeling from the injury, the Kraken loosened its grip on Killian’s now nearly motionless body, flinging him toward the boulder strewn shoreline as a blade severed a portion of the tentacle previously wrapped about the pirate.  

Killian himself was already far too dazed from injury to realize he was falling and didn’t even attempt to cushion the impact – not that his wounded limbs would even respond.  He landed with a dull thud, his head glancing off of a boulder that tore a jagged gash across his temple.  He could hear voices shouting his name, concerned queries for his well-being, but he couldn’t force his eyes to focus.  A figure before him bellowed an order to get help as they collected the severed tentacle to gather the valuable fluid to refill the canister. He recognized the voice as Liam’s and heard him say that they’d obtained the necessary blood to allow them to return to Storybrooke.

“Tell Emma I love her…,” Killian whispered with a week smile.  “Tell her I’m sorry…I tried…” his voice trailed off as the blackness consumed him, leaving him with only a vision of the face he so desperately wished to return to.


She remembered sprinting to the harbor after Jasmine and Ariel had found her, each of them bearing the same forlorn expression on their face – the same sense of urgency in their voices.  They’d informed her that the Nautilus and her crew had returned from their unplanned adventure, but not unscathed. There had been casualties in their hunt for and violent battle with the Kraken to obtain the creature’s blood which was necessary for their return and much to Emma’s dismay, Killian had been one of the unlucky. She had left the two princesses far behind as she rushed to reach her love, clutching to the hope she wouldn’t be too late.  Jasmine had briefly relayed what had transpired, but she still wasn’t quite certain what to expect.

His half-brother, Liam, greeted her as she approached, fully prepared for her curt “Where is he?” query.  She’d swallowed hard, almost regretting the harshness of her tone as her eyes took in the scars present on the vessel’s hull.  They had all been through a traumatic event losing two crew members in the scuffle with others injured, but she could only focus on one particular passenger at the present.

“Captain’s quarters,” had been his response.  “Nemo is with him.  I’ll show you the way…”  Emma had only nodded her reply.  She would have to properly thank him later, but she was too preoccupied with her own doubts about her ability to aid her beloved pirate.  Liam escorted her below deck to the Captain’s stateroom, roughly the same size as Killian’s quarters on the Jolly, but more lavishly appointed.  The younger Jones then stepped away as Captain Nemo greeted her with a tepid smile – equal parts friendly yet distant - as though warning her that it may already be too late.  He stood between her and the narrow bunk where Killian lay, moving aside only after he’d locked eyes with her, absorbing all of the emotion that radiated from her - anger, fear, sadness, betrayal, but he could still sense that the strongest emotion was pure love.

“We did all we could,” the Captain insisted, and in her heart, she knew they had, but in the middle of nowhere, what could they have done.  “The Nautilus is well known for her swiftness, but I fear her speed was not enough.”  The thought of what Gideon had done to separate them made her stomach churn with anger, but she would have to deal with that little pain in the ass later as her task at hand was finding a way to heal her stubborn but incredibly brave wounded pirate.  He’d taken on a Kraken for God’s sake!  She wasn’t certain if she should be proud or horrified at the thought of it and now, at the first sight of him lying before her motionless, all of the anger, frustration and bitterness were pushed aside.

There was little space on the bunk, but she squeezed in next to his hip, craving the closeness to him as she assessed his injuries, concern renewed in her own abilities to save him. Most obvious was the gash on his forehead which had been hastily bandaged with strips of torn linen cloth – likely part of an old uniform or bedding.  His hair was matted with traces of sand, still damp with sea water and blood – both his own and that of the Kraken. The shape of the laceration was visible even beneath the makeshift bandages and it was clearly still bleeding, crimson rivulets escaping from the linen intended to soak it in.  His leather coat lay on the floor beside him and while an indigo woolen blanket had been draped over him, his vest and shirt had been unbuttoned to bare his chest in an effort to examine the extent of his crushed rib cage. Darkening patches of deep purple and black had formed across his torso indicating where he was bleeding internally, the only other visible clue to how severe the Kraken had assaulted him. She tried to isolate just the sound of his breath – short, shallow and labored which meant his lungs were probably damaged as well and perhaps even his spine as no one had witnessed any movement from him from the time he landed on the shore. Was she really up for this? she asked herself as she could now taste the saline from the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I know what Gideon did,” she whispered to him as she focused, concentrating on tapping into the magic flowing through her veins.  Already wrought with emotion, her hand began to tremble, but she shook it off.  Not this time, she had to remind herself.  Not letting the tremor get the best of me… “I know you didn’t abandon me and I’m not going to let you leave me this way either.”  She squeezed her eyelids closed as tightly as she could forcing herself to think only of the powers she needed until she could feel the magic emanating from her palm.  She passed her hand over his midsection, mending broken bones, healing bruises and repairing the damage inflicted by the monster, but it wasn’t until she opened her eyes again that she realized she’d been concentrating so hard on her magic that she’d failed to notice that he’d stopped breathing. His skin was still pallid and as she lowered her fingertips to brush along his face, it was cool to her touch.  “No…,” she sobbed as the tears flowed faster now.  “You can’t leave me like this…”

Ariel and Jasmine, who’d at last caught up to the distraught Emma, arrived just as she’d completed healing Killian’s injuries, fully expecting that she would be able to bring him back from the brink, but even they looked on in disbelief when he didn’t stir.  It was their worst fear come to pass – they hadn’t made the journey back in time.  All wanted to comfort Emma, to relay Killian’s message to her, yet none dared speak.  There were no words that would possibly ease the pain so evident in her blank stare.  But Emma herself wasn’t yet ready to give up so easily.  Ever since the tremors started, she’d doubted her magic, doubted herself.  She’d been able to heal Ashley, but only with the full support of Killian.  Now they’d come full circle and no matter what his faults, he was the one unwavering voice of encouragement.  He may not have believed in his own strength, but he was confident in hers and she couldn’t fail him again.

Maybe magic wasn’t the answer she began to theorize, still sensing his presence even as he lay deathly quiet beside her.  She drew her hands up to cup his jawline for a moment, thumbs gently stroking the scruff of his beard before allowing the fingers of her right hand to drift lower onto the cords of his neck where she realized she could feel a slight pulsation against her touch.

He was still alive!

Unconcerned that she had an audience she forced his lips apart as she shifted her position so that she was kneeling above him then dipped her head to bring her mouth to his.  When Zelena and Gold had attempted to drown him to force her to sacrifice her magic to save him, she’d brought him back sharing her own breath and maybe she could again.

“Killian…come back to me…,” she pleaded just as she had back then – back when her feelings toward him were just as conflicted as they’d been for the past few days.  Magic had failed her then as it had now, but she was just as determined that he wouldn’t die today either.

And a single breath was all it took for as soon as her lips met his and sealed their reunion, a blast of light burst forth, shaking the entire ship as though the Kraken had been unleashed yet again, but it took less than a second before she felt her gesture being returned as a gentle kiss, then he broke free, his lungs greedily sucking in a deep breath as his eyes flickered open. Tears were still rolling down her face, even falling onto his skin as he awoke, but now they were at least joyful ones.

“Emma…,” he stammered, still partially reeling from the shock that he was alive and both ashamed and grateful that she was here at his side.

“We’ll talk later you stupid, stubborn, asinine pirate…” but then she interrupted herself by pressing her lips back into him, the tension of the past few days being released in the passion of being reunited.  Yes, there was still much to hash out, but audience be damned, she was just elated to have her love back, not even yet realizing that a True Love’s kiss may have just opened the next chapter of their story.

A grinning Captain Nemo quickly ushered the others out of the stateroom, allowing his friends a moment of privacy, overjoyed to see that they were back on their proper path.

“I thought I’d lost you – that I’d pushed you away,” she confessed.  “I know I overreacted a bit, but you still should have told me the truth.”

“It was never you I didn’t trust,” he replied. “I’d no faith in myself not to make the same mistakes again.  You have to understand that I’d no idea what I’d done all those years ago that changed all of our fates… I just couldn’t forgive myself…”

“As I said, we’ll talk about all of that later – and you definitely need to sit down and have a man to man talk with my dad, but it will all be alright in the end.  I know you’re not that same man, Killian and so does my father.  It’ll sting at first, but eventually, he’ll realize that it was the villain, Captain Hook who committed the crime, not Killian Jones.” She smiled as he lowered his eyes, still harboring the guilt of his past, but she knew forgiveness would ease his troubled mind one day.  “Right now, can we just go home?”

“I’d love nothing more, Swan.”

“Good - because we are definitely going to have to work together to deal with a certain little Golden brat!”

I spent so much time working on a sailor moon cosplay for Sacanime today, but it’s going to be 115 degrees, so I’m going with my backup plan instead of my tried and true Yana Toboso cosplay.

(This shot is from Kraken Con last year.)

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Whitlock is the leader of the technocrats right?

I guess you could say he rules with an IRON FIST 😂😂😂😂

And he also built the the Minotaur the way he doesn’t have any … SOFT SPOTS for anyone

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For those of you that missed it, last week the intrepid kraken clinicians of the Squid Research Lab fired up a bit of Tower Control and played a few matches of the new Ranked Battle Mode. We’ve recorded our findings in this video. Please enjoy and look for Tower Control in rotation for Ranked Battle Mode!